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8 Best Dumbbells In India 2022

Here are the best dumbbells in India for you to stay fit this season. Check it out!

Dumbbells are fitness products highly used in weight training. They are used either independently or in pairs during workouts. Dumbbells have their origins in India as well as ancient Greece. The popular name for a dumbbell in India is ‘Indian Club’ as the shape of a dumbbell looks like a club.

Dumbbells are extensively used by bodybuilders, Sportster, and other fitness enthusiasts. Physical workouts are today considered one of the most effective ways to stay fit. Among the plethora of equipment found in use at the gyms and homes in fitness training, dumbbells have a very important role to play. A number of popular brands make dumbbells in India. Here is a review of the best dumbbells in India to guide your shopping decision.

Top Dumbbells in India

Aurion Chrome Dumbbells

best dumbbells in india

Aurion is one of the most popular brands in India dealing with an affordable range of sports goods under many categories. Aurion dumbbell models sport the perfect design and excellent performance that can give the best results during workouts.

Aurion Chrome dumbbells make exercising a pleasure and also burns those excess calories with ease. This is one of the best options for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

Some of the most alluring features of these dumbbells are their affordable price tag, a fine chrome finish, 3Kg product weight on each dumbbell, non-slippery design, ease to clean, and one-year warranty. Both amateurs and seasoned fitness enthusiasts will find this a great choice.

The fine chrome finish takes care of the equipment and floor from unwanted wear and tear. The anti-slip feature makes it the right pick for excessively sweating hands. In combination with the padded cushion, it makes for enhanced grip control. The aesthetic design of these dumbbells and their low maintenance needs make them an irresistible option.

I love how these dumbbells have a well-distributed weight that allows me to work out easily. I don’t think it has ever slipped down my hands when I’m full of sweat while working out.

Key features

  • Perfect design and excellent performance
  • Affordable
  • Non-slippery
  • Easy to clean


  • Material: 9.5/10
  • Grip: 10/10
  • Design: 9/10

IRIS Allen Key Iron Dumbbells

dumbbell sets in india

Steel plated dumbbells always have a huge following as they last for long, bestow great looks to the dumbbells and feel good while working out. IRIS has achieved a superior grade steel coating that does not invite scratches while placed on any kind of surface.

The round shape makes them versatile products while their single molded design makes them well balanced with the weight of the dumbbells evenly distributed throughout. These dumbbells are good to be paired with a squat rod. These dumbbells weigh 15 kgs each and hence are moderately heavy. Therefore, they might not suit beginners.

This is one of my favourite dumbbells to work out with because it provides an unmatched balance and helps me do squat curls and strength training easily.

These dumbbells are priced heavily and therefore might not sit budgeted expectations. If the weight and price are manageable to you, you will find these dumbbells the best option for your home gym. On the whole, their great looks, fine steel-coated finish, and great engineering make them highly pursued dumbbells.

Key features

  • Round iron dumbbells
  • Unmatched balance and weight distribution 
  • Good for any workout program


  • Material: 1010
  • Grip: 10/10
  • Design: 9.5/10

GSM Fitness hex dumbbells

best dumbbells india

GSM is a globally renowned brand for dumbbells. Their affordable pricing and unfailing performance make them highly suit the Indian market. If you are concerned about the floor damage due to heavy exercise, these are the perfect model you must pick.

Their top highlights are the highly durable PVC, highly stylish looks, the sturdy material carrying an A grade, anti-slip characteristics, compactness, and 2 years warranty. The best quality PVC used in its making accounts for its great performance as well as durability while withstanding different kinds of wear and tear.

GSM fitness hex dumbbells are rendered in 1 to 5 kgs of weight for each piece. This brand has perfectly balanced the looks and performance of the product and the excellent design enables you to burn out the unwanted calories while maintaining the balance.

In my opinion, these dumbbells are amazing because of their hexagonal shape that doesn’t slip away when kept on the floor after completing the workout. I also like how affordable it is which makes it great for beginners who have just started training.

The hexa shape prevents the dumbbells from rolling on the ground when dropped after use. The rubber coating, cast iron, and thoughtful engineering account for the high equilibrium of this product.

Key features

  • Cast-iron dumbbells
  • Affordable  
  • Floor grip due to hexagonal shape
  • Good for strength training


  • Material: 910
  • Grip: 9/10
  • Design: 9/10

Amazon Basics Neoprene Dumbbells

best dumbbells india

Amazon Basics is a highly known name in India for the best quality sports products and especially over the past few years, this brand is growing phenomenally in the country. The set of two dumbbells weigh 0.5 kg each. The hexagonal shape bestows an aesthetic looks to the dumbbells while the pink color mat finish adds to their appeal.

The high quality of the neoprene material accounts for its easy-grip features and makes workouts more convenient and enjoyable. The price is affordable and product range is between 1 to 20 pounds to choose from. These dumbbells carry 1 year warranty.

This is an ideal option for beginners and just a few weeks of exercising with them help you make a significant progress with your body building goals. So, achieving a toned shape is not a distant goal with these dumbbells. Highly suitable to workouts at home, these dumbbells can be used by men and women alike.

KOBO Gym Equipment Dumbbells

best dumbbells online india

One another successful dumbbell model with a steel appearance and rubber coated ends, these dumbbells are known for their extra heaviness, durability and sturdiness. Especially these kinds of dumbbells are highly preferred for the gyms.

In India, KOBO Gym Equipment Dumbbells are marketed in the weight range between 1 kg to 25 kg and therefore, it is possible to choose the right one for your weight lifting aspirations. These dumbbells are also rust proof. Made of premium class material, these dumbbells have the added advantage of coming with rubber ends. If you want to find a great dumbbell model that you can use for so long, these dumbbells can be the ideal pick.

These are fixed weight dumbbells made of cast iron. Ensuring an easy grip on them, there are solid iron bars in the middle. For easy identification, the weight is mentioned on the dumbbell. The hexagonal shape prevent the rolling of dumbbells on the floor. These are the best dumbbells that can suit a wide range of workouts.

Klikfit Round Dumbbells

Offered in two pieces weighing 10kgs each, Klikfit dumbbells sport an aesthetic construction and a great engineering for an excellent performance, user convenience and durability. These rubber coated dumbbells are highly depended on for strength building, fat burning, and achieve the desired body shape. The round heads highly suit the exercises meant for overhead triceps extensions as there is ample space available to handle them with your hands.

The material used in these dumbbells is rubber and these dumbbells enable targeting either specific muscle groups or go for a full body workout. You can use smaller weights to train the upper body and heavy weights for lower body training.

Some of the best advantages of these dumbbells are their chrome plated handles enabling a better grip and anti-corrosive properties to the dumbbells, the sizes marked for an easy identification, round shape making some workouts highly convenient, the availability of multiple weights. Whether you want to get ripped of those extra calories or would want to gain strength or build muscles, these are great dumbbells to bank on.

RubX Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

RubX’s hexagonal dumbbells weigh 7.5 kgs each. Rendered in an attractive black color, the material used in their making is rubber. RubX sports products always have a huge following and are noted for their dead bounce rate. These are exclusively designed dumbbells that carry unique looks, best in class material, well-balanced weight, and the best value for money.

The six sided design prevents it from rolling on the ground. These are the perfect tools in the hands of fitness freaks due to their several advantages. These dumbbells are highly preferred for strength training, muscle building, and fat burning. Some of the best highlights of these dumbbells are their easy to carry design, superior performance and durable construction. 

RubX dumbbells are a great choice for fitness training due to their several advantages for both beginners and seasoned body builders. Fitness professionals highly prefer these dumbbells due to their robust construction and the most minimal maintenance they require. Regular workouts with these dumbbells can ensure attaining your fitness goals quickly in a solid way.

 Benefits of Working Out with Dumbbells:

There are many benefits to working out with dumbbells, check out some of them below:

  • When you use dumbbells in your workout routine, you add resistance to your exercises, which can help you burn more calories and fat, and build more muscle.
  • ​​Dumbbells are very versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises. You can use them for everything from bicep curls to shoulder presses to squatting. 
  • Dumbbells also allow you to work each arm independently, which can help correct strength imbalances and prevent injuries. 
  • Using dumbbells can be a great way to change up your fitness routine and keep things interesting.

How to choose the best dumbbell for you?

Finding the right dumbbell for your workouts can be a daunting task. The optimal dumbbell you can land on is the one that will satisfy many of the following criteria.

  • Type of dumbbell

Dumbbells come in different builds and the variations can be mentioned in terms of colors, sizes, shapes and systems. It is important to focus on the type of dumbbell that will match with your exact workout styles. If you will keep the dumbbell on the shelf after use, the rounded edge dumbbell can be a good option. If you will drop them onto the ground after using, then hexagonal ones are safer as they will not roll off causing hazards. Also, while dumbbells with a rougher grip can be painful on the hands, those with a smoother grip can slip from the hands during workouts. Therefore, consider these variations carefully based on your workout styles.

  • Weight

Especially if you are a beginner, consider this aspect carefully. With regard to weight lifting, move from smaller weights progressively to higher weights. Find out the ideal weight of the dumbbell for you. Go for a dumbbell that is slightly heavier than your maximum limit so that you have some scope in front of you to catch up with. The weight of the dumbbell must also depend on your objectives including curls, upper body strength or whole body strength.

  • Space available

Consider how much area is available to store the dumbbells. If the available space is lesser, go for adjustable dumbbell. When there is ample space, you can even go for a set of fixed weights along with a dumbbell rack.

  • Choose the right accessories

To enhance your workout experience, you must also procure some accessories with your dumbbells like gloves, mats, and a dumbbell bench. Gloves prevent getting blisters and calluses while using dumbbells over extended workout sessions. Mats can prevent the damage to the floor and also dampen the sound while dropping the dumbbells down. If you want to use the dumbbells to give workouts for your shoulders, you must buy a dumbbell bench.

  • Dumbbell’s material

The three popular options for dumbbell material are chrome, vinyl and plastic. The chrome ones are more durable than the other options. Cross-hatched dumbbells can ensure the best grip even in sweaty hands. Choose the material depending on its suitability to you.

Aurion Chrome Dumbbells

Here are the best dumbbells in India. Do check out Aurion Chrome Dumbbells which are the best dumbbell set in India.

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