Best Compact Powders For Dry Skin in India 2022

Looking for best compact powders for dry skin in India? We curated a list for you check it out!

Having dry skin means having to really skim through beauty products to see which ones are safe to use on the skin so that they don’t destruct the skin further. It is important to really choose the right product if you have dry skin since it is in a vulnerable state already, and you don’t want to ruin it. A compact powder is harder to choose than other beauty products. So we have narrowed down only the best powders for dry skin in India so that you can choose confidently. 

Top compact powders for dry skin in India 2020

Skin type Compact powder 
BlemishesSmashbox Halo compact powder 
Acne Cover FX illuminating 
Wrinkles Bare Minerals original 
Tan Clinique Almost Powder SPF compact 
Scars MAC compact powder

The best compact powder according to us which not only treats dry skin well but also works well with other skin issues is Clinique compact powder. It is clinically tested and has proven to be one of the best solution for sensitive and dry skin condition. 

#1 – Bare Minerals original 

Bare Minerals original is one of the best premium brands of compact powder available in India. 

Compact Powders For Dry Skin in India
  • This is a cream and powder-based compact powder that works great for dry skin. The creamy formula in this compact powder camouflages the dry skin and moisturises it well and gives it a silky smooth finish. 
  • You don’t need foundation when you have this product as it does the work of both and gives you the best of both worlds. 
  • The ingredients used in this compact powder are really mild and don’t hinder the dry skin at all but nurture and nourish it with every use. 
Pros Cons 
This completes most of the steps in the makeup process. Expensive. 

#2 – MAC compact powder for dry skin 

MAC studio is one of the best compact powders they provide for a matte finish and a smooth surface of the skin. 

Compact Powders For Dry Skin
  • The medium coverage of this compact powder is everything you need if you have semi dry skin. 
  • Although it works for extremely dry skin as well, this works meant for skin that is only starting to wear off. It covers the dry skin while also moisturising it and repairing the skin. 
  • The shades that these compact powders come in are a wide range and can be great for every complexion. 
Pros Cons 
Suits every shade. Might not be a solution for extremely dry skin. 

#3 – Clinique Almost Powder SPF compact 

Clinique compact powder has one combination for every skin type and here are the features for dry skin in India. 

Compact Powders in India
  • This is a subtle compact powder which does not affect the skin negatively but nourishes and enriches the skin with the necessary minerals needed for the skin to mend. 
  • It comes with a sponge which makes the skin look smooth and flawless. The compact powder is not too cakey and spreads really well over the skin. 
  • This compact powder can be worn for 7 hours straight without any disruption of the look. 
Pros Cons 
Long lasting. None.

#4 – Smashbox Halo compact powder for dry skin 

Smashbox has the best and most exciting offers when it comes to beauty products and comes in a variety of shades and tones, 

how to use compact powder for dry skin
  • This compact powder is lightweight and does not tend to clog into your pores but stays smooth and afloat on the surface of the skin. 
  • It hydrates the skin by diving into the skin cells and nourishes the skin from deep within to give the right complexion. 
  • It does not dry up easily or make the skin look flaky but gives a seamless glow to the surface of the skin. 
Pros Cons 
Gives a shimmer like look to the surface skin. Might not be great for extremely dry skin. 

#5 – Inglot Compact powder 

Inglot has a wide range of compact powders which caters different complexions and skin types. 

best compact powder for dry skin in summer
  • This is one of the safe compact powder which works well for dry skin in India who have clogs and blemishes. 
  • The blemishes and clogs in dry skin is hard to cover and that’s where this compact powder comes to the rescue. 
  • The coverage is very easy and moisturizes and hydrates the skin. 
Pros Cons
Moisturises the skin. Expensive. 

#6 – Cover FX illuminating compact powder 

This is a compact powder that is soft and translucent and can be applied as one later over the skin without any trouble of weighing too much on the skin. 

how to choose compact powder for dry skin
  • This has antioxidants as part of the prime ingredients and does not resort to itchiness or flakiness. 
  • Works really well on dry skin no matter how long you have had it for. If you are someone whose skin has just started peeling off as becoming dry, you will start to see results in no time. 
  • The compact makes sure to reduce redness in the skin and any other allergies that you might be used to. 
Pros Cons 
Moisturises and hydrates the skin. Expensive. 

#7 – Laura Mercier compact powder 

Laura Mercier’s translucent compact powder which works wonders for dry skin since it is soft on the skin. 

best compact powder for dry skin in india with price
  • This compact powder after working safely with skin that is wearing off or is extremely dry. 
  • It is a combination of foundation and compact powder which makes it easy to apply as it just glides over the kin and gives the surface of your skin a matte finish. 
  • It is a combination of Vitamin E and shea butter which works into hydrates and keeps the skin intact. 
  • This is a compact powder that looks great on dry skin as it is liquid-based and works well into making your skin look smooth. 
Pros Cons 
Gives you matte finish and smooth skin. None. 

#8 – Makeup forever compact powder 

Makeup forever like its name is passionate in delivering only the best products for every skin type and complexion. 

best face powder for dry skin for daily use
  • This compact powder has a matte finish and is easy to apply on the dry skin as it has a very seamless finish which hydrates the skin. 
  • It comes with a sponge and is easy to apply as the sponge is quite absorbent and flat-surfaced. 
  • The lightweight makes it easy to look flawless without having to try too much on your makeup everyday. 
Pros Cons 
Lightweight and easy to apply. Expensive. 

#9 – Urban Decay Naked Skin Compact Powder 

Urban decay is a blessing with a wide array of compact powders for skin types of different complexions. 

best powder for dry skin
  • This compact powder is great for dry skin because of its velvety finish and is also lightweight. 
  • This does not allow the powder to accumulate into the pores and makes it easy to wear all day. 
  • This is a compact powder is great for a natural-looking skin rather than a heavy and weighing makeup look. 
Pros Cons 
Natural looking compact powder. None. 

#10 – NARS all day compact powder 

Being an SPF 24 it is medium compact powder that works well for occasions and for daily use. 

compact powder for dry skin india
  • It is known for an even and smooth texture across the skin so that it does not look flaky or heavy on the skin. 
  • This can be applied on the skin with the least of efforts, so if you are looking for something for everyday use, this is the one. 
  • Besides acting as a compact powder this protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and gives your skin protection from tan. 
  • This compact can be worn for a long period of time and is proven to stay on the skin for as long as 12 hours. 
Pros Cons
Long lasting. Expensive 

#11- Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is considered one of the most popular cosmetic brand around the world for its top notch collection in makeup and skin care.

  • This compact powder is super smooth and gentle and works wonders for dry skin that is on the verge of flaking.
  • It works the best for sensitive flaky skin and works well in making it appear smooth and effortless.
  • The best part is that it is super gentle on the skin and does not weigh heavy at all making it easy to use for touch ups.
Pros Cons
Super lightweight and easy to use all the time. Might not be easily available

Why choose compact powders for dry skin? 

Having dry skin does not mean you withdraw from using compact powders to cover up blemishes and spots on the face. Unlike loose powder, compact powders have the ability to cover up the darkest of scars on the face. But it is also important to be able to choose the right compact powder based on your skin complexion and skin type. That is why we have taken the time to curate some of the best compact powders for dry skin. 

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