Best Cruelty-free Brands in India

10 Best Cruelty-free Brands in India | July 2021 Update

Looking for ethical cosmetics that aren’t tested on animals? Check out our list of the Best Cruelty-free Brands in India!

I have always been an animal lover, it started when I was given Snoopy, a dachshund, my first pet when I was seven. It taught me a lot, the main thing being responsible and how to care for these amazing beings. 

I didn’t know much about cruelty-free brands until I read a news report in 2014 that announced India’s decision to ban the import of animal-tested cosmetics. I was really happy but was saddened to know how animals were being treated in the name of testing. Cruel is such an understatement if you have seen some of the documentaries on this subject. I was happy my country had taken this step and was proud that we were the second cruelty-free cosmetics zone in all of Asia.

Today, I want to share with you a list of the best cruelty-free brands in India that have made a difference. However, you need to know that not all Indian cosmetic brands offer cruelty-free products. But it is a matter of pride for those brands who actually do it. This write-up is about all those brands that are tirelessly working towards providing us with cruelty-free products.

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If you are ready to know more about these brands, read on. I have included a few vegan options too for the vegans here. Hope you find this list helpful. If yes, please let me know in the comments section below.

After having reviewed 100 cruelty free brands in India based on various factors like product testing methodology, features, price, Ingredients and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that stood out. These 10 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best cruelty-free brand in India is Lotus Herbals. This brand is famous all over the world for its sunscreens. Additionally, all off their products are made from herbs. Of course, they have a range of cruelty-free products, majority of which are cosmetics. Most importantly, their products are suitable for the Indian Skin tone.

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Best Cruelty-free Brands in India

Lotus Herbals

Introduced in 1993 by Mr. Kamal Passi, Lotus herbals is a leading natural cosmetics company that believes in manufacturing products that use only herbal ingredients. They are also one of the first few brands that started manufacturing cruelty-free products. 

The brand is known across the globe for its sunscreens. I first came across this brand when I was in Goa and wanted a sunblock so I could have a tan-free holiday with my family. I was drawn to this brand as it had herbal ingredients and I hate chemicals in creams and other cosmetics.

Did you know they not just specialized in sunscreens but a range of other makeup products too? I certainly didn’t know until I did a little bit of research in a bid to help people who like to use cruelty-free products. Their range includes foundations, blush, lipsticks, compacts, eyeshadows, kajal, eyeliner, sindoor, nail enamels and more. Quite an interesting blend of products, isn’t it?

I love the number of shades they have in their foundations and compacts and the fact that they are designed keeping in mind the Indian skin tone. You can check out their entire range on Amazon India.

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Disguise Cosmetics

This super affordable brand from India is one of the first brands that aimed at manufacturing cruelty-free cosmetics. Their range of products is priced approximately below 700 INR but are really well formulated. 

They have a sort of cult following right now and I was introduced to the brand by a cousin of mine. I love their products now and strongly recommend you try them out too. Disguise cosmetics is a PETA-approved brand making it one of the best cruelty-free brands in India.

I appreciate their efforts in recycling as well, they take back empty packages from you which they donate to NGO’s that recycle these boxes and packaging material. You get to accumulate store credit which can be used to buy products on their online store. Superb idea, right?

You will be amazed at the quality of their products, I feel they are gonna overtake some of the bigger brands in a matter of time. I really like their creamy and hydrating bullet lipsticks which are best-sellers along with their glow oil range.

Their entire range is vast and includes stick highlighters, nail polishes, kajals, eye shadows, eyeliner pencils too. You can check their entire range on their website and on Amazon.

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Coloressence is a top pick for college goers and my pick for the list of best cruelty-free brands in India for their affordability and their product line. The sub-brand of Nature’s essence, the brand is 100% vegetarian and supports cruelty-free products and none of their products contain any animal-based ingredients.

I came across this product as a recommendation from my college-going niece, she wanted to check out the kajal as she said it is one of the best I have used and it was also the most affordable. This piqued my interest and I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked their cosmetic line for the eyes and lips. They also make a lot of skincare products for the face too. 

The product line includes foundation, pan stick, compact powder, loose powder, blusher, lipsticks, kajal, eye shadow pencil, eyeliner, mascara, face and body illuminator. If you starting off on your makeup game as a teenager, I would recommend Coloressence for you. Check the brand out on Amazon today.

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Shahnaz Husain

I am sure all of you would have heard about Shanaz and her brand. I had seen my sisters talk about this brand as a kid and used to wonder what the fuss was all about. Little did I know, I would end up using some of her best-selling products.

The brand carries the name of the legacy of Shenaz Husain, a pioneer when it comes to the organic beauty industry. She also has a sub-brand called Shahnaz Husain’s Vedic Solutions that specialize in herbal and cruelty-free products. These products are recognized by PETA and have been extensively researched for many years. 

The products in this range are free from animal fat, environmentally friendly, and fungal-free. Though she is known for her haircare and skincare products, you will find a whole range of other products like foundation, eyeliners, mascara, and lipsticks too. 

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This nextgen vegan and cruelty-free brand is a brand for GenX. The packaging is pop color and the branding fits perfectly with their products.

Pulp is considerably a new brand in the market, and it does not just protect but enhances our skin by feeding superfoods to our face with their range of masks, body scrubs, and the soon to be launched face serums.

The ability of the company to combine natural ingredients and jazzy branding makes you want to buy all of its products. But if you ask me what I would recommend, then I suggest you try their day after binge turmeric plus spinach superfood face mask and the Dance Flour green gram plus maqui superfood scrub for the body and face.

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House Of Makeup

The first of the vegan brands in this list, House Of Makeup is a brand that is synonymous with everything makeup. You name it and they make it. If you want to support the cause of cruelty-free brands and be a responsible citizen, you need to shop from House of Makeup.

They are one of the best cruelty-free brands that are made in India and they are also vegan and free from chemicals. Their products are perfect for your skin as they are animal friendly. 

I strongly recommend their products if you are getting into the cruelty-free bandwagon and if you have a sensitive skin type. 

You should check out their product listing for nails, lips, and your eyes. Trust me you will not be disappointed. I love their eyeliner and it is my personal favorite.

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Basil Skincare

I came across this brand only recently but have become a fan as they love animals as much as I do. They really do. Their products are completely cruelty-free and they do not use any animal-based ingredients or chemicals in any of their products.

The pricing is perfect for the Indian sub-continent and being a local brand, we need to support them at all costs. The array of products from Basil Skincare will leave your skin revived and glowing. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I can really see the difference.

You will give up on your usual brands once you use the Basil Skincare range of products. If you ask me for my favorites among their range, I would name the cinnamon and clove cleaning oil. The Ylang Ylang hair blam comes a close second along with their body conditioners, lips oils, and body moisturizers. You ought to try out their clary sage, sunshine roses body conditioner. I just love the way they smell and feel.

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Plum Goodness

My list of the best cruelty-free brands in India would not be complete without Plum Goodness. The brand founded in 2013 by a chemical engineer, is one of the most phenomenal brands in the cruelty-free segments. Their packaging is rad and the quality is top-notch. 

You need to use it to believe it. You can shop for their products on Amazon or on their website. PETA recognizes this brand for their Bright Years All Day Defence cream and Olive and Macadamia Mega Moisturising Hair Mask which are both crowd favorites. 

You can close your eyes and trust Plum for skincare basics. Their face washes and moisturizers are amazing. If you want the best in Kajals, they offer two varieties, Angel Eyes Kohl Kajal and NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal both of which have are the first choices of many of my friends who cannot do without their Kajal.

All the above-mentioned products are 100% natural, chemical-free and not tested on animals.

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Dr Sheth’s

Dr Sheth’s is a vegan and cruelty-free smart scientific formulations. It is dermatologically tested and the skincare range has been curated by three generations of skin doctors.

Do you need more justification? I say, just log in to check out their range today. Dr Sheth is particular about giving you, the consumer the right blend of natural ingredients and science. I was skeptical but after using their products I trust them 100%.

The team knows what they are doing and their products are made for Indian skin types. They also have put in a lot of effort in understanding our genetics, environment, skin pigmentation, and climate before making the products. This is truly commendable.

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Iba halal

A brainchild of sisters, Mauli and Grishma Teli, Iba Halal was founded in 2014. It is India’s first halal-certified cosmetics brand. 

The brand aims to make products that are pure and safe for everyone to use. The products are 100% organic, free from animal fat, and animal-derived products that include keratin, gelatine, and collagen. They make products that are completely vegan and never test their products on animals.

I really appreciate the intense research they put in for close to two years before launching their brand. All their products are alcohol-free too. I personally love the liquid foundation, kajal, and lipstick range which is affordable and easy on my skin.

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Best Cruelty-free Brands in India – Takeaway

To conclude, I would like to explain to all of you that not all the best cruelty-free brands in India are vegan and vice versa. Let’s understand in a simple way what they mean:

Cruelty-Free – The products under this tag are not tested on any animals. They may or may not contain animal derived ingredients like bees wax, animal fat, milk etc. 

Vegan – The products under this category are those that are not tested on any animal and do not contain any sort of animal or animal by products.

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