Best Ionic Brushes In India 2022

Ionic hair brushes are a blessing to women, and men as well. If you’ve struggled all your life with frizzy hair that simply does not calm down unless you iron it out with a straightener, believe us, you will love the ionic hairbrush!

Not many people know about ionic brushes and not many who have heard of them use them, but those who do will never touch a straightener again to get their hair smoothened out. So here are the best ionic brushes in India.

Best ionic brush brands 2022

Ionic hair brushes are powered by electricity because the current helps produce the negative ions that our hair needs. As we brush our hair with this powered hairbrush, the negatives ions are distributed into the strands of our hair to balance it out. It removes static, flattens out the hair and smoothens it. It can also help restore hair that is slightly damaged. 

Best Ionic Brushes For Women

UNIQUE ICONS Ionic brushes 
RONTENO ionic brushes 
Gopinath ionic brush
Piesome Ionic brushes

Best Ionic Brushes For Men

Enem ionic brushes 
Ikonic Luxure Ionic brush
VEGA Ionic brushes 

Ionic Brushes for Frizzy Hair

Our hair, like any other material on the planet, is made of ions, both positive and negative. To keep it very simple, the negative ions are the ones responsible for calming down and keeping our hair healthy. The most common way of removing the negative ions from our hair is by drying it with a towel. When these ions are gone, our hair ends up looking dry and frizzy, and prone to damage. So yes, we need to put some negative ions back in our hair to keep up the health

Following is a list of all the best ionic hair brushes available in the Indian market for you to choose from.

#1– VEGA Ionic brushes 

The popular Indian ionic brush brand, Vega, does not fail to impress us yet again with the Vega X – Look hair straightening brush.

  •  It heats up really quickly, hardly in a few minutes and a few brushes through the hair is enough to remove the frizz. 
  • There is a display that indicates the temperature of the hairbrush which can be adjusted depending on the hair type. 
  • The bristles are coated with silica which is gentle on the hair and scalp. 
  • This brush employs an “Anti-scald” technology where the temperature maintained is even and does not burn the scalp or hair. 
  • A bonus is that this hairbrush can be used in any country as it can handle all voltages.  


Temperature is maintained. 


It can be a little too hard on sensitive hair types. 

#2 — Ikonic Luxure Ionic brush

Ikonic Luxure falls under the premium brand category where their ionic hair brushes are definitely on the expensive end. 

  • This is definitely the quickest heating brush where it takes just 50 seconds. 
  • The brush is built in a way that it adds volume and bounce to the hair. 
  • The bristles are soft-tipped and constructed to help avoid bruising the scalp and hair. 
  • The brush itself is slim and is rubberized to offer a good grip and prevent slipping from the hands while using it. 
  • In beautiful rose gold and black combination, this hairbrush looks premium. 
  • Weighing only 500 grams, this is convenient to carry on as well. 


Very lightweight and easy to carry around. 


Not suitable for sensitive and brittle hair types. 

#3– Willsbury Ionic brushes 

This hairbrush by Willsbury is a combination of a hairdryer and a brush which is a blessing for those of us whose hair gets really frizzy, especially in humid weather or the summers. 

  • The result is a smooth sleek look which looks very natural and not poker straight like when hair is straightened with an iron. 
  • This brush comes with two heat settings as well as a cool shot to help tame those flyaways. 
  • This works well for people with very thick hair as one of the settings blows air that is pretty hot. 
  • This is light in weight and compact, therefore, great for taking along on your travels. 


Light and compact. 



#4– CBEX Ionic brushes 

The Ionic hairbrush by CBEX is a budget product that offers good value for money. 

  • The brush has all the makings of a premium gadget. There is the provision to alter the temperature easily with an increase and decrease buttons. 
  • The LCD display shows the temperature of the brush. 
  • This can be increased to a maximum of 230 degrees Celsius. 
  • The ceramic bristles help detangle the hair gently and tame flyaways, giving your hair a straightened look.
  •  The cord is quite long, almost 6 feet, which proves to be helpful while doing the hair in front of a mirror that’s far away from the power supply. 


The presence of ceramic bristles can tame unruly hair. 


Not very handy. 

#5– Womdee Ionic brushes 

Womdee Ionic hairbrush is an amazing product that has been created to make our lives easy. 

  • Small and portable, this is perfect to drop into our bag and carry when we are on the move. 
  • With no cord, this brush is operated by batteries. 
  • It is lightweight and comes without a handle, which reduces the size and weight of this brush. For such a small brush, this is quite powerful.
  •  It works well enough to straighten out the frizz and make the hair smoother and look healthier. 
  • The tips of the bristles are rounded and soft to make sure that they do not bruise the scalp or break the hair while detangling. 


Lightweight and effective. 


Since it is operated with batteries, recharging can be a task. 

#6– Piesome Ionic brushes 

Piesome sells good quality ionic hair brushes at affordable prices. 

  • These hair brushes come with all the makings of a premium brand. 
  • The LCD display displays the temperature and there is the possibility of adjusting the heat according to your preference. 
  • The bristles are ceramic and densely built making them ideal for detangling and evening out the hair texture. 
  • It is equipped with anti-scald technology to prevent accidental burns. 
  • Set at a minimum temperature, running this brush through the scalp can give you a gentle massage that encourages good circulation and healthy hair growth.
  •  The product is built well and seems durable. 


Sturdy built. 



#7– Gopinath ionic brush

The next one on our list of the best ionic hair brushes in India is the one from Gopinath. 

  • A truly budget brand, this is something that everybody can afford. 
  • The build quality is decent and it comes with a temperature indicator LCD display. 
  • The temperature is easily adjustable as well.
  •  For finer hair, you can set a lower temperature and increase it for thicker hair.
  •  The size of the brush is convenient to hold and use. 
  • The bristles are made of ceramic which helps detangle the hair and iron it out quickly. 
  • The auto-shutoff feature shuts it down in 60 minutes of idle time. 


Budget- oriented


Quality cannot be assured. 

#8– RONTENO ionic brushes 

Ronteno is usually priced quite high but can be bought online for much cheaper.

  • This is a sturdily built, yet sleek looking ionic hairbrush that distributes the anions evenly through the bristles ensuring that there is no damage to the hair or scalp while using this. 
  • The tail of the cord winds to 360 degrees which helps the brush reduce damage due to wear and tear and lasts longer. 
  • There are 5 heat settings to cater to different types of hair and an LCD display to show us the temperature it’s on. 
  • This also comes with an auto-shutoff feature that switches off the hairbrush if not used in 30 minutes. 


Comes with an auto shut off feature which turns off automatically when idle for 30 minutes.



#9– UNIQUE ICONS Ionic brushes 

A very efficient ionic hairbrush, the device by Unique Icons helps remove frizz and give an even look in a jiffy. 

  • This ionic hairbrush manages to work at low temperatures without damaging the hair yet giving us the salon kind of results we want by removing the static. 
  • There are a temperature indicator and buttons to adjust the heat setting according to our needs.
  •  The warmth produced while running this through the hair also acts as a gentle massage and helps keep the scalp healthy. 


Works with low temperatures. 



#10– Enem ionic brushes 

The ionic hairbrushes from Enem come with bristles that have a dual build of tourmaline ceramic, which is perfect for both thin and thick hair. It comes with 5 heat settings and heats up pretty quickly once turned on. 

  • The cord can turn all around which reduces wear and tear of the device. 
  • It maintains and even temperature across the bristles which ensures that you don’t end up burning yourself. 
  • There is auto turn off the feature that shuts down automatically if not in use for about 45 minutes. 
  • The display shows the temperature it’s working at, which is quite helpful 


A flexible cord that allows easy straightening.



#11- Conai John freida ionic brush

John Freida is one of the most reputed brands for hair and skin care products. 

  • The ionic brush from John freida ticks off all the best features needed for a good way to balance your hair’s texture. 
  • You can acquire the best results very easily with one or two strokes itself. 
  • Another feature is that this ionic brush is super safe to use and can work wonders on different hair textures and bring about a difference. 
  • The bristles are a combination of hard and soft bristles to maintain various textures. 


Suitable for all hair types. 


The battery does not last long. 

#12 – Paul Mitchell’s ionic brush 

Paul Mitchell’s is another premium brand which focuses on the best hair products which cater to various hair types. 

  • The handle of this ionic brush is strong and sturdy so it is easier to brush your hair without having to stress too much. 
  • The frizz control on this ionic brush is very fast and effective and once you see the results you will abide by this brush. 
  • It works really well for people with different volumes of hair and is super safe as well. 


Reduces frizz effectively.



#13 – Kent grooming ionic brush

Kent is a trusted brand in India which has been around for a long time and has always delivered the best. 

  • This is a very sleek looking ionic brush which can be carried around without much effort. 
  • In spite of the size, this is capable of taming the most unruly hair and can give a beautiful texture to the hair. 
  • Besides brushing and straightening the hair, this ionic brush can also be used for blow drying the hair. 


Can be used for blow drying as well. 


Can be difficult to acquire. 

#14 – Olivia Garden ceramic ionic brush

This ionic brush is lightweight and can be easily handled. This is one of our top picks for comfort and accessibility. 

  • You can style your hair with so much ease using this ionic brush as it retains heat. 
  • You can style your hair in any way especially in a wavy hairstyle using this ionic brush. 
  • This can easily run through thick strands of hair without damaging the hair strands too much. 


Great for styling. 


Can be hard to use as it heats up really quickly. 

#15 – Remington ionic hair brush 

Ofcourse Remington was going to be on our list for its amazing electronic and other hair products. 

  • Besides straightening and smoothing your hair you can have effective blowouts using this ionic brush. 
  • If you are looking for a salon styled hairstyle, this ionic hairbrush is perfect for such situations. 
  • This can also be great to create volume in the hair. 


You can get salon styled hair. 


Small and thin strands of hair may be left out. 

Ionic Brush Features

You may wonder if an ionic brush is worth the purchase or even the mere consideration!

Ionic brushes do more than getting rid of frizzy hair. Here are some features that prove than ionic brushes are a good investment for your hair,

  • Smoothens split ends.
  • Makes hair shiny and silky.
  • It helps speed up the drying process.
  • Easy to use.
  • Detangles hair strands.

If you’re still wondering if ionic brushes are for you, these answers should help you figure that out.

Are ionic hairbrushes good for hair?

 When our days are so busy, as much as we want to nourish our hair we sometimes don’t really find the time. Ionic hair brushes are a way to ensure that our hair is healthier while keeping it sleek and stylish. These brushes add that extra sheen to the hair and make it look shiny and healthy. Compared to constantly exposing our hair to heat to iron it out, these brushes are kinder and ensure our hair is taken care of. The negative ions help close the cuticles and the ends of the hair, which means they prevent split ends as well. 

Apart from this, you cannot deny the ease and convenience of using these brushes. These are like a hairdryer and a straightening iron rolled into one device, making it quicker for those busy mornings while lessening the damage caused due to excess heat. 

Difference between a straightening iron and an ionic hairbrush

StraightenerIonic Brush
Not very easy to maneouvre Can be used by combing it on the hair
Takes time to heat up. Quicky heats up.
Makes the hair straight. Removes frizz from the hair.

Owning an ionic brush will be a time saver and can help protect your hair from damage. Now that you have a detailed list of the best ionic brushes you can find in the market, you can decide which one to buy based on your needs. 

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