Best Brown Rice in India 2022

Rice is a staple food crop in India and has its enormous influence on the food habits that we follow. 

Brown rice is considered to be the best of the different types of rice that is available in the market. It is considered to be a healthy source where you can derive your daily dose of fiber and other nutrients to maintain your stamina and have a healthy lifestyle. 

The major distinction between white rice and brown rice is that the ‘hull’ is present in the white rice whereas it is removed from the brown. 

So take a look at the best brown rice in India.

Best brown rice online in India 

Best brown rice brands Features 
24 Mantra Organic Sonamsuri Brown rice 
Organic and safe to consume

Daawat basmati rice 
Comes in bulk

SHRILALMAHAL fitness brown rice 
Gluten free

Kohinoor charminar brown rice 
Easy to cook

Patanjali brown rice 
Safe and organic

Manna brown rice

India gate brown basmati rice 
Safe and tasty

Top Brown Rice in India

24 Mantra Organic Sonamsuri Brown rice 

24 Mantra has its reputation of being one of the healthiest brands for the Indian market as all the products they provide have organic authenticity part of it. 

Since 24 mantra is solely an organic brand in India, you don’t have to worry or be doubtful of any other harmful substance as part of the rice. It is 100 percent organic and safe to consume for you and your family. 

24 mantra brown rice is not polished so you can be sure that this is rich and high in protein and fiber making the perfect healthy meal on a daily basis. 

Although the primary product is unpolished, you can get the brown rice in polished form as well.

Customer reviews have time and again mentioned that this is great in balancing your cholesterol levels. 

Pros Cons
Great for people with high cholesterol. Can be hard to acquire. 

Daawat basmati rice 

Daawat basmati brown rice is another top pick which is free of chemicals and other substances that tend to serve your food habits dangerously. 

The sacks that this brown rice brand comes in starts from 5 kgs which works well for those who need a big quantity of rice. 

The quality of rice is top notch and even has a special taste which will favour a lot of Indian families. 

People who are looking to keep their body weight in check will find this rice contributing in that aspect of their life to give them a more toned body. 

Each bag of rice costs about Rs.600 which is perfect considering the size and quality of the rice. 

Pros Cons
Has a great quality and taste. Expensive. 

SHRILALMAHAL fitness brown rice 

As the name suggests, this brand of brown rice mainly focuses on weight loss and helps in balancing your weight. 

Another major aspect of this brand is that it increases the metabolism and works well with your daily activities. 

Besides all this, it strengthens the bones and gives you a better vigor. The taste of the rice is one that will favor the bigger percentage of people who use rice in their meals. 

The shelf life of this brand of brown rice is about 2 years after which the taste would differ. 

Fitness brown basmati is free from gluten given it serves for health purposes. 

Pros Cons 
Great quality brown rice. Expensive.

Kohinoor charminar brown rice 

Kohinoor charminar brown rice is a nutritious and tasty brand of brown rice which is the perfect choice for families that have rice for every main meal. 

This brand of rice is considered to be delicate and soft which is easy to consume without taking too much to digest. 

The signature dishes you can make with this rice are pulao, steamed rice, and fried rice. The basmati flavor that this provides an ethnic taste to the food. 

The rice is non sticky and comes as the perfect meal. It cooks easily and does not take much time to get lunch ready. 

Pros Cons 
Non sticky rice. None. 

Patanjali brown rice 

Patanjali is known for the top notch for products that you can depend on for safe products. Given Patanjali provides only high quality products that care so much for the consumer’s health in the longer run. 

Preparing this brown rice is super easy and get ready in no time with very less water. 

The taste of this brown rice is amazing and gives you healthy and tasty rice. 

This brown basmatic rice is enrihed with taste and flavor and is easily digestible. 

The special flavor that comes with this basmati rice makes it super hard to resist. 

Pros Cons 
Amazing and special taste that comes with the brand. Expensive. 

Manna brown rice 

Manna’s unpolished basmati brown rice is the healthy alternartive to your junk food that you are tempted to consume on a daily basis. 

The quality of this brand of rice is high quality and is amazing for those people who are health conscious. 

The brown rice that this brand provides is meant to stimulate blood circulation in the body and gives you a healthy lifestyle. 

It costs about Rs. 350 for 1 kg which is pretty affordable for all kinds of families. 

Pros Cons 
Affordable. Not easily available. 

India gate brown basmati rice 

India’s gate is a brand that has the best quality products for those who are extremely conscious about taste and safety.

The cooking time of the brown rice is very less and can be easily prepared without taking too much time. 

The extremely aromatic flavor of this brand of rice is what is the highlight of purchasing it. 

While you cannot prepare biryani with this brown rice, making pulao and steamed rice is quick. 

Considering the top notch quality, aroma and taste it is priced on the higher side. 

Pros Cons 
Great quality and taste. Expensive. 

How to select brown rice? 

Choosing brown rice is not as simple as it may seem. There are a number of factors that you must consider before choosing brown rice. 

You need to check if the quality of brown rice is extremely important if you want to be on the safer side without having to worry about your health. 

The second aspect you can consider when purchasing brown rice is the price. While there are brands that gave a cheaper price there are others who are extremely expensive. 

Why brown rice is so expensive? 

The main reason why brown rice is expensive is because it goes through a special process where the mull is removed. This makes it all the more healthy. 

Another reason is that the shelf life of brown rice is shorter than that of the normal white rice. 

Is it OK to eat brown rice every day? 

Since brown rice is high in protein and fiber it is better to have brown rice rather than having white rice. Another major reason why people opt for brown rice is because it keeps the body fit and healthy. 

Can you eat brown rice at night? 

Considering brown rice is light on the stomach and does not weigh too much on the stomach you can consume brown rice at night as well. The fiber and protein in the brown rice is appropriate to be consumed at any time in the day without causing you any digestive problems. 

Brown rice

24 Mantra is an organic brand that works really well for health conscious people.

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