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Best Bedsheet Brands in India 2022

We all use bedsheeets on a good night’s sleep. The right Bedsheet must assure you a comfortable sleep besides livening up the bedroom ambience. Also, the material of the bedsheet you choose must feel smooth on your skin while not harming it. When you shop for bedsheets, you must check the fabric, style, quality, design and price to land on the right pick. Given the galaxy of bedsheet brands in India, here I have pooled up a list of the best bedsheet brands in India to ease your search and let you land on the best value for your investment.

Best Bedsheet Brands in India

Bombay Dyeing

Majority of best bedsheet reviews will always have Bombay Dyeing on top of their list as it is one of the best bedsheet brands in India. Some of the top highlights of Bombay Dyeing bedsheets are their standard color patterns, 100% softness, suitability to Indian tastes, funky patterns and vibrant colors. This brand uses the best quality cotton that adds more comfort to the bedsheets. Bombay Dyeing designs are highly attractive and pleasing for the eyes. The supreme quality of cotton used in Bombay Dyeing bedsheets assure the best comfort as well as they last for long with a proper care.

For Bombay Dyeing bedsheets, handwash and machine wash at 40 degree Celsius using a mild detergent is recommended. For all sizes of beds, Bombay Dyeing offers a plenty of size options. Bombay Dyeing also makes bedsheets from mixed fabrics like high-quality polycotton, microfiber and polyester. They are budget friendly, easily washable and do not fade for many years. Therefore, you are sure to feel happy while choosing from Bombay Dyeing bedsheets. 



Indian households are highly familiar with the brand Raymond, which has a distinct presence in the Indian textile industry. Raymond makes premium quality bedsheets that are pricier than those of Bombay Dyeing. However, when you buy them, you are paying for the luxury and quality they assure. Raymond bedsheets are made of 100% cotton and they are very easy to use, wash and maintain. Raymond bedsheets do not fade easily. They feel highly comfortable and soft on the skin. These breathable bedsheets are highly suitable to Indian weathers and can help keep you cool during summers. The thread quantity of Raymond bedsheets average between 140 and 200. However, the tight weaving technique accounts for their smoothness.

Raymond bedsheets come in some attractive flowery patterns in pastel and bright shades. Some of the standard sizes of Raymond bedsheets include single, double and king size to meet any needs of Indian beds. Raymond bedsheets are reliable and will assure the best value for your investment. 


Haus & Kinder

Some of the alluring features of Haus & Kinder bedsheets are their posh looks, lovely pastel patterns and vintage designs. They have a vast range of patterns and colors to choose in their bedsheets. If you have a keen eye for beauty and would like to invest in a quality bedsheet to dress up yoru bed, Haus & Kinder bedsheets are a great option. The designs and patterns of Haus & Kinder bedsheets are inspired by Victorian era, the concept of seasons and the French Riviera. Haus & Kinder bedsheets are made from 100% pure cotton and they sport a super high thread count of 188. Their bedsheets are some of the softest and smoothest you will find like a cloud.

Haus & Kinder bedsheets are among the top selling bedsheets in India today. Priced on par with some of the best bedsheet brands in the country, their bedsheets can be a fantastic buy for to cover your bed and liven up your bedroom in an attractive way.



Swayam bedsheets fall in the category of ethnic bedsheets that will appeal to those that are interested in Desi patterns. They have a huge collection of bedsheets that sport deep colors and reflect the beauty of Indian heritage. They can be easily preserved and maintained. Swayam bedsheets are priced on par with those of Portico New York. Swayam bedsheets are among the largest selling bedsheets in India that are adorning a lot of households in the country. Swayam also has designs other than traditional patterns like contemporary geometric patterns that are modern and rendered in deep shades. Swayam bedsheets sport a thread count of 144 and are made of cotton and polycotton fabrics to assure a soft feel on your skin and can assure the best sleep.

Swayam also offers bedsheets in Denim and Satin designs that are unique and distinctively different from the other regular bedsheet patterns you will find in the market. Though pricier than a number of options, Swayam bedsheets are known for their amazing and unique variety.

Spaces Bedsheets

For those who prefer to add a tint of luxury to their bedding, Spaces Bedsheets are a great choice. These bedsheets sport a thread count of 180 and are made from pure cotton of superior quality. In several ways, Spaces bedsheets bestow a royal look to your bed. In addition to pure cotton offerings, Spaces also makes bedsheets in polycotton, denim and satin to give room for variety. Therefore, you can make your choice depending on your preferences and the weather condition in the region you live in. Spaces bedsheets present some highly unique and beautiful designs that can add vibrant color patterns to your bedding. In fusing the traditional and modernism in their designs and finish, Spaces bedsheets are unparalleled.

The super stylish designs of Spaces bedsheets are not only beautiful, they are an apt choice for young homes that are highly particular about their ambience. Spaces bedsheets come in a vast size range that cater to sizes beyond the standard sizes of single, double and king. Definitely a premium brand, Spaces bedsheets are pricey, but are a pure mark of luxury. 



Sheetkart presents a great range of bedsheets in the 144 thread count category. Available in several vibrant colors and Desi designs, they feel like a painting. They are truly adorable choi9ce and can be highly depended on for livening up your bedroom. Straight from the Rajasthan handloom weavers, Sheetkart bedsheets are ideal choices for those that look for traditional bedsheet designs to adorn their beds. Deemed as pure cotton bedsheets, the nature of material employed in their making is prone to shrink a bit. These bedsheets are a bit heavier than the other lightweight options like Spaces and Portico New York.

Sheetkart bedsheets are lighter on your pocket. The cost of a double bedsheet from Sheetkart can be compared to the price of a single bedsheet from other expensive brands. However, if luxury is your expectation, you can find better choices. If you can go that extra mile to maintain them and manage their little shrinking, you are sure to love these bedsheets.



Solimo is relatively a newer brand offering bedsheets. This is definitely a popular bedsheet brand as per the user reviews available online. The vibrant floral and striped patterns attractively rendered in brilliant colors are the most distinguishing characteristic of the Solimo brand of bedsheets. Their collection feature the ideal options to liven up any bedroom. Solimo is Amazon’s original brand and hence it is one of the most preferred bedsheet brands in the country. Solimo bedsheets sport top quality and are made of pure cotton with 144 thread count. These sheets can be soft on your skin and are highly breathable during hot weather. These sheets are also capable of winking away the moisture and keep you cool all night long.

Solimo bedsheet fabric is highly durable requiring the least maintenance. It is suitable for machine wash. Solimo bedsheet pricing is on par with those of Bombay Dyeing. Therefore, you will not have to break the bank for investing in a Solimo bedsheet.



For those who want to find uber-cute designed bedsheet for their bedding, Story@Home can be an excellent choice. Quite a many bedsheet makers render bedsheets in geometric patterns, however, Story@Home is a champion in this regard as its bedsheets sport unconventional geometric patterns in myriad permutations and combinations. Story@Home bedsheets are printed on advanced printing machines based on Rotary screen printing technology and the high quality ink used for the printing makes it safe for the skin. The colors are fast and do not fade away due to frequent washes. Story@Home bedsheets are priced lower than those of most other brands and hence they are budget friendly.

These bedsheets have a lower thread count of 120. Nevertheless, the sheets are not very thin. However, when compared with the higher thread count bedsheets made by some other bedsheet brands, this can be a matter of concern.

How to buy bedsheets

Choosing the right bedsheet is crucial in assuring a comfortable sleep, a hygienic choice on your skin, livening up the bedroom ambience colorfully and also saving money on your purchase. Here are the important aspects to focus on while shopping for the best bedsheets.

Prefer cotton fabric

The best material for a bedsheet is 100% cotton. Cotton is very soft and affordable. Cotton varieties like Pima, extra-long staple cotton, and Egyptian are more durable and also soft. Bedsheets made of such cotton varieties might cost more. However, they are worth the investment. Yet another good option is a blend of cotton and polyester which are inexpensive, durable and are wrinkle-free.

Understand the thread count

Do not get misguided by thread count. Manufacturers have some techniques to project high thread counts without increasing the quality. Thread counts between 300 and 500 are known for their strength and softness.

Know the different kinds of weaves

The two major kinds of weaves are percale and sateen. Percale weave basic kind of grid-like weave. It will feel light and crisp. Sateen weave can feel smooth and silky. A majority of customers tend to prefer sateen weave over percale weave.

Size can prove you wrong

Though there are standard sizes in bedsheets, you must always measure the bed size and consider if you are using a mattress topper. During laundering, there can be some shrinkage and you must give room for that too. Fitted sheets that can fit mattress of up to 15 inches do well in tests.

Read through the return policy

For some reasons, you might not find the bedsheet you buy the right fit for your expectations. Some sellers allow returns even up to a few months after the purchase. A favorable return policy is always a good thing as you can try the bedsheet and check if it suits your expectations.

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