Best Indian Fashion Brands

Best Indian Fashion Brands 2021

Looking for some amazing clothes? Check out our list of the Best Indian Fashion Brands for all the details!

Online shopping has become ‘the thing’ for Indians for quite some years now. Choosing clothes can be hard enough, and now you have to pick from the myriad of online sites for the right kind of clothes. 

You want some fashion help and the internet has got you with some amazing brands available so easily. With so many reputed brands how would you know which ones are performing the best online? 

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We’ve got you covered. Here are the best Indian fashion brands that are available online now. 

After having reviewed all the popular Indian Fashion brands based on various factors like quality, comfort, style, design, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 9 that really stood out. Products from these 9 were put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Indian fashion brand is Fabindia. While the price is slightly higher than other brands, the quality of the fabric and designs make their products worth investing in. Fabindia has a massive range of ethnic and modern clothes. They even hybrids that are really popular. Most importantly, they are extremely comfortable.

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Best Indian Fashion Brands

Peter England

Peter England is one of the most renowned Indian fashion brands available especially for men. They have the best collection in professional outfits that work for some very serious occasions. It’s one of the Best Indian Fashion Brands.

  • They might be slightly expensive but the quality of the clothes are so good that it is totally worth the buy. The wide range of men’s clothing is so extraordinary that Indian men just cannot go without skimming through this brand in spite of the price range. 

They have a great collection of pants for men in terms of colours, fabric and styles. This brand has shirts that are appropriate for men of all sizes as well. They have innerwear, ties and other accessories that work as well as their clothing as well. 

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Fabindia is the best combination of ethnic and modern styles which works gracefully well with women. Their Kurtis and palazzos are very elegant and cater to a particular style that looks antiquey and gives a grand look to the wearer. 

  • This brand caters to men and women and has a certain style pattern that goes well with buyers from both categories. What we love is the exquisite collection of clothes they have in the same style range. 
  • If you are someone who likes to be ethnic then you might want to explore their Kurtis, palazzos, tops and shirts which look really elegant. 

Even though Fabindia is mostly noted for the styles for women, they have great clothes for me with some ethnic kurtas. The Fabindia price range is slightly higher than you would normally see but considering the unique style and the quality of the fabric, we would say it is totally worth it. 


Raymond has the best collection for men’s professional outfits including shirts and blazers. Raymond has had quite a reputation in India for being a brand that caters to some of the best styles for men. It’s one of the Best Indian Fashion Brands.

  • They have the entire wardrobe collection that a working man needs. Ties, blazers, overcoats, formal pants and belts, they have you covered! 
  • So if you are looking for something more casual, this might not be the place for you. They do have Tee shirts but not a varied collection. 

You might want to check out their blazers since they deserve a special mention with how they have played around with colours and designs. They also allow customization of clothes so you can get desired styles with the best quality fabrics Raymond has to offer. 

Allen Solly 

Allen Solly is another one of our top picks for the most reputed fashion brands in India that cater to men and women. The suits and formal shirts they have are so in style while also maintaining the formal decor. 

  • What we love about Allen Solly is that they have a huge range of styles that ranges for both men and women in different realms of fashion including casual styles. 
  • Women have some extraordinary clothing styles that include skirts, tops, and pencil pants. The thing with Allen Solly is that you can range from super casual to super formal and you can pick from the right category. 

The only thing about Allen Solly that slants to the downside is that the price range is higher than the other brands that you would see. So unless you are on a high budget we suggest you not to go for this brand!

W can easily be the most popular ethnic brands for women in India that comes with a touch with modernity as well. 

  • The Kurtis from W have a distinct design that elevates the desi look in it while having an airy and flowy fit for women of all sizes. We love the fact that they have a huge range of clothes dedicated to women of the plus size. 
  • The umbrella cut Kurtis that they have from W are the ultimate choice for anyone looking at rocking a casual day out. It’s one of the Best Indian Fashion Brands.

They have blouses that can be worn with palazzos and skirts. The crop tops can be a great source of style when accessorized right and worn in the best sense. The single piece dresses from W are a real visual treat and are super comfy to wear. 


AND is a super chic brand which focuses on women’s fashion and gives you the best options for women who love to dress up on a daily basis. 

  • If you are looking for a makeover for your work clothes, AND has some really exciting collection of clothes including tunics, tops, pants, jeans and accessories which comes in your favour when you are looking for something that is not too over the top but works well on a daily basis. 

The price range of AND is pretty reasonable considering the clothes are very durable and have amazing styles that come with them. They have a great selection of dresses as well which are casual, chic and professional at the same time. 

Indian Terrain 

Indian Terrain is a renowned men’s wear brand which ranges widely in styles including formal and casual outfits. 

  • The casual tees that Indian Terrain offers give you the best range of colours and styles that stands well for men of all sizes and fashion tastes. 
  • The formal shirts for men have a great selection of colours as well and are made of a fabric that is crafted to last long. The price range for the formal shirts are a bit high but you can always expect good deals on tee shirts and other casual outfits that Indian Terrain has to offer. 

They have great formal pants that are made up of cotton, linen and polyester which last long. They have a category solely for kids and children which has cute trendy styles of clothing. Indian terrain has exciting offers on the go so make sure you update yourself on the same to enjoy them. 


BIBA is a premium women’s clothing brand that focuses mainly on ethnic fashion and gives women great choices. It’s one of the Best Indian Fashion Brands.

  • With a great inclusion of salwar, Kurtis, palazzos and leggings, BIBA is the fashion destination for Indian wear lovers! The designs that BIBA has are so distinctive and can be lauded just for the range of designs they come up with. 

The colour palette of the brand is so subtle but still touches upon some bold colours as well. Their range of maroon Kurtis has a great style to them and are made in favour of those who love that particular style.


Mufti is a brand that aims at giving a millennial touch to the outfits they craft. They are mainly targeted at teenagers and young adults who know a thing or two about the fashion game. It’s one of the Best Indian Fashion Brands.

  • Mufti is known to keep up with the latest fashion updates and has always brought justice to the styles that are ongoingly successful. 
  • We love the men’s fashion collection with really off the top clothing and a nice touch to the colour palette they provide. 

You can play around with the range they have by mix-matching your clothing and you will realise how well they have coordinated their pieces of clothing. Their shirts are notable with some exclusive designs that have really caught the eye of many fashion lovers! 

Fashion in India is ever so changing with some really good brands on the go. With the number of online platforms that are available it is so accessible for people around the country to purchase their favorite styles. What we have curated are some of the most popular Indian fashion brands that cater to the likes of different people and collectively listed them out. 

These brands are unavoidable and have always been etched in the minds of Indian consumers and for a reason!

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