Best Gym Gloves In India 2022

Going to the gym every day takes a lot of willpower; it’s not something everybody can do. One reason why most people drop out after a while is because they find it difficult to lift weights. Like in any sport, the right gear can help you lift weights easily and make the experience a lot better. That is why it is essential to wear gym gloves when you’re working out to protect your hands from hurting. We have made your search easier by compiling the best gym gloves in India.

Top Gym Gloves in India

Gym Gloves play an important role in taking care of your hands, giving you enough grip so that the weights don’t slip, protect your wrists and pad your palms from bruises and injuries while lifting. 

Not all gym gloves are created the same. There are several types and brands in the market and at various prices. 

Read on to find out the best gym gloves in India.

Gym gloves in India Best for 
XTRIM gym gloves Weightlifting 
Kobo CTG gym gloves Push ups 
Nivia pro gym glovesPull ups 
Nivia Crystal gloves Wrist gloves 
5 o clock sports leather gym gloves Leather gym gloves 

#1 – AURION Gym gloves

If you are a frequent gym-goer, it’s quite possible that you are familiar with the brand name “Aurion”. Amongst all the equipment they manufacture, our favourites are their gloves.

  • These gym gloves look premium with a leather finish and soft padding inside. The padding is just enough to protect your hands from bruises without hindering your work out. 
  • There is a tab that can be pulled close to give you a secure fit. However, these are available in two sizes so we suggest you look at the sizes carefully before buying them.
    – These gym gloves have stretchable wrist support that can protect you while you’re lifting heavy. 
  • These open finger gloves are double stitched, so they can endure quite a bit of wear. 




Not a lot of sizes to choose from. 

#2 – Nivia Crystal Gym Gloves

Nivia is literally the pioneer in gym gear and accessories. 

  • They sell quality products that range in prices from affordable to expensive. This is again another familiar brand and you have probably seen a lot of people using Nivia products in your gym.
  •  The Nivia Crystal is one of our chosen gym gloves, mainly because this is easily washable and doesn’t require too much maintenance and care. 
  • These gloves are made of a stretchable fabric that gives you a snug fit. 
  • They have just enough padding to give you a comfortable session. 
  • The only downside we found in this is the lack of wrist support. 
  • These are available in gender-specific sizes that are given in detail on the website, so make sure you take a look before you place your order. 


Available in gender-specific sizes. 


Lack of wrist support 

#3 – Nivia Pro  Gym gloves

We have another one on our list from Nivia and with good reason. 

  • These gloves are designed for professionals but can be used by light weight lifters as well as they provide really good support. 
  • These open finger gloves have a leather finish which gives this a premium look. 
  • These gloves are simply perfect for your heavy workouts as the grip on these are fantastic. The padding is just right. 
  • These are available in three different sizes and keep in mind that Nivia gym gloves do have a snug fit. 
  • They stretch over time but if you buy a tighter glove, it might be difficult to lift the weights. These have good wrist support as well. 


Great fit for professionals. 


Difficult to lift weights. 

#4 – Kobo CTG-03 Gym gloves

The gym gloves by Kobo are truly durable and feel like they will last a long time.

  •  They are double stitched and the material is stretchable. 
  • These gloves cover your fingers completely and are a good option for people who don’t like the open finger ones. 
  • They are made out of synthetic leather and because they are full-fingered, they have a few perforations built into them to give your hands some breathability. 
  • There is also a mesh covering on the top of your fingers to serve the same purpose. They offer you a decent grip while lifting. 
  • They are available in five different sizes for you to choose from.
  •  They are quite expensive when compared to the other brands, so look for them online for reduced prices.  


Completely enclosed offering great protection. 



#5 – XTRIM X Gym gloves

The gym gloves by Xtrim are a bang for your buck considering all the features they come with. 

  • These gloves have a leather finish but it can be washed and dried easily. 
  • They have sufficient padding for your palms to protect them from painful blisters and bruises. 
  • The leather on the palm is grained to give you adequate grip for your work out. 
  • You can tighten the wrist band which is nearly 50 cm long and secure it to give you a snug fit. 
  • The wrist support is commendable. 
  • These open finger gloves are tough as they are double stitched to handle regular wear. 


Gives you a good grip for workouts. 



#6 – Sports 101 Gym gloves

These brightly coloured gym gloves from Sports 101 are a good break from the boring black ones we see every day. 

  • These are made from leather but they are grained on the palms, so they don’t compromise on the grip when you lift.
  •  These are open finger gloves. 
  • You can stretch the wrist band and secure it around your wrist to give you optimum support. 
  • The padding inside the gym gloves is not too much, just right to protect your palms.
  •  The fit of the gloves is good and the quality of the stitching is worth a mention. 


Wrist bands can be stretched. 



#7 – Royal waves gym gloves

These gym gloves are a great buy in the nominal price range. 

  • These are open finger gloves that are made out of leather. 
  • They are padded very lightly which has its benefits like better flexibility while lifting. 
  • They are designed quite well and can conform to the shape of the wearer’s hand. However, if you have bigger hands, these might be a bit too tight for you. The wrist support is quite impressive. 
  • You can stretch the wrist band and secure it to give you the support you are comfortable with. 
  • The leather does offer some amount of grip during your workout. 


Fits well. 



#8 – DreamPalace Gym gloves

DreamPalace gym gloves are one of a kind.

  •  Made with professionals or heavy weight lifters in mind, these gloves offer the best comfort and support you can expect. 
  • These gym gloves are made from a synthetic material with enough silicon padding for those strenuous lifts. 
  • The palm has a layer of grooves that ensure your weights don’t slip. We love the fact that these gloves are well ventilated plus are made from a material that wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you comfortable even during long sessions. 
  • The only downside we found is that these are available in free size only, which means that if you have smaller hands, these might be a bit loose. 
  • These are priced on the higher end of the spectrum, but do look online for good deals. 


Great for professional weight lifters. 


Does not fit everyone. 

#9 – Spike Gym gloves

The gym gloves by Spike are the next ones on our list.

  •  These are gloves that look very beautiful in their black leather and white stitching. They also have a splash of colour to brighten up those dull days. 
  • These are padded lightly with leather and neoprene which helps wick the sweat away during your workout. 
  • The strap around the wrist can be adjusted by pulling it close and securing it. This offers good support for the wrist and protects you from spraining it accidentally. 
  • These open finger gloves don’t offer the thumb much protection but it depends on the person using it. If you are the kind who finds gloves with thumb cover a hindrance, you will like these. 


Supports great support for the wrist. 



#10 – Burnlab Gym gloves

Finally, on our list, we have a pair of gym gloves that we absolutely love! These unisex gloves from Burnlab are made from spandex that is not only stretchable to give your palms the exact fit but also super breathable to keep your palms cool. 

  • These are padded well with gel for optimum comfort and protection. The outer layers are textured to be anti-slip. 
  • These work really well as we tested them out with different types of equipment. 
  • There are loops around the fingers to help you put on and take off the gloves easily. 
  • Though this is an additional feature, we love the thought that has gone into designing these gym gloves. 
  • These are available in several colour combinations, our favourite is the black and red. 


Several colour combinations available 



Types of gym gloves

If you want to choose a pair of gym gloves then you will have to familiarise yourself with the type of gloves to match with the kind of workout you want to do.

Closed gloves

Closed gloves make sure that cover the back of their hand and the front to completely protect it. This would be great for intense workouts.

Open faced gloves

This one’s great for those who are doing light workouts and who want frequent ventilation in their palms when workouts tend to tire you.

How to choose gym gloves?

The above-listed gym gloves are some of the best you can find in the Indian market. Some are quite expensive but there are also quite a few affordable ones. 

While budget is a deciding factor, do keep these following points in mind while buying a pair of gym gloves:

  • The perfect size: the gloves should feel part of your hand and not an extension you need to keep adjusting
  • Anti-slip feature: the gloves should give you a good grip when you grab a barbell
  • Light padding is always preferable as it will protect your palms without compromising on your workout
  • Durability: pay attention to the material and the stitching
  • Easy to wash and maintain: gyms have a lot of germs plus you are going to be sweating a lot. You will be washing your gym gloves at least once in two days, so get it in a material that can be easily washed

How do I know what size gym gloves to buy? 

The measuring process of gym gloves is the same as the regular gloves. But you can pay more attention to what kind of workouts you mostly do and determine if you want them tight or loose or just fit to continue your purchase. 

Wrap the measuring tape around your knuckles on the dominant hand and pick a size around the same either loose or tight. Make sure to include your thumb while measuring your hand. 

Why do people wear gloves in the gym? 

We have to admit that being in the gym can be quite dangerous since it includes heavy equipment. 

In order to keep yourself safe and not to hurt yourself, you need to take all the precautions to arm yourself. Wearing gloves can do you a lot of good by keeping your hand from blisters and any other injury you can incur on the hand. Opting for padded gloves can give your hands and knuckles more protection and not keep you in harm’s way. 

Is it bad to wear gloves while lifting weights? 

Although wearing gloves give you protection against harmful equipment in the gym, lifting weights requires a certain grip which only your bare hands can provide. If you are concerned about the well being of your knuckles and palms them you might want to choose a gym glove which is comparatively thinner and has a better grip. 

We suggest you try it out on lighter weights before you try the heavy ones to be on the safer side.  

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Advantages of wearing gym gloves

We would not want to push something down your throat without pitching to you how this can be helpful for you. So here are some advantages of using gym gloves.

  • Substitute for chalk

People who workout know how much they depend on gym chalk for better grip. This might not be good for the skin and can cause itchiness on the palms. Gym gloves work as a stronger substitute to that and serves as a better one actually.

  • Protection

Besides this it protects your fingers and palm and allows you workout without hurting yourself..

  • Grip

This goes without saying but gym gloves work as a great source for grip and helps you workout better.

Gym gloves are something you simply cannot skip regardless of whether you are a professional weight lifter or someone who is just starting to lift weights. We have made it easy for you to choose the right gym gloves by giving you a concise list of the best ones available in the Indian market. Choose one and start enjoying your weight training sessions!

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