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11 Best Bra Brands for Women in India 2021

Ah! To find a bra that fits well and is also comfortable. The sheer joy that it brings to know that “the twins” are well supported and will not be at the risk of falling out is truly an underestimated feeling. Finding the right bra can be quite a task. You need to think about cup sizes, band measures, type of bra, and the list goes on and on.

But above all this, finding a bra brand that is trustworthy and long-lasting is the most important. Let’s face it, bras almost never come cheap. So it is important to find a reliable brand whose products won’t wear out easily.

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It will take a few wrong purchases to find the right bra brand that suits your style and caters to your needs perfectly. We’re here to ease the process. We’ve put together a list of the best bra brands for women in India in the hopes that we may be able to ease the decision-making process. 

After having reviewed all the best bra Brands for women in India based on various factors like design, types, materials, comfort, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 brands that really stood out. Bras from these10 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best bra brand for women in India is Zivame. While it can be a bit pricy, Zivame bras have amazing durability and can last a few years with proper care. Most importantly, it’s their wide range of bras that make this brand one of the best in India. Zivame even has bras for curvy body shapes.

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Top Bra Brands For Women in India 2021


bra brands in India

From padded to non-padded, sexy to simple everyday bras, Amante has a wide range of products that are specifically designed for women in Asia. This brand designs intimate wear that suits the shape and body type of the modern woman. It’s one of the Best Bra Brands for Women in India.

Their products are known for their durability. They are coming up with affordable, yet fashionable products to provide women with a comfortable experience that is no longer limited to dull and boring colours and designs.


best bras for heavier breasts in India

For the curvier women who just can’t seem to find the right fit, Zivame is one of the few brands in India that has products specifically designed to suit women with a curvy silhouette.

This brand provides the best bras for heavy breasts and is considered the most popular for women on the heavier side.  They have a section dedicated just for plus-size women with a wide variety of designs, colours, and types to choose from!

You may expect that this top brand may be a little heavy on your pocket, but you will be pleased to know that Zivame has some terrific offers on their online platform that will help you save some big money without compromising on quality.

With the proper care, your bras from Zivame can last you anywhere from 6 months to a year. It’s one of the Best Bra Brands for Women in India.

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jockey for women

When we talk about underwear, one of the first names that come to our minds is definitely Jockey. A trusty brand that has been taking care of intimate wear needs for a long time, Jockey is a good choice for bras for both girls and women.

Their bras are made with skin-friendly material so that it doesn’t cause any kind of rash or other discomfort. Their prices may be a little bit high, but the quality they offer is one of the best in the market. It’s one of the Best Bra Brands for Women in India.

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One of the more affordable and pocket-friendly brands on our list is Clovia. Clovia is a relatively newer brand but had made a spot for itself on this list because of the quality of its products. It’s one of the Best Bra Brands for Women in India.

It is best known for its non-padded, high coverage bras. Their products are made with breathable and soft cotton. Most bras from this brand do not come with underwire. The under bust seam provides lift and good support, making Clovia an ideal choice for those looking for affordable bras for everyday use. 

Calvin Klein

calvin klein in India

A luxury brand known for bringing the best quality of products to its customers, Calvin Klein is a not unheard of. They have carved a niche for themselves in the world of fashion, from jewellery to watches to perfumes. Calvin Klein is known to produce some of the best sports bras in the market that come in a variety of colours and designs.

Although a little heavy on the pocket, you can rest assured that these bras will last. They are durable, comfortable, and do not stretch out too soon. With the proper care taken during washing them, they can last you for a good amount of time. It’s one of the Best Bra Brands for Women in India.



From petite to curvy, Enamor has a bra for every shape and size. They offer their customers some of the more chic and trendy designs and patterns. They are known for the comfort of their innerwear.

For the cheeky woman who likes her lace, Enamor had a wide selection of lace bras in a variety of colours.

They have different designs and types to suit the need of every woman. For chic and fashionable bras that are durable and comfortable, Enamor is definitely a brand that will not disappoint.


triumph bras in India

As an international brand that brings quality as well as variety to its customers, Triumph definitely deserves a spot on our list.

They have a variety of designs and types to cater to specific needs, like minimizer bras, push up bras, and so on. Their high quality products are known for their durability and comfort. 


bra brands in india

For supportive and pocket-friendly bras, Rosaline is the brand to choose. They offer comfort at a reasonable price and have a variety of designs and colours to choose from. Rosaline bras are available on different websites and most customers talk about the comfort and great support that these bras offer.  They have chic designs that bring in a little sass to your everyday routine.


latest bras for women in India

An ideal brand for everyday intimate wear, Hanes produces some of the most comfortable and cost effective bras. They come in various styles, types, and patterns to suit the individual preferences of their customers. There is no shortage of variety and colours in this brand of bras. The bras are durable and comfortable. With the right wash care, they are sure to last you a good year. 

Marks and Spencer

mark and spencers bras

Marks and Spencer is not an unknown name in the market. Known for making some of the finest pieces of clothing, they also have a brilliant line of intimate wear. Their bras are some of the most comfortable and stylish bras on the market.

They have something for every woman. Be it cup size, coverage or bra style, Marks and Spencer does not disappoint. They are slightly pricier than the other brands on this list, but they are assured to last you a good amount of time. 

Van Heusen

van huesen bras in India

Van Heusen is a trusted brand of clothing. It is a little known fact that they also have a line of intimate wear. The bras that they produce come in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your preference. Their bras are designed to support the breasts and provide comfort all day long. 

Some things to remember while picking out the right bra are:

  • Make sure you measure yourself correctly. A lot of times, women end up picking out bras in a size that they wish they could fit into rather than the size that is actually right for them. Most of the time they end up with a smaller cup size. 
  • Read up about the different types of bras available so that you will be aware of what suits your needs best.
  • When you try on the bra, look for fitting concerns like, boob spillage, straps digging into your shoulders, and rolls of skin that are bulging over the edges.
  • Pick a bra that is suitable for your clothing.
  • Do not dwell too much on prices. Just because it is expensive, does not mean that it is necessarily good quality.
  • Make sure that you have enough bras so that you aren’t over-using or over-washing them.

Wearing the right kind of bra, not only offers support to your breast, but it also has long term health benefits. The right bra can do wonders for your posture as well. A bra that fits well also helps you focus on your activities and work for the day since you don’t have to constantly worry about sending “the ladies” back to their assigned seats. 

Knowing how to wash your bras in the right way makes them last longer. Try to wash your bras by hand, as machine-washing can cause them to stretch out and lose their shape. Use a gentle detergent that is alcohol-free. This will prevent the elastic in the bra from drying out and will help the bra last longer. 

Investing in a set of good bras is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not only do they shape your breasts, but they provide your breasts with great support which will reduce back pain, skin irritation, and chest pain. This is definitely something that women with heavier breasts need to keep in mind. 

Any woman knows that if “your girls” do not get the support they require, a perfectly good outfit can be ruined. Yes, the bra-free movement is a thing and it is quite a relieving feeling to be able to get rid of a tight bra. Bless you women with petite breasts! But for the ladies with heavier chests, this may not be an option. Your breasts spend most part of the day being held hostage in bras. So make sure that they have the comfort and support that they deserve. 

Types of Bras for Women in India

There are various types of bras for different clothes and different occasions. In fact, there are close to 30 types of bras. However, these 3 are the most common and versatile in usage:

T-Shirt Bras

  • The T-shirt Bra is the most common type of bra. Not only is it comfortable but it can also provide excellent support. Most importantly, it can be worn under any casual wear like tops, shirts, blouses, Kurtis, and much more. These cups are smooth and seamless. So, they don’t leave an impression under the clothes, making them perfect for everyday use.

Padded Bras

  • Padded Bras are useful for those who want to ensure that the nipple stay hidden. It’s especially beneficial in the colder seasons. Additionally, it offers a full and rounded shape. It’s extremely useful for formal occasions.

Push Up Bras

  • Push bras are extremely useful for older women who have to deal with the natural sagging is breasts. Padded bras not only give a full shape but also elevation making the wearer look gorgeous. The padded elevation accentuates the cleavage. This type of bra can be worn under almost all types of clothing. Especially, dresses.

How to choose a Bra Type?

The bra type and even the bra style is dependent on the shape of the breasts, in addition, to various factors. Picking the wrong bra type can make you look extremely awkward. On the other hand, picking the right type of bran will not only make you look good in your outfit but it also helps with breast health. So, please refer to the buying guide below for all the details.

Breast Type

Breat type is the most important factor when choosing a bra. While other factors also affect the comfort level, breast type alone determines the look and long term breast health. For example:

Rounded: For those with a natural full rounded breast type, the best type of bra would be a T-shirt bra that would help protect the breasts from spillage. Not only will it accentuate the curves of the breasts but it also prevents the necklines from digging into the breasts, causing and over the bra bulge.

Teardrop: Those with a teardrop type of breasts that are heavy at the bottom and slightly full at the top would require underwire bras as they can help prevent sagging. Of course, if your looking for more comfort, a push-up bra would also help. You essentially need a bra that provides support.

Even when choosing underwire bras, you should invest in a non-padded version as a padded underwire bra may make your breasts look awkward. When it doubt, it’s best to ask the shop assistants for help.

Oval: Those with oval-shaped breasts are quite lucky as they can wear all types of bras without looking weird. Those with these natural full and firm breasts can even wear padded bras without any issues.

Conical: Conical breasts are not only shallow at the top but are also firm, making it limited in terms of bra types. The only suitable bra for this type of breast is low coverage bras. You should stay away for full coverage bras as they’d cause gaping.

Benefits of Wearing a Well-Fitted Bra

Other than providing coverage and support, a well-fitted bra can do wonders for you. What really unfortunate is that 80% of the women wear the wrong bra and have yet to even take advantage of a well-fitted bra. So, before you shop for your Lingerie, you should make sure to measure your bust. Here are some of the benefits of wearing a well-fitten bra.

It Improves Your Posture

  • Interestingly, a good bra can improve your posture. They can pull your shoulders back and support your from underneath the chest. So, you don’t have to be worried about slouching. Most importantly, you can stand straight while being comfortable. Additionally, you don’t need to be worried as a well-fitting bra won’t cinch or add extra layers making your uncomfortable.
  • The Improved posture is not only good for your back and overall health but it also helps improve confidence. You can be comfortable in your skin and go about your day without overthinking things or worrying if you’d look awkward. This is one of the biggest benefits of a perfect bra.

Improves Health

  • As mentioned earlier, a good fitting bra can not only improve posture but it can also improve your health. It can specifically, help reduce back pain and chest pain. Women with bigger breasts can really benefit with a perfect bra. Most importantly and good bra can prevent skin irritation and can even improve the shape of the breasts. So, wearing the right bra during the formative years is extremely important.
  • The right bra can even health improve blood flow. Especially if your used to wearing tight and uncomfortable bras.

It makes you more Productive

  • Most of you might be sceptical but this is absolutely true. A perfect T-Shirt bra or a Sports bra can take your mind off things. For example, feeling self-conscious and can really making you more active. An uncomfortable bra on the other hand can really distract you.

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