Best Blanket Brands in India

Best Blanket Brands in India 2022

Looking for a comfortable blanket to keep you warm at night? Check out our list of the Best Blanket Brands in India!

When we end up on our cosy beds after a day’s hard work, we do pine for a restful sleep. A deeply relaxing sleep can be highly refreshing and rejuvenating. Medical and psychological experts have always told us that quality sleep is important to keep good health and ensure a happy mood.

When we all aspire to sleep well, we must know it does not come on its own. We must do our bit to land on the best sleep we can dream of. Good quality mattresses, quilts, blankets and pillows can play a definite role in facilitating a peaceful sleep.

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Blankets are an important component of cosy bedding. Blankets are of different types and specifications. In India, a number of top brands are selling blankets. You must know how to choose the right blanket for you and your family so that you pave the way to a good night’s sleep for you all. Here’s our list of the Best Blanket Brands in India.

After having reviewed all the blanket brands in India based on various factors like type, material, thread count, weave, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 15 that really stood out. Blankets from these 15 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best blanket brand in India is the Amazon Solimo Comforter. Not only does this blanket come with amazing durability but the innovative stitch ensures that all the filling is in its place. Additionally, the Amazon Solimo Comforter comes with amazing designs. Most importantly, this blanket brand comes with 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester that keeps the user warm and comfortable.

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Best blanket brands in India

Choosing the right blanket needs to take care of many aspects and so it can be a tedious job. Given the oceanic number of brands in the market, you might really be confused on what can make the best buy while shopping for blankets. 

To help you out with your selection, I have done thorough research on the top-selling blanket brands and listed the best blanket brands in India. 

Amazon Solimo Comforter

These blankets sport the qualities of durability and great designs. The innovative machine sewing patterns help keep the filling in their place. Rated as the best blanket you can find in the industry today, the Amazon Solimo Comforter is made from 200 GSM empty siliconized polyester to keep you comfortable and warm all night long. It’s one of the Best Blanket Brands in India.

This can be the perfect choice for cooled rooms and mild winter and therefore ideal for daily use. To provide a rich feel, the maker has employed 100% microfiber exterior shells.

The hypoallergenic filling in the cover ensures protection against allergens. Stylish looks, great comfort and compatibility with the room décor are some alluring aspects that make it a great buy.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Soft, light-weighted and extremely cozy.
  • Reversible with 200 GSM hollow siliconized polyester filling.
  • Hypoallergenic and protects from allergens.
  • Machine stich patterns keep the filling in place.

Colors: Aqua Blue and Olive Green

Dimensions: 47.1 x 25.1 x 24.7 cm

HUESLAND by Ahmedabad Cotton Comforter

If you want to sleep comfortably like a king or queen, Ahmedabad Cotton Ultra Microfiber Comforters are the best pick. The maker has filled the blanket with 200 GSM microfiber and 115 GSM microfiber to bestow a luxury sleeping feeling.

These comforters can go well with duvet covers. These lightweight comforters are ideal for daily use. Made from pure microfiber exterior shell, the blanket wears a diamond pattern stitching to keep the filling in place.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Soft and light-weighted
  • Comes with allergen protection
  • Reversible and goes well with duvets
  • Fabric feels soft
  • Inner fillings assure extra comfort
  • Fully breathable

Colors: Comes in many colors

Dimensions: 90-inch x 100-inch or 229 cm x 254 cm

Divine Casa Luxor Abstract Microfibre Single Comforter

Users say this blanket assures a blissful sleep. Deemed as a luxury brand for blankets, the comforter is delivered in soft, cloud shape finish with fluffy fiber filling. The blanket comes loaded with 100 GSM hollow siliconized polyester to provide warmth and comfort on a cozy bed.

Rated among the Best Warm Blankets For Winters in India (2021), these light-weight blankets are ideal for cooled rooms and mild winters. The microfiber exterior shell used in its making assure a luxurious feel to the blanket.  

Features that make it a good buy

  • Comes with allergen protection.
  • Breathable and highly comfortable
  • Fabric is soft and the blanket is fully reversible.
  • Manufactured from 100% brushed microfiber.
  • Suitable for use all round the year

Colors: Offered in many colors and patterns

Dimensions: 150 x 230 cm or 59 x 90 inch

Warmland Single Bed Mink Embossed Blanket

These blankets are categorized among the soft and luxurious mink type. The contemporary floral patterns make them look attractive. Anyone will love the cozy and warm feel it offers, which make it the ideal choice for all seasons.

Users say this is one of the best mink blanket brands in the country. The highly detailed look ensues from the elaborate floral patterns. You will love the cosy feel it gives during cold nights.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Gives color fastness
  • Fabric is soft and comfortable to give a cozy feel.
  • Warm kind of mink blanket assuring maximum warmth and sporting minimum weight.
  • These light-weight comforters are ideal for cool rooms and mild winters. 

Colors: Purple

Dimensions: 90 inch x 60 inch or 230 cm x 152 cm

Acmura Microfibre 400TC Comforter

This is an all-season comforter offered with ultra-soft filling. Stitched in box pattern, this is a hypoallergenic blanket manufactured from soft and highly breathable fabric. The anti-allergen microfiber prevents it from clumping. The recron-microfiber filling of the king-size blanket assures a great comfort.

Users rate this among the best blanket brands in India. The size of the fiber used in its making ensures the thickness is kept at minimum. Ideal for cold weathers, winters and AC rooms, the comforter assures color fastness and bubbles do not pop on the fabric.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Comes with allergenic protection
  • Reversible and luxurious
  • Fabric is breathable, comfortable and soft.
  • This white microfiber blanket is made of 400 GSM recron-filling and microfiber shell on the exterior side.
  • Box type stitching holds the filling in place. 

Colors: Offered in many colors

Dimensions: King size: 254 x 230 cm

Clasiko Reversible Comforter/Duvet

Relatively a newer brand, the manufacturer deals with home furnishing products. The maker has employed the most modern and traditional fabrics in its making delivered in attractive combinations and prints. The three layered comforter comes with micro-cotton on either side.

Stitched with synchronized fiber, the double-bed comforter is offered in contemporary prints and designs. The hypo allergenic feature due to the filling used is a definite plus for the buyers.  

Features that make it a good buy

  • This reversible blanket assures a luxurious feel
  • The fabric is comfortable and feels cozy
  • The blanket comes with color fastness and carries no-bubbling guarantee.
  • The filling enables the blanket with anti-allergenic capabilities.

Colors: Available in several colors

Dimensions: 90 X 100 Inches

Amazon Basics Knitted Chenille Blanket

Amazon Basics delivers this Chenille blanket s one of the luxury blanket brands available in the Indian market today. Made from soft and delicate material, the blanket assures a comfortable feel during cold winters.

The weave surface assures warmth during winters and the super delicate chenille polyester bestows a cosy feel to the users. The knit texture and good quality of the fabric make it a great buy for daily use.  

Features that make it a good buy

  • Carries 1-year warranty
  • Delivered in a range of colors
  • Feels soft and comfortable during use
  • Meant for all seasons
  • This is a queen size blanket.

Colors: Available in many colors

Dimensions: 66 inches X 90 inches

Selective Soft Winter Blanket

This is deemed as one of the best comforter brands in India for winter blankets. Coming with easy-to-maintain features, this blanket feels super warm. The 5 inches thick blanket can be depended on for the extra comfort needed during extreme cold temperatures. The huge sized blanket is offered in many colors and patterns.

The microfiber filling assures the greatest comfort during winters. This is a great pick if you want to land on a cozy and warm feeling all-year long. You will also enjoy it in metallic colors.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Can be washed and cleaned easily
  • 5 inches thickness assuring extra comfort during winter
  • Features a soft-feather touch and has a micro-fiber filling
  • Ideal for low-temperature areas

Colors: Offered in several colors including metallic colors

Dimensions: 241.3 x 228.6 x 7.6 cm

Homecrust Blankets ultra-soft winter Blankets

These are double sized winter blankets priced economically. The makers have assured a rich feel through these blankets. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, the soft and plush finish make this an ideal blanket for extreme winters and for use in the coldest areas.

When compared with the blankets available in this category, this product is softer and warmer. Made from shrink-resistant material, the blanket has a smoother side and a premium touch side. 

Features that make it a good buy

  • Wears an elegant style that looks vibrant
  • Features thermal insulation
  • Made from 100% microfiber, the blanket is soft and highly comfortable.
  • Its material does not fade or shrink

Colors: Available in different solid colors

Dimensions: 220 X 200 cms

Goyal Superior Quality Blanket

Counted among the best blanket brands in India, these blankets are warm and super soft. The manufacturer has employed acrylic and polyester fabric in its making. This embossed blanket is also light-weighted.

Offered in only one size, this blanket is meant for single beds. Easy to carry while travelling and is highly suitable to keep you comfortable and warm. 

Features that make it a good buy

  • The easily washable blanket wears a great looking floral pattern.
  • This mild blanket is made from polyester.
  • Easy to carry during travels and available in a single size meant for single beds.
  • Perfectly suited for Indian weather

Colors: Delivered in many colors

Dimensions: 60 X 90

Snoopy Home Ultra Soft Comforter

This is a reversible lightweight blanket that can suit all temperatures. Counted among the best blanket brands in India, this comforter is meant to provide enough warmth and a cosy feel. The soft texture of the blanket combined with its diamond stitching pattern makes it a highly desirable product.

The stitches help hold the filling in their position. Offered with a polyester filling, the two other desirable features of this blanket are its durability and anti-wrinkle capabilities.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Made from microfiber, the diamond pattern stitching ensures that the filling stays in place.
  • Ideal for machine wash and also hand wash
  • Comes with hypoallergenic features.
  • Feels good during all seasons

Colors: Offered only in blue color

Dimensions: 228.6 cm x 254 cm

Global Home Microfibre Blanket

This blanket is counted among the best mink brand blankets in the country. The maker delivers this blanket in a wide range of vibrant colors. This blanket is highly depended on for extreme cold winters. The reversible blanket also features a polyester filling.

On one side, you find fur that feels soft to touch and hence you land on a comfortable and cozy sleep. The thread count is 400 and the blanket feels warm and comfortable.

Features that make it a good buy

  • Comes in different colors
  • Suitable for both hand wash and machine wash
  • The manufacturer says it is cruelty free brand as no animals are harmed during its making
  • Weighs only 1 kg and the filling is 100% polyester.

Colors: comes in several colors

Dimensions: 45 x 35 x 6 cm also available in other sizes

Cloud Mart Cotton Quilt

If you are looking for the perfect quilt for all seasons, The Cloud Mart Jaipur Quilt is the perfect pick. The users feel this an ideal product for all year use in cold rooms and during winters. This brand is one of the best warm blankets in the country.

These are handmade quilts wearing traditional Jaipur patterns and vibrant colours. Made from the best quality cotton, these are lightweight blankets meant for all seasons. The thread count is 200. 

Features that make it a good buy

  • Cotton exterior and cotton filling make it a highly desirable blanket for a healthy use.
  • These blankets can only be hand-washed or dry washed.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions in India
  • The traditional Jaipur patterns make it highly unique

Colors: Available in many colors and patterns

Dimensions: 60 inches X 90 inches

Sleepy Head Microfibre Reversible Comforter

This is yet another reversible comforter coming with two vibrant colours on either side. This blanket is known for its super comfort and cosy feel. The manufacturer has provided a micro-poly finish in the cover of the comforter besides tassels on all four sides in order to keep the cover in place.

The machine stitching ensures the filling stays in place. This blanket is highly fluffy and will suit all temperatures. This ideal queen size blanket is among the popular picks for a large customer base.

Features that make it a good buy

  • The hypoallergenic feature makes it a great product to protect from allergens.
  • The filling made of 220 GSM hollow siliconized fiber assures a comfortable feel.
  • This blanket is suitable for both machine wash and hand wash.
  • Meant for use during all temperatures

Colors: Available in different colors and patterns

Dimensions: 230 cm x 254 cm x 5.08 cm

The Home Talk Blanket

For quite long, The Home talk Blanket has been a top pick of a large customer base. Featuring luxury designs, this awesome brand has highly encouraging customer reviews. If you would love a gorgeous blanket to add to your bedding, then this can be your right pick.

The company’s polar fleece blanket is made to fit queen size or king-size mattress. Its unique functionality makes it a highly desirable product. Abrasion free feature, suitability for hand wash and machine wash make it weigh on the positive side. 

Features that make it a good buy

  • Offered in 8 pleasing colors to choose from
  • Abrasion-free quality helps retain great looks for a long time
  • Durable over a sturdy use and supports machine as well as hand wash
  • Washable with fleece
  • Offered in a wide range of colors and designs to choose from

Colors: Available in different colors and patterns

Dimensions: 230 cm x 254 cm x 5.08 cm

Blankets Buying Guide

Before buying blankets, read this to know how to choose the right blanket.

Types of blankets

  • Blankets come in different types. The right pick will depend on how you want to use it. Some of the most popular types in blankets include Standard Blanket, Quilt, Coverlets, Throw, Weighted Blanket, Afghan, Heated/Electric Blanket, Waffle Blankets, and Summer Blankets.

Blanket sizes

  • While buying a blanket for your bed, you must choose the size large enough to cover the whole of the mattress with a few extra inches for tucking in around the sides and bottom. The typical blanket sizes are Twin size: 90-inch x 65-inch, Full/Queen size: 90-inch x 85-inch, Queen size: 90-inch x 90-inch and King size: 90-inch x 110-inch.


  • The blanket’s breathability can impact its overall warmth. Thick and heavy blankets can retain body heat and are not very breathable. These are ideal choices for winter blankets. For those who tend to sleep hot, lightweight blankets are a good option.


  • The material and weave employed in its making can impact a blanket’s durability. Go for blankets made with high-quality textiles to see that they will not break down. Down and wool are an excellent choice of materials for blankets, but they can be expensive too besides requiring a complex cleaning process.

Color and pattern

Blankets play a definite role in enhancing the style and aesthetic of your bedroom. To achieve great looks, you must choose the blanket colour and design that will go well with the other elements of the bedding. Check out our list of the Best Blanket Brands in India.

What Are Best Blanket Cleaning Tips?

  • Always use soft-bristle brush to brush the blankets.
  • If woolen blankets are stained, clean them at once since wool is a dense material and difficult to clean once the stain sets in deeply. 
  • If wool blankets are heavily soiled, soak them in cold water for 15 minutes adding a wool-safe detergent.
  • It is good to keep the blanket away from direct sunlight while hanging for drying. 
  • Wool blankets must be stored in a dark and cool place. 
  • If you find a stain you can’t handle with a gentle treatment, give it to a dry cleaner. 
  • Do not subject wool blankets to scrubbing or harsh chemicals.
  • For fleece blankets, choose the gentle wash cycle. 
  • Never use hot water to wash fleece blankets and do not iron them after washing.
  • Fabric softeners and laundry detergents containing bleach are not suitable for fleece blankets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of blankets are there?

The most common types of blankets you will find in the market are Woven acrylic, Knitted polyester, Mink, Cotton, Fleece and Wool. It is also possible to find blankets made from exotic materials like silk covering or crocheted Afghan.

What are the different names of blankets?

A range of products meet similar needs on our beds and hence are grouped together. Often the term blanket is interchangeably used with quilt, comforter, and duvet. 

What makes the best winter blanket?

Winter blankets come in different fabrics with each of them having its own advantages. If you want to land on comfort, you must know your needs to land on the right pick. If you prefer a warm and heavy blanket that provides an excellent insulation, wool can be the right choice.

Down is a warm and lightweight fabric for blankets. Cashmere blankets are silky, warm, soft and also luxurious. For children, fleece blankets are a popular choice as they are cozy, light-weighted and extra warm. 

Why are fleece blankets popular?

Fleece blankets are not so heavy. They are extra warm and cosy. Made from synthetic materials, fleece shares some qualities with wool. On a cold night, fleece blankets can provide much-needed warmth and can also wick the moisture away from your body. Washing and drying them at home is convenient and they are lighter than wool. Fleece blankets enjoy immense popularity with children. Check out our list of the Best Blanket Brands in India!

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