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Best Gym Shoes For Women In India 2022

Whether it’s the beginning of the year or the middle, it’s never too late to kickstart that gym routine. And what better way to do it than with a new pair of gym shoes. Regardless of how intense your workout is, shoes are something you cannot compromise on. The balance, stability and support that a good pair of workout shoes offer, directly influences your workout intensity. That is why we have curated the best gym shoes for women.

Top Gym Shoe Brands For Women 

So what exactly consists of being a good gym shoe for a woman?

Some women might think that they can use the same shoes for gym and running but this is where they make a mistake that could land them in injuries. Gym or workout shoes are very different from cushiony or heavily padded running shoes. Your gym shoes must be light with nearly a flat sole or a sole with very light cushioning to offer you stability, balance with proper stance and grip for those weighted squats and sudden steps.

If you enjoy your cardio, along with flexibility, the shoes must also provide good arch and ankle support to protect you during all the side moves and shuffles. It should also have just enough cushioning to absorb shock and safeguard your knees from the impact. The shoes must be made of breathable fabric and allow air circulation (you know why!). You also want shoes that are durable and easy to maintain. You want them to be able to handle a quick wash and not wear out within a few months. Apart from all this, it doesn’t hurt to have a stunning looking pair that goes with our gym outfits (Hey, we need the motivation to hit the gym, don’t we?!)

Pro tip: Get a pair of gym shoes that aren’t too confined because your feet will tend to swell with your workout. Going up by half a size is a good idea. If you’re a regular gym-goer, have two pairs to alternate between so that your shoes get time to be aired between your workouts. 

Buying the best gym shoes are an investment, ladies! And we know that! Also like all other women, we love shoes… so we took on the (delightful) task of trying on a lot of brands and shortlisted the best gym shoes for women in India with their features and what makes them special. Read on to find out!

Best Gym Shoes For Women

#1– Puma Women’s Fierce Swan Multisport Training Shoes

The German brand, Puma, is popular for making sleek and neat looking athletic and casual sports gear. It can be taken for granted that their gym shoes are as supple and sleek as the rest of their footwear.

The Fierce Swan is one of a kind with their extra ankle support that secures the ankles from sudden jerks and shuffles.

Very stylish, these are also easy to wear because of the slip-on design and the lack of cumbersome laces.

However, make sure you buy the right size so that your feet don’t slip out during your workout.

#2–SAGMA Women’s Breathable Running Shoes

Even though they call these, “running shoes”, the Sagma Breathable shoes are strictly for the gym. This is a brand that makes durable and affordable footwear for the Indian market.

These shoes are fitted with a flat insole which is great for those heavy workouts in the gym as it gives adequate support and stability.

Your feet are also kept cool because of the breathable material used inside.

The outer sole has grooves that provide ample traction for safety on those slippery gym surfaces. These are made in different colours but the sea green is our pick. 

#3–Adidas Women’s Vitoria Ii Multisport Training Shoes

Easily one of the best shoes out there for intense gymming, the Vitoria Multisport is light and flat for those weighted squats and heavy weight lifting.

The stability and balance they offer are incredible. In addition to the features that appeal to us in the gym, these are so neat and casual looking that they can be a good pair for your jeans and tees.

Like other shoes made by Adidas, these are well-made and long-lasting.

A disadvantage is an upper sole which is not very breathable so these might have to be aired for a few hours every day. 

#4–Sparx Women SL-513 Gym Shoes

Economically priced, Sparx is a brand that’s affordable and manufactures products of good quality. The SL-513 is an addition to their line of shoes that’s specifically made for light gym-goers or beginners.

These shoes are light in weight and the lace-up helps secure the feet down during a workout session.

As with other shoes from this brand, they are durable and can withstand regular washes. The outer sole has grooves for traction in the gym.

These shoes may not be suitable for heavy cardio as the sole might wear out quickly. 

#5– Reebok Women’s Ultra Lite Lp Gym Shoes

Reebok has always made very flexible and nice-looking shoes compared to other athletic shoe brands in the market. The Ultra Lite is true to its name.

The lightweight upper keeps the feet cool even if worn the whole day.

These durable shoes with flat soles have just enough cushioning which makes them perfect for daily gymming, Crossfit and walking.

Available in several colours like other Reebok gym shoes, these are also designed to pair well with casual outfits.

#6–Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 Gym Shoes

Nike is indeed a brand that constantly tries to better itself with every new product they release and the Flex trainer 9 is proof of that.

These extraordinary shoes are fitted with a strap around the heel that’s connected to the shoelaces.

This innovative feature secures the shoe to the feet, ensuring smooth training and movement.

These are meant for weight training and cross fit with good traction and stability in the outer sole.

The cushioned tongue looks out of place but is not really a hindrance during the workout, nor does it take away from the aesthetics of the shoes. 

#7– BEONZA Gym Shoes For Women

Priced to fit every person’s pocket, these are amazing for women just beginning their gym memberships.

Beonza shoes may be simple-looking but they are made to fit perfectly with laces to secure and a soft, flat sole to offer comfort and stability during your training. These are light, breathable and easy to maintain.

A drawback is the sole which may not offer excellent traction on slippery ground, but this is not a deal-breaker if used only in the gym or on rough surfaces.

#8–ASICS Women’s Multisport Training Shoes

Nobody makes lightweight, functional footwear like the Japanese brand, ASICS. Even though they have a wide range of gym shoes to choose from, each one as good as the next, the Multisport Training Shoes made it to this list of the best gym shoes available for women in the Indian market, for the versatility they boast of. Just like their other shoes, these supply great traction, making them perfect for light cardio along with CrossFit and circuit training.

The shoes fit comfortably and are flexible and light enough for those quick moves. 

#9–Power Women’s Speed Running Shoes

A sturdy pair of shoes with a flat sole for those strenuous workouts at the gym, Power speed running shoes are multipurpose.

A subsidiary of the internationally known Bata, these are guaranteed comfort and safety.

These work well for light treadmill runs along with circuits and cross fit.

The lace-ups help ensure the shoes fit well, compared to other slip ons made by the same brand.

Priced at a comfortable rate for the Indian market, we would say these are a bang for your buck!

#10–FUEL Gym Shoes For Women

If you want a pair of bright and colourful shoes on a budget, these are for you! With lots of mesh upper layers, these really manage to keep our feet cool despite long hours in the gym.

The outer sole is impressive with grooves that make it anti-slip. With just enough cushioning, these are fantastic for all purposes in the gym, including cardio.

The sole appears to be quite sturdy, so we expect these shoes can handle quite a bit of rough and intense work. 

#11– Action Shoes Women’s Mesh Sports Shoes

An Indian made, Indian owned brand, Action has made us proud over the years with their nominally priced and durable shoes for men, women and children. These mesh shoes are great for women who are starting out at the gym as they offer great cushioning, fit well and don’t weigh much.

They are also easy to maintain, requiring a wash once in a while depending on your usage.

Your feet stay cool in the hottest of seasons as the upper mesh and inner fabric lining are breathable. They are available in many bright colours, so take your pick!

#12–Ligero Gym Shoes For Women

These low-priced shoes are crafted to be multipurpose and can handle moderately heavy workouts inside and outside the gym.

They are terrific for light treadmill runs, the cushioning providing enough shock absorption but may be uncomfortable for heavy-duty runs.

This made it to our list because we were impressed with how durable the shoes felt for the price they are sold at. Once laced up, the shoes feel secure and offer good support.

The sole is anti-skid and can handle smooth gym floors. The mesh fabric outer layer helps air circulation inside the shoes. 

#13–ASIAN Fashion-13 Gym Shoes For Women

Even though they are priced at the lower end of the spectrum, these shoes look quite premium.

These can be considered multipurpose as well because of the cushioning that’s just enough to provide bounce during a jog on the treadmill and enough stability and balance during those barbell squats.

They are light-weight and fit well with laces that can be adjusted to an individual’s feet. The breathable fabric makes these a great choice for regular wear to the gym. 

#14 – Adidas Women’s Adispree 

Here are yet another one of our favorites from one of the leading shoe brands in the world -Adidas! 

The whole shoe has a lace-up design which makes it look spongy and really comfortable to slide your feet in. 

What we can definitely assure you is that it does not exert too much pressure on the feet and has an extraordinary feeling when you are working out. You hardly feel it. 

The material of this gym shoe for women is mesh which means it is easy to clean and maintain. 

Besides wearing it to the gym you can wear it on your outgoing outfits as well as it has a very stylish demeanor. 

#15 – Li Ning gym shoes 

best gym shoes in India

Li Ning is a brand that is slowly paving its way through the Indian market with its promising products that are pretty impressive. 

The front portion of the shoe makes sure that your toes are well protected and do not face any injury. This is an important aspect for a shoe to have since while working out you will be prone to a lot of injuries. 

This shoe is made up of Flynit technology which you won’t even feel the shoe. This is another important factor for a good quality gym shoe to have for you to be able to work out with ease and comfort. 

The gym shoe is available in a whole bunch of layers which are perfect for women of any taste. 

Gym shoes can also have varied functions. The gym is a hub for different kinds of exercise and there are shoes which lean more to each of these routines. It focuses on grip, comfort and flexibility. Here are some of the specifics, 

Are running shoes suitable for gym?

The quick answer to that would be a no. Running shoes are more elevated and give you the grip that is needed for your feet. Gym shoes are more flat and require the same to be able to perform workouts. So we would suggest you go specifically to buy a new pair of gym shoes. If you want running shoes, we have the best running shoes for women in India that you should definitely check out. 

Is it necessary to wear shoes in the gym? 

It is vital to buy a gym shoe because all the activities in the gym require good grip. Gym shoes are made in a way that will keep your feet stern and in place. Being barefoot can cause serious injuries to your toes, knees and thighs. Even wearing normal shoes to the gym can be a reason for injuries and discomfort in your lower body. 

So buy the right gym shoe according to the kind of workouts you will be doing to keep yourself safe while working out. 

How often do I replace workout shoes?

It depends how often you go to the gym and the kind of workouts that you are practicing. When you notice flight wear and tear in the gym shoes, we suggest you change immediately and get a new pair. Worn out gym shoes can also be a risk factor, especially if you are someone who does intense workouts.

How to pick a gym shoe? 

 Cross-training shoe

Cross-training shoes are used mostly for lifting weights so the sole of the gym shoe has to be cushioned yet flat. Here are some that match these characteristics. 

Nike Metcon 4
New Balance Fuel Core Nergize
inov-8 F-Lite 260
Puma Tazon 6 FM

Running Shoes 

While on the treadmill you need shoes that are of minimal height with a wide toe area so that your feet are not cramped. 

Adidas Energy Boost ESM
Nike  Women Flyknit Max
Adidas Women Adizero Feather 4
Reebok Women’s Zjet

These are our top picks of best gym shoes for women. We hope this article helps you to choose comfort. Happy workout! 

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