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Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2022

Ice Cream is the most versatile dessert (or snack) I can think of. Be it a hot summer day where you want to quench your thirst or a cold winter night when I’m bundled up in a cardigan, I still want ice cream. And can you blame me with the huge range of Ice cream brand options in India? I love ice cream with so much passion that I decided to put together a list of the best Ice cream brands in India for you:

Top Ice Cream Brands in India


There is a reason why Amul is one of the best brands of ice cream in India, and that is not only because it’s one of the oldest and of course, the quirky ads we used to look forward to in the newspaper.

Amul ice creams are made from real base ingredients like milk and cream, which means you are not consuming something that is going to ruin your health.

Amul, which has been around since the mid 90’s is one of those names that’s familiar across households in the nation for whatever style of ice cream you love – cups, cones, family packs, tubs or on a stick.

The range of flavoured yoghurts and sugar free ice creams are a must try. Also, do check out the new “Haldi” flavoured ice cream by Amul for a true Indian taste.  

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins was one of the first international brands to make its way into India with its huge range of 31 flavours, one for each day, at a time when we were only familiar with the basic ice cream flavours like chocolate, vanilla, pista, strawberry and mango.

It was and still is considered a premium ice cream brand with a much wider selection that includes fresh fruit ice cream, using fruit like lychee, pink guava and figs.

These ice creams are made from real cows’ milk, very creamy and leave you satisfied like no other.

Baskin Robbins is very popular for the sundaes when you want to really indulge.

You can also buy a family pack when you want to treat your whole family! 


I love the fresh and funky flavours that Vadilal comes up with. My recent favourite is the “party cake”, but I know a lot of little kids who enjoy the fun ice creams under the “Ice Trooper” range by the brand.

Vadilal is easily one of the best Ice cream brands in India with a variety that is unbeatable, be it international flavours like the Texas chocolate or very desi flavours like our own kulfis.

Ice cream cakes are hard to pull off but Vadilal has some pretty good flavours that you can choose to surprise your loved ones with.

The gourmet range has a few premium quality ice creams that are rich and creamy, something you can opt for on a special occasion. 


The familiar heart shaped logo is something that gets our mouth watering even before we say the words “ice cream”.

Walls, or Kwality Walls symbolises love, happiness, joy and romance through its years of serving Indian children and teens with rich and high quality ice cream in cups, the popular cornettos, the famous “feast” ice cream on a stick and later, the luxurious “magnum” range. Kwality Walls by Unilever is one of the most selling ice creams in India and the family packs sell like hot cakes.

The brand also has a range of gluten free ice creams for those with gluten intolerance as well as selection of vegan ice lollies for those who follow the lifestyle. 

Cream Bell

Cream Bell was introduced in India in the year 2003, much later than many established brands but has managed to win the hearts of many with its good quality ice creams.

Though there aren’t as many flavours as many other brands boast of, Cream Bell seems to focus on uniqueness. The “Royal Affair” ice creams with purely desi favourites like matka kulfi, shahi kulfi and kesar badam kulfi are rich in flavour and ingredients.

With awareness of health, many people prefer to eat ice cream that uses natural ingredients and Cream Bell caters to that with the “Sacch Mucch”, a set of fruit pulp ice lollies.

“Fantasia” is something ice cream lovers can try for a blend of flavours from around the world. 

Arun Ice Creams

Arun ice cream brought a smile to every child’s face when I was growing up, and I believe today it brings a smile of every adult of my generation. Growing up, peeping into the Arun ice cream cart and choosing from a huge variety of flavours was a treat in itself.

I like the fact that Arun ice cream has evolved constantly to not only dish out delicious ice creams but also in different sizes, for example, the Ibar mini for when I decide to go on a diet (mini ice creams don’t count on the diet).

Moving away from the traditional chocolate and vanilla, the Ibar minis come in flavours like White chocolate & Raspberry and Irish Coffee. 


Dinshaws is an Indian brand of ice cream with a limited variety of flavours but good quality products, using high quality dairy.

Dinshaws has a couple of medium fat, sugar free ice creams that are quite popular for those who are diabetic or on a low fat diet as these ice creams come very close in taste to the regular fat, regular sugar ice creams.

The regular ice creams sold in cups or cones are rich in texture and flavour and are quite addictive. I do wish Dinshaws introduces more flavours with the same kind of high quality ingredients for ice cream lovers like you and me. 


Havmor is one of the top selling ice cream brands in India, much liked by everybody who has tasted a Havmor ice cream.

Apart from the usual standard flavours, Havmor stands out for the range of novelty ice cream creations and the ice cream cakes that you can order for every special occasion.

The novelties deserve a special mention as they include our good old slice cassata along with today’s favourite, the ice cream sandwich cookie.

For family packs and tubs, choose from sugar free options, or standard flavours or you can indulge in one of the absolutely lip smacking Havmor signature flavours like Saffron Pine Nut or Green tea. 


Ibaco is every ice cream lover’s dream. One of the first brands to introduce ice cream cakes in India, Ibaco has constantly managed to set itself as a premium brand of ice creams in India with its innovative flavours and wide range.

Ibaco also took “just eating ice cream” to a real “experience” with the ice cream parlours where the ice creams are customisable, so you can play around with mixing a couple of flavours, adding in the toppings and sauces you like to suit your taste buds.

If you aren’t a fan of sundaes or cups or if you’ve wished that ice cream bars would be made in flavours, combinations and toppings that you like, Ibaco is the brand for you. You can even customise your ice cream bar!


Giani is to the capital what Naturals ice cream is to Mumbai. Luscious ice creams that is every Delhiite’s favourite, Giani specialises in 100% vegetarian ice creams in quick selling flavours like kesar kulfi and belgian chocolate.

There is also a huge choice of Italian gelatos and sorbets for those who love them. The Jamun sorbet is so different and one of those rare flavours of sorbets I have tasted.

Try their ice cream sundaes when you go as a group with your family cos they are huge!

The other thing Giani is famous for is for the yummy faloodas and rabri that is something you must not miss trying out, if you haven’t already. 

Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is a government organisation set up to give the country good quality dairy products at reasonable prices.

The ice creams have been commercialised and are available in many stores across India. These ice creams, made from real milk and cream are rich in taste and texture and not unpleasantly sweet.

The variety comprises mostly of Indian flavours that appeal to many, like Shahi Tukda, Tutti Fruiti and mango magic, but there are some different flavours like the Chillz Choco Sparkle bar and the American Nutty Delight family pack slab for those who like to explore.

There is a premium selection of tubs called the “Crafted Range” that you can try as well.


Juhu’s and many Mumbaikars’ favourite, Naturals Ice cream has spread across many metropolitans across the country.

Naturals is one of my go-to ice creams for the real fruit used in the ice creams, which I can actually taste.

The quality of dairy certainly comes through in the ice creams with the richness in flavour and texture.

Those who are familiar with the brand know that they have to visit these ice creams during certain seasons for the “strawberry cream” tubs and the “mango and cream” tubs.

Don’t forget to try the custard apple ice cream which is always one of my standard orders there!

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