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Best Almonds in India 2022 | Natural Almonds For the Best Health!

Almonds are among luxury foods due to their expensive price tag. Nevertheless, almonds have a host of health benefits for all people. Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin E which is a major component in almonds is highly recommended for improving cell health and prevent any radical damage to the tissues. Vitamin E present in almonds can help in remedying the damage caused due to smoking and the toxic wastes that accumulate in the body. Almonds are also known for their anti-cancerous properties. When you buy almonds, you must ensure to source them from the best brands so that you land on top quality almonds that assure you the desired results. Here is a list of best almonds in India that have been chosen after a thorough research into the Indian almonds market.

Best Almonds in India

Tulsi California Almond

Tulsi an Indian company sources the best quality almond nuts from California and hence the name Tulsi California Almond. These are top selling almonds in India and have always secured the top stars on ratings. Tulsi almonds have become highly popular among dieters over the recent years and these almonds carry versatile benefits for overall health. Deliciously tasting nuts, they are crisp and in giving the taste of crispy nuts, Tulsi is an unparalleled brand. These almonds are suitable as breakfast foods as well as for snacking. The best quality of these almonds ensue from their rich vitamin E and magnesium content. They contain high quality protein and hence are highly desired for body builders too.

Tulsi almonds are gluten-free and nutrient rich since they are sourced from authentic farms of California to assure uncompromising quality. These premium nuts are suitable as daily diet and keeping them airtight and refrigerated can prolong their freshness and life. If you are looking for premium quality almonds, Tulsi is the right choice.

Solimo Premium Almond

An Amazon brand, Solimo almonds sport a premium qualityand several reviews place this on top of their listing as the best almond brand in India. The best seller on Amazon, these almonds have received some of the highest ratings. Offered in a transparent packing, these almonds are among the highly trusted nuts for a host of health advantages. These are fresh nuts are hygienically packed for reliability. Once open, it is good to refrigerate these nuts and must be stored in airtight container. Solimo almonds are also said to conform to safety standards and the manufacturer provides a note of caution for those that are allergenic to almonds, which other sellers do not.

Solimo has a wide range of offerings to its credit being the authentic offering from Amazon. Solimo has taken extreme care to see that the best almonds are sourced for its customers that can assure all the good benefits of almonds in the best way and hence they are worth buying.

Happilo Almonds

High in protein content and fully free of gluten, Happilo almonds are among the top selling and best rated almonds on user reviews. Deemed among 10 best almond brands in the country, Happilo almonds are a great choice for diabetic individuals who wish to keep their glucose levels under control since these almonds have a less glycemic index. The other advantages of these almonds are their zero cholesterol levels and zero trans fat.

These almonds are rich in HDL which can help bring down the levels of LDL that cause heart disease and a host of other health conditions. The health advantages of these almonds are improving the cardiovascular system, toning up the skin and enhancing the memory. A striking merit of these almonds are their rich Omega-3 content that is an essential supplement for women’s health. 

Ziofit California almond

The best pick for a gym goer, Ziofit California almonds are rated the best for their high protein content. These almonds are a great replacement for junk food and their great taste will let you love them as a daily diet supplement. Gymmers depend on these almonds for building muscles and overcome their food craving in the healthy way when they are dieting. Ziofit almonds have high amounts of good cholesterol and hence these are ideal nuts for extracting almond milk. Almond milk is a low calorie milk you can make easily from Ziofit California almonds and they help in landing on a milk-free diet.

This brand does not use chemicals to preserve the almonds and hence they are 100% natural in assuring the most impressive benefits of these nuts. Gluten-free products, these almonds are the best fit for those who wish to lose weight in the healthy way or want to build their bodies.

Vedaka Almonds

Offered in a hygienic packing, Vedaka almonds sport the best of nutty flavor and are crunchy and crispy. These almonds conform to the FSSAI standards and are packed in food-safe material. The airtight packing helps retain the fresh and crunchy nature of these almonds. These almonds can be used across dishes and desserts you make like badam sheera. To land on wholesome flavor, you can add them to preparations like Peshawari Paneer and Mughalai cuisine. It is best to refrigerate these almonds after opening them and airtight containers are the best option to store them.

Vedaka is a popular choice when it comes to almonds. These almonds are highly preferred by a large customer base for its excellent taste, favorable pricing and uncompromising quality. When you wish to assure the best health benefits in the almonds you choose, Vedaka is certainly a great brand to try among the many options you will find.                                                  

Miltop California almond

Sourced from California, Miltop California almonds come with replacement guarantee. These almonds are packed in their fresh form without the addition of salt, flavors and other taste enhancers. Free shipping anywhere in India is yet another advantage you land on while ordering for these almonds. These are best suited for people on a vegetarian diet and this Indian brand is a reputed one in the country with a wide range of offerings. Those looking forward to Halal certified almonds will find these nuts the right choice. These almonds can be depended on for their blood pressure regulating capabilities and they sport a medium sweetness.

Miltop is also a reputed brand selling pista, cashew and kishmish. If you look for quality almonds at a fair price, you can try Miltop almonds. In terms of bringing you quality nuts in a great packing, Miltop stands out from the rest in the mid-price range.

SFT Almonds California

SFT procures its almonds directly from the growers and hence their almonds are characterized by the best quality you can always trust.SFT Almonds California arean excellent choice forbringing down hypertension and maintain the best heart health.These almonds are also highly depended on for losing weight and strengthening muscles.These almonds are highly preferred for making desserts, puddings, trail mixes and almond milk.SFT is a highly trusted brand when it comes to almonds and it has bagged highly positive user reviewsthat attest its quality.

SFT offers almonds in big size and medium size and you can choose the one that suits you. Since this brand does not add any preservatives, artificial colors and taste enhancers to its almonds, they are an excellent choice for improving health without any side effects. These almonds are known to increase your mono-saturated fat levels and they are rich in minerals too. Their ability to protect heart health makes them super foods you can bank on for health. 

Naturoz California Almond

Naturoz California almonds are among the bestselling almonds in India.Sporting the best quality in them, these almonds are characterized by a crispy taste. They are a ready food to curb food cravings and they are great options as healthy snacks.The best way to consume these almonds is to try them along with morning cereals. As he best sources of energy, they encourage riboflavin, copper and manganese levels. Naturoz is always counted among the top brands in India especially when it comes to almonds. As a viable alternative to junk food, these almonds are highly trusted for their myriad health benefits.

Versatile and gluten-free, Naturoz almonds have a wide range of applications as snacks and food supplements. They are also used to enhance the tastes of a wide range of preparations. Carrying a favorable price tag, Naturoz almonds are the right choice combining in them quality and pricing. 

Health benefits of almonds

Almonds are highly preferred for their myriad health benefits. When consumed in moderation, they can give you a number of desirable results to promote the overall health and remedy certain health issues. Here are the top health advantages of almonds.

Rich in Vitamin E content

Almonds are one of the richest sources of Vitamin E. Hence the intake of almonds on a regular basis can land you on several health benefits like promoting the cell health, remedying the cell damages and purging the body of some toxic accumulations. Almonds can help prevent cancer.

Reduces swelling

Almonds reduce swelling and the balanced content of mono-saturated fats in them can help prevent swelling during infections and injuries. Almonds consumption can reduce the oxidative stress in the body and hence it can help avoid any further damage to the cells and tissues.

Reduces blood pressure

In conditions where the flow of blood in the arteries is affected, almonds can work as a life-saving solution. They are highly effective in reducing the systolic high blood pressure. For best results to remedy hypertension, an intake of 50 grams of almonds per day is recommended.

Helps manage cholesterol levels

Almonds are low in cholesterol and contain good fat. Regular intake of almonds help in lessening the LDL and increase the HDL which can result in a favorable cholesterol management.

How to buy the best almonds?

Almonds are super-foods and they are an excellent supplement for meals. Their innumerable health benefits make them one of the most preferred nuts for daily consumption. While buying almonds, you must make sure to take care of the following points to land on the best buys.

Taste and features

Raw almonds can be a great choice as you can spice them up as per your preference. If you go for flavored and spiced ones, go through the ingredients to check if they will not impact the benefits of almonds.

Expiry dates and shelf life

Take time to examine if the seal is broken and also check the date of packing. Get to know the best shelf life for the almonds you purchase and choose the latest packed ones over the older ones. Though almonds are sturdy and can last for longer than many other nuts, it is good to consider the date of packing to get the best from them.

Size of almonds

An even size of nuts is a sign of good quality in almonds. Check the pack to make sure you land on the best quality almonds that have an impressive texture and admirable uniformity in sizes.

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