Best Green Tea in India 2022

Green tea is known as the most popular healthy drink in India and across the world for its multiple health benefits and its ability to keep the body in check. If you are looking at removing toxins from your body or even keeping your body toned and in shape. For all these reasons we want to reiterate that green tea is the ultimate guide to leading a proper stress-free life. Here are the best green tea in India. 

Top Green Tea in India 

Our team has done thorough research on the most popular green tea in India which is easily available and has a pleasant taste so that it can cater to a wider audience.

Lipton green tea is the most popular green tea in the Indian market. The Lipton green tea is unsweetened and is made up of small leaves. The teabags can be dipped twice to make the texture just right for any energetic morning. The organic ingredients in the green tea give your body the necessary nourishment.

Typhoo green tea 

Typhoo is a brand that reiterates the need and importance of having herbs as part of your drink to flush out toxins from the body. 

The pure green tea from Typhoo is the most aromatic and sweet smelling drink you would find with some of the best herbs as part of the drink. 

Making the tea is super easy as all you need to do is empty the content in boiling water and leave it for 2 minutes. 

You can adopt this drink as part of your morning routine and get a fresh body with a glowing face and flawless skin. 

Like other green tea brands, this one contributes in weight loss and toning of the body as well. 

This green tea costs about Rs. 400 which is on the expensive side but considering the quantity, its definitely worth it. 

Organic India green tea 

If the only reason you are steering clear from green teas, we understand that the taste can be underwhelming. So here’s to your rescue a beautifully flavored tea with a mixture of rose, ginger and jasmine with a tinge of pomegranate. 

What we especially like about Organic India is that they cater to the audience that is interested in keeping the ecosystem safe. 

The content of the Organic India green tea packet is green leaves which are loose and dipped in hot water for the authentic taste and flavor. 

Tulsi and Basil are included in the contents of every signature flavor they provide which makes sure your body is kept at its utter best always. 

24 Mantra organic tea 

The organic products from this brand ensure safety in the ingredients they use and have the most legit procedure for their steps. 

The tea powder is available in powder texture and not leaves which makes it easier for people to make it in a jiff and drink it. 

This is a super affordable costing only Rs.149 and can be easy to acquire. Since it is powdered the tea is in a great texture and the aroma is so strong that it gives you instant relief. 

The only downside is that the flavor can be overwhelming and might not be favorable for those who are not used to the taste of the green tea. 

LaPlant green tea 

Wouldn’t it be so refreshing to have a dash of tulsi in your green tea which will keep your health in check. 

The combination of green tea with ginger and lemon keeps your throat clear and gives you better sleep. 

It is necessary to flush out your toxins every once in a while and that can only happen when the green tea leaves nourish your body. 

Not only does this cleanses your body but it gives your skin a smooth texture and a glow. 

This costs about Rs. 130 and is easily available. The packaging is very practical to use in a hollow can. 

Twinings green tea 

This green tea is a favorite among health experts as it brings out the best of flavors and allows your body to be at ease. 

It keeps you away from sicknesses like cough and throat itchiness as it soothes the surface of the inner lining giving your relief from phlegm. 

It also has the ability to get rid of joint pain and other difficulties with the goodness that it embedded in it. 

The presence of mint in this green tea is what is the best part about purchasing a packet of the green tea as it keeps you well hydrated and allows you to be in shape when had regularly. 

Himalaya green tea 

The highlight of Himalaya green tea is that it is easy and quick to make. Dipping the tea bags twice in hot water can prepare this drink for you and give you a quick cup of tasty green tea. 

It has a strong taste and aroma which makes sure you have the right amount of goodness for nourishing your body and the skin. 

The green tea relaxes your body and gives your joints and your body a good enough break to embark a whole new day. 

The only downside to this green tea is that it does not have a lot of flavors and comes limited. 

Basilur green tea 

This green tea brand comes straight from Ceylon with the right amount of ingredients to make your green tea delicious and a healthy drink. 

The packaging of this green tea is very neat and compact making it possible to take out the contents very easily. 

This green tea comes in both the powdered form and the bag form which makes it super easy to prepare and drink. 

There are no added flavors in this green tea so it could be strong for those who despise extreme taste but all the more it is super beneficial for your body. 

Lipton green tea 

Lipton is one of the most popular and sought after brands in India with the wide range of flavors it comes in. 

The authenticity of this green tea is such that it brings out the right flavors with a great texture so that it can be drunk without hesitation or dislike for taste. 

Lipton is made with small tea leaves hence it is easy to extract the flavor from it real quick. 

The tea leaves are unsweetened and organic which means you can get out the best from the tea bags with only 2 or 3 dips in hot water. 

Tetley green tea 

Tetley is one of the most popular tea brands in India with a wide range of products that they have. 

It comes in two flavors including mint and lemon which is great for your taste buds as well as you’re body by cleansing it and giving you good health always. 

The lemon and honey combination gives your throat so much relief and comfortable. 

The natural flavors in this tea brand is exactly what one needs to come back for more. 

Taj Mahal green tea 

Who would not want to have a cup of herbal tea to flush your toxins off the body. 

The honey and lemon flavor will not stop you from having this every day and tend to your body. 

You can also have this as an after work out drink and be energized instantly. The health aspects of this green tea is immense and have a big impact on how you’re body reacts to toxins and other harmful aspects. 

Taj Mahal is a very popular brand and can be found in every local store for Rs. 245

With these top brands of the best green teas, we hope you are able to make a wise choice for the sake of your body. The above-mentioned brands are enriched in organic ingredients and are very popular in the Indian market.

Green te a

Lipton green tea is a popular brand that caters to health-conscious people and gives you best and cares for your health like no other brand.

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