10 Best Footwear Brands in India 2021

Your shoes are the first thing anyone notices about you. The footwear you’re wearing can make or break your outfit. Why compromise when there are so many fantastic brands out there with footwear for every occasion. I have put together reviews of the Best Footwear Brands in India, so the next time you want to shop, you know exactly where to go:

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ClarksLeather, casual and sportsLink

After having reviewed all the best footwear brands in India based on various factors like design, comfort, materials, longevity, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out, Footwear from these 8 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best footwear brand in India is Nike. Not only is it made from extremely good quality materials but every single piece of footwear that’s manufactured by Nike is tailor-made to be as comfortable as possible. Additionally, Nike footwear is made from lightweight and durable materials, making it the best in its price segment. Most importantly, they have a huge range of footwear.

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Best Footwear Brands in India


Very few brands have managed to consistently stay on top with their product quality, comfort and designs. It’s one of the Best Footwear Brands in India.

 Nike is one such brand, known for its sportswear and activewear. Every year there are a new set of shoes by Nike, designed for more comfortable wear, to improve performance, be it running or a good workout at the gym, and of course, they look so good!

 Nike shoes are very lightweight and fit so well with an amazing grip that you can forget you’re wearing them. 

If sports shoes are what you are after, Nike should be your go-to brand. Nike also has a small range of flip flop sandals which are bought by many men.

 These are very soft, offer good grip and are very durable too. Among the leading international sports brands in India, Nike is one of the more expensive ones. 

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Puma is also one of those brands popular among sportspeople and athletes. While Puma does have a good selection of running shoes and activewear, the brand also carries a very impressive line of casual shoes and apparel. 

Puma shoes are nothing close to chunky. They are in fact, very lightweight and offer a snug fit to the wearer. They come in brilliant as well as subtle colours.

 The colours and the design of the shoes make these perfect to be paired with jeans and a T-shirt on a casual evening catching up with your friends. 

Puma has a line of footwear for women too that includes sneakers, sports shoes, slippers and sandals. The footwear by this brand is designed to be worn the whole day and save your feet from fatigue. Puma footwear is priced quite reasonably, another reason behind its popularity. 

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Metro shoes are high end fashion and there is no doubt about it. Enter a Metro store and you are sure to have a plethora of options for every occasion. 

The footwear by this brand are very pricey and that’s not only because of the unique designs but also because of the quality of the material used and the workmanship. 

These shoes do last a really long time when maintained properly. 

What makes Metro really popular is the range of wedding footwear this brand carries, for women, men as well as children. 

Bridal footwear, as well as footwear for friends of the bride, are something that women pay a lot of importance to, and you are sure to get a pair that matches your outfit, at Metro. 

The brand also has always been in tune with the hottest trends in the market, introducing new designs quite frequently. 


There is definitely not going to be a list of the best footwear brands in India without Adidas on it.

Adidas is a sportswear and activewear brand and endorsed by many sports people across the world. The brand constantly strives to design shoes that improve the performance of your run or workout by reducing the fatigue on your feet and the strain on your lower body. 

Adidas has a wide choice for men and women in running shoes, tennis shoes, trekking shoes, slippers and sandals. Some of the sandals are designed to be used on rougher terrains and offer good grip for short hikes or treks. 

The sneakers also look pretty cool when worn with your casual jeans and shirt outfits. Adidas is one of the leading brands in the world and the footwear is priced on the expensive side. 


If you want your soles to feel like they are treading on a cloud, Clarks is the brand for you. Agreed, the footwear may not be very glamorous as many other brands, but believe me, these are the shoes you will want to live in and never take them off!

Clarks is a UK based brand making uber comfortable footwear for men and women for close to two centuries now. 

Clarks is very popular for its calf suede leather boots that sell like hot cakes across the world. Clarks really sets itself apart by using the softest material and a thick sole. 

The combination of these two ease fatigue and are especially helpful for those who spend most of their time on their feet. 

Take your pick from loafers, sneakers, sandals, brogues and many more. 

Clarks footwear does not come cheap. They are certainly expensive but they must be considered an investment. They are also quite long lasting. 


I’m sure the name “Woodland” brings to your mind rugged and super strong footwear, meant for rough terrains.

 You are right, Woodland decided to cater to all those outdoorsy people who literally live for their weekend treks and hikes in the mountains. 

When Woodland was launched in India, there weren’t many brands solely focusing on the right footwear for people who liked to camp. 

Though there are a few brands out there today, Woodland still manages to be the number 1 choice for serious trekkers. 

What sets Woodland apart is that these shoes are made from good quality leather.

The shoes are waterproof, snowproof and can keep your feet warm. They are built to last and are very durable. Over the years Woodland has also manufactured shoes that are less rugged, so you now have the option of regular sneakers too which can be paired with your casualwear clothes. 


Fila is a famous South Korean footwear and apparel brand with a huge online store, making it very convenient for shopaholics.

Though this is primarily a sportswear brand, Fila also carries a lot of casual shoes and sneakers and this is what the brand is well known for.

In fact, the best selling shoes by Fila in India are the “Icon” Sneakers, worn by many youngsters with jeans and tee shirts for a cool and stylish look. 

These sneakers are sleek, have a smooth finish and are very slim, unlike chunky training shoes.

They come in several colour combinations and are priced very reasonably. Fila sneakers and training shoes are very comfortable and durable, some of them lasting for several years when taken care of properly. 

Lee Cooper

Nobody dresses better than the Europeans, so trust Lee Cooper to dress you with the classiest shoes in town. This London based shoes and apparel company is spread across the world and is the favourite of many. 

Lee Cooper has a huge range of leather formal shoes you can choose from to go with all your office wear and other formal outfits, and in several shades. 

The brand also carries a line of casual shoes like sandals and sneakers, in fabric as well as leather.

The “Fun Day FlipFlops” line of footwear is just the ones you should be wearing to the beach, paired with your shorts and tees. These are soft, offer a decent amount of grip and keep you comfortable all day long. 


For many years Bata had the rep of being “safe” shoes but with no aesthetic appeal. Bata always focused on giving its customers shoes that were designed to support your posture for daily wear. However, over the years, Bata has done a complete revamp of its stock and

it showcases some of the best designs in the country.

Women, especially, can choose high heeled workwear shoes that are also surprisingly comfortable in several patterns. There is a line of footwear that can be worn for special events which go well with both Indian as well as Western wear.

 The options for men are also huge, with formal wear, casual shoes, sneakers and slippers. Even though Bata has come up with so many designs keeping up with the times, they have not compromised on the traditional Bata quality. 

Hush Puppies

Slip your feet into a pair of Hush Puppies shoes and I guarantee, you will not want to pull them out. Hush Puppies is an American footwear brand that is now widely sold across the world, making premium footwear in materials that are evidently high quality. 

Though initially sold as part of Bata shoes, Hush Puppies is now well known in India with its own loyal fan following. 

Hush Puppies is the brand you should check out if you’re looking for footwear for formalwear, office wear or for casual wear. Like Clarks, Hush Puppies focuses on giving the wear comfort and that means it is difficult to make very fancy looking footwear which may not be the most comfortable to be worn everyday. 

Having said that, though, the brand does carry quite a few options for men, from slip on shoes to lace ups, thong style slippers, Derby sneakers, Oxfords, Loafers and a lot more. 

Hush Puppies shoes are fairly expensive, but do consider them an investment for your feet.

How To Select The Best Footwear Brand?

When it comes to footwear a quality of the brand matters. Especially since your going to be using it everyday. You really do not want to be wearing uncomfortable footwear as it can cause serious issues to not only your foot but also legs. More than anything you don’t need a pair of tight shoes to contribute to your daily stress. So, here are some basic factors that you need to consider before you invest in pair of footwear.


  • This is obviously the most important factor you need to consider. We recommed you choose your footwear based on the sole and the size. Either buy the perfect size or by a size that’s one inch or half and inch above yours as you get some breathing room. However, for sportspeople we do recommed you get the perfect size as it matters to the overally performance and you can injure yourself if you get a big shoe.
  • The sole should also be comfortable enough during long durations. So, check the groves and even the material to make absolutely sure it’s comfortable before you get it.


  • Footwear tends to wear out fast. So, it’s better to get a range of footwear for multiple occassions. So, you can make everything last for a while. We recommend you buy a pair for a formal ocassion, two for casual ocassions that you can alternate between and one sports shoe. Additionally, a pair of slippers can also be extremely convenient. Of course the colour and design is completely up to.


  • This is everything when it comes to footwear. You need to look for footwear from good brands as they use the best materials. You might actually end up spending more money in the long run. So, shelling out a bit more on a good pair can help you save a ton of moeny.

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