10 Best Fountain Pen in India | The Latest 2022 Guide

Looking for a fountain pen to class up your stationery? Check out our list of the Best Fountain Pen in India!

A fountain pen is one of the classiest things you will take pride in carrying around with you. In making a style statement, fountain pens have no parallel. In bestowing vibrancy to your writing, a fountain pen makes penning a pleasure.

Best Fountain Pen Models in IndiaProduct highlights
Parker Vector 9000023210 Standard Fountain PenElegantly designed with stainless steel trim, molded plastic barrel and high gloss colors; twin-channeled ink feed and innovative collector system are great features
Gold Leaf New 79 Designer Starwalker Cross Line Fountain PenAn impressive member of the Starwalker series, this model sports a laser-etched attractive design delivered in an elegant dark grey finish with a medium grade nib
Parker Vector Mettalix Fountain Pen (Blue) ABS-based barrel and matching stainless steel cap assure stylish looks, the pen has a twin-channeled ink feed and a collector-based system.
Pilot Leopard Design Body Fountain Pen Fine Nib, Black InkPolished stainless steel accents, sturdy make for durability, purple color body, packed in an elegant black box makes a perfect gift
Camlin Kokuyo Trinity Fountain Pen with 3-in-1 MechanismElegant and attractive design, lightweight body, comfortable grip, and innovative 3 in 1 ink filling technology,
Oculus Supremo-04  15 Black Fountain PenUser-friendly design, environmental-friendly material, easy to operate the mechanism, iridium nib for medium ink flow suiting most writing styles
Gold Leaf Baoer Emotion Fountain PenAesthetically appealing design, laser edged grid pattern, medium grade nib, smooth writing and reasonable price tag
Loggas New Baoer 79 Black Fountain PenGlossy titanium finish for elegant looks, nib designed for medium ink flow to suit most writing styles, and reasonable pricing
Sheaffer 300 9312 Fountain PenBalanced body profile for stylistic looks, chrome finish, nickel-plated trim, top-performing nib, and attractive gift packing
Faber-Castell Fountain PenResistant ABS plastic based shaft, elaborate 3D printing, fine grip features, attractive metal clip, and balanced handle

Fountain pans work on the capillary principle and are hence quite easy to use with the least strain on the hand. When it comes to gifting your boss, colleagues, or clients, fountain pens are among the hotly pursued ideas.

The spectrum of fountain pens you will find in the market can be overwhelming to make a choice. Here in this article, I have listed the best fountain pens to buy based on some important parameters like pricing, performance, functionality, and others. Here’s our list of the Best Fountain Pen in India:

Best Fountain Pen in India

Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen

When it comes to fountain pens, Parker is a well-known name in the world. Most reviews place a Parker pen on top of their fountain pen product rankings due to the innumerable merits these pens have over the others. It’s one of the Best Fountain Pen in India!

Best Fountain Pen in India
  • A representative member of the Vector series of the Parker brand, Parker Vector 9000023210 Standard Fountain Pen is one of the top-selling fountain pen models today.
  • This pen has a molded plastic barrel and a separate cap beautifully rendered in high gloss colors. The contrasting chrome plating-based stainless steel trim and the stainless steel nib are some nice aspects of this model.
  • This model is engineered with a twin-channeled ink feed and a collector system that can be used along with ink cartridges. There is also a convertible option for the ink bottle filling method.
  • The pen has a blue color type and carries a product warranty of 2 years against any manufacturing defects.

Though the product is priced well, the several interesting aspects of the model bestow a good value for the money you spend on its buy and hence there is nothing to repent when you have to land on an expensive pen either for personal use or for gifting.  

Why choose this model?

  • Features a wonderful design with stainless steel trim and a stainless steel nib.
  • The molded plastic barrel and the high gloss colored cap bestow the pen an attractive and luxurious appearance.
  • This model has engineered a twin-channeled ink feed along with an innovative collector system.
  • The manufacturer provides 2 years warranty over manufacturing defects.  

GOLD LEAF New 79 Designer Starwalker Cross Line Fountain Pen

If a handsome looking fountain pen is your expectation, GOLD LEAF New 79 Designer Starwalker Cross Line Fountain Pen ably designed by Gold Leaf can be an impressive pick. In describing this model, the manufacturer has used the word ‘handsome’ to highlight some of its finest aspects that make its appearance stand out. It’s one of the Best Fountain Pen in India!

best fountain pen brands in india
  • Inspired by Starwalker series, this model has distilled most nice aspects of the series in this model at a fraction of the price. In this series, you will find fountain pens, ball pens, and rollerball pens. This model is delivered in an elegant dark grey finish embellished by a laser-etched grid pattern.
  • The glossy black end cap further adds to the elegant looks of this pen. The design provides a chrome pocket clip and a trim. 

The pen’s handgrip is engineered with a glossy titanium-based finish. The screw fitted on the cap helps screwing it to the end cap. This pen features a twist cap mechanism. The medium grade nib promises a smooth writing function to the pen. There is nothing disappointing in this fountain pen model.

Why choose this model?

  • Rendered with an aesthetically appealing and elegant looking dark grey finish.
  • The laser etched grid pattern is an innovative concept that adds grandeur to the pen design along with the chrome pocket clips.
  • The medium grade nib is not bad nevertheless adding to the smooth writing function.
  • The design ably distills several nice aspects of the Starwalker series in its design and carries a reasonable price tag.

Parker Vector Mettalix Fountain Pen (Blue) 

One another member from parker’s Vector series, this fountain pen model can impress anyone looking for performance and great looks in their pen. Truly an undisputable market leader in manufacturing fountain pens, Parker has something very interesting and attractive to offer in each of its models.

best fine nib fountain pen in india
  • Parker’s fountain pen offerings are loved and appreciated worldwide because they are among the top performing writing tools. In most regards, Parker’s models have won the confidence of people. 
  • Parker has fitted this Vector series model with a stainless steel fine nib. The ABS based barrel is delivered very well with a nice looking and smooth stainless steel cap that provides a great match to the steel based clip. On the whole, the pen design is stylish as well as elegant.

The fountain pen model’s stainless steel based nib accounts for its great performance and smooth writing. The pen has been engineered with a twin-channeled ink feed and a collector based system. This pen can be used either with cartridges or can be filled from a bottle ink.

Why choose this model?

  • The stainless steel nib accounts of the pen’s smooth and satisfying performance and a great writing experience
  • The stainless steel cap and the clip matching with its design render the design so very well
  • The twin channeled ink feeding and collector based system makes it easy to fill or refill as per your convenience
  • The ABS based barrel and the pen’s smooth body add up to the elegant looks of the fountain pen model. It’s one of the Best Fountain Pen in India!

Pilot Leopard Design Body Fountain Pen Fine Nib, Black Ink

Pilot pens are well known in the world for quite a long. Championing a list of some of the finest pen models in the world today, Pilot has been a popular name in the world of high-end pens promising top performance. To its portfolio of offerings, Pilot has a lineage of ball pens, fountain pens and several other categories to its credit.

best budget fountain pen in india
  • Labeled as Pilot Leopard Design, this fountain pen model is engineered with a contemporary design based on an innovative concept anyone will marvel at. The design ably fuses an animal design into its making. The exotic touch employed in its making and the premium brass barrels add up to the value of this offering.
  • The polished stainless steel accents and the sophisticated looks the pen presents can capture anyone’s attention and force them to buy this fountain pen. The pen sports a sturdy make and hence carries reliable durability.

In this model, the pen maker has delivered one of the finest offerings for daily use that you can depend on for seamless bulk writing also. Rendered in a purple color body, the pen comes packed in an elegant black box that can make an ideal gift to someone you highly value.    

Why choose this model?

  • This model sports a contemporary design that will attract anyone and win a mass following among the pen buyers.
  • The polished stainless steel accent helps the pen wear a sophisticated look that is not only stylish but also majestic.
  • The pen has a sturdy body offering a smooth performance even over a tough usage. 
  • The great-looking black-box package makes it the perfect gift for the persons you value the most.

Camlin Kokuyo Trinity Fountain Pen with 3-in-1 Mechanism

Camlin is a well-known and widely recognized brand in the domain of top-notch stationery items. As the forerunners in the office and school use products, they have been able to deliver quality, performance and style in a consistent manner across all their offerings.

best parker fountain pen in india
  • When the brand expanded its offerings in the line of fountain pens, it could really do a wonderful job by giving out some of the best models that have highly benefitted from the brand’s long and rich experience in designing stationery items.  
  • This fountain pen labelled as Kokuyo Trinity boasts of an elegant and attractive design. The lightweight body of the pen is a highly desirable quality you will admire.
  • The nod figured into the holding pattern makes writing a comfortable experience. The most unique aspect of this model is its 3 in 1 ink filling technology, which is the first of its kind in India.

The pen also has water soluble ink along with a jumbo ink tank. The economy of its price, elegance of design that puts it on par with the leading fountain pen models and the great performance make this model a highly desirable one. 

Why choose this model?

  • The highly innovative concept of 3 in 1 ink filling technology is first of its kind in India that makes refilling a comfortable experience.
  • The lightweight design and the attractively designed body are a definite plus to this fountain pen model.
  • The holding is specially designed to add convenience to writing. 
  • The pen comes with a jumbo ink tank. 

Oculus Supremo-04  15 Black Fountain Pen

The next member I want to consider in this list is the fountain pen model ably designed and engineered by Oculus. Oculus Supremo-04 15 Black Fountain Pen is a great member of the Oculus brand’s Supremo fountain pen series.

cheap and best fountain pen in india
  • As a part of this series, this fountain pen model has ably inherited some of the top characteristics of this series. With all its attractive and useful features, this is a top selling model in the industry.
  • Locus has delivered this model with a highly user-friendly design that can support a seamless writing experience as well as a long life that can withstand a tough usage too.
  • Nevertheless, this is also a perfect choice for carrying around as a proud possession. Whether you want to invest in this pen for your personal use or would like to gift it to someone, you will find this pen a highly desirable option that gives the best value for money.   
  • The manufacturer says the pen is made with environmentally friendly materials. The easy-to-operate mechanism ensures you are never disappointed while using it. The pen features an iridium tip that can assure a top performance and a long life for the nib.

The nib is of the medium type which ensures the ink flow is of desirable quality and that the pen writes smoothly in a gliding fashion. Perfect for executive and management types, this model suits writing in any kind of paper smoothly supporting good handwriting.  

Why choose this model?

  • This model sports a user-friendly design and the fountain pen is made from environmental-friendly material.
  • The mechanism is easy to operate.
  • The iridium nib is designed for medium ink flow that can suit most people’s writing styles.
  • Perfectly suitable for management and executive writing tasks.

GOLD LEAF Baoer Emotion Fountain Pen 

One another fountain pen model from Gold Leaf, Baoer Emotion Fountain Pen is a highly pursued offering in wider circles. In each of its offerings, Gold Leaf has been driving in a robust technology, top performance, user friendly features, and contemporary designs.

best fountain pen ink in india
  • This is the reason why this brand’s products are always top-selling. A member of the Baoer Emotion series, this model comes with a black colored body that is sturdy and durable even supporting a tough use.
  • The metal body frame is a highly desirable feature that bestows a luxurious look to the pen. The intricately designed nib of the pen assures smooth writing. Gold Leaf Baoer Emotion Fountain Pen is fueled by cartridges. The pack of this pen comes with 5 of these cartridges that you can use for refilling one after the other.  
  • The contemporary design makes this pen a top-selling model. Combined with its intricate technology, this pen can assure a seamless performance and deliver amazing results while writing.

Whether you wish to use this pen yourself or would like to gift it to someone, you land a great buy that brings you the best value for the investment. This is a reasonably priced offering by Gold Leaf, which is yet another reason why it is among the top selling options today. 

Why choose this model?

  • Sports a sturdy metal body that is stylistic, elegant, and durable. 
  • The different technical features of the pen and the intricately designed nib support smooth writing.
  • The pen has a convertible body along with ink cartridges.
  • This is the best value for money offering from Gold leaf ideal for personal use and for gifting.

LOGGAS New Baoer 79 Black Fountain Pen

Loggas has a long history in the realm of fountain pens. The pen maker has amassed a rich experience by serving the high-end market looking for the best quality fountain pens. Therefore the brand has been able to infuse its offerings with the best technology, contemporary designs and elegant finish.

best fountain pen in india under 50
  • Their most impressive Baoer series is known for its remarkable design and promising performance. Loggas fountain pens are great for personal use as well as for gifting. Their seamless writing technology makes them an ideal choice even for voluminous writing. 
  • The top highlights of this model are the aesthetic design that makes it visually appealing, and the sturdy metal body that accounts for its durability. This is an ideal pick to carry around like a proud possession, thanks to its elegant design.

The advanced writing technology incorporated into its making enables a smooth writing experience. The specially designed nib supports stylistic writing of all types of handwriting. The titanium-based glossy finish is a great feature of this pen. Suitable both for personal use and for gifting, the reasonable price makes it the best value buy. 

Why choose this model?

  • A member of the top-selling MontBlancStarwalker series known for its style, comfort, and performance. 
  • The design is visually appealing and the glossy titanium finish accounts for its elegant looks. 
  • The nib is designed for a medium ink flow that can suit most writing styles and ensure a smooth writing experience
  • The product is priced reasonably to attract a huge following.

Sheaffer 300 9312 Fountain Pen

Sheaffer is known for some of the most expensive pens in the fountain pens domain. Their high-grade fountain pens make great gifts and can support a fantastic writing experience. Their fountain pens have a huge following among elite circles.

camlin fountain pen
  • If you are looking forward to a great-looking pen with an attractive style and the best value for money, you will find this a fantastic option. With their uncompromising quality, contemporary designs and the most impressive performance, their offerings in the fountain pen segment have always evoked praises.     
  • Sporting a cigar-like slender body profile, Sheaffer 300 9312 Fountain Pen is a representative member of the Ferrari fountain pen series. The elegant cigar-based design bestows the pen a highly stylistic appearance and a nice body profile to support a fine grip and a comfortable writing experience.

The chrome finish and nickel plated trip are highly desirable style aspects in the pen’s design that give a powerful look to the fountain pen. If you desire a pen that you can carry around proudly, this is a superb choice with its classy demeanor. An added advantage of this pen is the attractive and luxurious looking gift box that it comes packed in.  

Why choose this model?

  • The comfortable and most balanced body profile ensures a stylistic appearance and convenient writing.
  • The style is greatly enhanced with the chrome finish and the nickel plate trim.
  • The pen is fitted with a top-performing nib that will never fail you. 
  • Rendered in an attractive gift packing making it the perfect choice for gifting to valuable people. 

Faber-Castell Fountain Pen

Faber Castell has reliable and top rated product lines in offering in the domain of office and school use products. In this fountain pen, the stationery giant has delivered an impressive model that can ably compete with the leading fountain pen models and brands in the industry today. It’s one of the Best Fountain Pen in India!

best fountain pen in india under 2000
  • Being one of the most trusted brands in the stationery supplies arena, Faber Castell has invested its years of experience into the making of this fountain pen to create a distinguished fountain pen that weighs on the positive side in several regards.
  • The shaft of this fountain pen model is made from resistant ABS plastic. All along the finger print, there is an elaborate 3D printing that adds to the elegant looks of the pen besides bestowing a holding convenience while writing.

The balanced handle accounts for the comfortable feel while writing. The various features of the pen’s design make it a great option for smooth and convenient writing. The pen has a black spring-loaded metal clip that facilitates clipping it on with ease.

Why choose this model?

  • This pen comes with a resistant ABS plastic-based shaft that bestows elegant looks to this fountain pen model. 
  • The elaborate 3D printing on the pen adds to the fine looks besides enhancing the grip while holding it.
  • The balanced handle is a desirable feature you will certainly appreciate in the pen.
  • The pen features a metal clip loaded with a black spring for convenience
  • The price of the pen is never disappointing for all that it has got to offer.

How to choose the best fountain pen in India?

Shopping for a fountain pen needs an informed decision looking into quite a few aspects to land on the best pick.  


  • If you are buying a fountain pen for the first time, you need to know that each type of fountain pen is designed for a specific kind of handwriting.
  • A fountain pen with a small nib will suit those who have small handwriting and those who expect precision.
  • If you will exercise more pressure on the nib, fountain pens with iridium tipped nib can ensure a smoother performance as this nib does not tear easily. 


  • While ball pens have become the most common things to find around us, fountain pens are an icon class to some people. If you have tall expectations from a fountain pen, it is good to comb the market and land on a great-looking pen that will meet your requirement. 

Size of the pen

  • The size of the fountain pen you choose is an important consideration. Fountain pens come in different sizes. Choose the diameter and height of the pen in such a way that it will not cause strain while writing. 

Weight of the pen

  • Most fountain pens are heavier than ballpoint pens. When the weight of the pen increases, the fatigue it is likely to cause will also increase. If you need to use fountain pens for long writing sessions, go for pens that are relatively lighter in weight. On the other hand, heavy pens will suit short note-taking.  

Ink filling mechanism

  • If you are choosing a fountain pen only for the luxury looks it bestows, the filling mechanism may not be a concern for you. If you are investing in it only for writing, you need to know about three ink filling mechanisms.
  • For long writing sessions, vacuum filler of pistol filler fountain pens are the ideal choice as they can hold more ink. Cartridge fountain pens will suit those with lower writing requirements. 

The choice of nib

  • The nib is the most crucial part of a fountain pen. There are three different types of nibs including the sturdy and reliable stainless steel nib, expensive and a strong iridium nib and the very expensive solid gold nib. While their performance and looks increase in the same order, you can choose the right pick depending on your budget.   

Price range

  • Fountain pens come in different price ranges. You can find a fountain pen for the price of a regular ballpoint pen and there are also very expensively priced ones. Budget products will not assure classic appearance, appreciable body and excellent writing comfort. Fountain pens carrying the mid-range price tags can be the best picks. Check out our entire list of the Best Fountain Pen in India for all the details!
Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen

Parker Vector Standard Fountain Pen is one of the Best Fountain Pen in India!

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