Best Cervical Pillows in India 2022

Sleeping in the wrong position for one night can give you a stiff neck, maybe a sprain. But sleep in the wrong position every night and you can end up with chronic neck pain. This is not something you take for granted. A cervical pillow not only helps those with pre-existing cervical pain but also for people who care about their health. A cervical pillow is contoured to give your head and neck the right support. I’ve checked out a lot of cervical pillows and reviewed below the best cervical pillows in India:

Top cervical pillows in India 2022

Tynor Cervical Pillow 

Tynor is one of the most selling brands of cervical pillows in India and here’s the reason why- these pillows have the right contouring to elevate your neck and keep your spine aligned.

This relieves any stiffness or pain in the neck or back area. These pillows are made from high density PU foam that is firm enough to offer support, yet soft enough for you to sink into a deep and comfortable sleep.

The pillows have a soft cover that feels great when you sleep on it. It can be removed and washed regularly in the washing machine for maintaining hygiene. Tynor cervical pillows are durable and long lasting.

They are priced on par with all the mid-range brands in the market.

The White Willow Cervical Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

The White Willow is a premium cervical pillow brand in India. These pillows cost almost double than what brands like Tynor or Orthowala cost and for good reason.

These pillows are made from memory foam material that is temperature sensitive and keeps it cool even when the weather is hot and humid.

This reduces the heat generated by many synthetic material pillows and keeps the user comfortable. The memory foam also relieves the pressure in the neck, shoulders and the spine with its perfect contouring and elevation.

The pillows are wrapped in a jersey fabric to safeguard the foam inside and further with a removable outer cover that can be washed regularly with a mild detergent.

There are quite a few instructions on how to care for the pillows to help them last long. We get a one year warranty on these cervical pillows.

One of the annoying aspects about the cervical pillows sold in India is the size. Many brands make good quality pillows but they are too small for my liking.

The White Willow, on the other hand, makes cervical pillows in several sizes, so we can pick the one that suits us best. 

Proliva Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Proliva has several types of cervical pillows but I have listed the two best ones here. Let’s take a look at the one contoured like most other cervical pillows in the market. The pillow has an elevation for the neck and is perfect for side and back sleepers for proper spine alignment. 

This pillow is made from memory foam and has a soft cotton cover. This cover is breathable and excellent for any weather, warm, hot or cool. The cover can be removed and washed in the machine very easily, requiring no special maintenance.

It is also non-allergenic, keeping away dust mites and bacteria. Proliva is a premium brand that is quite obvious from the quality of the pillow and is priced accordingly. But, these are cheaper than White Willow cervical pillows. 

Proliva Contour Memory Foam Pillow – Butterfly Wings

The other cervical pillow from Proliva that I loved sleeping on is the one called “Butterfly Wings”. As you can guess, the name stems from the way the pillow is shaped, with a bump in the centre.

This gives your neck the right elevation regardless of which way you are sleeping, on your sides or on your back.

This pillow is also made from high quality memory foam that takes the shape of your neck and head and bounces right back when you get out of bed in the morning. The pillow has a soft eco-friendly cover made from bamboo and can be removed and washed.

The fabric is breathable, safe on your skin and has no odour. This pillow is also more expensive than most other brands in the market.

The one thing that I feel would have made this pillow absolutely perfect is if it had been longer than the standard size. 

Turion Cervical Pillow

Turion Cervical Pillows are an excellent low budget option, with the pillows costing only a fraction of what you would pay for a product from Proliva or The White Willow.

These pillows are made with 20% more memory foam than other cheaper brands, giving the pillow firmness and the user the right resistance.

The pillow takes the shape of the sleeper and bounces back to its original shape and size when the head is off the pillow.

The cervical pillows have a synthetic cover which is hypoallergenic and keeps dust mites away.

This is quite soft, but we could definitely do with an extra pillow case on top. However, the cover is zippered and removable. It is machine washable, requiring no extra maintenance. 

JSB BS52 Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

Memory foam is the common material used by most companies manufacturing cervical pillows as this material relieves pressure from the neck, shoulders and spine.

But it is important to choose a cervical pillow that uses good quality memory foam that has the right balance between offering resistance and taking the shape of your head and neck.

The JSB BS52 Orthopedic Memory Foam Cervical Pillow does just this with its well designed pillow that has two levels of contouring, using quality memory foam engulfed in a soft removable fabric cover, all set to give you a good night’s pain-free sleep. 

OBLIQ Cervical Memory Foam Neck Pain Pillow

I like cervical pillows that are not only comfortable but are also made with a hypoallergenic fabric.

The Cervical Memory Foam Neck Pain Pillow by Obliq feels like luxury with its super soft rayon pillowcase that naturally keeps away dust mites, helping me breathe with ease night after night.

The pillow is made from superior quality memory foam that is shaped to relieve pain and stress from the neck and shoulders, regardless of how you like to sleep, be it on your back, your stomach or your sides.

It also gets rid of issues related to poor breathing, like snoring. 

Qualimate Memory Foam Pillow

The wedge shaped cervical pillows from Qualimate are made with soft and resilient memory foam that goes back to its original size and shape within 5 to 10 seconds of releasing it from its position.

The memory foam is also temperature sensitive and keeps the sleeper cool at times, no matter how hot the weather is.

These pillows are shaped ideally to relieve all stress from the neck and back, along with getting rid of problems like snoring due to poor breathing.

The pillow has an inner jersey cover protecting the foam from dust and stains, and a breathable pillow case that can be removed and washed regularly. 

HSR Gel Infused Standard Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pillow

The one thing that can ruin a good night’s sleep other than a bad pillow is the heat generated by the pillow. HSR cervical pillows take care of this with its cooling gel infused pillows which keep the temperature low. So, no more night sweats while I can doze off peacefully and enjoy good support for my neck as well.

The cervical pillows are contoured to fit in the curve of the neck and are made with high-quality memory foam.

These pillows are also healthy for those who struggle with allergies from dust mites and mold as these are antimicrobial and keep bacteria at bay. Now that’s definitely a win-win if you ask me!

Recron Certified Dr. Ortho Fibre Pillow

Recron is one of the most widely used brands of pillows in India. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this name for the high quality foam, the durability and life of the pillows.

The Dr. Ortho Fibre Pillow does not have the traditional cervical pillow shape, instead, meant for back sleepers, it is larger and contoured to offer the right support for your head, neck and spine.

The fabric this pillow is covered with is soft, having a thread count of 176 and I must admit, I had one of my best sleeps on this pillow.

The pillow is made of hypo-allergenic materials and is odourless. The Recron pillow has a very premium look and a premium finish.  

Orthowala Orthopedic contour cervical pillow

Orthowala makes several types of cushions and pillows, their most popular being the chair back supports ones. I tested the Orthopedic contour cervical pillow and was quite pleased.

The pillow itself is not as thick as many other brands, which is a great option for those who like their pillows smaller or flatter. It does offer the right amount of support though.

The pillows are made with good quality memory foam that contours the neck and head and goes back to its original form once you wake up.

There is a terry cloth cover that can be removed and washed, which is quite convenient. However, I would have personally preferred a cotton cover.

The other great thing about Orthowala cervical pillows is the cost. Though not exactly cheap, these pillows offer excellent quality at a price lower than many premium brands. 

Cervical pillow

Tynor is a top notch brand which works amazingly well for those who require comfort and a great taste in their homes.


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