Best Gym Shoes for Men in India 2022

One thing that can make your gym experience go from good to best is the perfect pair of gym shoes. Many people overlook the importance of a good pair of shoes. Shoes not only protect you from injuries but play an important role in offering you stability and support, two things that you absolutely need when you’re weight training. Take a look at the best gym shoes for men in India.

Top Gym Shoes For Men in India 2022

A pair of good gym shoes must offer you balance and stability. They should also support your ankles well.  There can be no compromise on that. They should be able to ground you well when you’re lifting those heavyweights, trying to balance them. As a rule of thumb, stay away from the bouncy shoes. Those are excellent for running but could be hazardous if worn for a gym training session. You ideally want to look for shoes that have a flat sole that offers a bit of shock absorption. 

There are a lot of shoes in India but they don’t come with much of a manual explaining what they are meant for exactly. It can be quite confusing because even though some shoes say “gym shoes”, you are not sure if they really offer you the balance and support. We did a bit of research and tried on some shoes to come up with this list of the best gym shoes for men in India. 

Features Product
Good gripReebok Reago Gym Shoes 
Best for novice ASICS Gym Shoes for men
Best for professionals Adidas Men’s gym shoes 
Attractive Fila Men’s Dynamo Gym Shoes for men 
Easy maintenancePower  Gym Shoes for men

#1 – Reebok Men’s Reago Pulse Gym shoes for men 

The Reebok Reago Pulse for men is a shoe that we fell in love with, and sure that you will too. 

  • These shoes are perfectly designed to offer you balance and stability during those heavy training sessions. 
  • These are regular lace-up shoes that fit true to size. 
  • The outer layer is a mesh kind of fabric which helps a bit of air circulation inside, ensuring your feet breathe and stay cool, even during long sweaty sessions. 
  • These require a bit of care while washing. 
  • Using a hard brush might rip the mesh layer. 
  • These shoes do seem durable, otherwise, as their sole looks like it can take quite a bit of wear. 
  • These are available in several attractive colours.


Attractive selection. 


Have to be careful while washing. 

#2 – Adidas Men’s gym shoes 

The next pair of gym shoes on our list are the ones by Adidas. 

  • These shoes fit snugly and the shoes have a narrow fit, so if you have wide feet, you could size up a bit.
  •  They are cushioned enough to offer the upper part of your feet comfort while ensuring that the sole is not too cushioned or bouncy. 
  • They provide adequate stability and protect your ankles well during your workout. 
  • These lace-up shoes have a mesh outer layer for good circulation for your feet. These are quite easy to maintain.
  •  They require a bit of airing between workouts and a light wash once in a while to keep them in good shape. 


Provides high stability. 


Requires high maintenance. 

#3  – Fila Men’s Dynamo Gym Shoes for men 

The Men’s Dynamo gym shoes by Fila are a really attractive looking pair! 

  • These shoes in a beautiful black and gold will be the highlight of your training outfit, for sure.
  •  These shoes not only look great, but also are super comfortable and apt for your weight training sessions. 
  • These are designed to keep you grounded and stable, with just a little rise in the heel to help your ankle’s range of movements. 
  • This also helps maintain your posture even when the weights you’ve stacked are heavy. 
  • There is decent ankle support as well. 
  • Maintenance of these shoes might take a bit of effort. 


Looks very attractive. 


Requires high maintenance. 

#4 – Nike Gym shoes for men 

The gym shoes by Nike are very cool looking and can pep up a boring gym session. – –

  • These shoes are very comfortable with an insole that is cushioned adequately and not too much. 
  • The sole is flat and helps keep the wearer grounded and well balanced. 
  • The heel supports the joints and muscles well and makes it easy to maintain the posture.
  •  These shoes are made of a breathable fabric that keeps the feet cool even in the hottest of temperatures. 
  • They are tough and feel like they will last long. 
  • They are quite expensive, but you can get them for some really good prices online. 


Good durability. 



#5 – ASICS Gym Shoes for men 

The popular brand ASICS is the next on our list with their Gel Quest Gym shoes.

  •  It can be taken for granted that ASICS does not compromise on the quality of their products, shoes especially, and a lot of research goes in before they manufacture a new design.
  •  We suggest that novice or beginner gym-goers give these shoes a try. 
  • These shoes could be considered a versatile pair as they have just enough cushioning for a light run, but they also offer good stability and balance when you’re lifting light weights. 
  • These fit well and can be laced up.
  •  They are available in two colours, the black being our choice.  


Great for beginners. 


Only two colours are available. 

#6 – Power Gym Shoes for men

The pride of every Indian, “Power” is next on our list of the best gym shoes you can find in the market. 

  • The Men’s Connect Grandeur is truly Power at its best with their innovative design with just the right amount of cushioning in the sole. 
  • They have nailed it with the fit. 
  • The outer layer is a close-knit mesh that can be easily washed and is breathable. 
  • These are low maintenance shoes and very durable.
  •  These fall in the budget range and are value for money. 
  • These shoes are beautiful to look at in two lovely colours and we can’t choose a favourite. 


Looks great. 



#7 – DFY Gym shoes for men 

The gym shoes by DFY are a great choice in the budget range. 

  • These are perfect for those who are beginning their exploration of the gym or don’t really lift very heavy. 
  • These shoes are slip-ons, easy to wear and take off. 
  • The cushioning isn’t much, which gives it a slightly hard sole, but this is great for your balance and posture during your workout.
  •  The raised heel is another positive aspect of these shoes.
  •  The ankle support is quite good. 
  • Since these are slip-ons, we suggest you get a pair that fits perfectly to avoid your feet slipping out during your training. 


Has a raised heel. 


May be hard to find the right size. 

#8 – ASIAN MARVEL-21 Gym shoes for men 

Asian is a good brand to opt for, if you are looking for cheap priced shoes. 

  • These are the best gym shoes you can get at this price in terms of both design and quality. 
  • These lace up shoes give your ankles optimum comfort and support with their ample cushioning. 
  • The sole is flat and hard, giving you decent stability for your workouts. 
  • The upper mesh layer is good for air circulation. 
  • The shoes can be washed regularly with soap and water and need no special maintenance or care. 
  • These are quite durable, perfect for everyday rough use. 





#9 – Bacca Bucci Gym shoes for men 

The gym shoes by Bacca Bucci are another pair in the low price range, giving you good quality. 

  • These are slip on shoes that give you decent cushioning to help support your ankle. 
  • The upper mesh is a bit stretchable, so get a pair that fits you perfectly to avoid discomfort during your workouts. 
  • You can wear them for cross-fit and some light cardio like a walk on the treadmill or the elliptical. 
  • We would suggest these shoes for beginners as these may not provide the best fit for a strenuous lifting session. 


Great for beginners. 


Not for heavy workouts. 

#10 – Inklenzo Gym shoes for men

The shoes by Inklenzo are super cool looking and the price will make your eyes pop! These are the cheapest you can get with both quality and style. 

  • These are great for the gym as they are flat-soled and the heel is small. 
  • There is hardly any cushioning in these shoes but the ankle support is quite good. 
  • The downside of these lace-up trainers is that they might require a bit of extra care to maintain them. 
  • These shoes are best for newbies to the gym. 


Best pick for newbies. 


Requires extra care. 

The above-detailed list should have helped you to a large extent in narrowing down some of the brands and shoes that are really good in the gym, for men. 

How to choose the right gym shoes for men?

Well, every person’s stance is unique and so is their requirement. Here are a few pointers to consider:

  • If you’re the kind who finds it difficult to stay stable during a squat, go for a pair of shoes that have a slightly raised heel. This gives you that support and balance you may require
  • If you do a lot of free weight training with heavy weights, again go for shoes with a slightly raised heel. They help your ankle a bit of free movement and support your posture
  • These shoes should be alright for light cardio like walks on the treadmill, elliptical and light aerobics (But, if you run on the treadmill, switch to running shoes)
  • Choose shoes that fit you perfectly, with no more than a half-inch space in the toe box. Try on shoes with the socks you will be wearing to the gym

What are some features of a good gym shoe?

As much as it is important to pick out an appropriate shoe for a workout, there are many routines that require different features in shoes. 

Weight lifting shoes 

For weight lifting it is important to have flat shoes with a good grip. Avoid considering sticking with your normal running shoes which have a thicker sole. 


For the treadmill, you can opt for your regular running shoes. It is important to consider the way you run to seek the same features in your workout shoe. 

Do remember that no shoe is versatile and that you can use it for all the activities. You will have to try on a few before you finally find that perfect pair of shoes. Once you’ve done that, you can hit the gym, confidently, and start your workout!

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