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10 Best Handbag Brands in India 2021

Christan Dior said, “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.” Since women didn’t have pockets to support them, they needed something to carry the plethora of things they needed. Pockets wouldn’t have been enough anyway. Well, that sure did begin the handbag trend, didn’t it?

Women, after all, need to carry their belongings with them everywhere they go. But somehow, the inside of a woman’s handbag is the inverse of the Bermuda Triangle. You’ll find everything there.

Women’s handbags now are not just a necessity, it is a fashion statement. It completes the outfit while also being indispensable. Instead of having to rummage through multiple web pages (like you do in your handbag for your lipstick), I put together for you a list that mentions all the best handbag brands in India. Go slay! 

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Lino Perros
Da Milano
The House of Tara

After having reviewed all the best Handbag brands in India Based on various factors like design, materials, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 brands that really stood out. These 10 brands were put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Handbag brand in India is Hidesign. Interestingly Hidesign has had a presence in India since 1978. All the bags are made of premium natural leather. These bags are different from the regular mass-produced goods as every single one is hand-crafted. Most importantly, Hidesign’s current trending Isle Locada collection is definitely worth buying.

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Best Handbag Brands in India


hidesign bags in india

I have to begin with the best. Dilip Kapur founded the bespoke global brand around 40+ years ago in 1978. Ever since, it has not failed to impress women and men alike with their minimalistic, stylish leather handbags that are in the realm of luxury. It’s one of the Best Handbag Brands in India.

All the bags are made of premium natural leather. These hand-crafted bags are different from the regular mass-produced goods that seem to casually miss the eye of the onlooker.

Some of the most loved Hidesign handbags included the Castello and Crossbodies, but the most popular ones right now are the shoulder bag in their Isle Locada collection.

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Lino Perros

best luxury bags in india

If you’re looking for something sophisticated, lady-like and minimalistic, you should pick one of the Lino Perros handbags.

Started by two young designers, Sanjay and Natasha in 1999, Lino Perros is quite the hit as an exclusive accessory brand around India, putting them on the map of some of the best handbag brands in India.

They are regarded for their supreme quality and their authentic designs. 

Their bags are priced competitively, keeping in mind the market, so you can actually find these bags at a pocket-friendly rate.

It’s quite the bargain. One of the most desirable bags is the faux leather satchel bag that comes in many different colours.

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baggit in india

Ah, Baggit. I suggest you just bag it now. You have to have one of the Baggit handbags. The brand started off as a college girl realizing the need for a fun, contemporary-looking bag that is durable and can carry everything a college girl needs.

 Nina Lekhi is one of the first people to have used vegan, cruelty-free and innovative materials to make a variety of bags that suits every style.

 What sets it apart is the dash of funk and vibrant colours in the bags. This tan synthetic leather handbag is a multipurpose bag that looks good at work and out on a casual fun day.


caprese handbags in india

Trendy. Peppy. Eye-catching. Chic. They are only some of the words that describe Caprese the best. With it’s versatile design the Caprese handbags can be anything you want. Caprese, having begun only in 2012, made its way into our hearts by letting us be ‘The Caprese Girl’, letting each one of you make a bag your own, to love and to flaunt.

 The bag moved on from a niche market to one that appeals to the masses, without compromise on quality. It is one of the biggest in the unorganized bag sectors in India. The Caprese Navy weaved hobo bag is a heart-stealer!

Da Milano

da milano handbags in India

A premium, affluent look can be achieved by dangling a worthy Da Milano in your arms. The bag brand is quite exquisite with its quilted, premium leather, parched leather look. They just do it really well. For the past 6 decades, not once has Da Milano disappointed. It’s growth has been strong and it’s reach has been global. 

They always ensure to incorporate trendy designs that are fashionable in the now. You are sure to find a bag that matches your personality exactly. I am a huge fan of their pastel blue genuine leather sling right now. So chic.

The House of Tara

fancy handbags in India

You can see The House of Tara pushing boundaries and producing fresh design elements and raw materials into their designs ever since it began in 2012. They are aimed at the more trend-conscious, utility hungry, comfort prioritizing audience. They follow the ‘You shall ask and you shall receive policy”. The brand is big on canvas handbags, backpacks, cross body bags and shoulder bags.

If you’re into hip, vibrant and stylish styles, The House of Tara is your answer. I discovered the most interesting, semi ethnic and stylish messenger sling bag that can be repurposed as a sling bag. Check it out! It has the cutest little tassel at the closing clasp.


top brands of handbags in India

Slightly more than a decade old, Lavie sure made its way into the heart of every Indian woman, young or old, looking for something durable, affordable and reasonably fancy.

The best way to describe the Lavie handbags would be to say that you don’t have to worry about its wear and tear, comfort and style. 

They are what defines an everyday woman. Lavie manufactures a plethora of handbags that comes in various styles – clutches, totes, slings and hobos. One of the best Lavie’s I’ve seen is the Extra Large Malnov Women’s Tote Bag. It comes in many, many colours, one for every outfit you have.


tote bags in India

With its gold embellished logo and equally golden belt buckles, it sets esbeda a class apart.

All this golden sure screams plush luxury, but it is far away from being gaudy. Started as a retail showroom in Mumbai in 2006, , the brand expanded to multiple other locations including persistent e-commerce.

You can find bags that will suit almost every occasion. From completing a bridal look to that of a formal one. The embossed and textured brown leather bag is a great look for both bridal and formal wear.


top brands of handbags

Using only faux leather and synthetic material, Ladida came up with some of the most unique and stylish handbags for the Indian market. 

The designs created by the brand are spectacular to look at and classy to carry. The brand offers a plethora of styles including satchel bags, messengers, hobos and your good old totes. Featuring another red tote here because it just looks that good.


best handbags in india

Looking for something cute and classy? Peperone is number one if you think floral is it for you!

It is set apart in its style as it approaches handbag design with a progressive mindset. Considering it was established only in 2010, I would expect nothing less. If there was a brand for color match making for handbags, Peperone would take the prize and go home.  Check this floral printed satchel bag, augmented with a brown leather handle.

How to choose the best handbag?

A handbag has become more than a convenient accessory to help carry our stuff. It has become a fashion statement and most importantly it’s become an important part of a person’s identity. However, choosing the right handbag isn’t easy. So, here’s our buying guide to help you avoid major mistakes.


  • The fit is honestly one of the most underrated factors. Majority of the people think that that all handbags can fit regardsless of the size. However, it needs to be able toslip on to your shoulder easily and it needs to be placed a little above your torso. You should also choose the size of the handbag based on your body shape.
  • For example, a small handbag may make you look larger and a bulky bag could add unwanted width to your waist. We recommed those with an Apple shaped body to go with a bucket bag and those with a Pear-shaped body to choose a handheld bags or bags with a really short shoulder strap.


  • Of course, colour is another important fact as your going to be carrying your handbag with you for a long duration. When it doubt we recommend you gravitate towards black as you can carry it everywhere with whichever colour attire. We don’t recommed white or cream tones as it goes with few colours.


What can you do to maintain the longevity of a handbag?

Bags need more maintenance than you think. We often think we can just stuff them into a drawer and they will be alright. First pointer: If there is a stain, use a stain remover. don’t let it sit. Secondly, store them on a  shelf where they aren’t de-shaped under the weight of something else. You can also keep the bag stuffed to retain its shape.

For keeping bags clean from the inside, you can store all the liquid-like concealers, moisturizers and contact solution in a clutch that you can then put in your handbag. This way, switching bags will also be easier.

What is the right handbag for the right occasion?

Accessorizing your outfit with the correct handbag, correct style, colour and shape can make or break your look. There are several types of handbags, and sometimes mix and match don’t work very well. We don’t want another fashion disaster, do we?

You use a Tote bag when you’re hitting the beach or taking a mini shopping trip. It’s got all the essentials: water for hydration, wallet for shelling money, a cruising through an aisle snack and space for your shades, contacts etc.

A satchel bag is a more structured handbag. Perfect for formal, business-like occasions or a semi-formal dinner party where you can carry documents, makeup and other essentials without having to rummage through a regular bag’s depth.

Hobo bags, also known as crescent bags are perfect for getaways and weekend trips or even a brunch out with a friend. It is as casual as it looks, chills out while dangling from your shoulder. 

Finally, my favourite, sling bags or crossbody bags. I love how they change the look of the entire outfit. Not only does it act as a style statement, but it also allows you to move freely as it is slid across your body.

A woman can never have too many handbags, can she? Knowing what bag to accessorize your outfit with can help you steal the show and make heads turn everywhere you strut. The consensus here after writing this article is one: Thank goodness Dior made a (rather sexist) comment about pockets on women. And then handbags were born! Regardless, I do wish women’s clothing had pockets as well. We’d put one less thing in the handbags, what else?

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