Best Car Fresheners In India 2022

Buying an air freshener for your car might seem like the simplest thing, but, trust me, it’s not. A scent can either make your day or break it. And let’s face it, your car is what you’re going to get into, first thing in the morning to get to work. You want a scent that will put you in a nice mood to set the tone for your day. Make sure to go through the compilation of the best car fresheners in India

Top Car Fresheners in India

 With all this in mind, it is easy to pick out the perfect car freshener for your vehicle. Continue reading for a detailed list of the best car air fresheners available in the Indian market:

#1–Ambi Pur Car Fresheners

Ambi Pur is a famous car air freshener brand owing to the various fragrances they manufacture and the ease of using them. 

  • These are designed in an ergonomic way, to be hooked to the air conditioner vent of the car. 
  • When the AC is switched on, the air that blows through spreads the fragrance throughout the car. 
  • These come with a fragrance intensity controller with 5 settings that allows you to choose the strength of the scent. 
  • These liquid fresheners are priced on the higher side but each 7.5 ml refill lasts a pretty long time with continuous use.
  •  The Jasmine scent is my favourite, hands down, with the Vanilla Bouquet a close second.  


The fragrance is spread evenly across the car. 

Lasts long. 



#2–Glade Car Freshener

Glade is another popular household name for all the innumerable fragrance products they manufacture. 

  • Their car air fresheners have lovely scents and are very effective. 
  • This air freshener is in the form of a cake wrapped in a foil.
  •  Once the foil comes off, the cake emits the scent when it comes in contact with the air around. 
  • In a black coloured cover, these don’t look obtrusive or ruin the aesthetics of your car. 
  • The scent is usually strong initially, but as the day goes by it fades a bit and feels pleasant.
  •  Morning freshness is my recommendation as it has a fresh and refreshing smell like you’re in a garden full of flowers!


It goes well with any kind of car. 


The scent is quite strong in the beginning. 

#3–Godrej aer car freshener

Godrej’s innovative car air fresheners go by the name “aer”. 

  • The scent is in the form of a gel which is better than a liquid as it doesn’t spill. 
  • These are sleek and stylish looking fresheners that have a premium look about them, perfect for your car. 
  • They are built to sit on the dashboard of your car or can even be placed in a cup holder. 
  • The container can be twisted for the fragrance to escape into the car and can be shut again if the scent gets too overpowering or when you’re not in the car.
  •  This helps save the product and use it for a longer time. 
  • These come in 7 different fragrances with outer containers to match. The fresh lush green is my choice. 


The scent can be adjusted. 

Comes in different fragrances. 



#4–Involve Car Fresheners

Involve is a good brand to try out for those who love strong scents in their car. 

While brands like Ambi Pur and Godrej make natural smelling scents, the Indian brand Involve is bold with their scents like Musk and French Wood. 

  • They come in leak-proof containers, where you tear back a bit of the cover for the scent to escape into your car. 
  • Shaped like a box, it’s easy to fix these on the dashboard or place in a cup holder. 
  • These scents last a long time and are powerful even for bigger spaces. 
  • These are safe for long term use as they don’t use ammonia. 


Safe to use because of the absence of ammonia. 


Might be a little strong. 

#5–Feel Good Car Fresheners

Feel Good car air fresheners are organically made using high-quality ingredients. 

  • Unlike other products in the market, these work like diffusers with a wooden cork that absorbs the liquid and dissipates the scent.
  •  Since that’s the principle they work on, they are not as powerful as other brands but give out light and pleasant scent. 
  • They do effectively cover bad odours and keep the car smelling fresh. 
  • They are small in size and are designed to be placed on the dashboard or in a cup holder
  • . These are more expensive than the other brands in the market.
  •  Feel Good air fresheners are sold in ten beautiful aromas for you to take your pick from. 





Scent not as strong as the others. 

#6–Sepia Car Fresheners

Sepia air fresheners for the car are oil-based and built in a design with vents on the lid that ensure that just enough scent escapes. 

  • The lid can be closed when not in use. 
  • This gives the product a long life. 
  • The glass container with the metal lid gives this a premium look, great to give your car a sophisticated look. 
  • The size is small and conveniently can be placed on the dashboard using a piece of double-sided tape or some blu tack.
  •  All the fragrances in this series are pleasant and smell fresh. 
  • They do a good job of masking odours. 
  • This brand is priced on the higher end.  


The scent has a longer life. 

Compact and good looking. 



#7–Laxon Car Fresheners

Laxon car air fresheners have a unique and innovative design. 

  • They are shaped like a propeller or fan and can be fixed to the air conditioner vent of your car. 
  • As the air blows through the vent the fan turns to distribute the scent in the car. The scent is oil-based and is filled in the container adjoining the fan. 
  • This mechanism effectively removes odours and leaves a pleasant smell.
  •  It’s quite nice to look at as well, as an ornament for the car. 
  • It’s easy to install and remove. 
  • These premium car air fresheners are quite expensive when compared to the other products available in the Indian market. 


Removes bad odour effectively. 


Can be hard to maintain since it is oil. 

#8–Automaze Car Fresheners

The car air fresheners by Automaze are another innovatively designed product that is quite interesting. 

  • These are designed to work on solar power. The container can be opened and the aromatherapy tablets can be placed inside it. 
  • When exposed to solar energy, the top portion rotates and the perfume is dissipated into the air. 
  • This is easy to achieve by placing the apparatus on the dashboard of your car where it will come in contact with sunlight when you drive. 
  • These are more expensive than normal air fresheners but you can get them for cheaper when you buy them online. 
  • These are sold in four different colours, so choose one to suit the interiors of your car.   


Available in different colours. 


It does not work without solar power so it can be less effective at night and when it is cloudy. 

#9–Areon Car Fresheners

Areon fragrances for the car are gel-based fresheners that come in a container and release the scent when exposed to air. 

  • The strength of the scent dissipated varies depending on how much of the box is open. 
  • These come in slightly bigger quantities when compared to other air fresheners for the car, hence last longer too.
  •  The fragrance itself is quite nice, refreshing and manages to remove terrible odours. 
  • The container is compact and small in size, making it easy to place on the dashboard of your car or in a cup holder in the door. 
  • These air fresheners are moderately priced and can be easily purchased online.   


Moderately priced. 


 Can be hard to adjust the strength of the scent. 

#10–Molecule Car Fresheners

Molecule Aroma V1 air fresheners for the car are an apparatus with refillable aromatic elements. 

  • This can be fitted into the charging station inside your car.
  •  There is a power switch that you can turn on to begin the flow of perfume inside the car.
  •  It dissipates it slowly and gently and the fragrances are light and pleasant. Natural ingredients are used to make these perfumes. 
  • There are three settings to adjust the speed of the scent flowing and auto cut off for every 5 minutes of continuous flow. 
  •  The apparatus itself costs quite a bit but it’s a one-time investment as you will only buy the refills of different fragrances after that. 


The scent is distributed evenly across the vehicle. 



#11–Little Joe Car Freshener

The air fresheners by Little Joe made to be used in cars are cute to look at and quite amusing. 

  • They not only set the tone to your day with the fragrance but also by how happy and cheerful they look! 
  • These are small “person” shaped containers that hold the perfume and diffuse it when they are fitted to the vent of the air conditioner in your car. 
  • These containers are constructed well and don’t leak or spill
  • . They are made of non-toxic plastic that is safe to use. 
  • The perfume inside has no chemicals and can be used by those who are allergic to chemicals or prone to asthma attacks. 


Looks fun and cheerful. 

Does not have chemicals in them. 


Can be hard to place on the vehicle. 

#12 – ANSIO car freshener 

Ansio is a premium brand around the world that provides only the best car accessories. 

  • The main feature of this brand is that it absorbs harmful air pollutants and purifiers so this is a very safe car freshener. 
  • As you can see, this car freshener is very compact and sized well so that it can be connected well to the car. 
  • The air in the car is required to go through a lot of compartments which purify the air that is disseminated to the passengers in the car. 


Very easy to use. 



#13 – OLER car freshener 

Oler is a popular brand that is known for its reliable quality and top quality car accessories that it provides. 

  • This car freshener gives out a very fruity smell that does not come off very strong but subtle. 
  • The smell not only gives out the temporary fragrance but it also destructs any foul smell. 
  • Another main feature of this car freshener is that it goes along with everybody’s taste and does not affect anybody with allergies. 


Safe and good for everybody. 


Smell might be too strong. 

How to choose a car freshener? 

  • Make sure you aren’t nauseous to the core of the scent. It is vital to consider this if you are someone who gets car sick. 
  • Opt for the ones with natural elements instead of chemicals. Since you will have the windows rolled up for the most part of it, it can directly impact your respiratory tract. 
  • If there are kids around it is essential to go for something very sensitive rather than strong. 

Buying guide for car fresheners

There are a few aspects that you should definitely consider before buying a car freshener so that you can stick to one brand for a long time. 

  • Price 

Buying online can be a hazard and it is not hard to fall prey to a really expensive yet cheap quality car freshener. So comparing the prices of each of the fresheners will help get you through a lot of searching. 

  • Features 

Seeing if the features compliment the price is a great way into looking into how genuine the car fresheners. 

  • Hygiene 

When it comes to hygiene this is the most important aspect of buying a car freshener and works well for people allergic to the scent of it. 

  • Odor

If the car freshener is strong in smell it can get unpleasant for the passengers. So choosing something mild and subtle

Air fresheners not only give a pleasant smell but also remove any unpleasant odours. As described in the article above, there are several types of air fresheners that range from sprays to potpourri in little sachets to cakes to the liquid ones that evaporate and give out the scent. The strongest scents are usually the liquid or gel-based ones that circulate inside the car once the air-conditioner is turned on. The potpourri ones are usually subtler. Sprays function like the ones made for your home and can be used only when you want to. What you buy depends on your convenience. 

Some expert advice: 

There are some people who might be allergic to certain types of scents or certain ingredients in the composition of the fragrance. In that case, make sure you opt for organic air fresheners that use natural or essential oils and avoid chemicals. 

No matter what type of air freshener you use, it is not good or safe to stay in a closed car for too long. Do roll down the windows once every two hours during a long drive and breathe in some fresh air, also letting it circulate in the car. 

It’s also best to choose an air freshener that can be shut off when not in use to extend its life. 

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