Best Indian Online Grocery Shopping App 2022

Grocery shopping apps have changed the way we shop, saving us time, energy and effort. They break the norm of the MRP and manage to go well below the marked price, helping us save loads of money.

But what excites me more is the fact that these grocery shopping apps also make it easier to access ingredients and vegetables that your regular supermarket down the street may not have. These apps have made it easier for even the two tier and three tier cities to access gourmet ingredients for special meals. Check out the reviews below for the best Indian Online Grocery Shopping Apps:

Being quarantined, I decided to hunt for a worthy grocery shopping app that could do a good job delivering the best quality at my doorstep. That’s when I picked my top choice.

According to the performance and involvement of the Indian clientele, Big Basket is a trustworthy grocery app that promises good quality vegetables, fruits, and other needs for your home. They abide by the promise of only delivering fresh and great quality groceries to your doorstep.

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Top Indian Grocery Shopping Apps 2020

Big Basket

Of course, you knew that Big Basket was going to top the list. The brand is hugely popular thanks to the wide marketing and huge Bollywood stars roped in to advertise for it. The mother of all grocery shopping apps, Bigbasket entered the space in 2011, in Bangalore, a city that thrives on convenience. 

The company has its own inventory of groceries, therefore controlling the quality. Even though there were a few online grocery shopping apps before Bigbasket, this brand etched a name for itself with its wide variety of high quality products, discounted prices, efficient delivery and excellent customer service. 

The company now caters to even two tier cities in India with the same level of customer service and easy to navigate app with a wide range of choices, along with unbeatable prices. 

The app does charge a delivery fee, but it is waived off if the total bill amount exceeds a certain limit. 

Quick delivery.Delivery charge applicable.


Grofers entered the market in late 2013, and can be considered a true “desi” brand. Launched in the capital, the company now caters to 17 cities across the country. While Grofers does not have its own inventory, they act as a platform to connect the customer with the local shops in the neighbourhood.

Grofers has a “lowest price guarantee” where you can access the current week’s deals, ranging from branded detergents to food, condiments and toiletries. You can also shop for utensils, cutlery and crockery as the app stocks quite a few choices.

However, the kitchen appliances section could use a larger range. Customer service is quite good and the app is easy to navigate. Grofers also charges a delivery fee but it is usually waived off.

Friendly app navigation.Does not have its own inventory.


Literally translating to “relaxed shopping”, Aaramshop does not act as a store itself, but helps you find the best deals across brands.

It is a portal that connects different stores and websites, making this a one stop app for your weekend homework of finding out where you have the best discounts for medicines, groceries, beverages, cleaning products, chocolates and what not. It eliminates the need to browse through a zillion flyers and various apps helping you save time, money and energy.  

Helps you find best deals across brands.Does not provide groceries directly.

Nature’s Basket

A colourful, fun and interesting way to shop is through the Nature’s Basket website. However, the colours and the layout is not the only thing that sets Nature’s Basket apart from other online grocery shopping apps in India. 

Having established a prominent place for the physical stores in the market, the website has made it easy for customers to shop for gourmet and hard to find food ingredients. 

Just like the regular Nature’s Basket stores, placing an order online also assures you of excellent quality and customer service. 

There is a team that physically checks the produce and makes sure it’s of good quality before it is shipped out to you. That way, they ensure customer satisfaction and fewer returns.

 The website has a good rewards program as well as the option of putting hampers together for gifting, something that many other online grocery shopping apps have not mastered yet. 

There is also a separate section for healthy alternatives for snacks. Check out the blog for some interesting articles and easy to put together recipes.

Does provides good rewards programs.None.

The Prime Pantry sells everything under the sun, so why not groceries? The Prime Pantry was introduced a few years ago and has quickly gained popularity since then. 

The e-commerce portal has a wide range of food ingredients and other groceries, and I’m pretty sure that at some point in time you have shopped for a few of these essentials on Amazon. The website and the app are very easy to navigate, and having been around for ages, it’s one of the most familiar layouts. 

Prime Pantry needs a separate membership, but in return you get better prices than the ones advertised for non-members. The only thing that seems to be a bit of an issue is that you need to have a recurring order placed every month to be buying the item at that price and to make the best use of your membership.

 Having said that, this works well with those with large families or for those who plan their months well, and require the same amount of items and the same quantity every month. 

Prime membership offers better pricing.It needs a separate membership.

Naturally yours

If you or your kids love noodles or pasta, or both, you are sure to be thrilled by this app. True to its name, Naturally Yours is a store founded by two people who have managed to create healthy varieties of these foods. 

Gluten free, purely vegan and made from a range of organic ingredients that includes but is not limited to millets, red rice and quinoa, the company is on a mission to make healthy eating delicious, quick and easy as well. 

They promise to keep maida and preservatives away from the list of ingredients. Since the product list as of now includes only pasta and noodles, there are only a couple of tabs to navigate through. Each of these tabs has around 5 to 6 variants. 

These are also priced on the higher end as they are made from organic and high quality ingredients. There is also an interesting blog published by one of the founders, where there are several innovative recipes for vegan food that can be put together in no time. 

Provides innovative recipes for food lovers.Less product categories.


Launched in 2015, Foodzu is a food shopping app that has a layout that is easy to navigate. However, the app does not fall under any one category. Unlike other popular grocery shopping apps, Foodzu does not sell vegetables, fresh fruit or other regular cooking essentials. Instead, this is a good app for snacks, juices, mouth fresheners, sweets and dry fruits. 

You can place orders for a large quantity of sweets and snacks for an upcoming event, ceremony or festival, all in the comfort of your home without fighting through traffic and standing in crowded shops.

 Foodzu assures you of the quality or offers a full refund of the money paid. 

The section that lists fresh food for sale has a few set meals that include freshly cooked poha or a sandwich along with a sweet. 

The app also has a section where they sell a mixed range of items, right from garden rakes to glassware and water bottles. 

They call this section “uniq”, which, I admit, feels like it’s been put together randomly, but I guess that’s what makes Foodzu unique as well. 

Customers can request for products.Does not sell vegetables.


Ondoor is an online shopping app that hasn’t yet gained much popularity across India. As of today, Ondoor caters to about 7 cities, mostly focussed in the north- eastern parts of the country. 

The layout of the website is quite basic and pretty straightforward, making it easy to navigate. 

With only the basic tabs that you need, the site makes it quick and easy to look for something and place an order. Most of the items are listed at a discount or well below the MRP, helping customers save money. 

You can choose filters based not only on the items but also on the price range and the quantity you wish to purchase. I would say that this is one of the unique features of Ondoor when compared to the other online grocery shopping apps in India.  

They stock most of the popular brands and a few local brands as well. The company is reputed to have a good team that is efficient and one that offers good customer service.   

Offers with every order and free home delivery.None. 


Bigmart is a company that runs on a franchisee model. With each franchisee having an inventory of their own along with a physical store, the company manages to send its customers high quality produce and products, and ensure that the service offered is top notch. Bigmart is quite similar to Bigbasket when it comes to the pricing, variety and the layout of the app. 

The company caters to most first tier and second tier cities in India. Easy to navigate, the app has specific sections for each category as well as a separate link for accessing currently discounted items. 

However, the website has technical issues that need to be fixed. The main page of the website acts like a flyer, instead of directing you to the item you require. Apart from the regular groceries, you can purchase organic food, kitchen utensils like non-stick cookware, stationery, glassware and bakeware. 

Good quality assured. Websites prone to technical errors often. 

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