Best Body Polishing Kit For Whitening In India 2021

With the wedding season coming up, it’s time you got a new wardrobe, matching accessories and makeup. Whether you are the bride or the bride’s maid, you gotta doll up and look your best! Well, your face gets the polishing it needs every now and then, but your body shouldn’t miss out. Try out some of the best body polishing kits for whitening in India, for that smooth, soft and bright skin:

Top Body polishing kit for whitening in India 

According to us the best body polishing kit for whitening in India is the Mama earth ubtan body polishing kit which works wonders in smoothening the skin out. It is gentle with the skin and whitens the skin instantly without too much use. 

#1- mCaffeine Coffee Body Toning & Polishing Kit

Best body polishing at home

The skin on the body gets ignored day after day, week after week, accumulating dirt and dead skin cells that your regular body wash or soap cannot remove. 

  • The body lotion and sunscreen you apply every day also clogs the pores making it duller. mCaffeine is our recommendation for complete polishing and toning. Coffee beans and coffee grounds are known to effectively get rid of dead skin cells and tan, while hydrating the skin without making it too greasy.
  •  It is also an effective toner as it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.
  •  The antioxidants fight off free radical damage and leave you with youthful skin. 
  • The kit includes a body lotion and a body polishing oil to add more moisture into your skin. 
  • The biggest bonus – it smells delicious! 
Pros Cons
One of the best body polish available in India. Not for all skin types. 

#2- Auravedic Skin Lightening body Polish

lightening body polish kits in India

While modern solutions for polishing like coffee might be very effective, there is no beating the traditional herbal remedies. 

  • Auravedic brings you the goodness of sandalwood and turmeric, two “go-to” ingredients of most young girls for generations. 
  • We know that turmeric and sandalwood are used by new brides or bride-to-be’s as well for that gorgeous glow on their big day. 
  • Sandalwood removes tan effectively, cools the skin and brings down inflammation and rashes. It lightens the skin and helps reduce the dark spots as well. 
  • Turmeric is a magic herb with the properties of getting rid of bacteria, healing wounds and cuts, and gently exfoliating the skin to reveal brighter skin underneath. 
  • Together they also protect the skin from environmental damage and heal sun damage. 
  • The polish also contains saffron that lightens the skin and aloe vera to moisturise without making your skin sticky or greasy. 
Pros Cons 
Contains saffron which nourishes the skin. Not easily available. 

#3- WOW Skin Science Ubtan body polishing kit 

whitening kit in india

Follow your grandma’s advice and get ready for your Ubtan scrub by WOW Skin Science. Ubtan is a traditional recipe that is now available ready to be used in a convenient jar, any time you want. 

  • The blend of chickpea flour, saffron, turmeric, almond shell powder, rose water and sandalwood oil smells so heavenly the minute you open the packaging. 
  • Each of these ingredients lend a bit of goodness to your skin to lighten it, protect it and make it healthier.
  •  Chickpea flour is a gentle exfoliant that also absorbs the extra sebum produced in your skin, deep cleanses the pores and leaves your skin squeaky clean without acne or blackheads.
  •  Almond shell powder also does its job of whitening your skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells. 
  • The base of rose water acts as a good toner while also softening your skin. At the end of it, you are left with softer and whiter skin that you can’t resist touching!
Pros Cons 
Rose water makes your skin soft and supple. Not for all skin types. 

#4- ALPHA CHOICE Body Scrub whitening body polish

body scrub for whitening in India

Coffee might be the modern exfoliant but blend it with shea butter and coconut oil and you have a potent formula for skin brightening the luxurious way. 

  • Alpha Choice Body Scrub is a 100% vegan product that has coffee as its primary exfoliant. It gets rid of your duller layers plus removes tan as well. 
  • But the base is a nourishing shea butter that not only moisturiser but also heals your skin and evens out the skin tone.
  •  Coconut oil is a miracle ingredient that stimulates skin cell regeneration, helping heal broken or inflamed skin without leaving back a scar.
  •  It is also very hydrating, soothing and encourages blood circulation. So you not only get fairer, but also smoother and glowing skin. 
Cheap and affordable.Coffee is not for all skin types. 

#5- FABEYA Orange Body Scrub and whitening Polish

whitening polish for Indians

Fabeya has a wide range of body polishes but we suggest you give the Orange Body Scrub and Polish a try for skin whitening. 

  • The natural orange extracts take care of lightening your skin by removing the tan and brightening the skin tone overall. 
  • The vitamin C in it nourishes your skin and acts as an anti-ageing element. It tightens the skin and keeps you looking youthful. 
  • The grainy texture of the orange peel is a good exfoliant. 
  • It is gentle on the skin and not very abrasive.
  •  It polishes, adds a subtle shine to your skin and makes it softer. 
  • This body scrub is free of parabens and cruelty-free. 
Pros Cons 
Natural body whitening polish that is safe for all skin types. This body polish is not easily available. 

#6- Bryan & Candy New York Body Polishing kit

What makes body polishing feel like you are really pampering yourself are the richness of the ingredients.

  •  Surely, a combination of strawberries and shea butter is what your skin deserves to be taken care with.
  •  Perfect for sensitive skin, this polish contains shea butter and beeswax, two ingredients that are moisturising as well as super gentle on the skin. 
  • Sugar and oatmeal are the primary exfoliants that are delicate on the skin but naturally do the job of exfoliating it. 
  • The scrub also contains sunflower oil, castor oil and olive oil to ensure that the skin does not become dry and is left soft and smooth. 
  • The vitamins from these ingredients nourish the skin, lending it plenty of vitamin E to keep it elastic and from aging too quickly. 
  • Allantoin and glycerin are the other ingredients that encourage cell repair and lock in moisture respectively. 
  • With that fully loaded body polish, let’s not forget that it also smells absolutely divine!! 
Pros Cons 
Has an amazing scent. Little expensive. 

#7- Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body polishing kit for whitening

shea butter whitening polish kit in India

Sugar has natural exfoliating properties without damaging or breaking the skin. It’s because it melts in water and softens while still removing the dead skin cells. 

  • Sugar also is a natural bleach and it removes tan to a large extent. Blending sugar and shea butter is the body scrub by Tree Hut. 
  • There are quite a few in the range but we suggest you try the Tropical Mango one, partly because it smells like you are having a ball of a time in Hawaii thanks to the pure mango puree added, but mostly because you can see amazing results within a month of using this regularly. 
  • The mango gives your skin vitamin C and brightens it. It also reduces dark spots and lightens the skin.
  •  The organically sourced shea butter softens your skin and heals any bruises or wounds. 
  • It also moisturises your skin deeply and makes it nice and soft. 
  • The body polish is free of formaldehydes and parabens, and therefore, safe on your skin. 
Pros Cons 
Safe whitening body polishing kit. Expensive 

#8- Mamaearth Ubtan Body polishing kit for whitening 

natural body whitening polish kits

Here you go, one more Ubtan on the list. This one is by Mamaearth, a brand that stays away from chemicals, parabens and synthetic ingredients. 

  • With the traditionally used ingredients like turmeric and sandalwood, Mamaearth combines walnut powder for some extra polishing.
  •  Turmeric is the much-loved ingredient by many Indians for its wholesome curative and protective properties. 
  • The antibacterial and antiseptic properties help the skin heal. 
  • It is also an effective tan remover and a skin lightener. Sandalwood also does well in the department of removing tan and lightening the skin. It also cools the skin and gives it a glow. 
  • While these two do exfoliate, walnut effectively smoothens the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. 
  • Together, your skin also gets a whole load of antioxidants and anti aging agents to keep you fair and glowing. 
Pros Cons 
Your skin gets exfoliated and the pores are cleansed instantly. None 

#9- FABEYA Biocare Natural body polishing kit for whitening

whitening polish kit in India

We feature another body polish by Fabeya on our list. 

  • This one is an activated charcoal based body exfoliator that is cruelty free, free of parabens and safe on your skin. 
  • The activated charcoal removes residual dirt and toxins from your skin, making it cleaner and clearer. 
  • It removes black heads, keeps away more blackheads from forming and rejuvenates your skin.
  •  The scrub has walnut shell powder as one of its ingredients that polishes your skin. 
  • The texture is smooth with very fine powder to gently scrub away dead skin cells. 
  • You can use it once or twice a week for noticeable results
  • . It effectively lightens the complexion by removing the tan and gives you a more even skin tone. 
Pros Cons 
Lightens the complexion and reduces blemishes with essential salts and oils.None. 

#10- Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

exfoliating body whitening polish in India

Dove is synonymous with gentleness and intensely moisturising. The exfoliating body polish range by 

  • Dove is a favourite of many because of how pampered your skin feels. The macadamia one is our pick and we’ll tell you why. 
  • The minute you open the jar you get this beautifully light scent.
  •  The texture of the polish is so creamy that you won’t believe this is an exfoliator. 
  • It is gentle on the skin and not very abrasive, polishing without harming or damaging the skin.
  •  Macadamia nut and rice milk are the primary ingredients in this polish. The Macadamia nut particles are very fine and they gently scrub away dead cells, residual dirt and grime. Macadamia also moisturises the skin while it exfoliates. Rice milk is known to have skin lightening properties. It is also intensely hydrating while it removes tan and evens out the skin tone. It softens the skin and adds lustre to it naturally. 
  • Together, these two ingredients give you the Dove ¼ moisturiser formula while leaving your skin glowing. 
Pros Cons 
Macadamia nut particles moisturise and strengthen the skin. Can be a little too harsh for sensitive skin. 

Is body polishing good?

Polishing the body means to remove the dead cells and give you a smoother surface. What you can be sure of after using a body polishing kit is that you will not be left with a rough surface and dead cells.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that your skin is not too sensitive to certain aspects of body polishing kits.

Using these body polishing whitening kits are a definite bliss when you want instant change for your skin so that you can tend to it and care for it for a long time.

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