Best Biscuit Brands in India

8 Best Biscuit Brands in India 2022

Oh, the humble biscuit. It brings back so many memories. The fights I’ve had with my siblings. The days I have lived on biscuits when I was broke in college. I’m sure you are nostalgic too, reading this.

Biscuits have been a part of growing up in India. It is almost tradition to offer tea, coffee, and biscuits in any household. It is universal across states, cultures, and religions if I am not wrong. I’m not stretching it too far, am I?

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I don’t know why, but I’m happy to be writing about biscuits and the best biscuit brands in India. It gives me immense joy to share this list with you all, the brands we all have loved over the years. 

BrandPopular productsPrice Range
Parle20-20, Cookies, KrackJack, Monaco.Rs. 10- Rs. 78
BritanniaGood Day, Tiger, Nutri Choice, Marie GoldRs. 10- Rs. 60
SunfeastDark Fantasy, Moms Magic, Farmlite,  SnackyRs. 10- Rs. 96
Priya GoldCNC, Snacks Zig Zag, Butter Bite, & Marie LiteRs. 40- Rs. 60
UnibicFruit & Nut, Pista Badam, Choconut, Honey OatmealRs. 25- Rs. 50
CremicaCocunut Cookies, Jeera Lite, Golden Bytes, Sugar CrackersRs. 10- Rs. 100
Mc VitiesDigestive, HobNob’s, Butter Cookies, BourbonRs. 15- Rs. 70
PatanjaliNariyal Biscuits, Twisty Tasty, Creamfeast Orange, Creamfeast ElaichiRs. 5- Rs. 200

After having reviewed all the biscuit brands on India based on various factors like taste, packaging, ingredients, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 brands that really stood out. Biscuits from these 8 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best biscuit brand in India is Parle. Not only is it one of the oldest confectionery brands in the country but they’ve also refined their craft over 90 years to give us some of the best treats possible. Parle is known for it’s iconic Parle-G biscuit which is the largest selling biscuits in the world.

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Best Biscuit Brands in India

Biscuits have existed in all shapes and sizes as far as I remember. I remember eating a lot of crackers, cream biscuits, and the all-time tea time snack, Marie. I never really knew a lot of brands back then but Parle and Britannia do ring a bell.

Do you remember any brands? If you do, well and good. If you don’t let me take you through a list of the best biscuit brands in India right now and what makes them so popular. 

You may or may not agree on the ranking and may start a debate. You are free to do so in the comments section. Let’s dig in!

I have made this list based on the

  • Brand
  • Quality
  • Packaging
  • Taste


This iconic brand which started as a confectionary in 1929 is one of the leading biscuit brands in India. Parle is also one of the largest brands in terms of its reach and popularity. 

  • What started as a 12 member company is now catering to approx 1.40 billion people of this country today. If you think Parle, you have to think of Parle-G. The most famous product from Parle is actually the largest-selling biscuit brand in the world as per a Nielsen survey.
  • If you think Parle is all about biscuits, you are wrong. The confectionery business has always been its strength and legends like Mango bite is still available to date and is still as tasty as it used to be. I am sure you all still remember the ads for Parle-G and other products KrackJack and Monaco too, right?

Why is it worth it?

  • A brand that was started eight decades ago had to make it my best biscuits brand in India without a doubt. Parle-G is almost synonymous with biscuits in our country if I am not wrong. 
  • The combination of quality, taste, and nutrition is unbeatable. Parle has around seven units that churn out many biscuits and confectionery products. I have listed the most popular ones in the table. 

What makes the brand click is the pricing and the variety it offers. Not just that, but the legacy it has created is with Parle-G, Monaco and stuff like Mango bite is here to stay.

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Another brand that you want to trust without batting an eyelid is Britannia. I personally will trust any product for this brand. I am sure my mom and her mom would too. I mean can you ever get over the taste or the packaging of Good Day? The cookies range from Britannia that sells like hot cakes even today. 

  • Britannia also has a lot of products that range from bread, cakes, dairy products, etc. But it is their biscuits that have left a lasting impression on the Indian market. The tiger biscuit has a huge following of middle-class school going kids while Marie Gold is every mother and grandmother’s favourite.
  • It is a brand with a global presence but India has been one of its biggest consumer markets. I a sure it is going to stay this way given their quality.

Why is it worth it?

  • Started in 1892 and still managing to be major shareholders in the biscuit market in India is not an easy feat. 
  • Based in Bangalore, it is one of the biggest brands across categories in India. Its English flair is rare and cannot be compared with other brands

The factory produces approximately 430 tonnes of produce in a year and 90% of its revenue is generated through biscuit sales. I rest my case. 


When ITC decided to diversify in the year 2003, little did we all realize it was going to enter the biscuit and cookie market. Man, did they surprise us all. In less than two decades, they have left many companies wondering what hit them. 

  • They have created a brand in itself and Sunfeast is now known for its quality and product range. Sunfeast has something for everyone. It caters to the luxury category with its Dark Fantasy range of biscuits while other biscuits like Moms Magic, Farmlite, Snacky are popular in schools and college canteens. 

Why is it worth it?

  • The brand boasts of the latest innovations in their products which draws the crowd towards them. They are growing fast and introducing new products every quarter. 
  • The taste and packaging go well with the times and people in India are lapping it up making it one of the best biscuit brands in India.

The health-conscious population in India loves some of their healthy biscuits like oatmeal and digestive biscuits. The brand ambassadors are popular among the crowd too. The quality and creative flavors make all the difference when you compare Sunfeast with older brands.

Priya Gold

Surya Foods & Agro Ltd was established in November 1992. But they started operation under the brand Priya Gold in 1993. The brand has seen phenomenal growth in the biscuits market and is now present in more than 20 countries. 

  • All I remember about this brand is the cream biscuits they made. But I guess, they slowly lost the market to newer brands in the recent past.
  • There is a strong customer base for PriyaGold biscuits up north and in the western states of India. They have also expanded into the cake and cookie markets too with a world-class manufacturing setup in Greater Noida. 
  • The taste and packaging give you a nostalgic feeling with an old-world charm. The popular products include CNC, Snacks Zig Zag, Butter Bite, & Marie Lite which have a good market share.

Why is it worth it?

  • Though the cream biscuit range from Priya Gold is a big hit among all age groups. Their mix of sweet, salty, cookies is a rage amongst many households. 
  • Their unique flavours work for Indians who have a mixed palette. As they cater to the mid and lower-middle-class population, they are marketed in most bus stands and railway stations. 

This strategy has worked for the company which has seen tremendous growth. This revenue has been invested in the fully automatic manufacturing plant that churns our produce in the millions making it one of the best biscuit brands in India in the year 2021.


Established in India in 2004, Unibic is a brand from the Anzac and Bradman cookies company. They have over 30 varieties of cookies that give it an edge over their competitors. 

  • The range Unibic boasts of having unique flavor combinations that attract cookie lovers around the globe. The manufacturing facility in Banglore is known for introducing new flavors and wholesome cookies. 
  • Unibic runs the show at its manufacturing plant with approximately 800 employees but the quality they produce is top-notch and they sure are raking in the moolah.

Why is it worth it?

  • The Unibic range of cookies is healthy. This is their USP. Their biscuits and cookies are rich in fiber and low fat. 
  • The ingredients they use help in losing weight which is unknown in the biscuit market which is known for its buttery and creamy taste. 

The company uses oats and honey and stuff which people take notice of. The healthy conscious ones at that at least. The carb-heavy and low sugar cookies have helped the brand create a fan base. This is the niche they have created and this has made them one of the best biscuit brands in India. They are in fact market leaders in this segment.


This little-known brand was established in 1978 by Mrs. Rajni Bector who wanted to make ice creams for everyone. It was this passion that started this brand and a backyard enterprise. 

  • Cremica today has numerous products under its umbrella and it ranges from ice creams, biscuits with unique fillings and a taste that is different from the run of the mill brands in the market.
  • Even though it is an underdog amongst the big brands, Cremica has a loyal customer base that loves its products. The company has set a high standard in taste, quality, and packaging making it one of the leading biscuit brands in India right now.

Why is it worth it?

  • The brand Cremica has withheld its reputation of not using any additives or preservatives in its biscuits. They make sure the customers get only the best produce.

Their digestive biscuit and the oatmeal cookies are game-changers. Another feather in their cap is the Magic cream biscuit which is loved by chocolate lovers across India. The manufacturing is done using the highest grade of ingredients and their all natural ingredients sets them apart from the rest.


McVitie’s made its presence felt in India a decade ago. Their factory in Chandigarh is the only wholly-owned factory outside of Europe. 

  • But their history dates back to 1830 to Edinburgh where they first started. The industrial revolution and changing economic policies in Europe has made McVite’s a brand to reckon with in Europe. They were popular for sending out biscuits during the first World War.
  • They are present in many countries but are hugely popular in Nigeria where they have topped the imports list.

Why is it worth it?

  • The brand is pretty well known in the cities of India and there is a reason behind it. They make their biscuits with whole wheat and fibre. They come under the digestive biscuit segment making them leaders in India.
  • The ingredients used are of the best quality and with old school packing and a fantastic taste, this brand is here to stay. The range of products includes oat cookies, digestive biscuits, butter cookies and other healthy snacks which are low in fat when compared to other brands.

They also have added minerals and vitamins. This is their main USP and they are now one of the best biscuits brands in India.


This brand resonated with every Indian as it is Indian to the core. The brand made everyone sit and take notice of the range of products they offer. Biscuits is one such segment where they took on the likes of Parle and Brittania too. 

  • Baba Ramdev, the Yogi Guru, revolutionised the market with his Swadeshi Movement and gave India its own brand, Pathanjali. The variety and the fact that it is an Indian product cemented its place in the early days. 
  • But the quality the brand delivered has created a customer base of its own. The pricing is great and Indian homes are loving the taste too.

Why is it worth it?

  • Amongst its varied products ranging from toothpaste, herbal products to detergents, Pathanjali biscuits are very popular as they are available in every flavour and variety you can think of.
  • There are cream biscuits, chocolate biscuits, cookies, digestive cookies, milk biscuits to name a few. Who wouldn’t want to try a Doodh biscuit, right? 

The all natural ingredients backed with the tagline “Prakriti ka Ashirwad” has worked wonders for the brand. Add to that less trans fat in the biscuits have made moms flock to the brand. Though I am not a big fan, the company has made considerable profits from its inception in the biscuit space. 

In conclusion I can say, India being the vast market it is, there is a healthy competition between the best biscuit brands. 

Each brand has its perks and its own fan following. But the best brand of biscuits is the one you are having with your coffee or tea right now. Isn’t it? Well, I certainly think so and I will always stick to the classics like Parle and Brittania anyday.


What are the other lesser known brands of biscuits in India?

Even though the brands like Anmol, Dukes, Nature Valley and Haldirams are not known as their popular counterparts, they do enjoy a market share in India.

Which is the largest selling biscuit brand in India?

There is a lot of competition for the top spot but Parle is the largest selling brand in India.

Which is the best biscuit brand in India?

It is tough to zero in on one brand as the best biscuit brand in India. In my opinion, Britannia, Parle, and Sunfeast are the top picks for the best biscuit brands in India.

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