Best Cricket Kits In India 2022

Whether you’re a budding cricketer or a pro who scores century after century, you know that having the right cricket kit makes a world of difference to your game. Shopping for a kit can be a puzzling task cos there are just so many manufacturers and sellers out there! That’s why you’ve been researching the best cricket kits in India and you’ve landed on this page. 

Here on this page, you’ll get the information on the best cricket kits sold in India based on the durability of the bag itself and the make and material of the contents of the kit. 

Top 11 Cricket Kits in India

Purchasing a cricket kit can be perplexing whether you are a player or a learner. There are so many aspects that comprises a cricket kit and you need to know what they are to determine if it’s worth the buy. 

What are the items in the cricket kit?

A cricket kit ideally consists of the following, 

  • Helmet
  • Leg guard
  • Abdo guard 
  • Thigh pads 
  • Chestguard
  • Armguard
  • Gloves 

#1 – SG No.4 cricket kit in India 

One of the most reliable brands in the market, SG sells a wide range of cricket gear that is popular for their make and design.

  •  This is a premium brand priced on the expensive side of the spectrum from which you can expect fine quality gear. 
  • This particular kit comes with an external bat pocket to comfortably place your bat and make sure it is well protected when you’re traveling to and from your practice. 
  • It comes with all the essentials you need for a safe game. 
  • The bat this comes with is Kashmir willow. 
  • One drawback is that you need to get a helmet separately as this kit does not come with one.  
Good quality. No helmet in the kit. 

#2 – SG 7PCS cricket kit in India 

Another cricket kit from the popular SG brand on this list, this one also comprises all the essential 7 pieces. 

  • The kit bag itself is in an attractive multicolor and is made from a tough nylon material that can handle the weight of your gear and safeguard the contents from tearing or breaking. 
  • The quality of the cricket gloves, batting pads, the thigh, and abdomen guards are top-notch. 
  • The advantage of this over the SG No.4 is that this one comes with a helmet, saving you the additional hassle of buying one separately. 
  • This kit is also priced on the higher end like the other SG kits. 
Included all the essential items. Expensive. 

#3 – Spartan cricket kits in India 

This cricket kit by Spartan is ideal for budding cricketers at the school level. Not very heavy, this can be carried by children easily. 

  • This comes with a Kashmir willow bat, size 4 or 5 depending on the age of the child. 
  • This can be used by children aged 7 to 13 years. 
  • The kit comes with junior size batting pads, thigh guards, small gloves right for school kids, abdomen guards and arm guards. 
  • You will need to buy the helmet separately which is the only hassle with this. 
  • This is a reasonably priced cricket kit available for junior cricketers. 
Reasonable price. No helmet. 

#4 – e-YOP cricket kits in India 

If you are looking for an affordable or cheaper priced cricket kit, the ones by e-YOP are our recommendation. 

  • This is great for gully cricket as this kit comes with a bat that is suitable to be played with a tennis ball. 
  • The kit itself comes with a tennis ball as well. The stumps are of good quality and easy to plant. 
  • This is a great gift for children who are just starting out to explore the nuances of the sport. 
  • The downside is that this bat may not be suitable for aggressive players. 
  • If you are looking for a good bat check out the best cricket bats in India.
Great cricket kits for kids. Not for harsh players. 

#5 – Cricket World cricket kit in India 

Children who are passionate about cricket deserve a good kit to keep up the enthusiasm! This cricket kit by Cricket World is meant for junior cricketers and is equipped with all the accessories that one would need. 

  • Perfect for school children aged 9 or 10 years, this red coloured kit comes with batting pads, thigh, arm and abdomen guards, gloves and even a helmet that is of very good quality. 
  • The one thing that is missing from this kit is a bat. 
  • Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage depends on the person playing as some people like specific types of bats.
  •  The kit bag itself is waterproof and comes with two zipper compartments. 
Awesome choice for children passionate about playing cricket. Does not have a bat. 

#6 – Klapp cricket kits in India 

We love the design of the Klapp cricket kits. Very attractive looking in different patterns, this adds that rugged look to the person carrying it. 

  • Klapp is a premium brand priced accordingly but you can get it at a good discount when there is a deal online. 
  • This kit comes with a Kashmir willow bat size 4 that is of sturdy quality. 
  • This can be used by older children and teens aged 12 and above. 
  • The bat has a good grip and the other contents are of superior quality as well. 
  • The bag itself is made of strong nylon that can take quite a beating. 
Strong bag and essentials. Not for professionals. 

#7 – GM cricket kits in India 

GM which stands for Gunn and Moore is a name that is synonymous with extremely high-quality gear that is designed for serious players.

  •  This particular kit is meant for players who are under 15 years of age. 
  • The contents of the kit are super durable, made from sturdy and long-lasting material and are designed to provide optimum comfort for the player. 
  • It comes with a Kashmir willow bat, batting pads, thigh pads, gloves, arm and abdomen guards and even a helmet. 
  • The duffle bag this comes in is quite impressive. 
  • Do keep in mind that these kits are super expensive but you can consider this an investment, which it truly is. 
Great cricket kit for children. Expensive.

#8 – CW Academy cricket kits in India 

This cricket kit by CW Academy is the whole package and value for money deal. We love the kit bag as it seems to be of extremely of superior quality. 

  • What we like even better is that this comes with wheels, making it easy to drag a heavy kit around without spending energy. 
  • The kit comes fully equipped with all that you will need. 
  • The Kashmir willow handcrafted bat is a gem in this. 
  • The ball, batting pads and guards are all of great quality. 
  • The gloves are made in a material that’s a combination of leather and PVC, offering both comfort as well as long life. 
  • It also comes with a good helmet to keep you protected. 
Great quality essentials in the kit. Expensive. 

#9 – MPRT cricket kit in India 

MPRT cricket kits are minimal with just what is required for gully cricket players. This is also a good kit for children who are just starting to play the game for fun. 

  • The kit comes with a set of stumps, a bat and a tennis ball. 
  • The bat is made of popular willow and goes well with a tennis ball. 
  • The kit bag itself is a basic one, made of synthetic fabric and transparent plastic that can hold these contents. 
  • This may not be suitable for aggressive or serious players as it lacks the other accessories which need to be bought separately. 
  • Also, the kit bag may not be able to hold more gear in it. 
Good quality essentials in the cricket kit. Not suitable for aggressive players. 

#10 – Sunley cricket kits in India 

Another cricket kit for budding cricket enthusiasts or for regular street cricket players, the ones by Sunley are perfect. 

  • These kits come with a bat, stumps and a tennis ball in a very neat looking synthetic and plastic bag. 
  • The bag comes with a comfortable shoulder sling strap and it is waterproof. 
  • The bat is made out of good quality wood and has a good grip. 
  • This kit is good for children in the age group of 7 to 9 years and priced very economically. 
  • For the price this is sold at, it contains the bare minimum so anything else you need will have to be purchased separately. 
Good quality and great grip. Bare minimum essentials, others have to be purchased separately. 

#11 – IWIN cricket kits in India 

The cricket kits by Iwin are moderately priced and are a good deal if you are looking for something in this price range, or if you only want additional gear with a good bag.

  •  The kit bag is made of sturdy PVC and is designed to look pretty cool. It is quite strong and can handle the weight of the gear you carry in it. 
  • The gear in the kit includes the guards, batting pads and gloves but not the bat itself. The gear is of high-quality material. 
  • The bag can comfortably hold the bat of your choice. 
  • One thing we wish this kit had is a helmet, but, we are not complaining because of the price point that we love. 
The bag is of good quality. Does not have a helmet. 

Given the craze for cricket, it has become a huge business in our country. There are several sellers, each one more competitive than the next to give us the best gear. Here is some information you should know before investing in a cricket kit.

How to choose the cricket kit? 

  • You want a kit that has a strong and sturdy bag. You don’t want a bag that tears quickly or gives way while you’re walking into your practice
  • As far as possible, get one with all the gear included. This also means that the price is a little higher but it makes it easy for you
  • Get a kit that is waterproof and something that can be washed easily. Trust us, if you’re a regular player, it will definitely get dirty
  • Budget and purpose: As listed in the article, some kits are perfect if you play on the street and some are necessary if you’re a serious and regular player. Choose accordingly. 

Best cricket kits under 10,000

Klapp cricket kit 
CW Junior red cricket kit 
CW Sports academy cricket kit
SG Economy cricket kit 

Best cricket kits under 5000

CW Academy cricket kits in India 
Klapp cricket kits in India 
Spartan cricket kits 

That makes it all the better for us, consumers because we have lots of options to choose from! At the same time, it also does get confusing when we go online and try to choose a kit for ourselves.  I hope the article above cleared out that dilemma a bit for you. 

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