Best Body Weighing Machines in India 2022

Achieving that New Year’s resolution of keeping your body weight in check and getting healthier and fitter needs the right tools. And a body weighing machine is one of the most important tools that can help you get there. These days, body weighing machines do so much more than just help you check your weight. They measure your temperature, fat percentage, BMI and much more.

 Read on for the reviews of the best body weighing machines in India:

Top Body Weighing Machines in India

Best body weighing machinesWeight limit
HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126
180 kg.

180 kg.
180 kgs
Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

180 kgs
HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115

180 kgs

Omron HN 289

180 kgs
180 kgs
HealthSense Fitdays BS 171
180 kgs
Healthgenie Digital weighing machine (Never Quit)
180 kgs

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126

Healthsense is one of the most innovative and progressive companies manufacturing body weighing scales in India, with a huge variety, employing different kinds of technology to suit every pocket and body fitness goals. 

When I own a body weighing machine, I’m going to be stepping on it every day to check my weight. It has to be strong, durable, quick and accurate. 

The HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 checks all these boxes with a lightweight build that makes it portable, yet strong enough to handle weights up to 180 kg. 

There are 4 precision sensors that give me consistent and accurate reading every single time, and I can toggle between pounds and kilograms.

 The LCD screen is large enough and is backlit, so I don’t have to squint to read my weight. It also has the automatic shut off feature which turns the scales off in about 10 seconds, saving the battery. 

The auto turn on is also great cos as soon as I step on the scale, the machine comes live and measures my weight. And this is not all. 

The machine also shows the room temperature as an added feature. Healthsense offers a 1 year warranty on the product. 

As you can expect, the smart PS 126 by Health Sense is one of the more expensive weighing machines in the market.


I like the body weighing machine from Quark Mart for its aesthetics. When we like to have all things pretty in our homes, why should a weighing machine look boring? 

Well, apart from external appearances, the sleek machine also is very efficient when it comes to the performance.

 The machine has an automatic ON feature the minute you step on it, and an automatic OFF feature if there is no weight on it for about 10 seconds.

 It caliberates automatically, showing you accurate readings.

 The large LCD display not only shows the weight of the person but also the room temperature and the battery level.

 Built from tempered glass, the weighing machine is light, yet very sturdy and long lasting. Another aspect that I find very practical about the Quark Mart machine is the rounded edges which add to the safety of the person using it. 

Quark Mart Weighing machines are priced mid range and cheaper than Health Sense body weighing machines. 


A great low budget body weighing machine in India is the one by Rylan. 

This digital weighing machine is basic yet quite sufficient for keeping tabs on your health. It does a good job measuring with high accuracy your weight and displaying the same on the large LCD screen present, along with the battery level.

 It indicates when the battery is low and has to be replaced. 

Using this weighing machine is very simple as it has the automatic on and off features plus the automatic calibration built in. Just make sure that you always place it on a hard and flat surface without a carpet. 

The weighing machine by Rylan is made from strong, yet light tempered glass. 

The glass makes the machine very slim and easy to store under your bed or move it around if required.

It can weigh upto a maximum of 180 kgs, with graduation in terms of every 100 grams.  

Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

One of the most trusted brands of body weighing machines in India is Healthgenie. The weighing scales are affordable and perform very efficiently. 

They also have sleek and polished looks that fit in perfectly with today’s modern and compact homes. 

They are priced nominally and make a great buy for the price sensitive customer. 

The Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Scale weighs less than 1 kg, making it perfect to move it to different rooms in the house. 

Just because it is light in weight, does not mean that it is not sturdy or durable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as it is made from very strong tempered glass. 

The data is displayed on a large and easy to read LCD screen, and along with your weight (either in kgs or pounds), you can also read the current room temperature. 

The display also indicates the battery level, so you know when it is time to replace the 2 AAA batteries. 

The automatic shut off feature helps preserve the battery and extend its life.

Healthgenie offers a 1 year India warranty on manufacturing defects.  

HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115

You can get a basic and efficient body weighing machine from one of India’s best manufacturers, HealthSense, without having to empty your wallet.

The HealthSense Dura-Glass PS 115 comes with rounded edges and a skid proof coating for your safety.

This tempered glass weighing scale is light and sturdy, and shows the readings very clearly on the large backlit LCD display.

The translucent design on a base of grey makes this an ideal machine that blends with the decor of stylish, modern homes. 

You can check your weight regularly, as well as get to know the current room temperature in your home.

 It can weigh upto a maximum of 180 kgs, like most other weighing machines in the market. 

The weighing scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries and the low battery indicator displayed alerts you when the batteries have to be changed. 

Omron HN 289

I’m sure you’re familiar with the name “Omron” as this Japanese based healthcare electronics company manufactures many premium quality devices to monitor blood pressure levels. 

The weighing machines by Omron maintain the reputation of the brand by giving us accurate readings of our weight (in kgs, lb or st) using a 4 point sensor.

 It has an automatic ON and shut off feature, making it quick and convenient.

The weighing machine is slightly heavier than the other leading brands in India, weighing a little over 200 grams. However, it is quite slim, very sturdy, stable and long lasting.

 It also comes with an anti skid proofing to ensure safety of the person using the machine. 


One of the bestselling body weighing machines in India are those manufactured by Hoffen. They are quite premium, priced on par with the other leading brands in the market, but they are often sold with prices slashed online. 

These slim and sleek machines are proudly made in India, with lightweight tempered glass that is 8mm thick. The glass has a skid proof coating to ensure that you are safe and don’t slip while using the weighing machine. 

The weighing scales come with an automatic on and automatic shut off feature to help save battery power. 

The maximum weight it can measure is 180 kg with graduation every 100 grams.

 The level of accuracy is high, thanks to the High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System. 

The Hoffen weighing machine displays not only the person’s weight, but also the room temperature and level of battery on the large LCD screen. 

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 is an advanced body weighing machine that helps you monitor your health with its readings of not only your body weight but also BMI and Fat analysis data. 

Monitor these readings on your smartphone by connecting the weighing machine through bluetooth on the Fitdays App. 

The app works on both android as well IOS for you to keep an eye on your progress to achieve your goals.

 This app can further be synced with any other fitness app that you use to help you stay healthy.

The machine is fitted with 4 sensors and 4 highly sensitive electrodes, so you are assured of getting accurate measurements every single time. 

To top it all, you can set up the app for 24 different users, enabling every person in your family to use it. 

Healthgenie Digital weighing machine (Never Quit)

It never hurts to have some extra inspiration, even if that means it comes from what’s printed on your body weighing scale.

 If you’re like me (I mean, a normal/average human being), I’m sure that exercising everyday and sticking to a strict and healthy diet does not happen everyday. But, worry not cos everytime you check your weight on the Healthgenie Digital weighing machine with inspirational quotes, you will be motivated just a little bit more to never quit. 

Speaking of the performance, the highly accurate Healthgenie weighing machine reads your weight as well as the room temperature and displays these on a large LCD screen set in the tempered glass machine. 

The glass is 5mm thick, making it lightweight, yet very strong, and the skid resistant surface contributes to the safety.

The machine automatically calibrates itself. It is powered through a battery that is rechargeable using a USB cable connected to your laptop or a mobile charger.

 The low battery indicator warns you when the machine has to be charged. 

HealthGenie offers a 12 month off site warranty on the body weighing scales.

Weighing machine

Health sense is one of the best brands that works well for those health conscious people who are looking for the best health care equipment.

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