10 Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin | July 2022 Guide

Looking for effective face creams for your baby’s sensitive skin? Check out our list of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin.

Baby care is a tricky subject for every parent especially if you are a first-time parent. One of the most important subjects in baby care is your baby’s skincare. Babies have delicate and soft skin. Their tender skin is prone to rashes, irritations and redness due to losing moisture and exposure to allergens.

Baby face cream for soft skin can keep your baby’s face well-nourished, moisturized and hydrated preventing it from going dry. Especially those babies that have a dry skin can highly benefit from baby creams. 

Choosing the best baby face cream in India for soft skin must take many things into consideration. Given the plethora of products you will find in the market, your choice must follow an informed decision so that you will get the best results while avoiding any harmful side effects.

I have done thorough research on the different baby face cream brands available in India and suggested the right ones to pick from. The best baby face cream product reviews given here can help you understand the product you want to choose before buying and make the best decision. Here’s our list of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin.

After having reviewed the best baby face cream for soft skin based on various factors like effectiveness, safety, ingredients, longevity, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out. These 10 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best baby face cream in India for soft skin is Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Face Cream for Babies. It is extremely safe and is made free from harmful chemicals including sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates and paraben. Most importantly, the Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Face Cream for Babies comes with anti-inflammatory properties and active ingredients that help maintain the texture of the baby’s skin.

Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin

Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Face Cream for Babies

Mamaearth’s milky soft face cream for babies is one of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin. A number of leading product reviews have ranked this product in the first place. Since its debut, this cream has managed to earn a strong reputation as a baby grooming product within a short time. On the whole, this is a great brand that has bagged a lot of positive reviews and has won the hearts of a lot of parents. 

  • The quality of their face cream is comparable to any other product among their offerings. The main ingredients in the cream are murumuru butter, shea butter and a number of milk proteins making it an ideal formulation.
  • The cream keeps the skin nourished and moisturized for so long. This cream with versatile capabilities does not leave any oily or greasy deposits behind. Murumuru butter is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and sunflower seed oil, one another active ingredient in the cream helps maintain the texture of the baby’s skin.  
  • Infused with a number of moisturizers, this cream is an ideal product to ensure the softness and health of the skin. The ideal pH value of the cream does not irritate the baby’s skin. Upon regular use, this baby cream can keep eczema and dryness at bay.

Since the product is free from harmful chemicals including sulfates, mineral oils, phthalates and paraben, you can bank on it for a safe application over the tender skin of your baby. Carrying a reasonable price tag, this is also the Asia’s first MadeSafe-certified brand. 

Advantages of Mamaearth Milky Soft Natural Face Cream for Babies

  • Has a soothing effect on the tender skin of your baby and prevents dry and itching skin.
  • Rich in moisturizing ingredients and tones up the skin texture and contour
  • Clinically tested and found safe
  • Anti-inflammatory, has an ideal pH, free of chemicals and hypoallergenic.

The Moms Co. Baby Face Cream with Organic Oils

Infused with organic oils, The Moms Co. cream can have a deep nourishing effect on your baby’s soft skin. The cream contains a rich dose of organically grown rice bran oil containing vitamin A, E and F.

  • The highly positive attributes of this cream ensue from its active ingredients including milk proteins, organic shea butter, cocoa butter and natural oils rich in amino acids. The special and rare ingredient in this formulation is apricot oil.
  • This cream is rich in a list of essential fatty acids and vitamin A, which make it an ideal moisturizer carrying the advantages of all these ingredients. It is also one of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin.

Jojoba oil, yet another non-sticky and light ingredient has the power to cure dry and chapped skin keeping it free of irritations. Studies show that this cream has a high degree of anti-inflammatory property thereby helping the baby’s skin retain its fresh looks for hours after the application. 

Advantages of Moms Co. Baby Face Cream

  • Bagging highly positive reviews, this product has proven hypoallergenic properties and works mildly on the baby’s skin.
  • The cream has received Australian certification for its anti-allergenic properties.
  • Formulated with natural oils and plant based organic ingredients that is soothing on the baby’s skin.
  • The nourishing and moisture retaining properties of the cream are a definite plus.
  • Rich in vitamins, the cream can repair and rejuvenate the tender skin of infants
  • Can restore the pH balance of the skin effectively and prevent any inflammation

Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream

The manufacturer of this baby face cream labels this as a protective cream that can work smoothly on the baby’s soft skin keeping several concerning conditions at bay. Manufactured in Germany and marketed internationally, this cream is offered in India by Sebmed.

  • The rich moisturizing properties of the cream ensues from its active ingredients namely squalene, allantoin and hyaluronic acid.
  • These components harmoniously work together providing a protective layer and helping the baby’s skin trap moisture for a long time. The soothing and regenerating properties of the cream are established through user reviews.
  • The striking feature of this cream is its capacity to maintain the acid mantle, which is a necessary characteristic for balancing the skin’s pH and prevent irritation. Panthenol, vitamin E and lipid compounds can prevent skin irritation and enhance the healing potential from a range of concerning conditions.  

One of the interesting additions in this cream is Chamomile tea extract that promotes antifungal activity. The non-sticky and non-greasy nature of the cream facilitates an easy application on the skin. 

Advantages of Sebamed Baby Protective Facial Cream

  • Known to trap moisture in the baby’s skin for an extended period of time. 
  • Keeps salivary rashes at bay protecting the baby’s vulnerable skin from a host of risks
  • Has a mild anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property
  • Priced economically placing it among affordable baby care products
  • Contains no harmful chemical and formulated from plant based ingredients that leaves no side effects on the baby’s skin.

Himalaya Extra Soft & Gentle Baby Cream

The manufacturer of Himalaya Extra Soft & Gentle Baby Cream has formulated this baby cream from a host of highly beneficial Indian herbs. For so long, Indian herbs have secured a universal acclaim for their strong healing properties.

  • The maker is an Ayurvedic products company specializing in a range of herb-based beauty care and medical care products. Known for its strong and quick healing properties, Indian herbs are a highly desirable ingredient in this formulation ably made by Himalaya. 
  • The baby care offerings of Himalaya have got as popular as its other beauty care and health care products. Specifically talking about this baby cream, the host of natural herbs infused in its formula make it a powerful aid to tone up the skin health of the baby.

Carrying a long list of benefits for the baby skin, the combination of licorice and olive oil has a deep moisturizing effect on infant skin and keeps the skin soft and supple for very long after application. Known as ‘Bala’, the country mallow is one of the active ingredients that can prevent itching, inflammation and skin damage. 

Advantages of Himalaya Extra Soft & Gentle Baby Cream 

  • This is a completely natural product made from plant based ingredients and is safe for the skin
  • Contains a number of herbal ingredients that are ideal for maintaining the smoothness and softness of the skin
  • Clinically tested and proved for its soothing and nourishing abilities
  • Ingredients like olive oil and licorice are known for their nourishing capabilities
  • Brings the protective functions of the country mallows.

Aveeno Pediatrician-Recommended Moisturising Baby Cream

This is a highly popular baby grooming products that have an international customer base. This cream has been highly researched and recommended by a number of leading paediatricians and hence considered highly safe for application on the tender skin of infants. It’s one of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin.

  • One of its top ingredients namely active natural colloidal oats helps prevent dryness and retain the moisture for a very long time on the baby’s skin. This ingredient can prevent skin damages including chafing, cracking and chapping.     

The cream has an abundant percentage of active natural oat extracts comprising oat kernels. The five vital ingredients of the cream namely vitamins, enzymes, lipids and proteins make this an ideal formulation to maintain the skin health of your baby. 

Advantages of Aveeno Pediatrician-Recommended Moisturising Baby Cream

  • The moisturizing action initiated by the cream on the baby’s skin can last for more than 24 hours. 
  • Aided by thorough research of this product with a range of skin conditions, a number of paediatricians recommend this product for infants to promote their skin health. 
  • The colloidal oatmeal complex is a rare and special ingredient found in this cream that has a soothing effect on the baby’s skin besides preventing a host of skin problems.
  • The cream does not contain any synthetic scents or dyes that can be harmful to tender skin.
  • Free from steroids, paraben and phthalates and hence found safe for daily use on babies. 
  • Its strong hypoallergenic, anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties result from the plant-based ingredients that help tone up the skin’s health. 

Chicco Natural Sensation Face Cream

Chicco Natural sensation baby face cream is formulated with a number of natural moisturizing agents that assure to provide a day-long emollient action. Pediatricians say this cream is highly safe to use on babies right from their birth and the product is recommended for a continued use to maintain skin health of infants.

  • A regular application of the cream on a daily basis can leave the baby’s skin nourished, soft and smooth, keeping it free from a host of skin problems.
  • The formula is free from artificial oils and rich in glycerin. Hence the cream has a strong rejuvenating and hydrating property. This cream does not leave any residues on the baby’s skin and therefore easy to wipe cleanly. 

Made from plant based ingredients and free of any chemicals, artificial dyes and fragrances, this is found safe for application on tender skin. The best advantage of the cream is its capacity to retain moisture for over 24 hours. Its high price tag may be a matter of concern for some customers.  

Advantages of Chicco Natural Sensation Face Cream

  • Leaves the skin moisturized for over 24 hours, which is a highly desirable property of the cream
  • Researched on a number of skin types and recommended by a lot of pediatricians for maintaining the skin health of babies. 
  • Has incomparable nourishing and super hydrating capabilities that help prevent skin damage and maintain the softness of the skin for a long time.
  • Free of dyes, paraben, phthalate, harmful chemicals and dyes making it safe for application on sensitive skin.

Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Face Cream

The manufacturer has adopted an innovative formulation technique in developing this baby face cream. Infused with a host of natural oils and herbs, Mother Sparsh natural baby face cream helps promote the baby’s skin health due to the highly favorable action done by the blend of natural oils and herbs.

  • The formulation helps keep the baby’s skin fresh and rejuvenated all day long aided by the nourishing and hydrating qualities of the powerful ingredients.
  • Wheat germ oil, which is one of the active ingredients helps in healing the skin naturally and keep it moisturized for a long time, thanks to its rich vitamin A, B and D content. 
  • Rich in fatty acids and proteins, coconut oil infused in the formula helps protect the tone of the skin besides buffering the outer layer of the skin. All of its ingredients are non-allergenic and can have a soothing effect on an infant skin.  

The cream’s texture can easily melt into the baby’s face and it is easy to apply and clean. Rich in natural products and free of any harmful chemicals, the cream is reassuring for parents regarding its safety on delicate skin.  

Advantages of Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Face Cream

  • All the natural ingredients used in the formulation are tested for their efficiency and are certified.
  • The rich content of natural and essential oils is a definite plus in this formulation
  • The product is non-allergenic since it is completely free of any dyes, scents and harmful chemicals.
  • The cream helps maintain the skin’s moisture for a very long time and keeps a host of skin problems at bay. 

Goodness.me Certified Organic Multi-Purpose Baby Cream

The company declares this cream as an all-in-one solution for a host of skin problems in infants. The goodness of this cream ensues from its rich organic ingredients. Rich in chamomile, aloe vera, rose water and glycerin, the cream has strong water retention capabilities.

  • Besides hydrating the skin to the optimal levels, it also prevents any rashes, inflammation, cuts, redness and itching. This is an excellent skincare product for babies to avoid skin damage.  

The product is known to provide symptomatic protection against dryness, itching and irritation. The manufacturer has thoughtfully avoided the use of any synthetic additions, dyes and scents in the formulation making it work safely on the infant skin. 

Advantages of Goodness.me Certified Organic Multi-Purpose Baby Cream

  • This product has been clinically tested, proved and recommended by a long list of pediatricians for its highly advantageous properties in maintaining infant skin health.
  • This cream has won the Ecocert Greenlife Certification, a premier institution whose certification is a definite plus to attest its effectiveness and safety.
  • The manufacturer says no animals were harmed during its production and it is heralded for its anti-allergenic capabilities.
  • The purely organic and plant based recipe makes this a highly recommendable cream for a gentle action on the baby’s skin. 
  • Promotes the overall health of the baby’s skin by acting in a gentle way and keeps the skin protected from a range of skin problems. 

Lotus Herbals Baby+ Feathery Pecks Soft Baby Cream

The two striking ingredients of Lotus Baby+ Crème are calendula and olive butter. The advantageous properties of these ingredients help refresh, smoothen and hydrate the skin preventing rashes, redness, itching and skin damage due to several reasons. It’s one of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin.

  • A number of paediatricians have tested this product in their clinics and have left highly encouraging comments about its effectiveness on baby skin and its healing, moisturizing and rejuvenating properties.
  • There are no added preservatives in its formulation. Also, the cream is free of any harmful chemicals, dyes and scents.
  • The active ingredients of this cream are all-natural products and hence work effectively on the tender skin of babies to nourish it and protect it from a host of skin allergies, infections and problems.

The innovative formulation helps maintain the acid mantle of the skin thereby maintaining its pH and preventing itching due to many causes.

Advantages of Lotus Herbals Baby+ Feathery Pecks Soft Baby Cream

  • Tried on a variety of skin types and conditions and recommended by a lot of pediatricians. 
  • Contains 100% all natural ingredients that make it a highly desired product for safe application on babies. 
  • The manufacturer has invented a pH balanced formula for the cream that is ideal to maintain the skin health and prevent several types of harm over a long time. 
  • There are no harmful chemicals and artificial scents or dyes in its making and hence very safe for application without inducing any kind of allergenic reaction. 
  • Non-sticky and non-greasy and hence easy to apply and clean. The texture and aroma make it a desirable product over many others in the market. 

Azafran Organics Baby Nourishing Cream

An offering by Azafran Organics, this is an amazing baby face cream to buy in India for a number of reasons. Some of the highly beneficial ingredients in the formulation include soya butter, olive oil, and squalene derived from plants.

  • All these compounds together ensure lasting moisture locking capabilities once applied to the soft skin of your baby. Its deep moisturizing capabilities leave the skin hydrated and nourished for a very long time after application.
  • This cream is recommended as a safe product for application over an extended period since it has no harmful chemicals, dyes, preservatives or artificial fragrances. Users say this cream produces a highly desirable effect on damaged, chapped, irritated and dry skin.

The baby skin care product is fondly used by many parents due to its pH maintaining abilities. This property helps maintain the tone of the skin besides preventing allergenic reactions, itching and redness.      

Advantages of Azafran Organics Baby Nourishing Cream

  • Made from natural and vegetable based oils, the cream has highly desirable properties in maintaining the skin health of infants without any side effects.
  • The cream is free of paraben and sulfates and hence safe for sensitive skin of both dry and oily types.
  • The product carries a reasonable price tag making it an affordable baby grooming products in the market. 
  • This cream can be depended on for an extended protection against a host of skin problems, irritation, itching and redness.
  • The desirable characteristics of the cream ensues from its innovative and unique formulation that can assure maintaining the tone of health of infant skin. 

Why does my baby need baby cream?

The nature has given your baby soft, silky and good smelling skin and like any other part of the body, skin can rejuvenate and take care of itself. So, under normal conditions, your baby’s skin does not need any creams or lotions.

Nevertheless, bath time, some skin sensitive conditions like eczema, dry skin, and cold weather can rip the skin of its moisture making your child feel uncomfortable and irritated making the skin vulnerable to itching, rashes, redness and inflammation. Hence, the application of a good baby cream can have a moisturizing and nourishing effect on your baby’s skin.

How to choose the best baby face cream for my baby?

Finding the best baby face cream for your baby can be a daunting task. The perfect product can help your baby’s skin soft and free from rashes, redness, irritation and infections. Choose the right baby cream based on your baby’s skin type – oily or dry. Most manufacturers provide this specification on their packing for your information.

Secondly, choose environmental friendly products that can also work softly on your baby’s skin. Creams that have natural ingredients and those that do not have artificial dyes and fragrances are the best.

Plant-based ingredients and natural oils can keep your baby’s skin nourished, moisturized and protected from different kinds of strains, infections and irritations. If you want to know more, then check out our entire list of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin

FAQs on baby face creams

Why does my baby need cream or lotion?

Babies have a highly delicate and soft skin. While a bath can be refreshing for your baby, it can take away the moisture from the baby’s skin. Babies tend to lose moisture five times more than adults.

Dry skin leads to irritation and rashes making your baby feel uncomfortable. Creams and lotions can adequately supplement the moisture for your baby’s skin and keep it well-nourished and protected from a range of problems.

How do baby creams differ from baby lotions?

Creams are usually thicker when it comes to consistency. Lotions are relatively thinner. Creams are depended on for a deep moisturizing and hence they suit babies with dry skin. Lotions provide the basic moisturizing needed for normal and oily skins.

What is the right time to start using baby cream on my baby?

Babies with normal skins may not need creams or lotions for quite some time. If your baby has a dry skin, you can start using baby cream from two months of age. Nevertheless, baby creams can always help your baby by keeping the skin nourished and protected when used in moderation.

What are the best ingredients I can find in baby cream?

While a lot of ingredients go into the formulation of baby creams, the best ones to look for are gentle ingredients like cocoa butter, glyceryl stearate, glycerene, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. It is good to avoid those products containing parabens and sulphates as they can be harsh on your baby’s skin stripping it of moisture.

Can I choose scented baby cream over the unscented one?

Though we all like fragrances, most pleasing scents do not come from natural substances. Hence the substances bestowing fragrances to creams can also cause irritations and allergic reactions on your baby’s sensitive skin. It is good to go for unscented varieties or those creams that have used only natural fragrances.

Can the creams and lotions harm my baby’s skin?

Usually, most top brands use healthy formulations for their creams and lotions and hence they are safe and can have a nourishing and protective effect on your baby’s skin.

Nevertheless, use a baby face cream only when it is necessary provided your baby’s skin gets dry often. While buying baby creams, go for those that are based on natural ingredients and which do not use artificial fragrances. If you want to know more, then check out our entire list of the Best Baby Face Cream in India for Soft Skin.

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