Best Helmet Brands in India

7 Best Helmet Brands in India | The Latest 2021 Update + Buying Guide

Looking for a sturdy helmet to keep you safe during those rides in the city? Check out our list of the Best Helmet Brands in India!

This one is for all the riders and bikers. Biking gear is incomplete without a helmet. Along with safety, a helmet also creates a style statement. A good helmet can save lives and protect the rider during an accident.

Over the past few years, the importance of wearing a helmet has gained increasing awareness. People have begun to understand the need for safety. Along with increased awareness, there has been an increase in helmet brands and designs that are coming up in the market.

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From full-face helmets to helmets with eye-catching graphic designs on them, there is a helmet to suit every individual’s taste and preference. So here are the best helmet brands in India.

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It is important to make an informed choice while choosing a helmet for your own safety. So our team has come up with an informed choice on the right helmet that will keep you safe no matter what. 

Vega Helmet is the safest and most durable helmet available in India with a great material that protects your skull while also sitting well ventilated. The cost range of this helmet ranges between Rs. 600- 2000. The UV resistance in the helmet protects the rider from the harmful rays of the sun while riding. 

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Top Helmet Brands in India 2021

Vega Helmets

mt helmets india

Vega is one of the leading helmet manufacturers in India. Their price range is between Rs. 800 to about Rs. 2,000. It’s one of the Best Helmet Brands in India.

They offer their customers a wide range of styles, namely full-faced, flip up, and half faced helmets.

If you are looking for a helmet that is functional, sleek-looking, and does not burn a hole in your pocket, then Vega is the ideal choice for you. All their products come with the ISI certification mark.

One of the most common problems that helmet wearers face is a scratched visor which reduces visibility.

Vega fits their helmets with scratch resistant and UV resistant visors as a solution to this issue.

Also, their visors are fit in a way that allows good ventilation. All helmets manufactured by them fit quite snug at first.

This is to ensure that safety standards are met. The foam on the inside adjusts over time to the size and shape of the user’s head. 

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Studds Helmets

vega helmets

Another familiar name in the market for helmets is Studds. This popular brand has many variants of helmets available, like full face helmets, flip up full face helmets, and flip off full face helmets.

The price range for these helmets begins at around Rs. 800. Their helmets come with a hypoallergenic liner.

This ensures that the rider is protected from infections and allergies that may arise from being in contact with the dampness caused by sweat or rainy days.

Their liners are also replaceable. So you don’t have to worry if the liner wears out. You can get it replaced and it will be good as new!

This is also helpful while cleaning and helps keep your helmet clean and fresh. 

Studds also manufactures helmets that come with a high impact outer shell that has been injected with special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic to provide extra protection.

 All the helmets produced by this brand are ISI certified.

Steelbird helmets

top 10 bike helmet brands

Steelbird has been manufacturing some of the best helmets in India for the past five decades.

For the bikers who prefer a helmet with trendy graphics, Steelbird offers you a wide range of styles and designs, like flip up helmets, open face helmets, and motocross helmets.

The outer shells of their helmets are made to resist high impact and offer good protection.

There is also good ventilation near the chin and at the back, so that it you don’t feel the stuffiness that comes with wearing a helmet for too long. The helmets are light in weight and also carry the ISI certification mark.

If you’re looking for a fun addition to your biking gear, Steelbird offers pocket-friendly options with flashy graphics that are sure to make you stand out on the road.

LS2 helmets

best helmet brands under 5000

LS2 is a premium helmet brand that has been producing some of the most unique helmets for some time now.

Known for their durability and reliability, these helmets are crafted by experts who ensure that the helmets meet their exacting standards. LS2 is one of the more costly brands and prices move upwards from Rs. 4,500.

The helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear. For better protect, the helmets have a shell shaped design and are made with materials that reduce the effect of any possible impact.

The inside lining provides extra comfort and is hypoallergenic to avoid any allergies or infections that can occur from wearing a helmet for too long. The helmets are also made scratch resistant and UV resistant to enhance its durability.

Another feature of these helmets that enhances their appeal is that they come in some of the funkiest and coolest colours and graphics.  

Royal Enfield helmets

best premium helmets in india

Our list would not be complete without the mention of this classic brand. Royal Enfield brings to its customers open faced as well as full faced helmets in a range of colours and patterns.

As for design, Royal Enfield has its own distinct look when it comes to open faced helmets and this sets it apart from other helmet brands.

The out shell is made of fiberglass and is known to have super impact absorbing powers.

The hard lacquer coat makes the out shell more durable. A high density EPS liner also helps to absorb impact better.

The inner liner is made of a combination of mesh, knit, and polyester for a comfortable fit.

The helmet surface and visor surface are both UV treated to offer higher durability.

All helmets manufactured by Royal Enfield come with the ISI certification mark, so you can be assured of quality.

Their prices start and move upwards from about Rs. 1,800.

They also have a series of helmets made of carbon fibre that are sturdy and offer some of the best protection during accidents.

SMK helmets

list of best helmet brands in india

SMK helmets’ tagline of “Style and Safety” is befitting because this brand offers its customers products that meet international safety standards and that are stylish and unique.

These helmets come with three or two outer shells depending on the collection that you pick.

The helmets are also fitted with a breath deflector which helps to prevent fogging up of the visor due to your breath.

This helps maintain visibility for the rider. The inner liner is made with breathable material to allow air to move through it, providing maximum comfort to the rider during long rides.

Channeled exhausts present at the top of the helmet ensure that you don’t get heated up during long periods of usage of the helmet.

It directs hot air out of the helmet. Another feature that ensures safety is the reinforced strap.

It does not break and provides protection during any unfortunate accidents.

SMK helmets come with some of the coolest graphics. These brightly coloured helmets are sure to make a statement on every ride.

Bell helmet

bell helmet

Bell is one of the best brands of helmets that work really well with people who are looking for something durable and sturdy.

The helmets from Bell are one of a kind in terms of designs and durability.

The varieties that the helmet comes with a good support for the back of your head and allows you to wear it without it falling off the head.

The shielded wind board on the side of the helmet makes sure that you are devoid of the noise that comes from outside which allows you to ride in peace.



Expanded as Tong-ho-Hsing, THH is headquartered in Taiwan. The characteristics of THH helmets are excellent ventilation, light weight, and the best in class raw material. Rendered in exciting models, THH helmets sport some interesting graphics that attract the youth. In India, the Taiwanese helmet maker has a target of producing around 10,000 helmets a day. Well rounded in shape, THH are best known for their comfort. Till some time back, THH helmets were only sold online and hence they did not have a big following in the country. Now it is possible to find them in any motorcycle riding gear showroom. THH helmets are a best value for the money.   



Aerostar helmets are among the affordable helmets in India. This brand has a huge following among the Indian bike riders. This brand is known to offer a wide range of best quality helmets that can compete with the international standards. Aerostar is one of the bestselling helmet brands in India and its parent company SAI Global Group has a turnover of around 40 million USD. Aerostar helmets are known for their competitive pricing, sturdy products that sport top quality. From 2017-18, Aerostar has been supplying helmets to some leading two-wheeler brands like Royal Enfield, Suzuki and TVS. Their helmets fall under different categories like full-face, half-face, and open-face helmet models. Some of the models they release under their brand are Eagle, Compaq, GTS, Evo, Golfi, Kissler Plus, and Sypno. 


MT, abbreviated as Manufacturas Tomas is a Spanish helmets maker enjoying a strong reputation throughout the Europe. This brand has a premium range helmets of different specifications that suit the varied expectations of bikers. This brand makes helmets ffrom a variety of materials like thermoplastic to carbon composites. Some of the impressive characteristics of MT helmets are their large frontal area, reinforce chin, oval, rakish and a sharp look that is typical of most racing helmets. MT helmets are the most preferred choice for motorbike races around the globe. All of the MT helmet offerings are ECE/DOT rated and they assure the best quality built offering comfort and an enhanced protection. Some of its helmet models that carry the SHARP rating are some serious ones that can meet any robust expectations.   

Best Helmet Brands in India – Takeaway

Choosing to wear a helmet is more than making a style statement on the next ride with your buddies. It is about making a conscious effort towards ensuring that you are safe on the road. Yes, helmets can get a little uncomfortable when you wear them for long periods of time. But now there are helmets that provide adequate ventilation so that you don’t feel suffocated.

The inner lining of the helmets are also cushioned so that it doesn’t feel hard against your skull. Even if you are the safest and best rider, accidents can still happen. There are other people riding and driving on the road and they may not be as skilled. So, wearing a helmet goes a long way in protecting you on the road. Another thing is you won’t have to pay the cops any fines! Hey, now that’s definitely a reason to wear a helmet. 

So the next time you think about getting on your bike without your helmet, just remember that a coconut is useful when it is cracked open, not your head though. Wear a helmet! Check out our list of the Best Helmet Brands in India for all the details.

What helmets in India are legally allowed to be used?

Only those helmets that pass the IS 4151:2015 test in India are legally allowed. Such helmets carry the ISI marks on them and they comply with the BIS standards.

Which is the best helmet brand in India?

Vega is the best helmet brand in India with regard to its design, quality, comfort, safety and price. This is a reputed helmet brand in India.

How to measure the helmet size?

The right way to measure the size of a helmet is to measure the inside with a measuring tape allowing a gap of two fingers above the eyebrows and over the years.

Are half-helmets legal in India?

Half-helmets are legally permitted in India as long as they carry the ISI certification. From March 1, 2021, it is mandated that all helmets in India carry the ISI certification.

Is Vega a good helmet?

Vega is a well-established and highly popular helmet brand in India. Vega’s helmets come in a wide range of models assuring the best in class design, quality and comfort in addition to the right pricing. 

Which helmet is not allowed in India?

Those helmets that do not carry ISI certification are not allowed in India. Those that do not conform to BIS standards are not legally permitted in the country and you can be fined even while wearing them.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Helmet

Besides the style and design of the helmet, some things to keep in mind while picking out helmets are:

  • Look for an ISI certification mark. If the helmet has this mark, it means that the product has been manufactured in accordance to Indian standards. 
  • Find a helmet that fits you perfectly. Wearing a helmet that is too small will cause you discomfort and wearing a helmet that is too big increases the chances of the helmet slipping off. The right sized helmet offers better holding and this is important as it will protect you during accidents. Refer a size chart to know what is best for you.
  • Make sure that the helmet you pick has proper inner cushioning. The inner cushioning is meant to absorb impact and protect the skull during a crash. So, it is important to ensure that the cushioning is not flat.
  • Your helmet should have adequate ventilation so that you don’t feel suffocated during periods of extended usage. 
  • Invest in a good brand. This is important because good brands assure you the best of quality and fulfill all safety standards. 
  • Just because the brand offers expensive products, does not necessarily mean that the quality is up to the mark. Make sure to read up about the product and look for certification.

It can be a little overwhelming to choose the right kind helmet when there are so many choices. But fret not! We have put together some of the best helmet brands available in the Indian market to ease the selection process. Check out our list of the Best Helmet Brands in India for all the details.

Types of Helmets

These days there are a ton of options when it comes to Helmets. Not just design and build but you get helmets with a customized fit and colours. Of course, customized helmets won’t be useful if you primarily ride your scooter around the city. So, it’s important to buy according to your needs. Referring to our list of the common types of helmets might help you make an informed decision.

Full-face Helmet

  • A full-face helmet is quite common and it covers the entire face, including the chin. In fact, there a special holder for the chin which protects the jaw as well. This is one of the best helmets when it comes to accident prevention as it can save you from serious injuries to not only the skull but also the fragile jaw.
  • It is also rather ideal when it comes to riding as it can prevent wind from blowing onto your face and irritating your eyes. Additionally, it also helps keep the noise to a minimum level which is extremely useful as distractions can be deadly when riding. Of course, these days, a full-face helmet also happens to be weather-proof. It prevents both rainwater and dust from entering the helmet and distracting you.
  • When it comes to comfort, full-faced heled are amazing for long rides. The weight is fairly decent. So, you won’t feel it on your neck and shoulders. As for the size, they can get a bit bulky. However, you really won’t feel it. Full face helmets are basically all-rounders and can be worn anywhere.

Half Face Helmet

  • Half face helmets primarily protect the skull and medulla. As you can gather from the name, it leaves the face portion open. So, it’s not the safest helmet out there as you can still be prone to facial injuries. However, majority of these 3/4 helmets come with a visor. So, you can still protect your self from wind, rain and dust. But it’s not going to be perfect. One of the biggest benefits of this type of helmet is the breathability factor. It’s not as constricting as the full face helmet.
  • While it may not be ideal for riders who go on tours, it’s a decent investment for those who ride their scooters to the local grocery store. Another benefit is that you don’t need to keep removing your helmet every time you want to take a sip of water. Most importantly, you can hear and communicate with people without any issues.

Half Shell Helmet

  • Wearing a half shell helmet is like wearing no helmet whatsoever. It passes the law by the slightest margin, making it acceptable to wear. However, it’s rather useless when it comes to safety. This helmet basically has a hard shell than covers the top portion of your head. It does not protect your face, jaw, or the back of your head. So, if you do take a tumble with this helmet, you will most definitely sustain grievous injuries.
  • Even more irritating is the fact that this helmet actually puts more strain on the neck as it tries to resist the wind. All in all, seriously go over the pros and cons of this helmet before investing in it. Check out our list of the Best Helmet Brands in India for all the details.

Benefits of Wearing a Helmet

Other than protecting your head from obvious traumatic Injury, helmets can also be extremely beneficial in improving riding performance. For example, It can decrease the impact of wind. Specifically both physical impact and the noise. Which can considerably improve the riding experience. Here are the benefits of wearing a Helmet:

Avoid Injury

  • Although it is the most obvious one, it is also the most important. Heads are usually the first body part to get injured in case of a bike accident. Which is why everybody stresses on the importance of a helmet. Not only should the helmet be sturdy but it should also fit perfectly. It should comfortably wrap around your head while providing support. A good helmet can protect the head and even the neck from external and internal damage.

Weather Protection

  • This is probably one of the most underrated benefits of a helmet. Not only can a good helmet prevent natural elements from affecting you but it can also prevent a considerable amount of illnesses. For example, a good helmet with a decent filter can prevent dust, microbes and other particulate matter from entering your body. Most importantly, it can even prevent dust from irritating or even damaging your face.
  • Of course, helmets can easily provide safety against rain and prevent common issues like cold and fever. Additionally, it can even prevent UV rays from damaging the skin and eyes.
  • However, the most practical benefit of a Helmet would have to be its ability to cut out wind. It can protect you from sudden gusts that can cause breathing issues, eye irritation and potential distractions that cause accidents. Most importantly, it can even prevent the noise produced by the wind, which is a huge benefit.

Eye Safety

  • Unless your wearing glasses, a helmet visor can be extremely helpful in preventing accidents. There are loads of distractions like dust, gravel, leaves and even insects that can obstruct the vision of the rider. So, helmets can be extremely useful in ensuring eye safety.

Avoid Penalties

  • As helmets have become mandatory in majority of the places around the world, it can help you comply with the law and prevent fines. You could be potentially saving thousands of rupees.

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