Best Condoms Brands in India

7 Best Condoms Brands in India 2022

Looking for good condoms? Check out our list of the Best Condoms Brands in India!

There’s the moment in bed when you want to have the safest sex, without the stress of getting pregnant, but also without compromising on your pleasure. Amongst all the contraceptives out there, condoms for men are the best, with absolutely no side effects on your health.

If you’ve been researching to figure out the best condom brands in India, you can save loads of time and go through the list down below with the reviews:

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Best Condoms Brands in India


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Everything about Durex is premium – the products, the packaging, even the marketing. In fact, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that for many, Durex is the dream brand of condoms.  It’s one of the Best Condoms Brands in India!

With Durex, you know you’re in safe hands with their top-notch quality checks and 5X testing standards. Though Durex condoms are priced slightly higher than the other leading brands, when you consider the quality and the variety, the price is justified. 

The brand’s current best-seller, the “Air” condoms are indeed ultra-thin, offering a “near to wearing nothing” experience. What I like about Durex condoms is that it provides you with the best experience because of it’s top quality comdom

Durex calls this the “skin on skin” feeling. This ever-evolving and innovative brand has now introduced a new variety of condoms called “Mutual Climax” which speeds up the woman’s climax using ribs and dots on the outside of the condom. One of the most popular varieties is the “Extra Time” condoms which work on delaying the climax.

For those who like flavoured condoms, Durex has quite a nice range that includes Vanilla popsicles, Bubblegum and Wildberry. If more stimulation is what you’re after, try out the condoms that are ribbed or dotted, called “Extra Ribbed” and “Extra Dots”. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 10/10
  • Experience: 10/10


best condoms in india price

Skore makes it very interesting to shop for condoms with its wide range. Skore has managed to become one of the leading condom brands in India with its innovative variety and good quality latex.

Some of the best-sellers are the condoms from the “champion” range, which includes a long-lasting, climax delaying variety, called “timeless”. I really like skore condoms for it’s different flavours that you wouldn’t find in all the brands.

Nobody does flavours like Skore, with fruity flavours like banana, strawberry and orange, along with a very exotic Belgian Chocolate.

These condoms have a unique zig-zag pattern of ribs as well as dots which heighten the pleasure. 

The Champion range also has the “skin thin” condoms which are ultra-thin in thickness. 

The coloured condoms are also a huge hit with many who love an adventure in the bedroom. If you want it all in one condom, go for the “Duo Max” which delays the climax of both participants, and adds to the stimulation with plenty of ribs and dots. 

I also like it that Skore has very practically included a condom disposable pouch with every condom. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 9.5/10
  • Experience: 9/10


best condom in india

Proudly made in India, Kamasutra is one of the leading condom brands in India, that truly understands its consumers. The reason I’m including Kama sutra condoms in this list is because of it’s affordability.

These are made from poly-isoprene which is as strong as a pure latex condom. I’m sure there are many people who’re allergic to latex, right? Grab this one the next time as it’s made with top quality non-latex material.

The variety of condoms carried by this brand is quite good, ranging from super thin condoms that are lightly lubricated to the assorted Honeymoon surprise box with a bunch of 21 condoms.

Kamasutra is also a good brand to try out flavoured condoms for the first time as it comes in appealing flavours like mango, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. 

The ribbed and dotted varieties are very popular as they provide plenty of extra stimulation during the act. 

One of the hot selling condoms are the Kamasutra Dott Max condoms which feature 2064 raised dots for ultimate pleasure. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 9/10
  • Experience: 9/10


best selling condoms in india

I haven’t known a condom brand with strength like Manforce. It’s one of the main reasons why you should go for this brand and obviously, it provides a great experience in bed.

 But you know what else sets this brand apart? The crazy number of flavoured condoms, and in flavours that you won’t believe condoms can actually have. 

Apart from usual kinds like chocolate and strawberry, Manforce surprises us with exotic flavours that include pineapple, litchi, black grapes and hazelnut. It doesn’t end here though. 

You can also choose “cocktail” condoms which have combined flavours of chocolate and hazelnut, and strawberry and vanilla. 

Now that we have the flavours out of the way, the brand has also made itself one of a kind with condoms that are designed to deliver as much pleasure as possible, and not just protect. 

The brand has condoms that are contoured, and have elevated grooves in the shape of dots and ribs. Some varieties of condoms have extra dots for more stimulation. 

Manforce always stays on top of the game with special edition condoms like the “game edition” and the “Sunny edition”.  All of these condoms are made of natural rubber latex and are lubricated enough for easy penetration. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 8.5/10
  • Experience: 8/10


top condom brands in india

Are you leading a vegan, environment-friendly lifestyle? If that’s the case, it’s only natural that you want to extend this passion of yours to your sex life as well. This is hands down one of the Best Condoms Brands in India.

I really trust Blue condoms as they’re not made with any toxic chemicals that can potentially harm you like parabens, perfumes etc. I also like the fact that they’re vegan. If you’re a vegan, you get to be vegan even in bed.

This automatically makes Bleu a fantastic option for those who have very sensitive skin and are prone to itching, inflammation, dryness and breakouts easily.

 These condoms are made without any fragrances, only from the highest quality low-odour latex, and contain no artificial flavours that could trigger a reaction. 

Even the packaging is plastic-free, so you’re doing both your skin as well as the environment a huge favour. This wonderful brand may not have the wide range of condoms that most leading brands have at the moment, but they are slowly getting there.

 As of now, the ultra thin condoms are a super hit, closely followed by the contour shaped ribbed and dotted condoms. It’s one of the top-selling condom brands in India.

The high quality of the products makes Bleu certainly one of the pricier condom brands in the market. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 9.5/10
  • Experience: 10/10


best long lasting condoms in india

Moods prides itself on having so much variety that you will be able to pick and choose the right condom depending on what your mood is. 

Moods do indeed have quite a decent variety, but the most popular ones are the dotted, ribbed and ultra-thin ones. It’s amongst the best selling condom brands in India.

The most recent best-seller is the “Moods Variety Pack” which is a selection of 8 different types of condoms. This is a good one for people to sample all the variants instead of having to stock up on bulk packs of the same kind. 

I absolutely love the natural latex material Moods comdom uses. Their material is perfectly thin to provide you with a good experience in bed.  

They are lightly lubricated with no odour. The fruit flavoured ones have a mild fruity scent which is quite pleasing and not too overpowering. The other variants like the ribbed and the dotted ones have raised ribs and dots respectively for heightened pleasure. 

The “All Night” condoms are designed to delay your climax. 

These sell like hotcakes. Moods also have a set of coloured condoms to make things more interesting. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 10/10
  • Experience: 8/10


best condom in india long lasting

Okamoto is one of Japan’s best selling condom brands and it is now available in India. Though it’s a recent entry in the market, it has quite a large customer base that is quickly expanding. It is also one of the Best Condoms Brands in India.

Okamoto has several variants, each one better than the other. One of the best varieties of condoms by Okamoto is the “Crown”, which is a Japanese favourite. These condoms are ultra-thin, very supple and feel super soft when used. They are tested with electrostatic technology, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. 

Okamoto condoms are made from premium quality natural latex that is odourless. On the other hand, these condoms have a mild and pleasing fragrance. 

I love the fact that it doesn’t trigger any allergies and even the most sensitive skin types can go for Okamoto condoms.

They are lightly coated with a unique water based lubricant to ease your penetration and help you glide in. Water-based lubricants are also very light in weight, and mostly non-sticky, giving you a better sensation than their thicker and stickier oil based counterparts. 

They are also so much easier to clean and leave no residue. It also delays the climax for the man.  

If you or your partner have very sensitive skin, try the Okamoto Aloe condoms that have a light layer of aloe vera as the lubricant. 

This is very gentle on the skin, cools down any inflammation and even helps your skin heal. It’s one of the best long lasting condom brands in India.

Another popular variant of Okamoto is the Platinum Ultra Thin kind which measures just 0.03mm in thickness, about half the thickness of most leading standard condoms. 

For more stimulation and heightened pleasure, try the Okamoto Harmony, which is a box of condoms with raised dots. It is also contoured and is designed with a reservoir end to access hard to reach places. 

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 9/10
  • Experience: 9/10


organic condoms india

Kohinoor is one of the best condom brands in India to use. It provides optimum pleasure and known to be extremely satifying in bed. Kohinoor condoms are manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser in India and is one of the oldest condom brands. 

There are various condoms under this brand that are known for differennt sizes and styles. You’ll also find exciting flavours in this condoms that matches Indian tastes like meetha paan, kala khatta, chocolate etc. 

This condom claims for extra time and it really is true. It provides a great protection and is almost unbreakable. This condom also reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like clymedia, Herpis, HIV, AIDS etc. Kohinoor comdoms are dermatologically tested and are considered safe to use.

Review of the brand:

  • Material: 7/10
  • Experience: 7/10

We hope that the above list has given you an informed and elaborate list of the brands of condoms in India with the features.

Which is the best condom brands in India?

My team and I tested 20+ Indian condoms in India based on their material, ease to use, efficacy as well as price. We found Durex to be the best condom brand in India. 

Durex is a premium condom brand with top-notch quality checks and 5X testing standards. Their condoms are extremely durable and resistant to breakage. Durex has quite a nice range that includes vanilla popsicles, bubblegum, wildberry etc. They provide great protection against sexually transmitted diseases and also are naturally prepared. You can buy Durex condoms on Amazon India.

How to Choose a Condom:

Check out these factors that will help you pick the best condom for yourself: 

  • Gender: Gender really matters when you’re buying a condom as some of the condoms are designed to pleaser either women or men. Choose who wants to get pleasured. You can also find some condoms that are based on mutual pleasure. 
  • Date: There are various condom brands you can choose from but make sure to check thier expiry dates before using or buying. Expiry condoms can cause irritation to your organs. 
  • Material: Condoms are made with different materials like latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene. Latex condoms are widely used for it’s strong resitance against bursting and affordability. However, some people can be allergic to latex so they can go for polyurethane. 
  • Condom size: Size matters when it comes to condoms, so choose wisely. Standard condom’s length is 7.25 to 7.8 inches, Snug condoms are about 7 to 7.8 inches and large ones are fit for 7.25 to 8.1 inches. 
  • Style: There are various condom styles like dotted, thin, ribbed etc. Go for the one that gives you the most pleasure. 

Best Condom Brands in India: FAQs

Which is the safest condom in India? 

Durex Extra Thin condom is considered to be the safest condom in India. It’s made with natural latex rubber and are CE certified. They’re also electronically tested and extremely genuine that assures it’s safety.

Are condoms 100% effective?

Condoms are 98% effective which means 2 out of 100 condoms fail in a year. They’re mostly effective and a good for practicing safe sex.

Which is a long lasting condom in India? 

There are various condom brands that claim to be long lasting such as Manforce, Kohinoor as well as Durex. All these condom brands are trustworthy and help in lasting long. 

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