Best Green Coffee in India 2022

Having been a crazy coffee addict for many years, I recently decided that I want to live healthier. I also concluded that I cannot completely kick my caffeine addiction, but I can definitely replace it with something healthier. That’s how Green Coffee entered my life and I spent many months testing out several types and brands in the market. So here I am, bringing you the reviews of the best green coffee in India:

Top Green Coffee Brands in India 2022

Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans 

Neuherbs’ Green Coffee is one of the most selling green coffees in India. This is because of the freshness of the coffee beans and the fragrance that envelopes you as soon as you open the sealed pack. 

The coffee beans used by Neuherbs are organic and have been tested for heavy metals before packaging. These are coffee beans which require grinding for a few minutes, so you can have fresh coffee every morning.

 If you don’t own a coffee grinder, you can soak the beans overnight and boil them the next morning for a fresh cup. 

The quality of the coffee beans is premium and the taste is delicious. 

Drinking this regularly, coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise can certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Sinew Nutrition Green Coffee Beans

The organic green coffee beans by Sinew Nutrition are packed and sealed in vacuum to retain its freshness.

 These have to be ground or soaked and boiled to extract the decoction. The coffee is chock full of antioxidants to promote good health, good skin, gorgeous hair and improve your metabolism.

 I like it that the rear side of the package describes in detail the procedure to prepare the green coffee, which helps someone who is a newbie in the kitchen.

 It comes in various package sizes and you can choose depending on how many people are going to be drinking the coffee and how often. 

Buying the quantity you need also ensures that you have fresh coffee every day. 

Sinew organic green coffee beans are premium, but priced on par or sometimes lower than the other brands in the market. 

Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet Green Coffee

Saffola is a name that is quite common in the Indian household. Always aiming to contribute to the health of its consumers, Saffola has a range of oils, instant oatmeal and now, green coffee. The other reason why I love this brand is that they try and make things easy for me with their instant food. 

The Fittify Gourmet Green coffee is instant coffee and all you need is some freshly boiled water to make your cup in a jiffy. This green coffee is decaf, so I generally drink this if I’m craving for coffee after 6 pm (I don’t want to be up until 3 am!).

 I also love that there are so many different flavours. My favourite is the lemongrass and lavender, but I also enjoy the “Strong” for when I want a bit of boost. 

As it is with all health drinks, this is sort of an acquired taste, but be sure to try all the flavours before you decide. 

Saffola’s instant green coffee comes in individual serve sticks, which is super convenient to carry with you wherever you go.


Adorreal’s Arabica green coffee powder is a powerhouse of nutrition in one spoonful. This green coffee powder is enriched with kelp powder for additional vitamins, which in turn help regulate your body’s metabolism.

 Kelp is also rich in antioxidants, which, along with the ones present in green coffee fight free radical damage and keep your skin and hair healthy. 

This powder needs to be brewed before consumption, so you will need to use a coffee filter to prepare this, just the way you do with south Indian filter coffee. 

As it seems to be the trend with most green coffee brands, Adorreal also provides consumers with a nutrition plan and a dedicated dietician, if you wish to take up their program. 

Greenbrrew Instant Green Coffee Premix

As much as I would like to brew fresh coffee every single time, I have to agree that sometimes pre-mix is the way to go. It is convenient, quick and requires hardly any effort, and brands like Greenbrrew deliver a taste that is quite close to a fresh brew.

 The instant Green Coffee premix comes in single serve sachets that have to be emptied into a cup with 100 ml hot water. Stir and once it dissolves, you have an aromatic cup ready! 

This coffee premix has pure green coffee extracts and probiotics which protects the good bacteria in your stomach, regulating digestion and acts as a good detox for the system. 

This is a good drink to have soon after a meal, so you are nice and fresh for whatever is to follow. 

During the hot summer days, you can also drop a few ice cubes into a glass and enjoy an iced coffee drink.

Naturx Organic

Naturx Organic green coffee beans are 100% organic, fresh, untreated, and in it their purest form. 

These beans require to be either ground or soaked overnight before brewing to bring you the best flavour. 

Made from 100% AAA high grade arabica beans, you are assured of the fullest aroma and flavour in every single cup. 

Since these beans are so pure, they pack a whole lot of nutrition and antioxidants that help speed up your metabolism, regulate your digestive system and support you in your weight loss goals. It also boosts immunity and your energy levels. 

Health First 100% Pure Green Coffee 

The 100% Pure Green Coffee by Health First is a good low budget option. While many green coffee brands in the market are quite pricey, Health First’s is economical.

 The quality of the coffee is quite good for the price you pay. Making the coffee itself takes a bit of effort. 

You need to follow a procedure similar to brewing Indian tea or Chai where the water and the coffee powder is boiled together at low heat to bring out its flavour and goodness. This then needs to be filtered or sieved and then consumed.

 The powder does not look too green like it is in other brands, but the brewed coffee does turn a bit green after a while. 

Ariginallo Green Coffee Beans

Ariginallo is highly rated for its green coffee beans and quite the best seller. This amazing detox drink is made by first grinding the beans in your coffee grinder or mixer and then brewing the grounds for about 4 to 5 minutes in a traditional coffee filter or French press. 

Once filtered, your energising and healthy drink is ready. 

The green coffee beans by Ariginallo are sourced from an AA plantation and are 100% organic. They are raw and unprocessed, bringing you all the possible nutrition in each cup. There are flavours or preservatives added to the coffee beans.

 This coffee is decaffeinated, so enjoy it before you go to bed to relax, get rid of all your stresses and drift into a deep sleep. 

Add a bit of honey or cardamom to enhance the taste, as recommended. 


If there is one drink I’m going to be addicted to, I’d prefer it to be the green coffee by Farganic. The green coffee powder by Farganic is 100% certified organic and is sourced from raw, unprocessed, unroasted Arabica beans, with all the nutrition, antioxidants and vitamins still intact. 

The coffee is rich in aroma with a medium strength coffee taste and undertones of various other flavours that occur naturally. 

This is something I enjoy immensely and I also feel healthier. There are no preservatives, sweeteners or any added flavours, giving us green coffee in its best form. 

The powder is even packaged in a food grade container, which might seem insignificant, but trust me, it makes life so much more convenient when I don’t have to hunt for a container to transfer the contents. 

Colombian Brew

Colombian Brew is a premium coffee company that specialises in high quality hand picked coffee beans. Having tried their hazelnut and vanilla flavoured coffees, I was confident that the green coffee wouldn’t disappoint, and I wasn’t wrong. 

The green coffee packaged by Colombian Brew comes in very handy single serve coffee bags (similar to tea bags) that contain pure, unroasted coffee powder and stevia leaves for natural sweetening. Brew it just like you would brew a green tea or tisane, by dipping it in fresh hot water for 2 to 3 minutes. 

You can also cold brew it by soaking the coffee bag in a cup of cold water overnight for a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. 

The green coffee is smooth and refreshing, a great pick me up! This coffee contains no chicory and is therefore safe for your stomach. 

There are no preservatives, milk powder or other flavours added.

Is green coffee good for weight loss?

Green coffee is extracted from unroasted green coffee beans and is widely used in weight loss products. Apart from helping you lose weight and bringing your cholesterol under control, it has plenty of an antioxidant called Chlorogenic Acid that helps you stay healthy. It also has lesser amounts of caffeine than regular coffee. 

Which is better for weight loss green tea or green coffee?

While both green tea and green coffee have a telling effect on your body the two can work differently. Green tea has no calories at all and can really boost your weight loss journey. Green coffee, on the other hand, does not contribute in the weight loss but makes sure you don’t eat further.

Can green coffee reduce belly fat?

Yes, research has proved that green coffee does have the ability to reduce body fat and help you achieve a well maintained and toned body/

Green coffee

Neuherb is one of the best and top-rated organic products that help with weight loss and maintaining a certain vigour and having a healthy lifestyle.

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