Best Blood Pressure Monitors in India 2022

There are some devices that all of us must own to help us keep tabs on our health, and a blood pressure monitor is one of those. The common misconception is that BP monitors are a necessity only if you have elderly people living in your home, but with today’s lifestyle and work stress, it doesn’t hurt for youngsters to own one either. Like most gadgets sold in India, there are plenty of brands selling Blood pressure monitors as well. So here you go, the reviews of the Best Blood Pressure Monitors in India that you can choose from: 

Top Blood Pressure Monitors in India 

Omron HEM 7120

The Japanese brand, Omron, is something you are probably familiar with. This is one of the bestselling healthcare devices brands, and there are several variants of blood pressure monitors that you can decide from based on your need and price point. 

The Omron HEM 7120 is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor that has a high level of accuracy and is also quite commonly used by many practicing physicians.

 It works on a technology called “Intellisense” which checks if the cuff is wrapped correctly around the patient’s upper arm. 

When that is confirmed, the machine gives you an “ok” to start the inflation. 

The technology also senses if there is movement during the test and an error due to that. This is how accuracy is ensured. 

The other advantage is that it alerts the user when certain readings like the BP measurements are higher than the normal standards. 

Since the BP monitor is fully automatic, it makes it easy for anybody to use it without having to spend too much time learning how to use one. 

Omron HEM 6161

Another reason behind Omron’s popularity in India is that this is one of the more reasonably priced brands making this a great choice for a home monitor. 

The Omron HEM 6161 blood pressure monitor is slightly cheaper than the Omron HEM 7120 but has similar features. 

The difference is the cuff for the wrist whereas the HEM 7120 uses a cuff for the upper arm. This is helpful for those who find it difficult to wrap a cuff around their arm by themselves, or if their arm is bigger and the cuff doesn’t normally go around it comfortably. 

The HEM 6161 is also a fully automatic monitor that takes away the hassle of figuring out how to wrap the cuff and whether the reading is right if the person keeps moving. 

The Intellisense technology employed by Omron automatically checks if the cuff is wrapped correctly and indicates if it is.

 It adjusts the inflation and determines the blood pressure using the highly sensitive sensors. These sensors also judge if there is an error due to the person moving by assessing the change in heartbeat. 

The BP monitor is powered by 2 AAA batteries which last for at least 2 to 3 months with regular use. 

Dr. Morepen Bp02

Another mid-range and affordable blood pressure monitor is the Bp02 by Dr.Morepen. This fully automatic bp monitor comes with an upper arm cuff and is lighter in weight than the Omron HEM 7120. 

Very easy to use, the blood pressure monitor not only displays the systolic and diastolic readings but also the pulse rate, the time of the reading and can store upto 120 readings in the memory. 

It automatically averages the last three readings as well. 

The other advantage is that you can use the same machine for at least 2 people as you can configure the user interface settings for 2 users. 

The BP monitor uses technology and sensors to check if the cuff is secured properly around the arm and then starts the inflation. 

The BP monitor is powered by 4 AAA batteries. 

The monitor uses quite a bit of power which is kind of a downside as these batteries have to be replaced every two months if you use it regularly. 

Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor by Dr Trust is easily one of the most advanced and consequently one of the most expensive blood pressure monitors in the Indian market. However, do check online as sometimes the price is slashed and you can purchase this for a better price. 

Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is an amazing device for those who have a problem with their vision.

 This monitor announces the blood pressure readings loud enough for the person to hear. You can choose between two languages – Hindi and English, or you can choose the “mute” mode to silence it. 

The display screen is large, with a font that is easy to read. It is also backlit, so you don’t have to struggle to read the results when the light isn’t too good. 

That’s not all. Dr Trust has taken care of even the most minor issues that many might have with blood pressure monitors.

 The arm cuff is broader than the ones used by other brands, making this so much more comfortable for people who might have a broader arm. 

The blood pressure monitor works on something called the “MDI” technology where the blood pressure is measured during the inflation, giving you more accurate and quicker results. 

To make it even more convenient, this BP monitor can be powered using a mobile charger connected with a USB cable. 

If you’re traveling, the monitor can also be powered using 4 AAA batteries. It only weighs about 500 grams, adding to the ease of carrying it along.

This lightweight, sleek and stylish looking machine is proudly made in India. 

Beurer 658.18

Beurer 658.18 blood pressure monitor is made in Germany. The build is lightweight and sleek, yet feels very sturdy and durable. 

The readings are also highly accurate and the machine is easy to use. As with any BP monitor, it is a good idea to take multiple readings and take the average. 

The blood pressure monitor has a pretty wide cuff to wrap around the arm, and the machine detects if it is wrapped correctly.

 It indicates if the readings are too high or too low. It also detects if there is a possible arrhythmia and warns the user about it. 

The screen display is large, with a font that is easy to read. 

The monitor can be used by 4 different people as it stores 30 readings for each user in its memory. 

Omron HEM-8712

The Omron HEM-8712 is one of the most expensive blood pressure monitors sold by this brand. This one also uses the same technology that assesses if the cuff is fitted securely around the arm and indicates if it is not. 

It is also easier to use as you don’t need the help of another person to secure it around your arm.

The Bp monitor takes the reading during the inflation of the cuff. This ensures higher accuracy in the readings as well as gives the results much quicker. 

It has an inbuilt memory where it stores the last measurements. It also detects any movement in the body to avoid wrong readings being recorded. 

The blood pressure monitor and the cuff do weigh a little more than the other Omron devices, but overall it is quite compact and portable. 

How does the blood pressure monitor work?

The cuff is worn around the upper arm or the wrist. The blood pressure monitor pumps air into the cuff using an air pump, inflating it to prevent blood flow into the main artery in the area. The pressure sensor measures the systolic pressure. As the valve opens and releases the air, the cuff deflates and the pressure sensor measures the diastolic pressure. 

The best way to get as accurate a reading as possible is by performing the routine at least thrice with a break of a minute or two between each reading, and then taking the average of all three readings. 

How to purchase blood pressure monitor

Most home blood pressure monitors can vary by about 5 to 15% inaccuracy. However, it is important to pay attention to the following points before buying a BP monitor:

  • Ease in using it : A good blood pressure monitor must have easy to follow instructions and simple to use
  • Large and clear displays: Considering the fact that the BP monitor might most probably be used by someone who is older, it is a good idea to buy a BP monitor that has a large screen with font that is easy to read
  • Size of the cuff: This might seem like a no-brainer but many people overlook this. Choose a BP monitor that comes with a cuff that wraps around the person’s arm and gives them a good fit. Not too loose and not too tight
  • Size and Weight of the blood pressure monitor: The advantage of owning a BP monitor at home is to be able to use it whenever you need to. Choose one that is lightweight and compact so that it is portable as well
BP monitors

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