Best Baby Monitors In India 2022

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! 

Parenting can be daunting by itself and the worry of keeping your baby safe can make it worse. We’re sure there are lots of parents out there who worry about stepping away from your precious little one even for a minute, but, there are other things in the house that demand your attention. That’s why baby monitors are an excellent solution. If you’re looking for an insight into the best baby monitors in India, you’re in the right place. 

Top baby monitor brands in India 

A simple internet search throws up millions of brands, types, specifications and a wide range of prices of baby monitors. But which one is right for you?

To make it really simple, there are some baby monitors that are “one-way”, meaning, only the audio from the baby can be transmitted to the parent. There are others which are two-way, where the parent can speak to the baby as well. There are more out there with advanced technology that can monitor the temperature of your baby’s room, those that have the lens that is motion-sensitive and there are some that can even play a lullaby for your baby! There are also those that allow multiple baby monitors to be connected to one parent monitor. This comes in handy when you want to place monitors in different rooms or if you have more than one child in different rooms.

Now, though we tried making all of that information as simple as possible, we do know that once you get on an online shopping portal, you’re going to be bombarded with a zillion brands and types of baby monitors to buy. That’s why we’ve listed down the best baby monitors in India with their unique features to help you choose the right one!

Safe Baby Monitors Brands 2022

#1–Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

This brand needs no introduction. Philips Avent makes some of the leading and most popular baby products sold in the market.

This baby monitor with temperature sensor and night mode is a huge upgrade from their other basic models which had some hiccups.

First of all, this is super sturdy and doesn’t break or stop functioning when dropped on the floor.

Secondly, both units can be charged in advance and are portable. Also, the life of the battery is long-lasting.

Made for convenience, the parent unit comes with a strap to hang on hooks or wear around the neck.

With minimal static, this picks up and delivers sounds from the baby’s room with excellent clarity. Audio is one way only- from baby to parent.

#2–Nooie Baby Monitor

Nooie Baby Monitor is one of the most advanced gadgets in the budget price range. This intelligent camera is motion-sensitive and auto rotates to track the movement of the baby.

Connected through the internet, the recorded footage can be stored on a cloud server or more conveniently on the phone. This works well on both Android as well as IOS.

In this price range, this has the best sound detection giving you the option of choosing between low, medium and high settings and manages to keep white noise and static out.

The night vision is also quite clear. The audio is two-way which is helpful in consoling your baby when you’re in the other room, busy. The only drawback is the lack of back-up when the power supply is cut off.

#3–HelloBaby 3.2 ” Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision & Temperature Sensor

The HelloBaby monitor is two-way with an accompanying video screen. The video is very clear and the night vision works well.

The additional feature is the inbuilt lullabies that can be played for your child. The range of this device is quite good even with a few brick walls in between.

A con is that this does not use the internet so it largely depends on the distance between the baby and parent devices.

However, this should work well for homes that are on a single storey and not very large. It can be pre-charged and the battery lasts long. 

#4–VTech Communications  baby monitor

A budget device that offers value for money is this DECT baby monitor by VTech communications. With clear two way communication and a wide range of access, this makes life very easy for parents.

There is a loop on the baby monitor that can be turned on to function as a night light. The belt clip on the parent monitor can be used to carry this around the house.

Since this is imported from the USA, you will need a converter to use it in India. The parent monitor functions on battery but the baby monitor has to be charged regularly, which is a slight drawback of this device. 

#5–Evoz Glow baby monitor

Evoz Glow monitors are priced at a premium but you get what you pay for. The build of the monitor is strong and durable, and so is the software.

This works on wi-fi which is amazing as there is an unlimited range. A disadvantage is the lack of a dedicated screen for the video, but as most parents carry your phone with you all the time, it is convenient to log into the app and view the video.

The LED transmits clear pictures during the night. It cuts out quite a bit of white noise and static, making the audio quite clear.

The app has plenty of additional features that make parenting simpler. 

#6–Motorola Comfort 50 baby monitor

Motorola is a premium brand when it comes to baby monitors. This has two-way communication which is handy to assure your baby that you are close by. The picture quality on the monitor is exceptional.

The night vision clarity is decent and so is the sharpness of the audio. This is very light and easy to be moved around.

The downside is the life of the battery of the parent monitor. We noticed that it had to be charged frequently but the baby monitor holds charge quite well. 

#7–ANMEATE Digital Baby monitor

Another high priced baby monitor is the one by Anmeate. This is a two-way monitor with extremely good audio clarity.

The parent monitor is pocket-sized and light, making it easy to carry around. The picture is very clear and can be turned on only when you want, which is helpful in conserving battery life.

The night vision quality is commendable. One more useful feature is the temperature sensor which enables you to keep a check on the temperature in your baby’s room.

The build of this device seems to be quite durable and the battery lasts long as well.

#8–iBaby Monitor M6T Baby monitor

With a camera that rotates 360 degrees and with decent picture clarity, the iBaby monitor beats a lot of other brands at this price point.

This uses the internet so the range is long. Using the app, you can view the video on iOS or Android platforms.

An interesting feature is the provision to record your voice or your baby’s favorite music that can be played through the monitor.

The temperature and humidity sensors help you ensure your baby’s comfort at all times. Night vision clarity is good.

The disadvantage is the fact that this does not work on batteries and has to be connected to a power source at all times.  

#9–Infant Optics Baby Monitor

One of the most progressive, also most expensive baby monitor devices is the DXR-8 by Infant Optics.

This two-way monitor has an innovative interchangeable lens feature which works extremely well as your baby keeps growing and starts moving.

The lens rotates, tilts and can also be zoomed in and out to check on your baby. Lightweight, easy to set up and not requiring wi-fi access to connect, this is a breeze to carry around if you travel a lot.

The best part is that the battery can last up to 10 hours on power-saving mode and up to 6 when the display is active continuously, which is a rare find. Imported from the US, this might require a convertor if using in India. 

#10–Babysense Baby Monitor

A good, functional two-way monitor in the mid-price range is the Babysense device. This is light and small, therefore can be carried around easily. It’s super simple to set up and work efficiently.

The camera can zoom in and out. This does not work on wi-fi but has a pretty good range. Picture and audio clarity is quite good. This comes with an “eco” mode which is basically an automatic power-saving mode, which keeps the monitor off until it detects sound.

This helps extend the life of the battery, which can otherwise be fully charged in a couple of hours. There is a temperature sensor as well. 

Top baby monitors in India 

We know how important it is to a parent that you ensure everything from your side that your baby is safe at home. This way you are free to move around inside the house knowing your baby’s well being is in safe hands. Concerned parents have searched for genuine and necessary questions that we have answered in detail.

How do I choose a baby monitor? 

This is probably the most basic step of choosing a baby monitor since not all our needs might be the same. It is important to consider some very important aspects of your baby’s needs and compare it to the baby monitor. Here they are,

Opt For Wireless

This is the best and first feature you have to look for while buying a baby monitor, for obvious reasons. You can go anywhere and still keep an eye on your baby. Choose one with a belt clip so that your hands are free. 

Sound activated light

This alerts you when your baby is crying or has woken up and is restless. This does not require silence on your end and can alert you in spite of that. 

Video enabled

This way you are not fooled by your paranoia that your baby is awake and can actually watch your baby The video is the most preferred as it devotes the service 100 percent. 

Frequency of 900 MHz or higher

Making sure your baby monitor has excellent clarity is absolutely necessary as it brings you the best of results. The glitch in the audio will just include restlessness and unnecessary tension in the case of your baby. 

Do I really need a baby monitor? 

The answer to this depends on your living space and your lifestyle. If you are a parent who can stay at home dedicating your 24/7 to your baby, while the cook and the maid are doing their thing, then you don’t need a baby monitor. 

But if you have certain chores that have to be done by you around the house or remotely you need a baby monitor.

It helps you keep check of the baby and above all, it gives you peace. We’re sure as a new parent you are anxious to even leave your baby by itself for a while.

The baby monitor will help you! 

Do baby monitors emit radiation? 

Yes, all baby monitors emit radiation, like your other devices. This is necessary for the working of the baby monitor. But there are ways you can reduce the radiation exposure for your baby. Keeping the baby monitor 6 feet away from your baby’s crib is step one. This way you can keep track of the baby and still keep your child safe. 

What is VOX in baby monitors? 

This is an important and a very common term new parents get confused with. 

VOX is the sound activation feature on the baby monitor. It is usually on standby and is turned on and works when the baby starts crying loudly or in case of an unusual background noise. This is extremely important and can help you in case of emergency. 

What is the best time to use a baby monitor? 

There is no specific age limit to using a baby monitor. Parents can use this device for as long as they think their child needs attention and care. Some parents stop using a baby monitor when their child is 1. Some use till the age of 5. So it’s really about your child’s need for care and attention. Either way the baby monitor will help you be present with your child’s activities. 

How to stop the battery in the baby monitor to stop draining?

The process for this is similar to your other devices. 

You can turn off the ‘sound activation’ features when not needed. 

Another way of curbing the battery is to light activated sensors when your baby is awake and with you. 

Reducing the brightness of your baby monitor will also help the device contain the battery for a longer time. 

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