Best Inverter For Home in India 2022

With the summer here, we gotta prepare for those expected (and unexpected) power cuts. Whichever part of the country you live in, an inverter for the home is one of the best options to ensure that we have electricity in at least a part of the house and life can go on uninterrupted. Check out below for the best inverters for home in India:

Inverters for home in India
Luminous Zelio+
V-Guard Prime
Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS
Luminous Zolt
Luminous Eco Watt Inverter
Exide Technologies 1050VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

Top Inverters For Home in India 2022

Luminous Zelio+

One brand that constantly comes up every time you either search for good inverters online or in the stores is Luminous.

This brand has several versions of inverters, featuring different capacities. It is one of the most reliable brands and you can choose an inverter from this brand depending on your need. 

Luminous Zelio+ comes in two versions – a 1100W and a 1700W.

 It is a highly recommended inverter as this one can handle running a refrigerator, 3 fans, your TV and at least 2 tube lights. If you don’t want to power your fridge, you can add on extra fans and lights to this inverter. 

This is a sinewave inverter, and all you will hear when it operates is nothing! It does have a low hum but you need to really pay attention to realise that there is a low noise.

 So, even if there is a powercut in the middle of the night, you will sleep undisturbed as the inverter will turn on without any noise. 

The Luminous Zelio+ provides overload protection, protection against short circuits, reverse polarity and input mains.

 The sinewave output makes it safe for all the sensitive gadgets like your laptop computers, refrigerators and televisions.

 It supports 1 battery and charges very quickly. It gives you the option of choosing between two modes – a UPS mode for computer loads and an ECO mode. 

The Luminous Zelio+ inverter is very sleek in appearance, has a neat LCD display and blends in with the other appliances in your home. 

You get a 2 year warranty on the product. 

V-Guard Prime

V-Guard is a name we are all familiar with, thanks to the stabilisers that we used for all our important devices growing up. 

V-Guard has been a saviour for our devices through the years, weathering all the storms, floods, voltage fluctuations and what not. 

We now have the V-Guard Prime is a highly rated inverter that is a best selling product in the Indian market. 

This is a sinewave inverter, operating quietly in the background, helping us carry on with our lives with no disruption. 

This intelligent inverter comes with added features like battery topping reminder (to refill the water in the battery) and a battery gravity builder to reduce chances of damage to the battery and enhance its life.

 It also has a performance selection switch, so you can choose the capacity of performance of your appliances. 

This comes in very handy cos its not always that you want all your connected devices to be functioning at full capacity, especially during very long power cut sessions. 

The inverter gives a steady high quality output, ensuring that the appliances it is powering are safe and working at their best.

 It can handle running a fridge, a TV, kitchen chimney, mixer grinder, and a few fans and lights. It offers surge protection, Overload protection, short circuit protection, battery over charge protection and many more. 

The V-Guard Prime has an LED display that is graphical, indicating whatever is going on. It also has an audio indicator for instant alerts.

 There is a mute buzzer option that you can activate on the app, if you don’t want to be alerted. As with the Luminous Zelio+, V-Guard Prime also allows you to choose between the UPS mode and normal mode. 

Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 UPS

Microtek is another brand of inverters, as popular as Luminous and is used in many homes across India. The Microtek Hybrid HB1125 24×7 inverter is designed using micro controllers. This is an advanced version of the regular Microtek 1100 VA model, has better features and higher performance.

It is a powerful sinewave device that keeps your appliances working to their best capacity, while remaining super silent in the background. It is also very simple, easy to use and is compatible with most batteries. 

The Microtek Hybrid inverter comes with a switch that you can use to select the voltage range. Choose between a narrow voltage range and a standard voltage range depending on the appliances you plan on powering. 

This ensures optimum performance of both, the inverter as well as the appliances.

 Power your big appliances like a television, fridge, water purifiers, gaming devices, air coolers as well as the smaller ones like the lights and fans. It protects the devices and switches over seamlessly in the event of a power cut. 

Though all the best selling inverters in the Indian market are priced on par with each other, Microtek is usually offered at a better discount online, making this slightly cheaper than its competitors. 

Microtek offers 3 years warranty on the product, which is longer than what is offered by other brands. 

Luminous Zolt

Luminous is the market leader of inverters, so you have, another one from the brand. The Luminous Zolt, like the Luminous Zelio+, comes in two versions of capacities, a 1100V and a 1700 V. 

These inverters are very sleek, small in size and compact, and premium in appearance. 

They are sold in colours like deep blue which complement modern interiors in today’s homes. It has a neat LCD display which indicates whether the device is turned on, battery water level, charging time, back-up time and whatever mode the inverter is operating on. Speaking of the modes, you can use the UPS mode or the Eco Mode. 

This fast charging inverter is a sinewave device, giving you smooth operation, noiseless and seamless. This intelligent device works on a DSP processor.

 It is intuitive as it learns and functions based on the load supply requirement patterns. 

You can also choose to turn on the bypass switch which will allow the devices to directly be powered by the electricity coming in. 

It comes with a reminder for refilling the water in the battery, so you avoid hassles at the last minute. It offers surge protection and short circuit protection.

 There is also a safety alarm indicating the same. As with the other inverters in its range, Luminous offers 2 years warranty on the Zolt inverter. 

Luminous Eco Watt Inverter

With Luminous, you have the option of choosing between a square wave inverter and a sine wave inverter, depending on what you can afford.

While the Luminous Zelio+ and the Luminous Zolt are powerful sinewave inverters meant for large houses, designed to power several appliances across many rooms at the same time, the Luminous Eco Watt Inverter is meant for smaller spaces and for fewer appliances. 

It is a square wave inverter. 

This is a good option for those who live in bachelor pads and don’t require more than one or two major appliances to be powered. 

This is also a much cheaper option and is easy on the pocket. 

The Luminous Eco Watt Inverter comes in several versions with different capacities. The square wave inverter takes a little extra time to power devices when compared to the sinewave and is not completely noiseless. However, when it comes to the Eco Watt Inverters, they function very well and are value for money. 

The one downside to the Luminous Eco Watt Inverter is the length of the cord. 

This is quite short and while it’s not exactly a deal breaker, can be an inconvenience if you’re unable to place it very close to the power source.

As with the other inverters by this brand, you get a 2 year warranty on the product. 

Exide Technologies 1050VA Pure Sinewave Home UPS Inverter

The Exide Technologies Home UPS Inverter operates at a capacity of 1050VA. It is a pure sinewave inverter, seamlessly switching on the devices when there is a powercut and being almost noiseless.

This inverter functions on a DSP processor, giving you high quality performance. It also protects your devices from sudden voltage fluctuations, short circuits and overloads. 

There is an LCD display which indicates whether the inverter is on, the level of the battery and the charge that is left on it and percentage of the actual load connected to it. It indicates when the battery is low and when the water level in the battery is low. 

You get a loud alert when this happens, brining your attention to the issue.

 The one disadvantage is that the display is not visible if the inverter is placed at a level higher than your eye level.

 It is also very bright, and if you’re the kind who likes it pitch dark when you sleep, it might be uncomfortable. However, considering all the amazing features and the efficiency of the device, this is something that can be ignored. 

There are two modes on this inverter – a UPS mode and an inverter mode. 

This is a quick charging device, but you can choose between a fast charging option and a normal charging option. 

Exide technologies inverter is slightly cheaper than the other leading home inverter brands in the market.  


Here are some of the best quality inverters that can be used for home use.


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