Best Front Loading Washing Machines in India 2022

How hard can it be to choose a good front loading washing machine? Well, it’s definitely harder than you think it is and that’s why we’ve done all the hard work to put together a list of reviews of the Best front loading washing machines in India. These are based on durability, performance, and user satisfaction. All you need to do is go through our list and pick the one that appeals to you!

The best front loading washing machine in India according to our reviews is the Samsung WF600BOBTWQ which is apt for all households and comes to the rescue of everyone looking for an efficient machine to do a noiseless work in cleaning your clothes effectively.

Front loading washing machines in India

#1 -Bosch WAK24168IN

Bosch is hands down the market leader in washing machines. With advanced German technology, but designed to suit Indian needs and clothes, this is one of the best front loading washing machines you can purchase. 

  • The WAK24168IN model has a capacity of 7 kg and is fully automatic, making your life simple and easy.
  •  The special feature that sets this apart from many other washing machines in the market is the inclusion of an inbuilt heater that heats the inflowing water when you choose the setting. 
  • This is an advantage when you don’t have a hot water tap connected to your machine. 
  • Warm or hot water helps remove grime and oil from clothes, (this comes in handy when you are washing greased cloths used in the kitchen or in your garage) easier and quicker, giving you squeaky clean clothes.
  •  It has a neat LCD display to give you an idea of the time that is left in the cycle and settings to choose based on what you are washing.
  •  The temperature of the different settings is also marked, which is hugely helpful as sometimes we don’t really know how hot the water is. 
  • There is an automatic reload function in this machine. 
  • You get a real long 10 year warranty on the motor, making it truly worth the price you pay. 
Pros Cons
10 year warranty.  Not for very big families. 

#2 -LG FH2G6TDNL42 front loading washing machine 

A competitor for Bosch, LG is another brand that is a household name when it comes to washing machines in India. With high standards in build and durability, excellent performance, usage of modern technology and fantastic customer service after sales, LG comes highly recommended. 

  • This front load washing machine is fully automatic and can handle a capacity of 8 kgs that is sufficient for the daily laundry needs for a family of five. 
  • This is a machine that is made to be user friendly and easy to control. The smooth touch panel is very sensitive, waterproof and is a pleasure to use. 
  • The display shows you what setting you are on and the duration that is left in the cycle.
  •  The drum revolves in 6 different directions to ensure that your clothes get the best possible wash.
  •  While some machines in the market are noisy, LG prides itself on creating an almost quiet machine by its technology of connecting the motor directly to the drum. So, except for the soft hum of it and the water draining out, you will forget you have clothes in this washer. 
  • It comes with an inbuilt heater that can heat up the water to up to 95 degrees, so you can get rid of grease stains and disinfect your clothes without a hassle.
  •  It also has a child lock feature to keep your children and pets safe. And that’s not all. Connect the machine to the SmartThinQ app to figure out what the issue is (if there is any with the machine) and troubleshoot 86 problems easily and quickly. 
Has all the premium features. Slightly noisy. 

#3 -Panasonic NA-106MC2L01 front loading washing machines 

For a family of two, the Panasonic NA-106MC2L01 is perfect with a capacity of 6 kgs. Also cheaper and smaller in size than the Bosch and the LG, this is a popular choice in the Indian market.

  •  This washing machine comes with all the features you could expect in a front-loading top-performing machine with several settings. 
  • These include markings of the temperature for you to choose from as well as an extra rinse feature for those fantastically clean clothes. 
  • This washing machine comes with a “pause and add” feature if you want to add in some clothes that you forgot about when you started the load.
  •  The drum is equipped with over 2000 tiny holes through which water rushes out strongly to spray the clothes and they are tossed around gently to wash them without damaging them.
  •  The tub clean setting cleans itself with water at a high temperature of 90 degrees, ensuring you have a drum that is disinfected and clean for your next load. 
  • This quiet machine also comes with an automatic restart feature that takes away your stress of power cuts. 
Pros Cons
It is super quiet and efficient. Expensive. 

#4 -IFB Senator Aqua SX front loading washing machines 

Be it microwave ovens or refrigerators or washing machines, IFB has never let its loyal Indian customers down. Serving some families for decades together, this brand stands strong today. 

  • The Senator Aqua SX machine is a fully automatic front loading machine with a capacity of 8 kg, ideal for large families. 
  • Priced on par with Bosch and LG, this machine also has an inbuilt water heater that can heat up the water to a maximum of 95 degrees C.
  •  This machine has another special feature called the Aqua Energie System that treats hard water and makes it softer. 
  • This takes care of the clothes better and helps them last longer. 
  • You have all the other features like choosing a setting of your choice, a “pause and add” facility to add in laundry midway, an automatic restart feature in case of a power cut and a very useful “tub clean” facility. 
Perfect for big families. None. 

#5 -AmazonBasics front loading washing machines 

While AmazonBasics’ huge gadgets may not be as popular as the established market leaders, this 7 kg capacity front loading washing machine has managed to make the cut for its performance and the affordable price. 

  • Designed to offer you everything that an LG or a Bosch comes equipped with, this washing machine has settings of different temperatures for you to choose for your laundry. 
  • This also has an inbuilt heater which is one of the most useful features in a country like India where, in most homes, there is only one water outlet connected to the washing machine. 
  • The stainless steel drum can be self-cleaned with the drum clean facility. Amazon offers a 3-year warranty on the motor. 
Pros Cons
Affordable Only 3 years warranty

#6 -Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL front loading washing machines 

Samsung is something that is familiar to you and me, and I’m pretty sure every Indian home has at least one gadget from this International giant. 

  • The touch panel is user friendly and comes with an LED display that is easy to read. 
  • With several settings to choose from and an eco drum cleaning feature that self cleans without the use of any chemicals, this 8 kg capacity machine comes with all the modern technology employed. 
  • We love the “bubble soak” feature that acts like a jacuzzi to remove any tough stains from clothes while they are soaking. 
  • The machine is quiet and doesn’t create too much of a rumbling noise, so you can run this even while your baby is asleep.
  •  Furthermore, use a smart app to easily troubleshoot any issues that may come up. 
Pros Cons
Capability to remove deep stains quickly. Expensive. 

#7 – Lloyd LWMF70 

Lloyd is no stranger in the Indian household as it provides great quality home appliances and this front loading washing machine is proof. 

  • The price of the front-loading machine from Lloyd is feasible with its extraordinary features and is made with a stylish and sturdy build. 
  • The capacity of this Lloyd washing machine is 7kg which means it is pretty spacious and huge for a big family. 
  • The washing process is pretty efficient and quick which means you will have your clean clothes in no time. 
  • It has an LED display which means you will always have an update on your washing process. 
  • The child lock in the washing machine allows you to keep your children safe when near or around the washing machine. 
Pros Cons 
It is safe to keep in a household. Expensive. 

#8 – Onida front loading washing machine 

Even though Onida is a brand that is well known for its great quality television sets in India. 

  • The Onida front loading washing machine is a compact and sophisticated appliance which only adds to the aesthetics of your home. 
  • The washing machine allows you to presoak your clothes in the machine before you start the machine.
  • It comes at a reasonable price in India which is Rs. 5,290  and makes it available to anyone who is not looking to splurge too much on a washing machine. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. A little noisy. 

If there is one appliance we cannot live without, it’s our good old washing machine. Say what you may about me, but if there are some luxuries, no, strike that, if there are some “necessities” one cannot do without, the washing machine features right on top of that list. 

Since there are lots of people like me, (including you, and that’s why you’re on this page) India has zillions of brands and types of washing machines. 

While top-loading machines are more common and better in terms of reliability, front-loading machines are also gaining popularity amongst us here. 

It can get quite confusing though, cos every season we have something brand new in the market. So choose from our list above for one that best suits you. 

Here are a few questions answered for you:

Which brand front loading washing machine is best in India?

#1-Bosch WAK24168IN
#3-Panasonic NA-106MC2L01
#4-IFB Senator Aqua SX
#6-Samsung WW80J4243MW/TL

Are front loading washing machines better?

Both front-loading, as well as top-loading machines, have their own pros. Consider this- You take a long tub with clothes and try rotating it. Next, try taking the same tub and revolving it with the clothes inside. You can see that the revolutions do a better job of moving the clothes around than the rotations. Front-loading machines function this way, so your clothes get moved around a lot and therefore washed better. They are also gentler on the clothes due to the lack of an agitator. However, when you want to soak your clothes, top-loading machines are better because there is more space for the clothes to soak in. Here are some of the best top loading washing machines in India.

How long do front load washers last?

Ideally, considering that you use the washing machine every day, it should last you about 10 years. This holds true for a top-loading washing machine as well. But it also depends on the brand, the quality of the machine, the build and the maintenance of the machine. The worst handled machines should last about 4 to 5 years.

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