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Best Earphones With A Mic Under 1000

Owning a good quality pair of earphones can go a long way in allowing you to sink into your daily activities with ease. But imagine if those earphones didn’t have to cost as much as you fear they do. 

Not only does our well-curated list have some amazing pair of earphones but it also comes cheap. And a mic! 

Check out these best earphones with a mic under 1000 that you can purchase right away!

Top earphones with a mic under 1000

Best earphones with a mic under 1000Link
Brainwavs earphones with mic 
1More Piston earphones 
Sennheiser earphone 
JBL T100 earphones 
Sony MDR EX150 
Audio Technica earphones 
  Sennheiser CX180 earphones
Altec lansing earphones 
Evidson Audiowear earphones

Here are some of the best portable bluetooth speakers in India.

Brainwavs earphones with mic 

earphones in india with mic

Brainwavs has made its way through the Indian market with its recent hits and has gained the attention of music lovers everywhere with some of its top-notch earphones

  • The biggest pro of this pair of earphones is that the sound clarity is impeccable and offers a distinct experience for the user. 
  • It comes with a controlled bass which also allows the user to tune it according to their liking. 
  • The mic and remote that come with the earphones make it easy for the user to control the music they’re listening to. 
  • The cable is 1.2 m which is long and comfortable enough to keep in your bag and still move around. 
Pros Cons 
Great sound quality for the price. Does not have a hardcase. 

1More Piston earphones 

earphones in mic

1more piston is another brand which has paved for gadegt lovers to explore. 

  • The sound quality can be balanced and create an experience that each user will enjoy. 
  • The feature to pay heed to is the volume level which is 70 percent which is what most users enjoy. 
  • The price of this pair of earphones is cheap which can intrigue the buyer. 
  • We love the steel blue color that the buds are made up of with a cord that is long enough to comfortably move around with. 
  • The earphones are compatible with both Android iOS. 
  • The built-in mic is in the right position that you can answer calls without hunting for the mic on the earphone like we all usually do. 
Pros Cons 
Comes at an affordable and cheap price and is easily available. The sound quality can be a bit of a concern. 

Sennheiser earphone 

best earphones in india

Sennheiser earphones are pretty popular in India with the varieties and models they offer their customers. 

  • The earphones are bass-driven and have a great sound quality which can serve as the right choice for those who are music lovers. Not only that, it can offer you a clear sound in your phone calls with the mic placed at the right position. 
  • The buds are designed in a way to make sure they don’t fall out of your ears during movement and offer great comfort. 
  • The earphones comes with a 2 year warranty which will ensure the repair of any defect that it comes with. 
  • The buds are also extremely comfortable to the ear and does not fall when moving. 
Pros Cons 
Stays in the ear without falling out. None. 

JBL T100 earphones 

JBL T100 earphones 

For everyone who has been eagerly waiting for this one- finally! 

  • It is no surprise that JBL has a dedicated following with their products falling in alignment with what gadget lovers want. 
  • The fact that this pair of earphones with mic is under 1000 and still comes with impeccable sound quality is mind-blowing and gives customers all the more reason to love JBL. 
  • These JBL earphones offer the best experience in music and give you the freedom to move around as much as you want to. 
  • The mic has a great grasping power which allows you to speak without worrying without the mic is near your mouth. 
  • The bass of these earphones is strong and can come as a delight to those who have that particular taste in music. 
Pros Cons
The mic catches sound accurately. Might be slightly more expensive than the rest on the list. 

Sony MDR EX150 

best earphones mic in India 1000

Sony has its collection of earphones that comes within the reach of those on a budget. The best part is the vibrant colors that it comes with. 

  • The mic on this earphone under Rs.1000 is handsfree which makes life is super easy when you are on the run. 
  • The sony earphones are lightweight and are very handy for those commuters who want a sturdy pair of earphones. 
  • What we love about this brand is that they offer a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from which makes it stand out from the other brands that we have listed. 
Pros Cons 
Awesome sound quality with exciting colors ranges. Not easily available. 

Audio Technica earphones 

earphones in India under 1000

Audio technica earphones are one of the most durable and easily accessible earphones there is in India which comes at an affordable price. 

  • We would like to stress on the sound quality and the immersive experience these pair of earphones provide. 
  • Unlike the other earphones on our list these come in 3 different sizes like small, medium and large. 
  • The earphones have a comfortable snug fit buds that go well with those who have to put up with movement when they are listening to music. 
  • It comes in two colors. Blue and black. 
Pros Cons
Good quality soundNot many colors to choose from. 

  Sennheiser CX180 earphones

earphones with mic 1000

Sennheiser has one more affordable earphone with a mic that is of good quality both material and sound.

  • The quality of these earphones that customer reviews say that the quality of these earphones are top notch. 
  • The audio  quality of these earphones are incomparable and work at bringing the customer only the best experience. 
  • The frequency range of this is 2000 Hz which works super well for those who love a good volume of sound. 
  • The cost of this is Rs.819 which is super affordable if you ask us. 
Pros Cons 
Very easily available and cheap. None.

Altec lansing earphones 

best earphones

Altec earphones are an amazing fit for those who have frequent calls to take since their mic quality is impeccable. 

  • One major feature of this pair of earphones is that it can withstand long usage and can last for an extremely long time inspite of your usage. 
  • The volume can be adjusted near the mic which gives you one less reason to check your phone every now and then. 
  • One cause of concern has been the leakage of noise through these earphones that can be heard if you are on high volume but other than that it works like a charm. 
Pros Cons 
Can last very long. Leakage of noise through the earphones. 

Evidson Audiowear earphones

Evidson is a new brand that is still making its way in the Indian market and has impressed the consumers with its quality. 

  • The bass performance on these earphones is top notch and has the customers hooked to their quality. 
  • The audio can be adjusted according to the needs of the listener which makes it all the more reason to purchase this one. 
  • The material of the earphones are plastic which can be a source of concern for many who are worried about the durability. 
  • The volume levels of these are 75% which is pretty loud. 
  • Another major pro of owning these earphones is that they are tangle free. 
Tangle free and easily manageable. None. 

Now that we have offered you with the best range of earphones that come within your budget, you can choose the best one according to the features we have listed out for you. 

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