Best Desktop Brands in India

10 Best Desktop Brands in India 2021

Looking for desktops to help you with your tasks? Check out our list of the Best Desktop Brands in India for all the details.

While laptops are selling more than desktops over recent years, desktops still enjoy undisputed popularity in the gaming and corporate domains. The new generation of desktops featuring LCD or LED screens enables a clearer view of the tasks you do on the PCs.

Also, they bestow a grand and professional appearance to the rooms where they are installed giving a facelift to any office. A long list of multi-national companies manufactures desktops.

With tough competition in the desktop manufacturing segment, choosing the right one among the galaxy of options in front of you can be a daunting task.

The best approach in choosing from the best laptop brands in India is to pick the one that has the maximum number of advantages and features at the same time carrying a reasonable price tag. Here I have reviewed the Best Desktop Brands in India to guide your choice of investing in the right PC for your needs.

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Best Desktop Brands in India


When it comes to desktops, HP is an undisputable leader. HP is a US-based IT company and their desktops are very famous and offer very high quality. Whether you wish to invest in a PC for home use, entertainment, office use or hobby, HP has a wide range of options to offer for every budget. It’s one of the Best Desktop Brands in India.

In order to meet the diverse expectations of the customers, HP offers different kinds of specifications on its desktops. Most desktop models of HP sport a 500GB ATA hard drive.

Their starting price range is Rs. 30,000. HP provides a wide selection with regard to its desktops from basic PC towers to the most powerful PCs and all-in-one desktops sporting a sleek design. 

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Yet another American multinational IT company, Dell is also a prestigious choice while buying laptops. This is one of the top-grossing firms in the world of PCs and PC based accessories in India and also in the rest of the world.

In order to participate in the ‘Make In India movement’, Dell started its unit in Tamil Nadu and marketing its different models across India. One of the most favourite Dell desktop models is Dell Inspiron.

Inspiron sports a robust design featuring the latest processors and they are highly suitable for daily computing. Dell offers a wide selection of tower PCs, mini PCs, all-in-one PCs, mini PCs and stick PCs. The starting price of Dell desktops is Rs. 21,000. 

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Acer has created the slimmest and smartest desktop available in India. some of the Acer desktops carrying the tagline ‘Next Generation’ feature a touch screen and world-class performance. If you are looking for the top-selling model among Acer PCs in India, you can consider Acer Aspire IQ 8300B.

This model boasts 3GB RAM, 640GB hard drive and TFT 20. The different categories of Acer PC offerings target home use, gaming use and office use. Acer is a Taiwanese multinational IT firm.

The price range of Acer PCs starts from Rs. 25,000. Acer’s speciality in the desktop segment lies in fusing space-saving design and operating convenience. Nitro is a model offered by Acer to cater to a new level of gaming experience for casual gamers. 

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HCL computers are seen carrying high demand. HCL is perhaps the best available desktop choice in India for domestic and office purposes. HCL desktops come with free DOS operating system and the relevant specifications that can meet the domestic demands.

One of the best features that you can find in HCL desktops is Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (E7500) that is noted with a spinning speed of 2.93GHz. HCL is an Indian IT company and their desktops are a popular option for a large number of offices in the country. HCL desktops are priced starting from Rs. 25,000 onwards. 

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Compaq makes desktops that sport commendable features and comparatively lower price tags. This was the first firm to launch IBM-compatible portable PCs. During the 1980s and 1990s, Compaq was the world’s top-selling PC brand.

In 2002, this company was acquired by Hewlett-Packard. It was the youngest start-up to reach $1 billion in sales in 1987. This brand sells computers with a wide assortment of price ranges to meet diverse needs and budgets.

The majority of Compaq desktop models come with 2GB DDR2 RAM and 320GB ATA hard drive. Compaq all-in-one desktops are built to meet every expectation you might have to enhance your home and office IT set-up. 

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One of the leaders in the electrical based appliances in India, LG has a wide range of desktop models to offer. Some of the most popular PC models sold by LG feature AMD based games and a robust multimedia configuration.

LG systems are powered with Intel Core 2 Duo processor (E4600). The starting price of LG PCs is Rs. 21,700. LG produces powerful desktops that can give you the best value for your investment as their models are just brilliant.

LG’s Ultra Gear range of desktops assure the topmost performance for gamers who want an immersive gaming experience. LG gaming monitors are known for their indisputable realism in virtual gaming.  

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Zenith is among the largest desktop individual assembly manufacturing in India. This company was started in India in 1980 and worked with the mission of getting the latest technology gadgets to the Indian market.

The new product development center of Zenith in Mumbai researches and develops PCs and laptops for the purposes of computing, entertainment and communication.

An affordable price range and industry’s best specifications bestow a distinguished position for Zenith PCs. One of the bestselling models you will love in Zenith is Business PC H55 powered by Intel Core TM i5-750 and sporting a 1GB DDR2 RAM.

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Lenovo is a Japanese brand and is one of the largest makers of desktops and laptops in India in different price ranges. Deemed as the largest manufacturer of desktops in the country, Lenovo stands in the third position in the world. Lenovo desktop PCs are known for their entertainment, versatility and productivity.

Lenovo’s all-in-one multi-purpose desktop PCs are suitable for fitting within a small space in rooms. Known as intuitive systems, they are self-contained units with all the necessary computer peripherals clubbed into a single package enabling hassle-free movement within the house or office.

The different categories of Lenovo PCs include students, small businesses, gaming, tiny computers, and all-in-ones. 

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Wipro provides an assortment of desktop varieties to meet the diverse expectations of the buyers. The different options available among the Wipro desktops are entry-level systems, mainstream systems and performance level computers.

For the sake of meeting the fundamental computing needs and basic computer processes, Wipro has launched a desktop model known as Wipro SuperGenius 33155 Desktop PC. Some of the most interesting aspects of this PC model are Intel Core Processor Duo with E6300 and a Genuine Microsoft Professional Operating System.

Offering a first of its kind desktop, Wipro has fitted its ‘Power PC’ with powerful features to withstand power fluctuations and to meet the growing computing needs of buyers. Satisfying the challenging expectations of individuals, entrepreneurs and large corporate at once, this model is a value proposition for all these different segments.   

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An Indian based IT company offering an array of computers and related gadgets in India, Chirag has grabbed a sizeable share of the sales in the desktop segment also. Chirag is a segment of RP Group that has launched its new range of desktops at affordable prices.

The most striking desktop offerings of the company are C28, D16, U22, and U23 that can meet the needs of novices as well as seasoned users catering to satisfy the robust digital entertainment needs. The company says the purpose of offering these budget-priced PCs is to enable every kind of user with the benefits of IT mainly targeting the middle class and lower middle-class segments.

The common feature of these desktops is 17” Chirag flat CRT monitor as the visual display unit. The two versions available in these models are 12.1″ WXGA and 14″ WXGA screen sizes and 512 MB and 1GB RAM.  

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How to choose the best desktop?

When compared to laptops, desktops are also smart choices as they are not expensive and can accommodate a comfortable working on your work desk. The aspects you must focus on while trying to choose the best desktop are size, memory, external connectors, Video Graphic Cards, and Processor.

Choose the size of your computer to suit your requirements. Desktops are available in sizes ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches. With regard to the RAM memory, never settle with anything less than 8 GB RAM. For challenging performance, it is also good to go for 16 GB RAM. Choose a PC model that has as many ports as possible.

This can help you accommodate your future needs to connect different gadgets with your desktop. If you are an intensive gamer, developer, designer or video editor, it is good to go for DirectX 11 card on your desktop that has at least 2 GGB of memory. Intel processors can support robust expectations and can last for a long.   

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