10 Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India | June 2022 Update

Looking for ways to protect your hair from heat damage? Check out our list of the Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India!

Heat styling of hair is one of the most common beauty care procedures men and women resort to. Several hairstyling processes like blow-drying, straightening, curling, perming, crimping, and others employ high temperatures.

Few people are aware that exposing human hair to such extreme heat can actually damage it, sometimes with the effects becoming irreversible and permanent. Hence it goes without saying that enough care must be taken while applying heat to your hair during hair styling treatments.

Heat protection hair sprays are thermal protectants that must be used during heat styling of your hair if you really love your hair and want to prevent any serious damage.

Also, it is necessary to choose the best heat protection hair sprays in India so that you can focus on your hairstyling without any worries. Here I have done thorough research with an array of heat protection hair spray brands and listed the best heat protection hair sprays in India.  

Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India

L’Oreal Paris Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heat Spray

L’Oreal Paris Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heat Spray comes under the lightweight spray category that can bestow a great sleek look to your hair. L’Oreal Paris has exclusively innovated this product to go well with any heat styling tool that works on incredibly extreme temperatures. It’s one of the Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India.

Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India
  • The most unique formulation you can find in the industry not only protects the hair from heat damage but also helps straighten the frizz resulting from excessive styling treatments. The spray also seals in the shine and conditions the hair to result in a gorgeous-looking iron straight hair.
  • On the whole, this is an incredible product under the heat protectant hair spray category that can leave your hair with a sleek style that can last for 3 days.

Suitable for all types of hair and especially straight hair, the product can be depended on for 450 degree heat protection. This spray is known to calm frizz and is effective in sealing the shine. This is a great anti-frizz spray that can help manage all kinds of heat tools.  


  • The spray bottle comes with a nozzle with a lock and unlock button. This makes it easy to carry while you are on travel.
  • The packaging looks amazing and the bottle has a slender body to facilitate an easy and convenient handling.
  • The spray feels lightweight on your hair and hence does not result in any discomfort.


  • Some reviews say the users experienced hair drying after application

Arvazallia Professional Grade Thermal Heat Protectant Plus

This Arvazallia Professional Grade Thermal Heat Protectant Plus is a highly unique kind of formulation with argan oil that is best for moisturizing, and conditioning the hair leaving your precious hair with a gorgeous looking silky, soft, and smooth texture. It is one of the Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India.

what's the best hair heat protection spray
  • The anti-frizz agents in the product help in detangling the hair and enhancing the flexibility of the hair strands. Therefore, using this product can make your hair more manageable.
  • This lightweight spray is based on providing a sophisticated 2-layer protection technology that can easily penetrate into the hair follicles and repair the damage resulting due to the use of hairdryers, curling irons, and other drying and hair styling tools. 

This is a professional grade heat protectant that can prevent hair damage due to curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers and any other hair styling tools that release extreme temperatures. This is an ideal product to use on any type of hair including permed hair, natural hair, wigs and extensions. Uses say this product leaves the hair refreshed and with an amazing smell. 


  • This product has a wide scope of application on different types of hairs including natural hair, permed hair and also wigs.
  • Effectively prevents the breaking and splitting of the hair at the ends
  • Bestows a pleasant smell on the hair after application


  • Users say this product is greasy hence a bit inconvenient to apply and wash
  • The strong aroma of the product is not liked by some users

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

Based on an advanced formula, the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray is made to prevent the hair damage due to the excessive heat from blowers, dryers and other hair styling applications releasing enormous heat. Hence it is a great spray to use before the start of any hair styling treatment.

what is the best heat protection spray for hair
  • The product is effective in guarding your hair against friction and high temperatures. In addition, the product also restores the hair’s vibrancy after remedying the hair dryness and damage.
  • The application leaves the hair silky, soft and lustrous. Known to make the hair fluffier, it adds up to the volume of the hair bestowing great looks. The product also carries a sweet smell which is a discrete advantage.

The hair tamer spray stands effectively up to iron curls and flat irons assuring reliable and proven protection to your hair from heat. The manufacturer has incorporated a heat-activated formula and has infused the product with a moisture-locking vitamin complex to hold the shape of the hair without any damage. 


  • This product works great on hairs of all textures and hence has a universal application.
  • The innovative design of the container and nozzle makes it easy to apply
  • Bestows a silky smooth and a glossy finish to the hair moving it to its natural brilliance.
  • The spray leaves the hair with a highly inviting aroma that feels so good.


  • Users say that the hair can become sticky due to excessive use. 
  • The price is slightly on the higher side. 

Klein Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray

The manufacturer has packed the Klein Natural Hair Heat Protection Spray with some plant based healthy ingredients like rice water, flaxseeds, green tea, grape seeds, and aloe vera. The highly powerful natural ingredients that have gone into its formulation help straighten the hair, stimulate its growth, maintains the greatest elasticity and bestow added strength to the hair strands.

best heat protection spray for straightening hair in india
  • A good thing about this product is that it is free from any harmful chemicals like parabens, alcohol, silicons, and sulfates. This makes it the ideal product to use as a conditioner that can tone up the hair and get rid of rough, coarse and frizzy hair.
  • The research-based natural heat protection formula can support a hassle-free hairstyling process by safeguarding the hair from extreme heats. The hair spray is found to work great for daily use for both pre-styling protection and post styling conditioning.

If you want to get rid of the roughness and frizz in your hair, you can also use it as a conditioner on a daily basis. This spray is a great option not only as a heat protectant, but also a hair conditioning and nourishing agent. 


  • The product has a very long shelf life of 2 years as per the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Is highly reliable for protecting as well as nourishing the hair that needs to be tamed before and after the hair styling treatments
  • Using it on a daily basis is a hassle-free experience.


  • The price is slightly on the higher side impacting its affordability.

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray

The manufacturer of this heat protection spray has achieved a unique and innovative formulation in this product with the lavish addition of keratin and marula oil. The spray can provide an effective protection to the hair against heat damage bestowing it a silky smooth and shiny appearance.

best heat protection hair sprays in india
  • The lightweight category spray sports a mild fragrance that is pleasant and non-disturbing. If you want to achieve a glorious finish to your hair during a hair styling treatment, use it before and after the treatment to land on amazing results. The spray has the longest lasting effect on your hair giving you the best value for your money. 
  • This heat protectant spray comes with a host of advantages for a wide variety of hair types. Some of the benefits of this incredible formulation include bestowing extra softness to the hair, added luster to the hair, and taming hair flyaways.

The spray is known to shield the hair from the undesirable effects of hair styling and seal in the shine post treatment. When you want to transform the frizzy locks into a smooth flowing hair, this is a great product to trust in. 


  • The product bestows five benefits in one system and hence gives the best value for money.
  • This is an exclusively formulated heat protectant with enough nutrients to nourish the hair. 
  • The decent price tag of the spray makes it a budget friendly option. 


  • Some users say they experienced hair dryness after using it. 

Wella Professionals Eimi Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray

Wella Professional is a world-renowned hair care products brand offering a full range of hair care products under every known category. Hence this is a well-experienced company in offering the finest range of products for great results.

ktein heat protection spray review
  • In this thermal heat protection spray, the manufacturer has rendered a two-phase spray that can protect the hair from heat damage while styling your hair. Phase-1 is meant to nourish the hair and protect it from heat damage during the hairstyling process. Phase-2 helps make the hair smoother and lustrous. 
  • This professionally designed hair spray is seen adding a natural hold to the hair. The heat protection capability of the spray is up to 220oC. The application of the second phase will bring about a shiny and flawless hair.

This spray is an ideal application for any hair styling purpose. The innovative two-phase formula is a definite plus for the users since the system takes care of hair protection before hairstyling and hair setting after the process leaving you with lustrous and soft hair after the whole process.  


  • This is an ideal product highly recommended by beauty care professionals for hair styling purposes.
  • The product falls under super light category bestowing a super-smooth feel to your hair. 
  • This is a budget friendly offering bringing you the advantage of a well-experienced company at a decent price tag.


  • The buyers feel this product is a bit over-priced when compared to the other similar offerings in the market. 

Sebastian Professional Trilliant Heat Protecting Spray

The Sebastian Professional Trilliant Heat Protecting Spray sports a special thermal protection and hair nourishment formula with the addition of rock crystals extracts. The manufacturer is well experienced in the beauty care arena bringing its customers a well-researched offering for heat protectant for hair styling.

heat protection serum for straightening hair in india
  • This is a lightweight hair spray known for its gentle hair conditioning characteristics leaving a great shimmery look. This spray is highly depended on for protection from extreme temperature during hairstyling at the end leaving the hair with an attractive shimmery look. The spray gives an extra bounce to the hair by safeguarding it from heat.
  • Users depend on this spray for heat protection as well as achieving a smooth shine after the hair styling treatment. Some of the desirable properties of this heat protectant spray include its hair rejuvenation capabilities, a pleasing aroma, and ability to add a smooth and silky shine to the hair.

Use this spray sparingly for protecting your hair during hair styling and also after that. The smooth movement of the pump in the spray bottle makes it easy to apply the product evenly on to the hair surface while achieving a thorough protective coating.  


  • This heat protection spray works well on damp hair and so you need not worry about sweating and wetness during hair styling. 
  • Adds a lustrous shine on to your hair resulting in a silky, soft and smooth hair
  • Makes you hair fluffy and return to its natural appearance 


  • Some users say this heat protection spray causes some itching on the scalp

L’Oreal Studio Line Hot & Straight Hair Spray

Delivered in a 200 ml pack, L’Oreal Studio Line Hot & Straight Hair Spray is a well-researched formula to provide a long-lasting, silky smooth and polished natural style to your precious hair. The effects of this application can last for up to 3 days giving your hair an anti-frizz and anti-moisture polished look.

tresemme heat protection spray
  • This product is formulated for using with hairdryers, straighteners and other hair styling equipment that are known to result in over 230°C heat.
  • This is an ideal product to use on fine hair as well as the hair prone to flyaways and frizz. The strong anti-humidity characteristic is a definite plus in this formulation and the users achieve a smooth and polished style when finished with straighteners.

Since this product is unscented, anyone will find it comfortable to use. If you are using straighteners often, this spray can be your perfect pick as can do the job neatly to perfection.  


  • You can use a comb to distribute the spray evenly on your hair and so this formulation can be applied conveniently. 
  • This spray is an ideal product to use on frizzy hair as it can tame the rough and coarse hair effectively during hair styling
  • In addition to working as a heat protectant, this spray also has some hair nourishing characteristics leaving a soft and silky hair following the hair styling treatment.


  • Some reviews and users are concerned about the high price of the product which impacts its affordability. 

Just Peachy KerArgan Heat Protect Spray

The manufacturer’s specifications call this a Keratin Smooth System on account of its unique ingredients namely keratin, vitamin E and argan oil. The maker has intended this product as a heat protectant during hair styling treatments and also for regular use as a hair protector from sun damage.

streax heat protection spray
  • This is a great hair spray to control frizz and leave a silky, smooth and soft hair that can last up to 3 days. This spray does not contain any sulphates or paraben and hence it is highly safe to apply on the hair without any worries about side effects, allergenic reactions and hair loss.

The keratin-infused in the product will be absorbed by the hair during application. Keratin is a hair rejuvenator that can do the ultimate good to your hair. Keratin will in turn nourish the hair cuticle leaving a full and lustrous look. The manufacturer says this product is free from animal abuse. 


  • This is an exclusive as well as general purpose spray to protect the hair during hair styling as well as from sun’s heat.
  • This formulation suits different hair types and hence you will find this a good pick when you have not researched with your unique needs. 
  • The manufacturer says no animals were harmed during its production and hence this is a cruelty-free product you will love. 


  • Some reviews say the price of this product is a bit too much when compared to the offerings by its competitors. 

L’Occitane Heat- Protective Control Mist

Infused with essential oils sourced from plants and jojoba oil that are known for their excellent moisturizing abilities. The manufacturer is an experienced player in the beauty care industry with a wide range of offerings to their credit. It is one on the Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India

toni and guy heat protection spray
  • The formulation in this heat protectant spray follows thorough research and hence the results are assuring and give the best value for money. Users depend on this product for regular use as well as a heat protectant application during hair styling treatments that give out extreme temperatures. 
  • The formulation has incorporated a number of vital ingredients that can help protect the hair from damage during exposure to extreme heat. Used predominantly as a heat shield during all kinds of hair styling treatments, this is also used on a regular basis as a protectant from sun’s heat.

During hair styling treatments, this spray can prevent hair damage while using hair straighteners and hair dryers giving out heat up to 230oC. It is easy to tame the unmanageable hair with this spray making it smooth and silky with an added lustre. It is suitable to spray on wet hair or as per your needs before hair styling.    


  • This is a silicon-free heat control spray formulation with the least side effects.
  • The product is infused with plant based essential oils for an effective heat protection. The fragrance is inviting. 
  • This spray is suitable for all types of hairs. 


  • Some reviews raise concerns regarding its pricey nature. 

How does heat styling damage the hair?

The advent of a galaxy of hair styling tools have made hair styling a convenient experience at home. However, this advantage is not free of any risks. During hair styling processes like blow-drying, hot curling or flat-iron straightening, usually the hair is directly exposed to extreme temperatures.

If this happens without creating some protective layers on the hair strands, the hairs can face thermal stress that can severely damage the hair causing cracking or chipping of the cuticle layer, bubbles or voids in the cortex, and split ends, frizz, drying, diminishing of curl, fading of hair color, and breakage.

When the temperature used by the styling tools cross 100oC, the hair damage will start due to evaporation of water, quick water loss, destruction of proteins, and oxidation of pigments. Water evaporation from hair cortex can dehydrate the hair, alter the internal protein structure and the properties of hair.

This results in brittle and frizzy hair. The boiling of water in the hair strands due to excessive heat causes voids in the hair structure leading to split ends and breaks. Due to the disruption of the three dimensional structure of the proteins, their strength, elasticity, curl and texture are affected. Due to the oxidation of the pigment articles in the hair strands, the hair pigments can turn lighter and fade away. Check out our entire list on Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India for all the details.

Benefits of using a heat protection hair spray

When you feel hair styling is a necessary beauty care option for you, a good heat protectant hair spray can help prevent hair damage during the process. Majority of these products are sold in the form of sprays that can be applied easily on the hair within a few seconds.

Continuous use of heat protection sprays can minimize the risks of all kinds of heat damages due to the styling tools like chemical damage, tryptophan damage and structural damage. Also, among the heat protection hair sprays, dry hair sprays are found more effective than the wet ones. 

How to apply heat protection hair sprays?

If you want to get the best out of heat protection hair sprays, use them in the following way. Applying a heat protection hair spray is recommended before the use of any hair styling equipment on your hair. It is absolutely useless to apply it after the process. 

First shake the bottle of the thermal protectant thoroughly before opening it for application. Hold the hair spray bottle at an arm’s length and spritz it all over the locks evenly and generously. While applying, ensure that you cover the lower layers of the hair also by flipping the tresses.

After the hair styling treatment, you must wash off the spray build up on the hair by washing it within two days following the hair styling treatment. While applying the spray, it is necessary to make sure that the contents do not enter your eyes.  Check out our entire list on Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India for all the details.

How to choose the best heat protection hair sprays?

While choosing the best heat protection hair spray is important to land on the best results and also avoid any undesirable side effects, choosing the right one needs to consider the following points.

Understand the ingredients mentioned on the packaging and choose the one that provides the optimal protection against heat. The most common ingredients in a heat protection hair spray are cyclomethicone and dimethicone.

The former results in a protective coating on the surface of your hair strands while the latter helps retain the smoothness of your hair by preventing the loss of moisture under excessive heat.

Moisturizing characteristic is yet another important point to look for in a heat protection hair spray as the main purpose of applying this is to prevent the loss of moisture due to excessive heat produced during the beauty treatment.

When too many heating appliances are used on your hair, it results in frizz. Hence ensure that you opt for a heat protection spray that can combat frizz and tame your hair. 

Keratin, a hair protein is responsible for strengthening your hair and increase its water retention capacity. Look for products that are rich in keratin so that it can also have a nourishing effect on your hair. 

Applying the heat protection spray on your hair is a tricky process if you want to ensure an even distribution. Spray nozzle fitted to the bottle can make it convenient to achieve a thorough coverage over the hair surface. See if the product you go for has one. Check out our entire list on Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India for all the details.

FAQs on Heat Protection Sprays

What will happen if I do not use heat protection hair spray before styling my hair?

Most hair styling processes done with appliances make use of extreme temperatures that can cause permanent and irreversible damage to the hair-like dryness, breakage, and dullness. The application of heat protection hair sprays before starting such treatments can help protect your hair from any such undesirable damage. 

How does a heat protection spray help my hair?

Heat protection sprays are highly useful to protect your hair from damage on account of exposing it to extreme temperatures. Most hair styling equipment are seen using extreme temperatures during hair styling processes.

Hence before starting any hair styling process, it is advisable to apply heat protection hair sprays on your hair to prevent any damage to the hair. Thermal protectants formulated with natural ingredients are a good choice as they can make your hair stay healthy and become better with every use.

Is coconut oil good for the hair as a heat protectant?

Coconut oil is one of the best natural heat protectants for the hair that you can find around. Coconut oil is known to shield the hair from the hair damage resulting due to the extreme temperatures that the hair styling appliances cause. In addition to acting as a heat protectant, coconut oil also has rich nourishing properties that can lead to the overall improvement of the hair.

Can a Leave-in conditioner be used as a heat protectant?

If applied before hair styling, a leave-in conditioner can work as a heat protectant for your hair. It creates an extra layer of protection on your hair to prevent any organic damage and also locks in the moisture in the hair to keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

Should I apply the heat protection hair spray on wet or dry hair?

It is best to use heat protection hair spray on wet hair as it can help in an even distribution of the contents on the hair allowing the formation of a thorough protection layer.  Check out our entire list on Best Heat Protection Hair Sprays In India for all the details.

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L’Oreal Paris Hairstyle Sleek It Iron Straight Heat Spray

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