Best India Brandy Brands

11 Best India Brandy Brands 2022

Brandy is an alcoholic drink that is around us for centuries. Brandy is a solid drink people resort to when they want to feel better or warm. A premium bottle of brandy has always been the preferred drink of the elegant dandy. Whether you want to be part of an enlightened conversation or would like to spend some time alone in deep reflection, brandy can be your best companion. Check out our list of the Best India Brandy Brands for all the details.

Best india brandy brands: Quick Summary

Best india brandy brandsPrice Estimate in Rs. (for 750 ml)
Mc Dowell’s No. 1450
Honey Bee450
Remy Martin5000-6000
Old Admiral300
Courrier Napoleon500
Mansion House300
Golden Grapes250

An admirer of brandy, Samuel Johnson said, “Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy.”

Born in Dutch, brandy made its debut in the 12th century. The unique kind of distillation process employed in the making of brandy results in the formation of several aromatic compounds. This is how brandy gets its incredible flavor. Evolving it gradually from wine, the world had finally invented a drink that could increase the merchants’ revenue and gift a premium sprit to the buyers.

The best Indian Brandy brand is Mc Dowell’s No 1. Not only does it have excellent aroma and taste but it also is extremely affordable which is why it’s one of the most popular Brandy brands in India. The texture and processing methodology is slightly different from other brands which elevate the overall experience.

After having reviewed all the Brandy Brands in India based on various factors like taste, aroma, ingredients, alcohol content, processing method, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 brands that really stood out. Brandies from these 10 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

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Best India Brandy Brands

Brandy has captured an enviable place in the get-togethers and social events in India. The country has a long list of top brandy brands that go well with the culinary tradition of the country. Some of the best brandy brands enjoy the patronage of a wide user base for various reasons. 

Talking of best India brandy brands, I have curated a list of top 10 brandy brands in India that are also the highest selling ones. The description accompanying each of these brandy brands give the details of its ingredients, features, price and quite a few interesting information on its making.

In creating this list, the factors I considered for ranking these brands include their popularity among the consumers, volume sales, user reviews, ingredients, alcohol content, aroma, and some special qualities. The bottom line of this story is to provide you a short list of select best brandy brands in India to choose from.  

Mc Dowell’s No 1

top brandy brands in india

A highly popular brand among brandy lovers, Mc Dowell’s No.1 makes three kinds of drinks under whisky, brandy and rum categories. This company has been in business since the 1960s. It’s one of the Best India Brandy Brands.

At my home, Mc Dowell’s brandy is used to treat cold and cough. I find it smooth and great for anyone who prefers smoky aroma.

One of the top reasons for the brand’s success is its unmatched taste of McDowell’s No. 1 Brandy. Apart from enjoying huge patronage in India, the brand is also the best performing brands in the world in terms of volume sales.

Why is Mc Dowell’s No 1 Worth it?

  • Mc Dowell’s No 1 is always in popular talks for its unique aroma and excellent taste.
  • The brandy has an attractive golden yellow hue that bestows an elegant quality to the drink.
  • The maker infuses some rich textures and flavors into their offerings.
  • The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of this brandy is estimated at 42%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

Considered the biggest brandy brand in the country, the product is priced at Rs. 450 per 750 ml.

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Honey Bee

indian brandy brands

Offered by United Spirits, Honey Bee Brandy is one of the best brandy brands you will find in India. This brand is recognized for its inspiring taste and the incredible smoothness the product has to offer.

The company is headquartered in Bengaluru and you can buy this brand in any location in India. Honey Bee breathes in a set of finest qualities in its brandy offerings that make this a premium brand in the country.

I’ve had Honey Bee quite a few times during my visits to Bengaluru and I must say that the smoothness of the brandy has held me back.

Why is Honey Bee Worth it?

  • Excellent taste and rich aroma
  • Affordable price tag in India
  • An attractively smooth finish
  • The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of this brandy is estimated at 42%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

Honey Bee brandy carries a price tag of Rs. 420 per 750 ml. 

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Remy Martin

brandy brands mumbai

If you prefer a French brand to appease your thirst for a high quality brandy, you will have the best option in Remy Martin. This is one of the best French brandy brands available in the Indian market. Sourced from the grapes growing in the Cognac region of France, the manufacturer has developed a unique process to make it.

I have never tasted a brandy like Remy Martin, it’s definitely one of the best for it’s flavourful taste.

The brandy has been aged from 10 to 37 years. The maker of this brandy employs the traditional distillation process with the use of copper stills and aging is done in oak barrels.

Why is Remy Martin Worth it?

  • Its rich taste and unique aroma are certainly distinguishing features of this brand.
  • The brilliant palette features multiple notes.
  • Traditional distillation process employed in its making
  • The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) of this brandy is said to be at 40%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

Remy Martin carries a price tag of Rs. 6000 per liter in the Indian stores


best indian made brandy

Known as one of the most popular brandy brands in the world today, Hennesey has got a mass recognition for its wonderful taste and mesmerizing flavor. Hennesey was the first brandy I ever tasted and I really loved it’s packaging.

This brand has Irish roots and has been offering its products from 18th century. Enjoying a huge following in India too, the brand was established by Richard Hennesey. 

Why is Hennesey Worth it?

  • Made from a rich combination of Cognacs and hence wears a unique taste
  • Recognized by its fans for its elegant taste that lingers long after consuming it.
  • Excellent flavors set it apart from the other brands.
  • ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of this brand is estimated to be 40%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

Hennesey brandy brand is sold in India shops for a price of Rs. 400 per 750 ml.


best indian brandy

The manufacturer of this brandy claims the brandy is matured for a period of six years before marketing. Morpheus is a very popular name among Indian brandy lovers.

Morpheus Brandy’s packaging so cute and I also loved the colour of the brandy which made a mark of it’s richness.

The popularity of this brand is also due to its rich golden yellow hue. Morpheus is quite popular for its wonderful aroma, rich texture and excellent taste. 

Why is Morpheus Worth it?

  • The manufacturer uses only oak barrels for maturing the brandy.
  • Very rich golden hue bestowing elegant looks.
  • Highly recognized for its unique taste and captivating aroma. 
  • This brandy has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of 40%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

The price tag we find on the product in Indian shops is Rs. 800 per 750 ml.

Old Admiral

An offering from the house of Radico-Khaitan, Old Admiral brandy is known for its high fructose content that bestows a unique flavor not seen in any other brand. This brand enjoys a big reputation for its taste and has been sourced from the finest of grapes growing in Central India.

I tried Old Admiral recently and I really like the oaky taste it has. This is what sets this brandy apart.

A number of brandy lovers say this is the best brandy brand in India with the drink enjoying a massive recognition among its fans across the country. 

Why is Old Admiral Worth it?

  • High levels of fructose content giving a highly unique flavor to the brandy
  • Prepared only in oak barrels for a great taste.
  • Assures a highly unique taste not found in any other brandy brand
  • The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of this brand is measured at 40%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

Old Admiral brandy has a price tag of Rs. 300 per 750 ml in Indian shops.

Courrier Napoleon

brandy brands in india

This is one of the brandy brands employing the traditional brewing processes to manufacture this brandy. Courrier Napoleon has tojnes of vanilla and pure honey combined with seasoned oak. Deemed as one of the best brandy brands in India, it has a massive following in the country.

I was intrigued by the brewing of this brandy as it uses the traditional French method to produce this brandy. Even the alcohol content in this brandy is good to get you a high.

Why is Courrier Napoleon Worth it?

  • The manufacturer employs the French traditional methods of brewing to produce this brandy.
  • The tones of vanilla and honey in combination with oak makes it taste great.
  • Oak barrels are employed in their preparation and hence the rich taste and distinguished aroma. 
  • The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of this brandy is said to be 42.8%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

The brandy is priced reasonably for its good quality at Rs. 500 per 750 ml in India. 

Mansion House

brandy brands india

Manufactured in Mumbai, India, Mansion House is one another popular brandy brand in the country. This brand is highly popular among the Indian brandy lovers as French Brandy since the manufacturer is known to use the traditional French distillation and brewing process.

The brand enjoys a huge following on account of its distinct taste and rich aroma. A good choice for a drink, this brandy has a dark hue. Buying it is very easy and the price is highly affordable.  

Why is Mansion House Worth it?

  • Tastes highly unique and has a distinguishing aroma.
  • The darker hue gives this brand a unique standing.
  • Employs the traditional French brewing methods to achieve a good quality. 
  • ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of Mansion House brandy is 42.8%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

The price of Mansion House brandy ranges from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 for 750 ml in Indian shops. 


india brandy brands

Janus is one of the highly sought after brands of brandy in India for its host of desirable characteristics that have allured the buyers. Manufactured by Sula Vineyard located in the Nashik region of Maharashtra in India, this brandy is sourced from the finest of grapes grown in the country.

This brandy brand is one of the highly exported ones in the country and the brand has bagged several international recognitions and honours. 

Why is Janus Worth it?

  • Possesses some unique qualities that makes it a suitable drink only for discerning brandy lovers.
  • Gives instant warmth and a relaxing feeling upon consumption
  • The fruit aroma of this brand is very rich
  • The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage in Janus is estimated at 40%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

This brandy is available in India in the price range of Rs. 1,200 / 750 ml. 

Golden Grape

brandy brands in india with price

As per the manufacturer’s information, Golden Grape brandy is extracted from different fruits and hence the brand brings its customers a highly unique taste. The rich flavour of this brand makes it the indisputable choice for parties and other social events.

The reasonably priced product is available in the Indian market at an affordable rate. The distinguishing taste, aroma, texture, and flavour of this brandy make it one of the favourite brandy brands in the nation which people prefer to buy regularly. 

Why is Golden Grapes Worth it?

  • Tastes great with excellent flavours.
  • Made from a blend of several fruits bestowing a unique taste to this brand
  • Available at highly affordable prices in India
  • ABV (Alcohol By Volume) percentage of Golden Grape brand is 40%

Best India Brandy Brands Price

The price tag found on Golden Grape brandy offering is Rs. 250 per 750 ml. 

How to choose a brandy: 

  • Occasion: Decide what you need a brandy for, is it for yourself, to gift someone, for a wedding or for whatever reason. You can then decide if you want an expensive one or a normally priced brandy will work fine. 
  • Types of brandy: There are various types of brandy like fruit brandy, cognac, pomace, etc. Fruit brandy is usually used in cooking or as a digestif. It’s affordable and distilled from fruit wine. Cognac is expensive and is distilled twice. Pomace is unaged and contains much harsher tasting ingredients. 
  • Taste: If you can request sample tasting, see what kind of brandy taste is better for you. You can also check it’s colour and consistency. 
  • Smell: A good brandy possesses a strong smell mostly, aroma of cinnamon, pepper and other fruits. Make sure that the brandy you buy has an overpowering smell but isn’t synthetic. 
  • Price: Most brandy brands in India are affordable from other alcohol. Anything between 500-3,500 for 750 ml can be considered. 

Brandy Basics

‘Brandy’ is a shortened form of the term ‘brandywine’. The word ‘Brandywine’ in turn originated form the Dutch word ‘Brandewijn’ which refers to burned wine. Consumed as a digestif, brandy is usually served in room temperature.

Brandy is manufactured by distilling wine. Brandy has 35 to 60% ABV (Alcohol by Volume Percentage). The main ingredient in brandy is fermented fruit juice, predominantly grapes. Many varieties of brandies are also based on pears, apples, and some other sweet fruits. Cognac is a kind of brandy that is made only in Southwest France.

The culinary world uses brandy across many recipes like pan sauces, puddings, cakes and soups to achieve an intense flavor in these preparations.

Benefits of Brandy

Brandy lovers always refer to the host of health benefits it has in store. Guzzling it down can leave several positive advantages on your body including the following.

The warming effect of brandy makes it a popular indulgences people chase during winter. Unlike other alcoholic drinks, brandy does not disturb the brain’s sleep system. Rather it is found to promote natural sleep. 

Consumed in moderate quantities, brandy is found to make heart stronger. 

Brandy is rich in Vitamin C and hence assures all the benefits a source of this vitamin can bring you. 

The healing qualities of brandy stem from its impressive anti-oxidant properties. Brandy is one of the potent immunity boosters the world banks on. 

Some sources also attribute anti-cancerous and anti-aging properties to brandy. 

People have been using brandy to treat throat pain and cold and to make some recipes and desserts taste better. 

Disadvantages of Consuming Brandy

Moderate quantities of brandy can have no concerning side effects than inducing a kind of hangover induced by any alcoholic drink. Consumed in excess than the recommended quantities can cause some undesirable changes in the central nervous system besides causing a sharp drop in blood glucose levels, a condition known as hypoglycemia.

Over-drinking of brandy can also disrupt a healthy functioning of the heart. Over-indulgence can also lead to pronounced damages to liver and kidneys, circulatory system, digestive system and sexual and reproductive health. Drinking too much of brandy can also lead to inflammatory damage, dependency, and abnormal secretion in endocrine glands.

How to serve brandy?

Here is how you must serve brandy to get the most out of it. Traditionally, brandy is mostly served in room temperature in a snifter, tulip glass or wine glass. However, warming it slightly to heighten its aroma is not uncommon. This is done with a gentle heating or holding the glass inside cupped palm.

If you heat brandy excessively, the alcohol content can become too strong and overpowering. Brandy fans who prefer drinking it warm ask the glass to be heated before pouring brandy into it. 

Brandy can also be added to other beverages to prepare different types of cocktails like Brandy Old Fashioned, Brandy Daisy, Brandy Sour, Sidecar, and Brandy Alexander.    

Best India Brandy Brands: FAQs

How do Indians drink brandy?

Mostly brandy is consumed in India as an after-dinner drink as it induces natural sleep. 

Which is the most affordable brandy brand in India?

Indian market has quite a many economically priced brandy brands. One good example for a premium brand priced affordably is Mansion House. 

How many liters of wine is needed to make a liter of brandy?

Approximately, 3 liters of wine (extracted from 4 kgs of grapes) is needed to make one liter of brandy. While manufacturing brandy from wine, the best part of it is extracted and two liters are discarded. 

What should I mix with brandy?

Brandy can be served in several ways depending on your preferences. The most common items to mix with brandy are Coke, lemonade, sweet tea, champagne, and amaretto. 

Can I drink brandy every day?

Nutritionists tell that 30 ml of brandy per day meets a day’s Vitamin C dosage needs. If you are confident of sticking to moderate quantities, brandy can help enhance your health when consumed daily. 

Can brandy turn bad?

Brandy never gets spoiled if it remains unopened and kept away from light and heat. Once it is opened, it has got 1 to 2 years of life before a noticeable degradation can happen with its quality and flavor. 

Which brandy is better: morpheus vs mansion house?

Both Mansion House and Morpheus are good brandy brands in India. Mansion house hits hard but is smooth at the same time. Morpheus is a rich flavoured and premium Indian brandy brand. In terms of pricing, Mansion House is a little cheaper than Morpheus.

Is Honey Bee brandy good?

Honey Bee is a premium brandy in India that’s known for its taste, aroma and smoothness. Honey Bee Brandy’s quality is also really good.

Which Indian brandy is best for health?

Morpheus Brandy is known to be good for health if consumed in limits. It’s reasonably priced and has a good taste of cinnamon, pepper and other ingredients that makes it good in taste. Morpheus is best to consume with hot water during the winter season to avoid falling sick.

What are the best brandy brands in Mumbai with price? 

Best brandy brands in Mumbai are Morpheus, Hennesey, as well as Honey Bee. Their prices are Rs.800, Rs, 400 and 450 respectively.

What are the best brandy brands in Bangalore with price?

 Best brandy brands in Bangalore are Remy Martin, Morpheus, as well as Mansion House. Their prices are Rs.3500, Rs, 800 and 300 respectively.

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