Best Hair Straightener Brushes in India 2022

Pretty summer dress, stilettos to match, makeup on point. All that is needed to tie up your look together is your hair. While fancy salon blow drys are what we would love to have every day, it’s simply not possible. Equip yourself with one of these best hair straightener brushes in India to get that smooth, salon-done hair every day!

Hair straightener brushes are an invention designed to make our life easier. Struggling with a hairdryer and hairbrush every morning is not something we look forward to. Yet, frizz is such a pain. Hair straightening brushes are hair brushes that do the trick of removing the frizz from our hair, smoothening it out while doing its job of detangling as well. 

Top Hair Straightener Brushes In India 2022

Philips BHH880 hair straightener brush 

Philips is the pioneer in electronics, specifically hair grooming products. 

  • The BHH880 is a high-end hair straightener brush that works at a maximum temperature of 200 deg celsius.
  •  The large paddle brush is great for detangling your hair and smoothing large volumes of hair in one go. 
  • The bristles are coated with ceramic and infused with keratin to give your hair that extra shine to make it look healthier. 
  • You have the option of choosing a temperature setting according to your preference.
  •  The brush employs a Thermo protect technology that ensures that the temperature through the brush is evenly spread so that you don’t scald your hair or scalp. 
  • The bristles are soft tipped and rounded, and gentle on your scalp. 
  • What we also like about this brush is that it heats up really quickly, in less than a minute, so you’re good to go for that suddenly planned night out. There’s an indicator light that lets you know when it’s ready. 
  • The cord is about 1.8 m long, so you have enough leeway to move around. 
Pros Cons 
Long enough so you can move around. Expensive. 

VEGA X-Glam Hair Straightening Brush 

An Indian competitor for the Philips range of hair grooming electronic products is Vega. 

  • The X-Glam hair straightening brush is everything you need for a quick and speedy hairdo. 
  • The oval brush comes with bristles that are coated with silica and rounded to give your hair and scalp a soft brush. 
  • The straightening brush is built with an anti-scald technology that ensures that the temperature is evenly spread and does not overheat, so you are safe from getting burnt. 
  • The temperature setting can be adjusted depending on what you want and the LCD display shows you what temperature it’s at. 
  • The handle has an anti-slip grip and is comfortable to hold and use. The cord can swivel around and is long enough to move around a bit with this brush.
  •  Vega offers a warranty of two years on this straightening brush. 
  • Vega is a premium brand, priced higher than most other brands in the market, but lower than the Philips. 
Pros Cons 
Has an anti slip feature or the hair straightener brush. Might not work for curly work. 

RYLAN Hair Electric Comb Brush

Rylan is a budget brand bringing to you quality products at affordable prices. 

  • The Hair straightener brush by this brand works at low temperatures and keeps your hair straightening safe for your hair and scalp.
  •  It removes the frizz effectively and though it takes a slightly longer time than the Philips or the Vega, it does a good job. 
  • You can detangle your hair with this brush as the bristles are placed accordingly. 
  • It works with three temperature settings you can choose from and the oval brush has soft bristles that don’t bruise your scalp. 
  • There is an insulated inner sleeve for better function. 
  • The anti scald teeth make sure you are safe while using this.
  •  The LCD display shows you the temperature it is functioning on.
  •  It comes with an anion conditioner that distributes these anions when they are heated and run through your hair. This adds a bit of shine to your hair, making it look healthier. 
  • You can also use this brush to give you a warm and slow scalp massage as the temperature is evenly distributed throughout. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. Could have quality related issues in the long haul. 

COIF Stylish Round Hair Straightening Brush

If you want to style your hair with curls but don’t want to use a curling iron with too much heat, go for the Coif round hair straightening brush. 

  • While you can also use this to simply smoothen out your hair as a regular paddle brush, it might take a bit of time. 
  • This brush has 3-d bristles, evenly spread out and fitted with silica gel coated soft tips to keep them gentle on your hair. 
  • These teeth get heated evenly, so you don’t have the worry of it getting overheated or scalding your scalp. 
  • There is an intelligent third gear temperature control that ensures this. 
  • This is one of the quickest heating brushes we have seen, as you can have it ready to use in about 30 seconds and it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get the effect you desire. 
  • You can use this on wet hair as well without worry. 
Pros Cons
Can be used to smoothen out hair. Can’t be used on sensitive and fine hair. 

Rozia Hair Straightener brushes 

One of the best selling hair straightening brushes online is the Rozia Hair straightener brush. 

  • This brush is priced competitively with the premium brands in the market and is popular for its efficiency and durability. 
  • This paddle shaped hair brush is coated with ceramic for even heating throughout the bristles. 
  • You can detangle your hair easily using this brush as the bristles are spread out evenly and are soft on the hair. 
  • Along with an on and off button, you also get temperature control buttons to set the one you want. 
  • The LED display clearly shows you what setting you are using the brush on.
  •  It heats up pretty quickly and smooths out the hair in a jiffy. 
  • All you need is a few brushes of this for hair that is medium thick to achieve a blow-dried look.
  •  The body of the brush and the handle feels sturdy and it is comfortable to hold and use. 
  • One thing to be kept in mind is that the paddle is not as large as the Philips’.
Pros Cons 
Sturdy and strong build. Medium sized paddle. 

Dyson Airwrap Styler hair straightener brush 

The Dyson Airwrap Styler is all you need in one instrument with several fittings. You can give yourself hairstyles like those styled by a pro, every single day with these multiple attachments and settings, along with tremendous volume. 

  • Dyson, of course, costs a bomb but the brand has the reputation of its instruments lasting forever with high performance. 
  • While the Airwrap does have a curling iron fitting, what we are interested in is the inclusion of two hairbrushes, one, a flat brush for smoothing out the hair and giving you a blow-dried effect, and the other, a round brush head to give your hair more volume and body. 
  • It also includes a dryer that can help remove the excess dampness from your hair before you start styling it. 
  • You are not only paying for the multiple settings in this gadget, but also for your safety.
  •  It has an intelligent heat control system that does not allow the heat to go beyond 150 deg and the ball-tipped bristles are soft on your scalp.
  •  It has cool-touch tips, so you can change the attachments without having to wait for them to cool down. Use the cool shot button to finally set your style in place. 
Pros  Cons 
Control settings are varied. Very expensive. 

Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler

A cheaper alternative to the Dyson is the Havells HC4045 5 in 1 styler. 

  • This multi attachment hair styler includes a straightener, two curlers, a crimper and a volume brush to give you the desired celeb like results. 
  • The volume brush is a round one that adds volume and bounce to the hair and gives you a recently blow dried effect.
  •  It can be used to soften the hair and even out the frizz.
  •  The plates are coated with ceramic and have cool tips to switch between the attachments quickly.
  •  This does work on temperatures upto 190 deg which is higher than the Dyson. 
  • Another positive point is that this brush can be used across the world with its worldwide voltage, so take it with you on your travels for fantastic hair. 
  • The cord is quite long but you have only one temperature setting which is a bit of a disappointment.
  •  Havells offers you a 2 year-long warranty and 24 hours customer service. 
Pros Cons
Affordable with a good warranty period. Only one temperature setting

MiroPure Ionic Hair straightener 

This effective hair straightener brush comes in handy with one complete kit which serves the brush along the way. 

  • It comes with a double ionic generator and works its way through the dense texture of unruly hair and gives you smooth strands. 
  • The best part about using this hair straightener brush is that it keeps the hair tamed and unruly and is even really gentle on the hair strands. 
  • It has 16 settings which is capable of changing the temperature according to the condition of your hair and give you the best of results. 
  • One thing that is a pro and con at the same time is that it heats up quickly. In terms of styling this can be a really convenient thing and as a con this will mean that you have to be extra careful while using it. 
Pros Cons 
Effective and quick hair styling. Heats up really quickly. 

REVLON one hair straightener brush 

REVLON had to be on our list since they have the best appliances for hair and skin. 

  • This oval-shaped hair straightener is great for a good grip while brushing your hair to straighten it. The grip is very important to keep your hands safe. 
  • The Revlon hair straightener brush is great for reducing the frizz and keeps the hair smooth. 
  • Besides this, it detangles unruly and coarse hair and gives you a flawless texture. 
  • The hair straightener brush is lightweight which is another great thing since you can carry it around. 
Pros Cons 
Lightweight and portable. Expensive. 

Emporium straightening brush 

Emporium has a pleasantly surprising collection of hair appliances that have been proved to be really effective. 

  • This hair straightener is a hair dryer as well and is really helpful for a quick hair styling. So you can just hop out of your shower and start your hair styling immediately. 
  • This is a hair straightener brush with negative ions which means more moisture for you hair. Your hair will look super sleek and silky once your done using this appliance. 
  • You get a paddle brush and a comb with the straightener brush. 
Pros Cons 
Can dry hair as well. None. 

Which hair brush straightener is best?

#1 –Philips BHH880
#2 –VEGA X-Glam Hair Straightening Brush
#3 –RYLAN Hair Electric Comb Brush
#4 –COIF Stylish Round Hair Straightening Brush
#5 –Rozia Hair Straightener
#6 –Dyson Airwrap Styler
#7 –Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair Styler

Are hair brush straighteners any good?

Hair straightening brushes are easy to use when you want to straighten your hair. They produce negative ions that remove the frizz from the hair and smoothen the hair out. They are safe for the hair as they are not as strong as a straightening iron. 

If you have frizzy hair then ionic brushes would be a great option.

Is a hot brush better than straighteners?

Hot brushes are safer because they use lower temperatures than a straightener. The purpose of a straightener is to iron the hair while that of a hot brush is to remove the frizz and make the hair smoother. It is also easier to handle than a straightener. But, hot brushes take a longer time to do the job than a straightener. 

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