Best Face Scrubs In India 2022

Why make regular visits to the salon when you can exfoliate your skin at home! 

Face scrubs should be an important part of skincare for the intense repair it is capable of. It penetrates the skin and removes pollutants which are prone to ruin your skin. We want to make sure you have radiant skin. So here are the best face scrubs in India.

It is possible you are here in spite of trying various methods to mend your skin and yet failed. It might not have been the perfect solution for your skin type, or the brand wasn’t exactly what you’re skin needed. The ingredients that it contains is another important aspect to consider while choosing a face scrub. 

Using a face scrub on a regular basis will boost the condition of your skin and help you get rid of dead cells and give your radiant and shiny skin. This again comes with the right choice. So, our team has reviewed a bunch of products for the wellbeing of your skin.

Top Face Scrubs in India 2022

Feature Product 
Best face scrub for oily skinFABEYA scrub
Best face scrub for dry skinmCaffeine scrub
Best face scrub for menChocolate and coffee scrub
Best face scrub for sensitive skinBlue Nectar face scrub
Best face scrub for blackheadsUstra face scrub

Ustraa Face Scrub 

Ustraa has a reputable image with its wide range of effective products. Its face scrub is super effective and is definitely highly recommended. 

  • The face scrub contains natural walnut shell granules that work in deeply nourishing your skin and eliminating contaminants that lay low in the skin.
  • The granules of walnut are known to de-tan skin as well as boost radiance by eliminating dead cells.
  • The face scrub removes blackheads and fades black spots instantly. If you are going through all of these skin issues at the same time this is the best remedy. 


It has strong elements which is useful for people with more blackheads and acne. 


Not suitable for sensitive skin. 

FABEYA Biocare charcoal face scrub 

This face scrub from FABEYA is capable of instant radiance because of the presence of charcoal. Charcoal has the ability to absorb dirt and other impurities. 

  • The activated charcoal in the product can be of great help to those exposed to dust and the sun for a long time. 
  • The absence of paraben makes the product all the more trustworthy and safe to use. 
  • The container is big enough to last for a long time. 
  • A small amount of this product is enough to do the job right. 


Highly effective. 


Not for sensitive skin

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Face Scrub

This face scrub from Blue Nectar is ayurvedic with the perfect ingredients that are natural and safe to use for all skin types. This face scrub is for men and women with a different skin. 

  • Since it is free of chemicals it works on the skin with utmost care. 
  • It is a mixture of almond, saffron and other essential oils which when blended together comes as a treatment for tan and aging skin. 
  • It has the ability to fight pigmentation as well. 


Free of chemicals 



Biotique Papaya Tan Face Scrub 

Biotique has a known reputation for the kind of products they have, especially face products. 

  • This face scrub is dominated by papaya which is an amazing element in removing tan and dirt from the skin. 
  • It unclogs pores and evens out the skin making it more smooth and fresh looking. 
  • It dissolves the dead skins on the surface of the face which is the main reason for dull skin. Once this is removed you will have radiant and fresh skin. 
  • To attain the best results make sure to use this face scrub every week. 


The presence of papaya helps in brightening the skin. 



May not be as effective for blackhead removal. 

Chocolate and Coffee face scrub 

 The two best ingredients to effectively remove creases, wrinkles and acne. This combination of chocolate and coffee is sure to make visible changes to your skin by radiating from within. 

  • Using this product is equal to hydrating your skin and getting rid of cellulite as coffee works its way through the dead skin cells. 
  • Chocolate is capable of giving your skin the necessary shine and keeps it youthful and shining. 
  • It also exfoliates your skin by cleansing the pores thoroughly and moisturizes the skin. 
  • Cocoa does a great job removing tan effectively. 
  • Make sure not to rub your face too hard with this scrub as the ingredients can be slightly strong. 


Removes tan and wrinkles. 


Not for sensitive skin. 

mCaffeine Naked and raw coffee scrub 

This scrub, although dominated by coffee, has a good amount of walnut in it which works as the perfect combination to revitalize the skin. 

  • Since coffee increases collagen, this scrub will intensely repair your skin by eliminating dead cells and giving your radiant skin. 
  • By removing the impurities it gives your skin, it unveils your natural skin glow. 
  • The caffeine tones the skin and reduces the puffiness in the face. 
  • For the best of results use this scrub twice a week. 


Effective for rough skin. 


Not for daily use. 

Plum Green Tree cleansing face scrub

This face scrub is soap-free and works well with its natural ingredients. It is also a 100% vegan while also being paraben-free. 

  • Green tea extracts are effective in removing acne and the glycolic acid removes dead cells which is the main reason for acne. 
  • It works well with removing excess oil and makes the skin more fresh and radiant. 
  • It does not allow blocked pores to keep it open at all times. 


Unclogs pores 


 Not suitable for dry skin. 

L’Oreal Detoxifying Clay face scrub

We kept the best for last. L’Oreal makes the best and effective face scrubs for all skin types. 

  • This face scrub is a detox that brightens the skin in no time. 
  • It is capable of evening skin tone and energizing dull skin. 
  • It has a combination of three clays which work their way with blackheads. It has a tinge of red algae which performs well on different skin tones. 


Suitable for all skin types. 



Everyouth exfoliating face scrub

Everyouth is a brand that has been considerate safe for all skin types in all the products they have produced throughout the years. 

  • If you are looking for a product to remove that tiredness off your face with a gentle yet effective product, then this one from Everyouth is everything you need. 
  • It removed dead cells from deep within and opens your pores for the vitamins to seep in and give you glowing and beautiful skin all day long. 
  • This scrub comes at an affordable price and is accessible to everyone who longs for a good skincare routine. 


Removes blackheads and blemishes from the face. 


Might not be great for extremely sensitive skin. 

St. Botanica Brightening Face Scrub 

St Botanica is a daily herbal brand that works wonders on giving the skin natural aspects and allowing your skin to be radiant for a long time. 

  • The highlight of this face scrub is that its free of parabens and works really gentle on sensitive skin. 
  • The main feature of this face scrub is that it elevates the fairness by decreasing melanin and giving you a certain sense of glow. 
  • Besides this the exfoliator is great in reducing wrinkles and other blemishes on the skin. 


Good for aging skin 


Not for extremely sensitive skin, 

Face Scrubs in India 2022

Using a face scrub can seem like a menial part of your skincare routine but can have a great impact when used right. There are a ton of factors that can affect differently on various skin types. We have taken the liberty to clear all your doubts regarding using a face scrub. 

How to choose a face scrub?

  • Consider your skin type. There are tons of face scrubs in the market that cater to different skin types. Being aware of how your skin will react to ingredients is important. 
  • Ingredients used in a product are subjective to the result they are aiming for. Stronger elements are used in some and mild ones in others. Take this into consideration before choosing a face scrub. 
  • Obviously each product differs in terms of prices. Pay attention to the service it provides and compare it with the price to make a genuine choice. 

How to use a face scrub?

There are certain steps that have to be followed while using a face scrub since it is not like a face wash which is gentle on the skin. Given that the function of the face scrub is to clean underlying pollutants in the skin, it is meant to be used a certain way. 

  • Wet your face and apply a small amount of face scrub onto the face. 
  • Using your fingers gently massage the scrub across your face and focus more on the parts that have acne and blackheads. 
  • Splash water on your face and gently massage for another two minutes. 
  • After you’re done, gently dab your face with a clean towel. 
  • Apply a moisturizer to keep your pores intact. 

What’s the difference between a face wash and a face scrub?

 While a face wash is used for cleaning the face everyday off the pollutants on the surface of the skin and the face scrub on the other works towards cleansing the pores. It eliminates dirt from within the pores. A face wash has to be used every day and a face scrub can be used once a week since it is stronger. 

What should be applied to the skin after using a face scrub?

Exfoliating your skin is opening up the pores to make it easier to get rid of the pollutants and underlying contaminants. After you scrub your face, which is a harsh process on the skin, make sure to splash cold water to soothe the skin and to close the pores. Once the washing process is done, you can use a suitable moisturizer. 

So there! Those are some of the best brands of face scrubs that are available in India. We hope you find the perfect face scrub for your skin type with our given products. 

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