Best Henna Powder Dye for Hair Growth in India 2022

Besides those floral designs you get on your palms a day before a wedding, Henna has some effect on your hair strands. It can make your hair look fuller and bouncy. Check out our list of the Best Henna Powder Dye for Hair Growth in India.

It can treat your scalp by cleansing the pores of your scalp and avoids itchiness. Henna works into exuding more shine and gloss to your hair strands. 

Most importantly, Henna is an excellent dye for your hair and offers a subtle colour that does not affect your hair negatively unlike other colour dyes. So here are some of the best henna powder dye for hair growth in India.

After having reviewed 100 henna powder dye for hair growth in India based on various factors such as effectiveness, ingredients, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out. These 10 Henna Powder Dyes were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best henna powder dye for hair growth in India is Godrej Nupur Henna powder dye. It is made of 100% natural ingredients and nourishes the hair, making it stronger. This Godrej Nupur Henna powder dye also promotes hair growth. Most importantly, it contains antimicrobial properties.

Best Henna Powder Dye for Hair Growth in India

Godrej Nupur Henna powder dye 

Having henna mixed with other equally impactful herbs to bring more shine and thickness to the hair while also adding color to your hair should be your first choice! It’s one of the Best Henna Powder Dye for Hair Growth in India.

  • Godrej has always been the number one choice for many Indians who opt for purely herbal products. 
  • This dye is made of 100% natural ingredients and gives you healthier hair. It gives you faster hair growth and allows you to flaunt your thick and full mane effortlessly.
  • It has a combination of Henna, Neema , Bhringraj, Methi and Hibiscus which tackle different issues for your hair. 

The hair dye also contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties. The colour of this hair dye powder may seem a bit too dark but it can be balanced if you use a minimal amount on your hair. 

Indus Valley dark henna powder dye 

Indus Valley has this organic henna powder dye which is extremely safe on the hair strands and keeps the color intact for a long time. 

  • This Indus Valley dye is completely safe and chemical-free. Like the previous one, this one is a mixture of 9 herbs as well which combine to work into the well being of your hair’s health and colour. 

The herbal henna contains a strong dye but it definitely needs frequent touch-ups as it fades off quickly. This hair powder dye elevates your hair growth and makes the hair thicker and fuller. 

H&C herbal ingredients henna powder dye 

H&C has hit the nail on the head with this herbal hair dye which contributes to a great extent for hair growth and makes your hair thicker. 

  • The color from this hair dye which gives a reddish brown color which is moderate in color and does not look too loud. 
  • The henna included in this powder dye is completely organic and nourishes the hair strands while it stays on. 

It contributes to reducing hair loss and gives you extra shine and a very good texture. This powder dye works really well for all hair types. The price of this henna powder dye costs only Rs.189 which is affordable. This might be a little too hard to find in stores but is easily available online. 

Shahnaz Husain Henna Precious Herb Mix

Shahnaz Husain makes sure the powder hair dye you use has the right elements as part of it to elevate your hair growth while giving you a clean and dirt free scalp. 

  • It contains amla, shikakai and other herbs that help smoothen your hair strands out while also elevating your hair growth. 
  • The herbs also work in removing dandruff and other pollutants that are embedded in your scalp. Accumulation of external pollutants can only hinder your hair growth process and stunt it. 

Spread the paste evenly on your shampooed hair and wait for about half an hour to finally rinse it off. It is suitable for women of all hair types and serves each one accordingly. On the flip side, this product costs a bit more with a price of Rs. 349. 

NatureBay Natural Henna powder 

With a carefully curated process of making henna and grounding it into a powder, this is natural in every single way. 

  • It is chemical free and works really well with sensitive hair strands that are prone to breakage. The color that this powder dye provides is pretty dark and does last for a considerable amount of time. 

Your hair growth will be faster than you could imagine and works into nourishing your hair strands from deep within. The only disadvantage of this product is that you need to have this on your hair for a longer time to see the change. 

Biotique bio henna

Biotique is an easily accessible brand in India that focuses and succeeds in health and beauty. Their products are a testimony to this statement. 

  • The Biotique advanced Ayurveda hair colour powder is one of the finest hair colouring agents you can use on your hair and not have it negatively affect your hair. 
  • This is one of the most popular choices for women who have greying hair and have sensitive hair strands. 

Another major feature of this henna powder dye is that it brings back life to dull hair strands and gives it shine and gloss. The herbs combined in this powder dye works well in elevating your hair growth and gives you healthy long hair strands. 

Nisha Natural Color Henna Powder 

Nisha natural henna powder dye is still new in the market but has proved itself with this product. Nisha henna powder dye is a dream come true for those who crave safety and good hair colour on their hair. 

  • Using this hair colour powder dye makes your tresses soft and silky smooth keeping them glossy and shiny as well. 
  • The presence of hibiscus in this powder dye works into giving your hair a good length and a clean scalp without irritation or itching. 

It is available in two colours – black and brown. This might be slightly hard to find online so make sure you get your hands on the first product you find. 

Sameera herbal hair henna 

The main and common concern with hair dyes is that they could ruin the natural texture of your hair. But what if the product is WHO tested! Sameera henna powder dye has been clinically proven to be safe and effective in terms of colouring your hair. 

  • The combination of herbs on this powder dye gives your hair faster growth and also a good texture. 
  • We suggest you keep the powder dye for as long as 40 minutes and let it act on your hair before you wash it off. The reason for this is that the color can actually stick on your hair for a longer time. 

Although it does have a good impact on your hair when it comes to hair growth it does not tackle dandruff. 

Banjaras Henna  hair dye 

Banjara’s is a popular hair dye brand in India which works into preventing greying of the hair while also covering up already grey hair. 

  • The combination of hibiscus, amla, Brahmi, methi and Bhringraj works really well on the hair and gives you a faster hair growth process. 
  • Even though the colour of this hair dye might not be as dark as one would expect it is still a shade that most people would prefer. 

On the other hand, there is a slightly pungent smell that you can find from this hair dye that can be a put off for many people who are sensitive to the same. 

Atta Ayurveda Natural Henna Powder 

This ayurvedic blend of herbs and the addition of honey and banana make up for an effective hair dye powder that works really well on all hair types. Honey and banana mainly focus on giving your hair a better shine and glossy look. 

  • It is amazing at fixing broken strands and paves way for hair growth while also improving the texture of the hair. 
  • It prevents hair fall and gives your hair a better form and acts as a natural conditioner for your hair.

Most importantly, it keeps the hair shiny and glossy all day. It comes in a box-like packaging which means you will have to transfer the contents to another jar to make it easier to handle. 

Hiding away from greys is a task for sure. But so is going to the salon every other month to hide these greys. With these home hair dyes, not only can you elevate your hair growth but also achieve a long lasting color on your hair. 

Does henna promote hair growth?

Henna is more than just a natural hair dye, it’s also known to promote hair growth and, most importantly, prevent hair fall. The natural components of Henna such as proteins, vitamin- E and antioxidants help in nourishing the hair.

Godrej Nupur Henna powder dye

Godrej Nupur Henna powder dye is one of the Best Henna Powder Dye for Hair Growth in India!

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