Best Eyebrow Epilator in India 2022

Perfectly shaped eyebrows are everyone’s dream. Nobody likes to have clumsy or spread out growth in your eyebrow region. Besides going for your painful threading sessions in the salon there are other effective ways to get the desired shape and most importantly, maintain the length of your eyebrows. 

That’s where eyebrow epilators come into play. These devices come in handy when you need to remove extra growth and keep the shape intact. 

Best eyebrow trimmer in India 2022

Veet sensitive touch epilator 

Veet has some of the best hair removal techniques that work for budget oriented people. The eyebrow epilator has great precision and makes it super easy to remove and shape eyebrows in ways that you’d want. 

The Veet eyebrow shaper is waterproof and does not affect the quality of the body in any way. It is resistant to a lot of external factors that might damage or cause less efficient ways in the shape of your eyebrows. 

It comes in travel-friendly packaging which means it is compact and be carried anywhere without imposition to your luggage!

Another important factor that this epilator has is that it is wireless so you can carry it around without any ties. 

Pros Cons 
Wireless and compatible. Slightly pricey. 

Braun epilator 

Braun is one of our favorite brands that is out there for how lasting their products are. They have the ability to work their way through the thickest of brows and still be durable. 

The head of the epilator is thin and has about 10 micro openings which effectively trims off the hair and gives you a super easy experience in the whole process. 

It comes with a cleansing brush which you can use to remove the hair that has fallen off or made to cleanse the pores from deep within giving you a smooth and glistening look! 

This epilator costs about Rs. 2,583 which is pretty pricey but worth all the features it comes with. 

Pros Cons 
Great for sensitive skin. Expensive. 

Philips eyebrow epilator 

Philips is a brand that has emerged all our trust in the best and gives us only the best appliances that work great for those who care a lot about quality. 

It comes with 3 blades which not only works for the eyebrows but also the nose and the ears. This epilator is completely waterproof and can be cleaned without worrying about whether the water will affect the quality of the epilator. 

Besides being wireless, the size of the epilator is such that it can be carried around without too much imposition or effort. It is sure to fit right into your bag. 

It is a bit on the pricey side costing about Rs. 3,000.

Pros Cons 
Compact and comfortable to use at any time. Expensive. 

Braun silk epil trimmer 

The silk formula of this epilator from Braun is a must-have for those who are worried about damaging their sensitive skin. 

The silk formula works wonders on sensitive skin and acts extremely gently in removing the hair and giving you a defined shape for the eyebrows. 

The compact design of the epilator makes it easy for you to hold and maneuver around your eyebrows and give you a well-defined shape and maintain the shape. 

It allows painless hair removal on any part of your body but since the head is sleek it is best used on your eyebrow area to give a nice shape to the eyebrows. 

Pros Cons 
Great sleek design of the epilator. Might tug on longer strands of hair. 

Petrice eyebrow threading epilator 

This device is not like the others on our list. 

It works manually and has a threading system to work with your eyebrows and shape them according to your needs. 

Besides your eyebrow threading, this can remove hair on your cheek and forehead as well. 

The best part about this epilator is that is very cost-effective and comes at only Rs. 215 so you don’t even have to think twice about investing in one. 

The only downside is that it might not be very effective in removing fine hair since it works on thread and it has to be done manually. 

Pros Cons 
Easily available and cost effective. Not helpful for fine hair removal. 

Flawless eyebrow epilator

The name stands true to the technology that they so effortlessly pull off with the soft touch on the skin without hurting your sensitive skin and making sure your hair is removed painlessly. 

If you are someone who is worried about using new products on your skin worried about consequences, then you can jump right into this one without the fear of being hurt. 

This has a wireless formula which means you can use it by maneuvering the sides and edges without any fear. 

You can use it daily and frequently without having to worry about skin rashes or other effects. 

According to reviews, there is one con which is the epilator heats up extremely quickly which can have consequences on your skin. 

Pros Cons 
Great for daily use. The device tends to heat really fast. 

Bline eyebrow threading system 

Bline is a brand that has started to gain popularity with the kind of products they have introduced in the beauty industry. 

The size of this epilator is only that of a lipstick so you can fit this in your makeup bag and use it when necessary without having to work your way into finding it. 

The blade head of this epilator is removable and this is an important part of cleaning the device without worrying about affecting the quality and durability of the epilator. 

Customer reviews have time and again mentioned that this device is gentle on the skin. 

Cheap and easily available. None. 

BK Sales eyebrow epilator 

A multi plated epilator that is great on all skin types and is cost-effective as well!

Besides being portable and compact, it has a sleek design that looks amazing on the whole. 

Say goodbye to painful waxing and threading by taking this as your permanent solution. 

The head of this epilator is thin and is easy to work around the brows and gives a defined shape to your eyebrows. 

Make sure you use this epilator on clean and dry skin. Just after you are done with the process you can finish it with lotion to smoothen the flaky skin. 

What we love about this epilator is that even the tiniest of strands can be pulled out effectively by moving this in a circular motion. 

Pros Cons 
Great for removing tiny strands of hair. Not easily available. 

Keeping your eyebrows on fleek is a super important aspect of grooming and keeping you glam always. We hope these eyebrow epilators help you maintain your glamour always. 

Eyebrow epilator

Braun is a brand with a great reputation in beauty appliances

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