10 Best Ice Cream Makers in India 2022

Looking to make some homemade Ice cream? Check out our list of the Best Ice Cream Makers in India!

There are days when you want some creamy, rich ice cream, made exactly the way you like it and no good brand or no combination of flavours of ice cream can satisfy those cravings. That’s when your own ice cream maker comes to your rescue!

Budget oriented Kitchenif Ice cream maker
Inclusive of all featuresOrbit Ice cream maker
Best for gelato
Cuisinart 220V Professional Gelato and Ice Cream Maker
Good warranty 
Orbit Ice cream maker
NoiselessHamilton beach ice cream makers
Good quantityCuisincart ice cream maker

We understand it’s hard to even begin choosing this considering how many features you will have to skim through. We have the best ice cream makers in India with all the features and functions simplified for you. 

After having reviewed all the Ice cream Makers in India based on various factors like design, function, usage, type, performance, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out. These 10 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Ice cream maker in India is the Hamilton Beach ice cream maker. This automatic Ice cream maker is quite amazing as it can prepare Ice cream I less than an hour. The user will also not need to manually beat the mixture nor add rock salt as it can efficiently freeze the mixture by itself.

Top 10 Best Ice Cream makers in India 2022

There are various types of ice cream makers available. Some need some advanced prep while some can be used to get you your ice cream in a jiffy. If you’re considering if an ice cream maker can be worth the money or even the thought, just think about how often you can have ice cream with the machine at home! 

Not to mention the hygiene factor which you will be sabotaging with your constant buying. This way you can make your ice creams even more heavenly by adding your own flavour to it.

So go ahead and read about the best ice cream maker brands in India that we have for you.

Hamilton Beach ice cream makers 

This ice cream maker by Hamilton Beach is one of our favorites as it can make the ice cream of your choice in less than half an hour. The gorgeous red color adds to the excitement and pleasure of churning out the ice cream. It’s one of the Best Ice Cream Makers in India.

Best Ice Cream Makers in India
  • This is a modern machine that requires no rock salt to efficiently freeze the ice cream.
  •  It is automatic and doesn’t require you to expend energy manually churning it to make creamy ice cream. 
  • You can use this to make custards, sorbets, and frozen yogurt as well. 
  • The downside is that this ice cream maker makes a lot of noise, especially in the beginning when it is still breaking down the ingredients and mixing them. 
  • It does get a little softer later, but you might want to avoid using this in the middle of the night when the kids are asleep. 


Automatic and easy to use



Cuisinart ICE-70 Ice Cream Maker 

Cuisinart ICE-70 Ice Cream Maker is one of the higher-end ice cream makers available in the market, priced in the premium range. 

ice cream machine india
  • It is quite advanced and works electronically, leaving you to save your energy to simply savour your ice cream later. 
  • It has separate settings for Ice cream, gelato and sorbet, so you don’t have to experiment trying to get the right texture for each. 
  • We like it that this has a countdown timer, which indicates how much time is left for you to carry out your other tasks while this one does its job. 
  •  The measuring cup attached is very useful in controlling the quantity of the ingredients that go in. 
  • Another advantage is that this can make a large quantity of nearly 1.9 litres at a time. 
  • Once it churns the ice cream, you will have to put the bowl in the freezer to freeze it. 
  • It does make a bit of noise during the process but it is not very uncomfortable or disturbing. Do look online for good discounts on this machine.


Energy-saving and very efficient. 

Cuisinart 220V Professional Gelato and Ice Cream Maker

We have another one for you on our list, from Cuisinart. This one is sure to take your breath away! Prefered by professionals for the quick and creamy ice creams, sorbets and gelatos this one gives us, without too much effort, it is quite the premium machine. It’s one of the Best Ice Cream Makers in India.

ice cream maker with compressor india
  • It has two different paddles for you to choose from depending on what you want to make. 
  • You don’t have to pre-freeze the bowl as it has an inbuilt compressor system. It is fully electronic and automatic, requiring you to only throw in the ingredients, push the button and relax with a book, while it does all the hard work. 
  • The downside is the noise, especially when it is just starting to mix. 


Has two different paddles. 



Kitchenif Ice Cream Maker 

Kitchenif ice cream maker is another one of our favourites, especially for the price. This is absolute value for money. 

cuisinart ice cream maker india
  • It works automatically and needs no manual churning. There is a display that indicates the time left for it to complete the mixing plus it shuts off automatically when it is done, so you can go about doing your other work. 
  • It has a capacity of 1.5 litres and the texture of the ice cream it churns out is really creamy and rich. 
  • The downside of this is that you cannot freeze the ice cream in the bowl given if you have a single door fridge, as single door fridges are not very powerful. 
  • You can only use a deep freezer or a double door fridge. 
  • However, you can still transfer the ice cream to another container and try freezing it in your single door fridge overnight or for a whole day to overcome this disadvantage. 


Has a good capacity. 


The ice cream cannot be frozen. 

KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker 

KitchenAid is a brand well known among the professional chefs in India for their various products that are durable and efficient. 

ice cream machine manufacturers in india
  • The ice cream maker by this brand is equally robust and works very effectively to churn out ice creams that have a smooth texture. 
  • Do note that this particular mixer is not stand alone and is to be bought as an attachment to the KitchenAid stand if you already have one. 
  • You have to pre-freeze the bowl before you use it so it requires a bit of advance preparation.
  •  The design of the blades is fantastic, ensuring that you don’t have to manually move the ingredients to the centre. 
  • It’s also very easy to clean. It’s one of the Best Ice Cream Makers in India.


Effective and churns out ice cream well. 



Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker 

The ice cream maker by Nostalgia is a good, old-fashioned (keeping it true to its name) bucket type of maker, as it says so on the product. 

best ice cream maker in the world
  • It is made of an inner aluminium canister placed inside a plastic outer bucket filled with ice and salt to freeze the ice cream.
  •  The difference between the old ones and this one is that it works electronically, so you don’t have to manually churn it. 
  • You do have to do some work though. 
  • You will have to keep refilling the ice and salt until you get the desired texture of ice cream. 
  • The up-side is that this machine is incredibly easy to operate and quite fun to watch the ice cream being made. 


Easy to operate. 


The ice has to be refilled at regular intervals. 

Mr. Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Making ice cream is fun so why should the machine look boring? The designers at Mr. Freeze seem to agree and they’ve come up with this beautiful looking ice cream maker in three attractive colours – a white, a turquoise and a berry. 

best ice cream maker for home in india
  • Colours aside, this machine is quite efficient and fully automatic. It is eco-friendly, using thermoelectric power to cool the ice cream. 
  • It does not require you to freeze the bowl beforehand. It also comes with some measuring cups and spoons to help you use the right quantity of ingredients.
  •  It has two settings where you can choose to have hard or soft ice cream. 
  • The slight disadvantage of this machine is that the bowl cannot be separately removed to be cleaned, which means you have to be careful in not wetting the whole machine while washing it. 


Comes with measuring and a bowl. 


The bowl cannot be detached from the machine. 

Orbit Ice Cream Makers

The next ice cream maker on our list is the one by Orbit. This one is quite a basic model and it is priced really cheap. 

best ice cream makers in india
  • The equipment comes with a gel that takes on the role of the ice and salt mixture to help cool the ice cream while churning it. 
  • It is better to freeze the bowl in advance, at least for 8-9 hours. 
  • The mixer does work really well, producing soft and smooth textured ice cream. 
  • This product comes with a warranty of 1 year. 


1 year warranty. 


Lacks a certain feature

Lifelong Ice Cream Maker 

The ice cream maker by Lifelong is another one on our list in a price that is economical. The build of this machine is strong and has a premium finish. It’s one of the Best Ice Cream Makers in India.

ice cream machine price in india
  • This is perfect for small portion sizes. It is small and can make about 500 ml of ice cream at a time. 
  • It comes with a quick freeze bowl and a paddle that churns up very creamy sorbets and ice creams. 
  • This machine is light and portable. 
  • It is a basic machine that is easy to use. 


Light and portable. 


Can be a little basic. 

Sphere ice cream maker

I know what you are thinking! Why does it look like an antique piece with ice cream placed on the sides? That’s the beauty of Sphere’s ice cream,

  • This ice cream maker works on 220 watts and that is not a lot when compared to the rest.
  • It comes with a hand crank, a latch and a stirrer which is great since you don’t have to invest separately.
  • There’s a see-through lid that allows you complete transparency in how the ice cream is being prepared.
  • You can make ice creams, sorbets and gelatos on this ice cream maker.


Great for a small get-together.


Not suitable for a big preparation.

Best Ice Cream Makers in India – Takeaway

As you can see from the list, there are several types of ice cream makers and you can choose depending on how often you make ice cream, what quantity you prefer making and how much in advance you’d like to prepare. 

  • Some of the ice cream makers need the bowls to be put in the freezer for at least 6-8 hours before you use them. This means you need to plan in advance
  • There are others that come with a built-in compressor that does this job and you can make your dessert the minute you decide to. These are, of course, more expensive
  • Some require manual churning while some are automatic and do the work that needs muscle, leaving you to rest
  • Do remember that you will have to give yourself time for trial and error before you nail the perfect ice cream every single time

Having your own ice cream maker at home is a great idea for several reasons. With the increasing health issues out there and more number of people falling sick from eating out, you can ensure that you use real ingredients without preservatives, the quality of the ingredients you are putting in is good and hygienic, that the milk is properly boiled and the fruit is washed well.

You can also adjust the quantity of the sugar or replace it with healthier alternatives without having to pay a bomb for sugar-free or vegan options in the market. What’s more, you can experiment with flavours and probably invent some of your own! Check out our list of the Best Ice Cream Makers in India for all the details.

Buyer’s Guide For Ice Cream Machines

Let’s be honest, an Ice cream machine is luxury. However, if you’re going to get one then you might as well get the best. After all, not only does the Ice cream need to be perfect but the machine should also be able to provide those extra features that make it good investment. So, please do refer to our buying guide below for all the details.

Ease of Use

  • Unlike other kitchen appliances, this Ice cream maker is bound to become dirty after every use. And since your going to be using the ice cream maker quite often, you should ideally choose one with a self cleaning feature. Especially, since manually cleaning it might be extremely tedious as it comes with multiple components.
  • Other than the cleaning bit, the Ice cream maker should also be easy to use. Out of the various types of Ice cream makers, the best one for homemade ice cream is definitely compressor ice cream machines. This ice cream maker comes don’t need a separate freezing bowl. Most importantly, you can prepare your ice cream in a matter of hours, unlike other ice cream makers.
  • It is also one of the best as it requires very little effort. Additionally, it comes with a LED display and cool features like stay cool to make the process much easier.

Premium Components

  • When buying a kitchen equipment people just looks at the features and forget to read up on the quality of the machine itself. I’ve managed to save up on so much money just by buying Kitchen appliances that come with good quality components. For example, an Ice cream maker with good quality spinning blades can help extra cost as the stainless steel nature of these blades prevent rusting.
  • Additionally, good quality blades also aerate the ice cream mix resulting in amazing quality ice cream.
  • Of course, spinning blades are not the only component to watch out for. Ice cream makers also come with a mixing arm that is vital as it helps churn the ingredients. Based on experience, you should check the durability of this mixing arm as it extremely prone to breaking.


  • Texture and taste is everything when it comes to Ice cream. However, in order to achieve the perfect texture, the Ice cream maker should be able to prepare the delicious sweet treat with the perfect consistency. This can be achieve with the right features.
  • For example, a compressor Ice cream maker will come with multiple speed speeds and a powerful paddle to beat the mixture. Both of these features can give you tremendous range in terms of taste as slow speeds would result in thick and rich Ice cream while the fast speeds would result in thin and light ones.


  • It is without a doubt going to be quite expensive. After all, you’re buying a machine that makes Ice cream. However, it doesn’t have to burn a hole through your wallet. You can get really good Ice cream makers for Rs.10000 to 15000. Any more and you’ll really be wasting your money.

Types Of Ice Cream Makers

Now that you know what to look for in an Ice cream maker, let me take you through the various types. The type of Ice Cream Maker is extremely important as it can drastically affect the speed of preparation and even the texture of the Ice cream. So, yes it can actually affect the taste as well. Here are the various types of Ice Cream Makers:

Bucket type Ice Cream Makers

  • Bucket type Ice Cream Makers are probably the most common type of Ice cream maker. Not only is it cheap but it also one of the most reliable when it comes to making homemade Ice cream. Of course, it’s not going to be absolutely brilliant in terms of taste but it’s still going to be homemade.
  • These Ice Cream Makers look like a bucket, hence the name. It also comes with a crank on top which is used to churn the mix. Yep, this ice cream maker is not automatic and requires you to physically prepare the ice cream. Which is why it’s cheap. You also have to add the salt yourself to freeze the Ice cream.
  • While it may be physically taxing, it is the best type of Ice cream maker, if you like to control the entire process of preparing the ice cream.

Cannister type Ice Cream Makers

  • Cannister type of Ice cream makers is quite popular as well. It usually comes with an electric frozen bowl and it automatically freezes the Ice cream for you. The only issue is that you need to keep the bowl in the freezer for 24 hours before you use it. Once, you attached the pre-frozen bowl to the Ice cream maker, you can then add the ingredients and watch the maker mix it for you.

Compressor Ice Cream Maker

  • If you’re looking to prepare the best kind of homemade Ice cream then nothing can beat the Compressor Ice Cream Maker. While it is more expensive, it is extremely easy to operate and is produces the right consistency and texture.
  • Most importantly, it doesn’t come with a freezing bowl and you don’t have to wait for 24 hours. With the technology, you can expect the Ice cream to be ready in less than an hour.
  • It also features cool functions like speed and temperature control along with a digital display, making this process extremely easy.

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