10 Best Breast Reduction Creams in India | July 2022 Update

Has your doctor prescribed a breast reduction cream? Check out our list of the Best Breast Reduction Creams in India!

Optimum sized breasts are an important style definition in women. Most women desire perky and full breasts. However, breasts turning oversized can impact the beauty negatively than augment it. Generally, most women look for ways to enlarge their cup sizes.

At the same time, it is not uncommon to see some women wanting to reduce their breast sizes by one or two sizes lower. Surgery is one of the immediate and viable chances for breast size reduction. Nevertheless, there are also some healthier, cheaper and stress-free options to lowering breast sizes.

Breast reduction creams are exclusive formulations you can try to reduce the size of breasts in a safer, easier and natural way. All the products covered here in the list are clinically tested and proved for their effectiveness and safety besides assuring better results than their competitors. Here’s our list of the Best Breast Reduction Creams in India.

Product nameKnown for
Hashmi Cute-B Cream100% herbal formulation and completely free of any side effects, effective formula with Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, vitamin A, retinol, and ginkgo biloba extract, tones up the skin and removes the excess fat cells, marked results within 2 months
Alexaderm Breast Reduction and Contouring CreamInnovative breast reduction formula, based on 100% natural and plant based ingredients, boosts up collagen production and enhances the breast shape, no harmful chemicals, highly safe for use on all types of skins
INLIFE B-Firm Natural Breast Tightening CreamThis product is GMP certified, a natural formulation based on Ayurveda for best results and no side effects, no metals in the pH balanced formulation, the blend of very useful herbal extracts include sarja, aloe vera, gopichandan, shatavari, neem leaf, and rosemary oil
VLCC Natural Sciences Shape Up Bust Firming CreamThis is a natural Ayurvedic formulation with the best ingredients like grape seed extracts, jojoba, geranium, cyprus, rosemary, soybean, and pomegranate, also useful to nourish and moisturize the skin, clinically tested and shows up marked results in 21 days
Lasky Herbal Blosom Bust Beauty Firming CreamAn Ayurvedic proprietary blend based on natural herbs with shatavari as the principal ingredient, stimulates the skin tissue, improve the breast’s elasticity, absolutely safe on the breasts and highly depended on for soft and supple skin following breast reduction
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust CreamA research based innovative formula with Bio-C Elaste as the top ingredient, contains cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, collagen, and elastin, known for hydrating property, removes stretch marks, works well even after pregnancy and weight loss; free of paraben and phthalates.  
phos4us Bust Tightening CreamFormulated from 100% natural ingredients for safe application and top results, has a tightening effect on the breasts, increases blood flow to the breasts, bestows a lasting firmness, rejuvenates the skin with its nourishing effect
Vigini Natural Actives Bust Firming Massage Cream100% natural and based on plant based natural ingredients like shea butter, oak gall extract, collagen, witch hazel, argan oil, avocado oil, vitamin e, and aloe vera extract; nourishes the muscles around the breast area, tightens the bust line, free of parabens, alcohol and harmful chemicals, fully safe to use
Ciel Contour Firming CreamThis is a natural treatment for breast reduction, formulated with natural plant based ingredients like vegetable complexes, plant, flower, fruit, and marine complexes; tightens and strengthens breast muscles, suits all skin types and can be used even while nursing babies
Votre Tissue Nourishment LotionRich formulation with sesame oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, rosemary, fenugreek oil, jojoba seed oil, pomelo, and ginko biloba. Quick absorption into the skin, lasting results, reverses and prevents further sagging, remvoes stretch marks and shows up marked improvement within 8 weeks. 

Best Breast Reduction Creams in India

Hashmi Cute-B Cream

Cute-B by Hashmi Mart is perhaps the top-selling and the most popular product in the segment of breast reduction creams found in the Indian market. It’s one of the Best Breast Reduction Creams in India!

  • This is a highly unique formulation that has used 100% natural herbs for an effective breast reduction action and maximum safety.
  • This herbal formulation is the natural way to shed those excess fat packets from your oversized breasts and achieve a natural, nourished and tight look that can enhance your overall appearance and breast tone.

When you want to get relieved of the heaviness caused by large breasts, this is the most effective formula you can try. Regular use during nights on a daily basis can reduce the cup sizes naturally and quickly ruling out the need for invasive breast reduction surgery. 

Product advantages:

  • This is a ISO and GMP certified product and hence safe and proven
  • Based on a 100% natural herbal formulation free of any chemicals
  • Top ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, vitamin A, retinol, and ginkgo biloba extract that can promote breast reduction in a natural way
  • Acts by dissolving the excess fat cells and toing up the breast skin
  • This cream also balances estrogen levels
  • Delivers quick results on regular application in reduced cup sizes
  • Tightens the sagged breasts and prevents further sagging post treatment
  • Bestows a youthful and appealing appearance to your breasts
  • The manufacturer says regular use can show visible results within 2 months of getting started with the product.
  • Completely safe for use on all types of skin and causes no side effects

Alexaderm Breast Reduction and Contouring Cream

Enjoying a huge following similar to the Hashmi Cute-B Cream in the beauty care industry, the Alexaderm Brest Reduction and Contouring Cream is one another great option to reduce the size of oversized breasts in a natural way without the need for invasive surgery.

  • This natural alternative to breast reduction can help reshape the oversized breasts and bestow a younger and improved breast shape and overall appearance.
  • Using this product can give you fast results on regular application and boost up your confidence. The product is a rich formulation with highly beneficial herbal products and causes no side effects even during optimum use.

A highly safe product to try for breast reduction, this is also useful in boosting collagen production and removal of stretch marks naturally. 

Product advantages:

  • This formulation is a clear breakthrough in the dermal technology due to its effective results in breast reduction therapies
  • This is a 100% plant based, natural and herbal formulation that does not cause any side effects whatsoever
  • The manufacturer has enriched this product with active ingredients like vitamin A, retinol, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, and ginkgo biloba extract
  • This cream can help burn the excess fat tissues and boost up collagen production for toning up the skin in the treated area.
  • This product is known to tighten up the skin and provide an overall lift to the appearance of the breasts post treatment
  • Remedies the sagging skin and tightens it up for firm looks
  • Can significantly improve the overall shape of the breasts and this formulation is completely safe and secure for topical application and durable results in breast reduction treatment

INLIFE B-Firm Natural Breast Tightening Cream

Women looking forward to reduce their larger breast sizes and enhance their beauty will find the B-Firm cream by INLIFE Healthcare, a highly effective product. This formulation is ideal for regular application to achieve a contoured breasts with the least sagging.

  • The formulation has incorporated some highly beneficial plant based ingredients in this formula for the best effect. Free of metallic compounds, this formula is not allergenic to most skin types.
  • The manufacturer enjoys a wide experience in the cosmetic products industry and hence their formulation carries the ultimate advantages for women seeking to keep in shape.

When you want to use this for breast reduction, the results will never be discouraging and you will recommend this product to others for sure.  

Product advantages:

  • This is a GMP certified formulation for tightening the breasts and achieve an appreciable contour.
  • The manufacturer has incorporated only plant based natural ingredients in this cream in line with the Ayurvedic products
  • The pH balanced formula is free from paraben, alcohol and metals and so non-allergenic on the skin
  • The active ingredients of this cream are a perfect blend of concentrated herb extracts like sarja, aloe vera, gopichandan, shatavari, neem leaf, and rosemary oil
  • This formula can remove excess oil and maintain the hormonal balance.
  • Has a rejuvenating effect on the breast skin and hence improves the texture and tone of the breasts
  • Suitable to all skin types, it tightens up the sagged breasts and prevents further sagging besides firming up the ligaments surrounding the cups

VLCC Natural Sciences Shape Up Bust Firming Cream

True to its name, the Shape Up Bust Firming Cream ably rendered by the beauty care products giant VLCC Natural Sciences is one of the best formulations available today for breast reduction.

  • The formula proves effective in tightening the oversized breasts and helps define the contour of the busts firmly and appealingly. This can result in an overall improvement of the body shape.
  • Regular use of this cream can tighten the breasts and firm the oversized cups for an optimum look. As a result, your busts will appear smaller and wear an impressive and appealing look.

The plant-based natural ingredients make it safe for application. The results of using this cream will never be disappointing and will make you recommend this for others too. 

Product advantages:

  • This is a 100% plant based and Ayurvedic formulation free of any side effects and hence this cream is a viable alternative to breast reduction surgery.
  • The top ingredients of the cream are grape seed extracts, jojoba, geranium, cyprus, rosemary, soybean, and pomegranate
  • This formulation is a rich blend of natural compounds that can moisturize and nourish the skin bestowing a natural glow and tone
  • The favorable actions of the cream on your bust area include tightening of the breasts, remedying and prevention of sagging, toning up the entire upper body and improve the overall body shape. 
  • This cream is highly depended on for increasing the elasticity of the skin. You can bank on this product for refining the breast contour and achieve the perfect upliftment.
  • The clinically tested cream can deliver visible results within 21 days of getting started.

Lasky Herbal Blosom Bust Beauty Firming Cream

Lasky Herbal Blosom Bust Beauty Firming Cream is formulated exclusively for breast reduction application. Since this cream is highly dependable for proven results in breast reduction, it is a viable alternative to breast reduction surgery.

  • Featuring an ideal ensemble of herbs, the results of this cream can be highly conducive to improve the contour of the breasts, enhance its elasticity, improve its flexibility, tighten up the breasts to cure sagging and prevent further sagging.

The overall benefits of this cream upon regular application is also seen in improving the elasticity and tone of the skin and augmenting the skin texture in the bust area. Since this is a 100% natural formulation, it is anti-allergenic and completely safe to use for breast reduction treatment. 

Product advantages:

  • The manufacturer of this breast reduction ream has conceived this as an Ayurvedic proprietary medicine by blending together the finest of natural herbs that are effective to work on the shape of breasts.
  • The most active ingredient of this cream is shatavari which has skin nourishing and moisturizing capabilities.
  • The overall effects of the cream on your bust area bestows a natural firmness and a good shape to the cups
  • The other positive benefits of this cream include stimulating the skin tissues, rejuvenating the skin, strengthening the ligament network surrounding the breasts, tightening of the breasts to cure sagging and preventing further sagging. 
  • This is absolutely safe on the skin and can make the skin soft, supple and elastic
  • Regular use can assure quick results in about four weeks 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream is a great option for breast reduction treatment in women with large sized breasts. When you want to avoid the expensive and risky surgical procedure for curing the sagging and overgrown breasts, this cream is the best option you can bank on.

  • The manufacturer has incorporated the ideal formulation in this product by choosing the best of natural plant based ingredients that can firm up the skin in the breast area and improve the overall tone of the surrounding skin.

The results of this cream on your skin can be realized in reduction and tightening of the breasts and an improvement in the overall appearance. The hydrating properties of the cream and the capacity to restructure the elastic fibers are a definite plus.

Product advantages:

  • This is a great formula with Bio-C Elaste which is effective in treating oversized breasts
  • The active ingredients of the formula are cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin E, collagen, and elastin which make an effective blend to carryout breat reduction, prevent sagging and improve the tone and texture. 
  • The hydrating effects of this cream is proven and it stimulates collagen production to improve the skin condition in the breast area.
  • Can firm up the breasts and remove the stretch marks soon after starting the application
  • Free of paraben, alcohol, pthalate and harmful dyes, this formula does not contain fragrance that can harm your skin
  • This cream tested dermatologically can have a soothing effect on the skin and is safe to use even after pregnancy and weight loss. 

phos4us Bust Tightening Cream

Phos4us Bust Tightening Cream is an effective formulation rendered by the manufacturer for making the saggy and loose breasts firm, tight, and toned.

  • This product also promotes hydration, enhances the skin texture and improves the skin’s suppleness to bestow a youthful, nourished and contoured look.
  • The result is a perkier breast that can create the best impression. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, the product is a highly dependent alternative for topical applications for breast reduction.

The regular use of this cream can augment the breast shape and prove to be an effective alternative to breast reduction surgery. Free of chemicals, the natural formulation assures safe and highly reliable usage.  

Product advantages:

  • The manufacturer is a known name in the cosmetic products industry and has ably rendered this product as a unique blend of natural ingredients.
  • This formula is effective in improving the blood flow to the bust region. The nourishing, moisturizing and toning action of the cream is unparalleled. The result is a tight and lifted cups that would turn appreciable with well-defined contours.  
  • This product has hydrating effects and hence reliable for rejuvenating the skin around the bust area. 
  • Regular use of this cream for the recommended duration can help improve the skin’s elasticity, bestow a durable firmness and refinement of the contours of the breast there by significantly enhancing the looks of breasts and the overall body appearance. 
  • This product is suitable for breast reduction for women above 18 years.

Vigini Natural Actives Bust Firming Massage Cream

For getting your large and saggy breasts into shape, you can highly depend on Vigini Natural Actives Bust Firming Massage Cream.

  • The cream has been formulated with proven herbal ingredients for assuring tightness and firmness in the breast area and defining the contours in a clear way achieving a youthful and elastic appearance.
  • Based on thorough research, the herbal formulation is highly appreciated by the users is not causing any side effects and showing up visible results within a short time of using the formula regularly.

Known for its muscle tightening action around the bust area, it can bring about a toned bust line. 

Product advantages:

  • Formulated with the best natural ingredients that are safe, effective and free of any side effects.
  • The active ingredients of this formula include shea butter, oak gall extract, collagen, witch hazel, argan oil, avocado oil, vitamin e, and aloe vera extract, which make the perfect blend for tightening the saggy breasts and bestow elasticity to it. 
  • Nourishes the muscles around the breasts and brings about breast reduction quickly without the need for any expensive and risky surgical procedures.
  • Moisturizes and tones up the breast skin and promotes collagen production. Highly effective in tightening the bust line with proven results
  • It can help prevent the effects of aging. This is a hypoallergenic product without a trace of parabens, sulfates, metals and mineral oils. Safe and effective formula for toning up your cups.

Ciel Contour Firming Cream

The Ciel Contour Firming Cream ably formulated by the manufacturer Clinic Dermatech is highly sought after formula for preserving the natural beauty of the breasts and give a definite route to bust shaping program.

  • The ingredients used in this formula are plant-based and non-allergenic and hence safe for topical application for breast reduction.
  • The essential oils incorporated in the formula are known to nourish and moisturize the skin for toning it up and bestowing added elasticity for great looks.

Continued use of this cream can help improve the breast contours and deliver amazing results quickly while used for breast reduction. This is an effective alternative for expensive breast reduction surgery.

Product advantages:

  • This formula is rich and silky smooth for effective results in breast reduction treatment. 
  • The maker has enriched this formula with sesame oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, rosemary, fenugreek oil, jojoba seed oil, pomelo, and ginko biloba for the best results as a viable alternative to breast reduction surgery
  • The skin can absorb this cream quickly without leaving any residues on the skin surface.
  • The hydrating and nourishing results are durable and can be effective in toning up the skin and improving the bust line. 
  • Regular use of this cream for the recommended period can reverse sagging and prevent further sagging, improve the overall appearance of the breasts, remove the stretch marks, and show up visible improvement within 8 weeks. 

Votre Tissue Nourishment Lotion

An exclusive research based formulation from the manufacturer, the cream has employed only plant based herbal and natural ingredients for safe results. When compared with the other products of this category, the results are quite fast and lasting with a regular use of this cream for breast reduction.

  • The cream works by tightening the breast muscles and toning up the skin around it for a nourished and tight look.
  • By strengthening the muscles underneath the beast skin and around the bust area, this cream can restore a healthy bust line and define the contours of the breasts in a prominent way restoring the natural appearance.

When you want to overtake expensive and risky surgical procedure for breast reduction, you will find this cream the best pick for encouraging results.  

Product advantages:

  • Provides a natural remedy for breast reduction and tightening of busts
  • The active ingredients employed are plant based vegetable complexes, plant, flower, fruit, and marine complexes
  • This is the perfect breast reduction formula for nourishing the breast muscles and tightening the sagging breasts. 
  • This is a non-carcinogenic and hypoallergenic product clinically tested and proven for its effectiveness in breast augmenting treatment. 
  • Suitable for all types of skin and safe for extended use as a topical application, this cream can also be used during the nursing period. 

What cause larger breasts?

Abnormal enlargement of breasts resulting in larger breasts can happen due to over development (hypertrophy) of milk glands or adipose tissue, and in some cases enlargement of both. The condition in which the breasts of some women grow to abnormal sizes is called as Macromastia. The clinical term of this issue is known as breast hypertrophy. Macromastia can show up in women in terms of excess volume or weight of the breasts often occurring with or without malposition of the breasts.

Usually, the breasts of a girl start growing and developing in size around the time of puberty. What follows after this is pubertal breast development stage called as thelarche phase. This is absolutely a natural and normal biological transformation and there is nothing to worry about it. Breasts may also grow larger in many adult women due to and following some conditions like pregnancy, menopause or obesity. The other common reasons that can trigger the development of larger breasts are genetics or the asymmetry caused by lumpectomy or mastectomy.   

Why do people want to go for breast reduction?

Larger sized breasts that are sagging can cause a lot of discomfort in women. Oversized breasts can cause abnormal strain on the neck, shoulders and back. The result can be painful physical symptoms. Some of the most common kinds of discomforts and health issues experienced by women with heavy weight breasts include herniated discs, headache, backache, uncomfortable walking, poor posture and others.

Oversized large breasts are also considered to result in an unappealing and flabby body shape which can impact the life of women negatively. Women who feel self-conscious about their oversized breasts can face severe psychological traumas and a low self-esteem. Breast reduction can help such women achieve an acceptable size of breasts and combat the physical and psychological changes caused by large sized breasts. Hence breast reduction is a highly sought after therapies women resort to when they have concerning sizes of breasts.  

Why are creams better than best reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery also called as reduction mammoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that requires the subject to avail of this treatment as an outpatient. The procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon who removes the extra fat, tissues and skin of the breasts. For the purpose of this removal, incisions are done on the undersides of both the breasts.

Breast reduction is not different from any other type of invasive surgical procedures. Therefore, it is not free from pains and risks. The cost of a breast reduction surgical procedure can be very expensive too. Though the advanced surgical procedures available today have helped mitigate the risks connected to breast reduction surgeries to a large extent, the subjects can suffer from the consequences like permanent scarring, problems in breast feeding, allergic reactions, long recuperative period, asymmetrical appearance and others.

Breast reduction creams are a safer and more convenient choice in breast reduction treatments. Massaged into the kin, these creams are known to either soften or eliminate the excessive subcutaneous fat and thereby leading to a reduction in the breast size in a natural and non-invasive way. The advantages of this method include simplicity of the procedure, extreme affordability, no side effects and no scars due to the procedure. Topical application of the breast reduction cream can be attempted at home by the subjects themselves. When you choose from the best breast reduction creams in India, you are sure to land on the best results you will admire.    

Safety precautions while using breast reduction creams

Breast reduction creams must be used with enough are following the recommended routine religiously for best results. Also, the restrictions advised must be followed scrupulously in order to avoid any undesirable side effects.

Breast reduction creams are to be used only by women more than 16 years of age. It is never safe for young girls. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers must not use this cream. 

Cleanse the breasts properly before applying this cream. Dry the surface before applying the cream. Apply a thin layer of the cream and gently massage over the applied surface to enable deep absorption to land on the best outcome.

Massaging is the key to help the breast reduction creams work well for you. Learn the right way of massaging for this reason. Use your left palm to massage your right breast and the right palm to massage the left breast. Gentles strokes and a circular motion while massaging can aid in optimum reach of the cream underneath the skin surface. 

On each of the breasts, massage for not less than 20 to 30 minutes for deep penetration of the cream. Each of the creams you might choose will come with different specifications. Nevertheless, apply the cream twice a day and three times a week for faster results.

If you come across any side effects of using the cream like rashes, itching, and irritation, you must consult a physician without any delay.

Using the right breast cream for you can help reduce the breast size for you in a natural way and let you feel beautiful. 

FAQs on Best reduction creams

Do breast reduction creams really work?

Breast reduction creams can be effective in reducing the breast size to a great extent. However, it is nearly impossible to compare the results of using breast reduction cream with the results of breast reduction surgery. Invasive surgical procedures are highly effective in giving you far better outcomes.

How much breast reduction can I achieve by using breast reduction creams?

When used consistently and regularly, breast reduction creams can help reduce one to two cups of breast size. 

What is the effect of coffee on breast reduction?

In some women, coffee can be effective in natural breast reduction. Three cups of coffee consumed a day on a daily basis can help shrink the breasts considerably.

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