Best E-Commerce Furniture Brands in India

Best E-Commerce Furniture Brands in India 2021

Furniture has gotten difficult to pick from these days. With the myriad of options available around you in stores and online, it can overwhelm the buyer and confuse in a lot of ways. 

While a good picked variety is important when it comes to furniture, it is also vital to have good deals and taste! 

E-commerce furniture brands are cut exactly for this. It allows you to choose from the wide range and gives a great touch to your home for an amazing deal. 

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We have filtered through some of the most popular and sought after e commerce furniture brands that are available in India. 

After having reviewed all the best E-commerce furniture brands in India based on various factors like UI/UX, quality, materials, price, customer service, delivery, and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 8 brands that really stood out. Furniture from these 8 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best E-commerce furniture brand in India is Pepperfry. It’s the best option for users who need both range and quality. In addition to furniture, they also have home décor. Most importantly, Pepperfry products are quite affordable. The users can even avail EMI on a minimum purchase of Rs.3000.

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Best E-Commerce Furniture Brands in India


If you are looking for hassle free furniture shopping, you might want to hop on board with the other Indians for Pepperfry

  • With the wide range of variety in different kinds of furniture that excels in quality, Pepperfry is the best option for you if you are looking for some really good home decor and furniture. 
  • They have sofas, beddings, tables, cushions, bedsheets and crockery. Reviewers have affirmed that the quality of Pepperfry is impeccable and their products are long-lasting and provide a great aesthetic for your home irrespective of what you buy. 

The only drawback with this e-commerce site is that it is expensive. You will not be able to choose the EMI option unless you have purchased stuff worth 3,000 minimum. But the rates aside, we think the quality and the exciting range is something that you can hang onto Pepperfry for. 

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Looking for some quaint furniture for your new home? Or looking at redecorating your now boring decor? 

  • Hometown has it all covered. What makes them stand out from the rest is the quality of their furniture which cannot be compromised. They have lasting furniture including wardrobes, tables and chairs. 
  • The delivery of furniture is cost-free when you purchase more than Rs. 499. You have employees from Hometown come in to arrange everything within 48 hours which is pretty impressive if you ask us. 

The decor can be directed and guided by you and the work will be done immediately. All furniture from Hometown has a warranty of 1 year and lifetime service. When compared to Pepperfry, this can be slightly hard to get in certain areas. 


IKEA has been the safe option for those who want to purchase on a budget. If you are looking for furniture in a temporary home or trying to amp up certain areas of your home, IKEA is the place! 

  • They have a wide range of dining tables, beds, mattresses and other furniture that you will definitely have to get your hands on. 
  • They are affordable and caters to everyone in India looking for some tasteful furniture. IKEA does not compromise on the quality of their furniture but gives you the utmost experience in using their stuff. 

IKEA has begun to make waves among Indian clientele with their swift delivery and preciseness in their furniture. Always have tabs on the IKEA updates on their latest discounts because they are worth it! 


Urban ladder has a wide range of categories available for you to choose from and decorate your home with the right intent. 

  • The quality of their sofas, wardrobes, tables and other furniture are so top-notch and have a reputation for lasting long. 
  • Each category of furniture that this site provides has a wide and elaborate range of products that come as a rescue to those who have trouble finding the right furniture. 

The only drawback to this site according to us is that it takes a longer time to be delivered than the rest. On the brighter side, the price range is affordable. 


Furniturewala gives you just the right picks in the kind of furniture you desire. With the wide array of products, it could be slightly intimidating to narrow it down but we promise you, the choice is the best part about this e-commerce site. 

  • The luxury furniture that this site offers you ranges from Barca loungers to sofas to fluffy mattresses. Each of these offer to give you utmost comfort and satisfaction. 
  • The lighting range that this site offers is also to consider with the right kind of lighting for every part of your home. 

Like we mentioned above, this e-commerce website offers you good price ranges so make sure your picks are as varied as possible. 


The popular categories on Durian are living room, kitchen, lighting and office which make up for the entire home decor. 

  • Now that work from home has become a part of our living, there is a section which makes work easier at home with the right kind of furniture and assistance. 
  • The sofas and barcaloungers that this site has are of great quality and are sure to last for a very long time. 

There is a section on the site that keeps you updated with the best deals that are available. We assure you that the decor of your home will be amplified when the right kind of furniture is chosen from this e-commerce site. 


Fabindia is known for its extraordinary but ethnic clothes that have a special sense of culture embedded in it. 

  • But the furniture of this brand is also noteworthy and works in the favour of those who want to pump up the look a bit in their homes. 
  • We love the fact that their chairs, lamps and sofas have the same patterns and compliment one another when bought together for a home.

It is necessary to consider the prices of this furniture as they are a bit on the higher side. The best part about Fabindia is that it is available easily with the stores in every corner. Fabindia offers some great discounts during festive seasons so look out for those!


Flipkart as we all know of is one of the most popular sites in India. The furniture in other ecommerce sites might have issues regarding availability and prices but not Flipkart. 

  • The site is amazing with the variety of furniture they have. Flipkart allows you to filter your needs according to where you need the furniture to go and how you want it to impact your home. 

Flipkart is a blessing for those who are looking endlessly for discounts and good deals. The cushions and sofa sets they have are impeccable in quality and have a wide range of brands that are available to you. 


This online site does not need introduction at all but we need to highlight the exquisite collection of furniture they have for people of all taste. 

  • They have a kind from every brand out there in India that are making it big. Amazon offers you the best discounts and gives you the freedom to filter according to your home decor needs. 
  • There isn’t anything that is not available on Amazon in terms of home decor. The delivery from Amazon is quick and the executives are very prompt when it comes to delivering furniture of all kinds. 

Amazon is the easiest place to go to for all your needs since it is available for everyone and gives you a wide range of products to select from. They always do! 

Tips to buying furniture online

We understand that it could be slightly difficult for some of you to muster the courage to buy furniture online. So we have some tips that you can keep in mind while you are making a purchase online especially when it comes to furniture. 

  • Look for familiar and popular brands that you already know of. This way you are sure of what you will be receiving without damage. Even when you are skimming through products we suggest you make comparisons and look at prices and the wide range of options. 
  • Look at customer reviews and notice what they have to say about their experience with each of them. This can give you an insight into the durability of furniture and if they felt it reasonable. The pictures might also give you an idea of whether the product will appear as expected. 
  • Discounts are ever so present. You just need to purchase at the right time. But let the low prices not deceive you. Make it a point to constantly check for reviews and see if the products are actually worth it before you go ahead with your purchase. 

Choosing the right furniture for your home is an absolute must, but so is having choices to pick from and having the right balance between price and quality. These ecommerce sites that we have provided you with will give you a pleasant experience in terms of decorating your home and making a worthwhile purchase! 

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