Best Baby Clothes Brands In India

10 Best Baby Clothes Brands In India in 2022 | Affordable toddler wear!

Babies are tiny creatures that make an interesting addition to your family’s headcount. Those lovable little angels have a tender and soft skin that is highly vulnerable to rashes and infections. Also, your babies need comfortable clothing that facilitates easy movement and a carefree sleep.

Hence choosing baby clothes need to follow a thoughtful decision. While it is but natural for you to feel excited about shopping for your baby clothes, remember that it always pays to buy them from top brands so that you land on the best clothing options. Here are the best baby clothes brands in India that are top-selling and safe for your beloved little one.

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Best Baby Clothes Brands In India

1. Little Kangaroos

Over the four decades of its journey, Little Kangaroos has become one of the leaders in baby clothing. Boasting a state of the art production unit, the firm delivers over 5k in a day. The high bars set by the brands has helped take up the benchmarks of baby clothing to new heights. Implementing the latest trends in the baby clothing arena, the dressmaker adds over 400 baby dresses designs to its portfolio per season. Fabric quality, unique designs and wide assortment of color variants are the distinguishing characteristics of its babies’ dress range. Little Kangaroos also exports dresses to several countries.

Some of the impressive aspects about their baby dresses are perfect sizing to provide the best fit for babies, soft and thick fabric, huge color variations, trendy patterns and prints and innovative designs. The pricey nature of their offerings is one downside felt by shoppers.

2. Cucumber

best brand for newborn baby clothes in india

A large baby clothing company, Cucumber is known for its high quality baby dresses that sport a trendy fashion. Always staying far ahead of its rivals in the competition, constant innovation in terms of technology, designs and material choice clearly distinguishes it from the rest of the players in the industry. This brand always ensures that the materials are non-irritating on the babies’ skin and are safe for a regular use on the tender ones. Since every product offered by this brand is thoroughly tested for its safety, you can be at peace regarding the safety of their clothes on your baby.

Playful prints of decent designs, soft clothing to wear, regular fit and trendy designs are the features that make their clothing stand out from the rest. They make clothes that are 100% cotton and give the best value for money.

3 Lilliput

best newborn baby clothes brands in India

Lilliput is yet another best baby clothes brand in India. Their huge clothing choices for babies make them a great option to buy baby clothes that are trendy and perfect in size. Offering a brilliant collection of babies dresses, Lilliput is continuously innovating in terms of color combinations, designs and baby clothing styles so that you get what you are looking for. Some of the nice aspects about the baby clothing by Lilliput include assuring all day comfort, soft and rich material choice, amazing prints and attractive designs, trendy collection, premium basics, unique craftsmanship and regular fitting.

A sizeable segment of their offerings in the baby clothing segment is pricey and this is one downside experienced by a number of shoppers trying to buy baby clothing from them. Lilliput takes its reputation as one of the pioneers in the baby clothing segment in India and hence they are a great brand to shop from.

4. Hopscotch

Best baby clothes brands online

In the kids clothing segment, Hopscotch has been creating a big buzz in terms of its awesome designs. Delivering amazing clothing collection for babies over its three decades long journey, this brand has been producing high quality baby clothes that is put on homogenous sale across the country. In terms of innovation and developing new outfits of stylistic finish, they always stay ahead of the competition. In terms of fabrics choice, colors and comfortable designs, their baby clothes offerings create new benchmarks for other manufacturers to emulate.

The curated collection of baby wear sold by Hopscotch is known for its topnotch fabric quality, highly appealing style, easy to wash nature, nice designs and attractive colors. Some customers report finishing problems with their baby dresses and on the whole, they are a great brand to shop from when it comes to baby clothes.

5. Chicco

Best baby clothes brands online shopping

While looking forward to shop from a renowned baby clothing brand, you will find Chicco a great option that has a long and vast experience in the kids clothing arena. Assuring a topnotch shopping experience for parents looking for trendy dresses for their babies, Chicco is a popular name in the Indian households when it comes to kids wear. Characterized by trendy and vibrant prints, Chicco believes in making parents land on the safest and the most attractive clothing choices for their beloved babies.

Every style in their vast collection sports the best comfort that will assure adorable outfit for your babies in several regards. Their clothing collection for babies fulfill a lot of expectations that parents can have regarding their baby dresses. Wide assortment of colors and prints, best value for money, top quality fabric, skin friendliness, genuine knitted, and suitability for both hand wash and machine wash are some unique aspects about their kids clothing.

6. Pinkcow fashion

Best baby clothing brands india

Yet another reputed brand in India for baby clothing, Pinkcow has a huge collection of baby clothing under assorted categories especially for girl babies. Suitable both for daily wear and occasional wear, hey make great dresses for babies that draw their inspiration from the Indian cultural norms of dressing. Nevertheless, they believe in staying with the leading global trends to fuse the traditional and the modern to let the parents land on the most satisfying shopping option for their baby clothing needs.

If you want to land on cutting edge baby clothes designs and trendy options in the baby dresses segment especially for girl babies, Pinkcow fashion is a great brand to choose from. Some of their distinguishing characteristics include high quality apparels, suitability to most climates, latest trends in printing and colors, soft touch on the baby skin and genuine cotton material are some great features that distinguish their baby clothing from the rest of the makers.

7. Nino Bambino

Best baby clothes app

One of the best wholesale clothing manufacturers in India, baby dresses are Nino Bambino’s specialty offerings. Known for its stylistic and organic dresses for babies, Nino bambino is also known for its customer favorable pricing strategy. The firm makes kids dresses with a keen eye on keeping pace with the evolving trends and hence they are able to deliver futuristic clothing choices for your babies. Since the dressmaker takes the subjects of kids clothing seriously, they are able to deliver products that leave no side effects on the babies’ tender skin.

Whether it is the question of rompers, skirts or pants, you have them all in perfect designs and styles while shopping from this brand. Since they are able to combine quality, pricing and styles in each of their offerings, you are sure to land on the best babies clothing ever while buying from them. 100% cotton fabric, cost effective pricing, good value for money, breathable apparels, and right fit and designs are some of the hallmarks of this brand.

8. Skip Hop

Best baby clothes brands on Amazon India

If you are  looking for one-stop solution for all your baby clothing needs, you will find Skip Hop one of the best brands in the baby clothing arena. Their baby clothing offerings boast of vivid designs and textures, and timeless color combinations. They offer limitless possibilities to dress up your baby in the most colorful ways and their baby wear can make dressing your baby a real fun. Their splendid collection can make an impressive addition to the portfolio of your baby dresses.

Some of the most distinguishing aspects of their kids clothing choices include decent color themes brought alive by colorful prints, authentic material choice, affordable price tags, suitability to Indian weather conditions, bio washable fabric and popularity among Indian customers.

9. Nee & Oink

Best baby clothes brands in the world

Nee & Onik is a great option when it comes to shopping for wholesale baby clothing. Launched by two sisters, this baby wear brand has achieved a great popularity among the Indian buyers. Characterized by a luxurious design philosophy, they also retail their dresses in some top tier countries like the Middle east nations. Achieving the perfect fusion of the best quality fabric, vivid colors and trendy designs, they are able to meet the overwhelming expectations of parents with their meticulously designed baby wear collection.

Some of the most interesting aspects of this brand include awesome printed designs, ease of movement assured for babies, subtle and vibrant color choices, non-shrinking material, suitability for daily wear and decent pricing formula.

10. UCB Kids

best baby dress brands in india

United Colors of Benetton is an extremely famous brand in India for adults as well as kids. You’ll find quality clothing and vibrant options in this in this baby clothing brand. UCB is originally from Italy but has been in India for more than 30 years now. 

UCB uses comfortable and durable fabrics to curate baby clothing ranging from tops, jeans, shorts, footwear to winter weather, jackets, etc. as well. You’ll find Benetton Kids often going on sale in stores as well as online even though it’s quite an expensive brand to shop from.

Which is the best baby clothes brand in India? 

I’ve been ordering baby clothes from different brands and I found Liliput to be the best baby clothes brand in India because of its fabric, comfort, as well as durability. 

Liliput has a huge clothing choice for babies making them a great option to buy baby clothes that are trendy and perfect in size. Offering a brilliant collection of babies dresses, Lilliput is continuously innovating in terms of color combinations, designs, and baby clothing styles.  Lilliput also assures all-day comfort, soft and rich material choice, amazing prints and attractive designs, trendy collection, premium basics, unique craftsmanship, and regular fitting. You can buy Liliput clothes for your babies on Amazon.

What to consider while shopping for baby clothes?

Babies clothing is a tricky subject to choose. To give the best clothing for your baby that does not hurt its skin or steal its comfort, you need to consider many things. Here are the points to consider while shopping for the best baby cl0othes.

Go for the basics

When it comes to baby clothing, you must always remember that the basics are always the best. Never opt for extras, too many buttons and ruffles in your baby outfit as they can cause discomfort and might not be the ideal option for everyday wear. Save these additions for special occasions and for daily wear, choose the basic clothing that will support a lot of eating and sleeping.

Choose the right fabrics

It is best to go for those baby clothes brands that offer organic materials. Organic fabric is the best choice for your kids since they help absorb moisture and keep your baby dry all the time. Also, they tend to be soft and do not cause allergenic reactions on the baby’s tender skin.

Function is a priority

While shopping for baby clothing, functioning is a top priority. The baby clothing you buy must enable easy access for several diaper changes you will have to do in a day. Onsies and sleepers that come with handy snaps and zippers are the ideal choices.

Do not overspend

Babies grow faster and the clothes you invest in might grow smaller in some months. Hence it is not advisable to overspend on your baby clothing. While style can be an important aspect to look in your baby clothing, it need not come at a heavy price since comfort and soft touch are more important for babies than style.

Best Baby Clothes Brands in India: FAQ

What are the best clothing brands in India for a newborn baby?

The best clothing brands for newborn babies in India are Hop Scotch, Little Kangaroo, and Chicco. All these brands use soft fabrics that don’t cause harm to the baby’s sensitive skin and also are affordable.

Is Lilliput a good clothing brand for babies in India?

Lilliput is a great brand that provides comfortable clothing options in vibrant colors. You’ll find different sizes as well as designer clothing options. Lilliput is also extremely affordable.

Is Little Kangaroo brand worth buying for babies?

Little Kangaroo is amongst the top baby clothing brands in India that curate their clothing with utmost details keeping in mind their target audience. The clothes are durable and comfortable due to the use of extremely soft fabric.

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