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9 Best Chair Brands in India 2022

Looking for a good chair for your home office? Check out our list of the Best Chair Brands in India!

The key ingredients that make the best chair are ones that enable good posture and lower back support. This is an important necessity when it comes to buying a chair because of one sole reason. You spend a lot of time in your chair. At work alone, if you’re shackled to your desk, you spend about 40 hours a week, making it close to 2100 hours a year. That’s a lot. You owe it to your back to hold it upright as it has helped you stand tall. 

Best chairs in India Max weightLink
Green Soul Executive Ergonomic Chair 
115 kgsLink
MRC Executive Chairs
JD9 High Back Office Chair100 kgsLink
INNOWIN High Back Office Chair120 kgsLink
Savya Home Apex Revolving Chair100kgsLink
Wipro Advanced Executive Office Chair100kgsLink
Green Soul Vienna Executive Chair110 kgsLink
Savya Home Apollo Plus
Nilkamal Thames Office Chair
120 kgsLink

In a setting where one has to work from home, the same has to be kept in mind. In fact,if you think about it, some of us spend more time working than we do sleeping. Therefore, before buying a chair, look for specifications that will work best for you while keeping you comfortable for long hour s. Keep reading to find out some of the best chair brands in India that will be good for you. 

After having reviewed the best chair brands in India based on design, materials, longevity, features, comfort, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 9 brands that really stood out. Chairs from these 9 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best chair brand in India is Green Soul. Their Green Soul Executive Ergonomic Chair has a breathable mesh body that keep your body comfortable throughout the day. It’s perfect for those who sit down and work for hours on end. And of course, gamers. Most importantly, it has adjustable lumbar and neck support.

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Top Chair Brands in India 2022

Green Soul Executive Ergonomic Chair 

If you know you are going to be spending long hours on your chair, be it for gaming or for work, this is the one for you. It’s one of the Best Chair Brands in India.

This is the chair that keeps on giving. The breathable mesh allows air circulation, ensuring you keep your cool on the most stressful of days.

The side of the chair is fitted with a knob that helps you adjust your lumbar support with a mere twist.

The chair itself is overall supportive with adjustable arm rest that can be locked into a position.

Same goes for the head rest, which is also adjustable.

The seat is made of moulded foam, ensuring you have cushiony and comfy day all day.

Finally, the wheelbase is made of heavy-duty metal that can withstand around 115 kgs.

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Casa Copenhagen TT Collection High Back Home Office Chair

best office chair brands india

This posture friendly chair possesses a central tilt mechanism that boasts a tilt lock feature that supports that natural body movements while you’re using it. The chair comes home disassembled but can be put together quickly in a few minutes. 

The chair has 5 smooth casters that makes moving around the home very simple, be it at home or in your office.

It also allows for a 360 degree swivel, granting you a dynamic range of motion.

The seat cushion and the backrest is encompassed with a high density foam inside a rich black leatherette. The chair can easily support weight up to 120kg.

JD9 High Back Office Chair 

This chair is popular amongst gamers and coders because of the comfort level it provides in the long run.  First thing to take note of is the chairs advanced synchro tilt mechanism that lets you lean back without having to lift your feet off the ground. 

The chair possesses a cushioned lumbar support providing even more comfort to your lower back than a regular lumbar. Another intriguing feature about this chair is the glass filled nylon mesh back support. Air circulation allows back relief and the glass nylon provides it strength and durability.

INNOWIN High Back Office Chair

Once assembled, this chair is like a gift for your back. While the manufacturers note that it’s only best for those with height lower than 5 feet 8 inches, it is still something great. This heavy duty chair possesses a front position lock synchro base mechanism with adjustable arms. 

The internal frame material comprises a glass filled nylon structure, molded with density. The nylon wheels are smooth and ensure there are no marks let on the floor and you can keep rolling like your life is. What makes it one of the best chair brands in India is the class 3 gas lift pneumatic seat adjustment mechanism that allows you to swiftly find the most comfortable position.

Savya Home Apex Revolving Chair 

best high back office chair india

To do well, you need to feel well. To be your best self, the Savya chair enables you to lean back on its co polymer chair and sink into the thick mesh cushion in the backrest and the seat.

The cushion of the chair is actually much larger than what you’d find on anything else.

The chair features dual wheel nylon casters that allows you to move smoothly across your workspace.

The strong plastic T armrest offers a height adjustment upto five inches. The char can take up to 100kgs of weight.

Wipro Advanced Executive Office Chair

best office chair brand in india

If you find it too complex to assemble the chair yourselves, fret not. The seller, Wipro, provides a free assembly service.

If that’s not enough to call it one of the best chair brands in India, I don’t know what is.

The chair, available in two colors, Apollo Red and Black is a show stopper. With its synchro tilt feature and one point tilt, you’re never going to need a back massage again. It will keep you satisfied.

The lumbar support, in addition to the seat and armrest is cushioned and adjustable.

Green Soul Vienna Executive Chair

This is one of the more premium looking chairs that is rich in appearance and comfort as well. The internal frame is constructed with sturdy wood, wrapped carefully in plush leather with so much extra padding, your body will feel nothing.

Just because it looks so stylish, doesn’t mean they skimped on any functionality. It doesn’t have a lumbar support, but instead the cushion on the back rest is shaped in a way that it matches the curve of the spine. The chrome finish chair swivels allows for easy manoeuvrability.

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Savya Home Apollo Plus

The chair comes with a doit yourself tool kit that helps you assemble the chair. The backrest of the chair is contoured to be the perfect fit for your back. It also features a 5 inch pneumatic seat adjustment feature that has a 2 inch thick seat laid on top. 

This co polymer chair has a chrome plated metal base with balck and silver finish. The chair comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. It can hold up to 100kgs.

Nilkamal Thames Office Chair

There is absolutely no introduction needed for the chair king of India. Nilkamal is unarguably one of the best chair brands in India. The polypropylene chair has a stainless steel metal frame with adequate back support and nylon 5 caster wheels that glide smoothly to assist the smooth flow of your work

The brand offers maximum benefits for the minimum price possible.  The chair can withstand upto 150 kgs of weight, so you can imagine how strong and durable it is. 

How We Tested the Chair Brands:

We tested 20+ chair brands in India on the basis of their comfort, lumbar support, adjustability, fabric, size and wheel base. All the chairs chosen first had to go through a comfort and support test for about 2 weeks. Chairs that were uncomfortable and didn’t provide enough support or started dwindling. 

We also made sure that the chairs chosen had good adjustability so that it serves people with all heights. The Chairs chosen had a hand strong wheel base to hold the maximum weight of people and didn’t fall out easily. All the chairs were priced decently.

Buying Guide – How to choose the Best Chair in India?

If you’ve got the chair, make sure you cross-reference it with this checklist and see how many list items can it tick off. The ergonomics of the chair, along with its design should be considered above all else. However, there are other factors that need to be considered before you invest in a chair.

Lumbar Support

  • Good lumbar support is one that fits perfectly on the spine below your shoulder blades till the spine between your hip region. It should act as learning support for the natural curve of your spine. You will have to adjust and see what’s the best fit for you. 
  • Lumbar support is important as it can prevent you from developing back pain. Especially, if your job requires you to sit down for hours on end. Lumbar support can help your spine achieve its natural position while sitting down. So, lumbar support should be your primary factor when looking for an office chair.


  • We’re unaware of how many seat and chair adjustment levers exist in a chair. It ranges from 3 to 14 different types. The most complex chairs for people with back problems or prone to it need the complex ones. 
  • Some of the most basic adjustments include pneumatic height adjustment to change the height of the chair, tilt with adjustable tension to define who much the user can recline and rock backwards while it locks it in a position, a synchro-tilt function that allows the backrest to recline faster than the seat cushion to avoid the bottoms being unparallel to the ground. Finally, a back height adjustment allowing the user to position the lumbar support according to convenience.
  • Chairs these days also come with headrest angle. This is especially useful for gamers. You can also also find armrest adjustment that can help your stretch your arms and keep you muscles relaxed.


  • While the fabric doesn’t seem that important, it’s absolutely vital if your planning on sitting on the chair for hours. Breathable fabric prevents the chair from getting to hot, or even smelly from long hours of use. Additionally, the fabric should have enough cushion that the metal frames of the chair don’t hurt your bones.
  • While breathable chairs are much better, leather chairs are more comfortable and can contain heat. It’s perfect if you’re in a colder climate region.


  • The size of the chair is, of course, another important factor. Not only does it need to accommodate your body’s size and shape but it should also be able to adjust to your height. This is a point a lot of people miss. You should ideally look at the dimensions of a chair before your buy it. Try adjusting it to its limits before making a decision. A standard chair is 35 to 50 inches in height and 20 to 25 inches in depth. Most chairs have an average width of 19 to 24 inches.

Wheel Base

  • If your work or purpose of chair use requires you to move a lot, getting a chair that rolls smoothly is important to save time and unnecessary activities. Make sure you notice what the floor type is because wooden flooring and carpeted floors require different types of wheelbases.

Swivel Base

  • Lack of a proper swivel base can cause arm fatigue and it will be restricting your movement. This is one of the most important features required in a comfy chair.
  • With that in mind, I have curated a list of well researched, tried and tested chairs that make for the best chair brands in India.
  • Your workstation is only complete when you have all the gadgets you need, a desk that complements the best chair for you. Easy, swift movement along with a comfortable seating position will make your workflow smoother, causing lesser distractions. All combined together will make you your most productive self.

Benefits of having an Office Chair:

  • A good office chair can help you increase your productivity. This is because if the office chairs are ergonomic and provide comfort, they can sit along and work for long hours without having any problems on their backs. 
  • This might be a little surprising but a good office chair can also reduce your blood sugar levels as it provides balanced pressure on your different body parts. 
  • A good office chair makes you feel energetic and enhances your mood as it provides minimal strain on your back and neck. 
  • It doesn’t lead to neck pain as ergonomic chairs are designed to support the neck and have rest on the back of the chair for the same reason. 
  • Helps you improve the spine shape and doesn’t let you hunch your back. You wouldn’t face any back sprain issues with a good chair.

Which is the best office chair brand in India?

MRC, Savya Home, Nilkamal are some of the best office chair brands in India. These chairs are made with high quality material and provide great comfort and lumbar support.

Which is the best high back office chair?

Green Soul, Casa Copenhagen, and JD9 are the best high back office chairs in India as they provide great back support and also help in straightening the spine.

Which is an ergonomic office chair in India?

Most of the office chairs are extremely ergonomic and comfortable. Some of these brands are Green Soul, Savya Home, JD9, Nilkamal etc.

Are expensive office chairs worth it?

Expensive office chairs don’t guarantee good chairs. You must always look out for characteristics like good lumbar support, comfort, sturdy, good fabric etc. and then buy a chair.

Now that you’ve read and understood the range of best chair brands in India, you decide. Sleep on it a little bit. 

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