Best Back Support Belts in India 2022

We all need something to keep our posture right. And if it isn’t the posture, it is those constant strains we have from our day to day activities that give us a sore back.
What if we told you that you could avoid this by investing in one small accessory that will come in handy in keeping your back intact at all times without sprains or strains. 

Back support belts are extremely useful and help people with different needs by keeping the posture right. So check out the best back support belts in India. 

Back support belts in IndiaBest use
Peecure back support belt 
Daily use

Tynor back support belts 

Vissco back support belt 
Good for posture

JSB BS56 premium LS support belt 
Good for spasms and aches

Caresmith back support 
Easy to wear

Privfit backsupport belt 
Aligns your bones and muscles

Elnova back support belt 

Comfy for all body types

Spiffy sky back support belt 
Affordable and good quality

Shree krishna back support belt 
Long usage

Top back support belts in India

Peecure back support belt 

As the first one on our list we can vouch that this has one of the best features among the many we will be listing. 

The entire back support belt is made up of 10 magnets which tightly keeps the belt intact and allows your back to have a good posture. 

The best part about using this back belt is that you don’t have to worry about wearing it all day. Wearing for about 2 hours every day will give you a good posture and allow you to stay upright at all times. 

Besides the durability and the strength of the back belt, it is super comfortable to wear and stays fit to the body without tightening the muscles too much. 

Pros Cons 
Strong and durable material. Not easily available. 

Tynor back support belts 

Tynor is another brand that works the best for people with the best of intentions in keeping their back. 

With a double pull magnetism works really well in keeping your body secluded and getting rid of the knots in your body and gives you comfort at all times. 

This is a super flexible back support belt that has pores in it and keeps your body comfy. 

The one thing you need to make sure while maintaining this belt is that it should not be washed in hot water and should not be dried under the sun. 

It costs about Rs.590 which is fair and comes as a super affordable accessory when the quality is taken into consideration. 

Pros Cons 
Double pull makes sure the body is secured at all times. Slightly expensive. 

Vissco back support belt 

Vissco is another brand that has made a big name among the Indian clientele and has gained popularity with its top-notch products and the quality they provide. 

The back support belt is great in improving posture and giving your body a certain sense of stability.

The elastic that is enfolded in the back support is great for those who need some pressure to be applied. 

This back support belt actually works best for people who have strains in their lower back and upper region of the back. 

What we love absolutely is the fiber of the belt is strong and can withstand many days of usage without wear and tear. 

Pros Cons 
Good quality material used in the making of the belt. Can be quite strong for those who cannot withstand pressure in their back. 

JSB BS56 premium LS support belt 

This back support belt is orthopedically proven to be effective and has a great impact on the posture of the body in the long run. 

This works on elasticity and has a great and healing effect on spasms, back aches and other issues that require compression to heal. 

To the rescue of those who don’t want it too tight, this belt comes in various sizes and colors which can be further narrowed down. 

The back support belt can be washed in cold water without having the material worn down or the color faded in any way. 

Pros Cons 
Can be great for spasms. None. 

Caresmith back support 

Caresmith has specifically designed this back support belt to induce proper posture in the body and give the body a certain vigor. 

Although this is merely for posture, you don’t have to wear it all the time. Wearing this belt for about 20 minutes every day can make a huge difference in the way your body appears. 

The belt is soft and flexible which makes it super comfortable to wear all the time and gives a great structure to the body. 

The way this back support belt is worn is in the form of a backpack which means all you have to do is put it on and your joints will be treated right. 

The cost of this belt is around Rs. 700. 

Pros Cons 
Easy to wear and has a great quality. Expensive.

Privfit backsupport belt 

If you are looking for something lightweight that does not expect too much strain from your back, then Privfit has the right one for you! 

This back support belt has the right pressure on your shoulders and gives your posture a new boost. 

Although you don’t have to wear it all the time, you can gradually increase the time you wear the belt. 

Another major pro of using this belt is that it can align your bones and muscles so that your posture remains upright all the time. 

This product can be quite expensive costing about Rs.700.

Pros Cons 
Aligns the muscles. Expensive. 

Elnova back support belt 

Having a great fit and made of a durable material, this one from Elnova works really well for those who are particular about investing in a durable product that can be used for a long time. 

This is mainly used for those who suffer frequent lower back pains. This works the best when wrapped around the waist. 

You can tighten the strap with the additional straps that come with the additional straps. 

This is very comfortable for all body types and gives you a lot of relief from spasms and aches. 

Pros Cons 
Great for those with different body types. Expensive. 

Spiffy sky back support belt 

The elastic that windes up this amazing quality back support belt is the perfect choice for those who do strenuous work and other activities that invoke stress. 

Spiky spif back support belt requires you to wear it all day so that your posture is right as well as gives you the right amount of pressure on the back to keep your body upright at all times. 

You can wear this great quality back support belt while working on your computer to keep your posture. 

The belt allows customisation and keeps you wound up at all times. 

Even if you are just walking or taking a stroll this belt works at its best by keeping your back in control of your actions. 

This belt comes at an affordable price by costing only Rs. 399

Pros Cons 
Affordable. Material is not very soft. 

Shree krishna back support belt 

Jay Krishnan back support belt is made up of the best material and has a great feel against the skin by giving you comfort. 

The strap that this belt comes in adjustable form which can be used on different body types comfortably. 

The back support belt is well bound with the right kind of stitches which is made to keep your body upright at all times. 

The magnets in the back belt is needed to keep your body in the right position and allows it to remain that way for a long time. 

Pros Cons 
Adjustable straps needed for the back support belt. None. 
Back support belt

Peecure is one of the best brands to give the right kind of accessories for gym and other daily activities

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