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Best Jacket Brands in India 2021

A jacket keeps you warm, but it also has to be the style statement you make. Get yourself a jacket or a few to suit any weather and any occasion. There are so many to choose from, be it a cool denim jacket for the warmer spring months or the cosy, quilted and hooded jackets to keep you warm and toasty during the chilly winters. Check out below for reviews of the best jacket brands in India:

Top Jacket Brands in India 2021


jacket brands
jacket brands in india

For any outdoor gear, you can always rely on Wildcraft to stock some of the best quality products. And that includes jackets as well. 

For the cooler months when you want to go for a job or a trek in the mountains, check out Wildcraft’s super lightweight fleece jackets. 

These are so soft, don’t add on to the weight of your baggage and are so comfortable that you will forget you’ve been wearing it. 

They are also very durable and easy to maintain, so don’t worry about dirtying your jacket during your activity as you can just chuck it into the washing machine for a good wash. It will also dry in a jiffy, ready to be worn the next morning.

 While I’m singing praises about the fleece jackets, let me not forget to mention that Wildcraft also has warm and soft quilted jackets and down filled jackets to keep you warm when the temperature drops further.

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best jacket brands
top jacket brands

Cazibe is one of the best selling jacket brands in India, thanks to the huge selection in so many colours and sizes.

 Whatever your preference or budget is, you’re sure to find something in Cazibe that catches your eye.

 The jackets from Cazibe are manufactured to offer protection in mildly cold weather and are perfect for hill station towns across the country. 

Most of the jackets are made from nylon which is easy to maintain and offers sufficient warmth. The most popular among Cazibe jackets are the quilted ones with the faux fur trim hoods for the women.

Qube by Fort Collins

best brands of jackets
best jackets

Winter might mean you need to layer on loads of garments, but it does not mean that you need to compromise on being stylish. 

Qube by Fort Collins has been dressing the fashionable for many decades and its jackets have only gotten better with time. 

Wear a quilted jacket with a faux fur trim hood to keep the chilly wind away, or the bomber jacket on those winter nights spent biking through the mountains with your pals.

 If neither of these is your style, Qube by Fort Collins also has quite a few lightweight activewear jackets you can check out. 

Select from a wide range of colours, designs and patterns in prices that are affordable. 


womens jacket brands in india
stylish jacket brands in india

Decathlon is kind of like Disneyland for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and in general all those who like to stay active, outdoors or indoors. 

With a huge range of hiking and trekking gear, the brand carries a whole lot of options for jackets built to endure any kind of terrain and protect you from all kinds of weather. 

Depending on what exactly your needs are, check out Decathlon’s “Quechua” range of jackets for colder weather conditions. 

These are light in weight, mostly water proof and can be used as “dirt jackets”. Quechua also has fleece jackets amongst various others.

 If you want a good jacket that will give you just the right kind of protection when you are working out, you can choose from the “Domyos” range of training jackets. 


puma jackets in india
puma jackets

Among all the sports brands in India, Puma certainly tops the list for carrying some of the best jackets.

 Puma jackets not only look really cool, but are also so easy to maintain, without having to worry about dry cleaning or ironing.

 Wear them to your gym everyday or on your runs through the park, or even when you are meeting your mates for a few beers. 

Though most of the jackets by Puma are categorised as track jackets, they go well with most casual clothes.

 They are made from synthetic fabrics, cotton or a blend of cotton and synthetic, which makes these lightweight. 

These are also perfect for when you’re out early in the morning when it is slightly chilly or the beginning of fall. 

Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfigier
tommy hilfigier jackets

Tommy Hilfiger entered the Indian market a few years ago, bringing with it loads of class and style. 

There is no denying that the merchandise is quite expensive, being an American premium brand, but you do know that you are paying for high quality fabric, cuts and fit.

 Tommy Hilfiger has quite a range of jackets that will appeal to you, their most popular ones being the Mandarin collar jackets.

 These come in cotton and nylon fabrics, to suit different weather conditions, with the nylon jackets offering more warmth than the cotton ones.

 The price of these jackets vary depending on the style, starting from around INR2500. 

They come in 5 different sizes, suitable for most Indian men. 

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United Colors of Benetton

united colors of benetton
jacket brands

UCB, short for United Colors of Benetton is a hands down favourite of many young men and women in India. 

The clothes are nowhere close to boring, with plenty of vibrant colour thrown in with some trendy designs. 

The quilted jackets by UCB are equally fashionable with plenty of colour and design options to choose from.

 The brand is more casual than formal, and that is reflected in the jackets as well. 

They go well with any casual outfit you wish to wear, be it a pair of slim fit or skinny jeans, or a flowy long skirt, or even a knee length summer dress that might require a light jacket to keep the chill away. 

Monte Carlo

monte carlo jackets
monte carlo

If there is one brand that exclusively caters to keeping you stylish in the most bitter of winters, it is Monte Carlo. Whether you’re heading for an interview or a leisurely walk down the lakeshore, wearing a Monte Carlo jacket will have heads turning your way. 

Apart from the woolen jackets that the brand is famous for, you also now can choose from some super stylish polyester fabric jackets. 

You can get a quilted one with a hood for when it’s really cold, or a vest jacket for the autumn.

The faux leather jackets, made out of polyester make a great statement teamed with a pair of dark wash jeans for your evening out with friends.

Calvin Klein

calvin klein
calvin klein jackets

Calvin Klein is another top notch international brand that is a favourite of many Indians, especially for the jackets. 

Though the traditional Calvin Klein jackets with the logo running horizontally around the chest is what’s quite popular, the brand also has several other styles that you must take a look at, like the solid jackets in comfortable fabrics like cotton and synthetics and those that are water repellent. 

These are durable but do require extra care to maintain them. 

As you can expect, like many internationally famous clothing brands, Calvin Klein jackets are quite expensive, but are certainly one of a kind. 


pepe jeans jackets
jacket brands stylish

There’s more to the denim brand Pepe than just jeans, tee shirts and well, denim jackets. Check out the collection of bomber jackets, mandarin collar jackets and quilted jackets that this brand carries for men, women and children. In loads of lovely, earthy colours, and designs that are sure to flatter your physique, these are sure to be a hit.

 Pepe jackets come in various fabrics, including polyester and cotton, and most of them are machine washable and easy to maintain.

 They are also very durable and can last a lifetime. They come in 6 different sizes to fit most body types.

 Pepe jackets are quite expensive as this is one of the premium brands in India. 

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levis jackets
levis jackets for women

When you say “jackets” don’t forget the evergreen denim jacket that can up your style quotient quite effortlessly.

 And the one brand you can go to for the uber cool (or uber hot) denim jackets – Levi’s of course. As with all Levi’s clothes, these denim jackets come in a range of colours, but each made with super premium quality fabric, stitched to perfection. 

These can elevate the plain and boring skirt you threw on or the random tee shirt you pulled on with your jeans. 

Levi’s jackets don’t come cheap, but I believe these are an investment in your wardrobe as there is no date of expiry on this classic style. 

Ben Martin

ben martini jackets in india
jackets for women in india

If you’ve always wanted a super stylish jacket but don’t want to empty all your savings into it, Ben Martin is a brand that you must browse through.

 Ben Martin has plenty to offer in terms of colours, styles, patterns and designs, and all at prices that will make your eyes pop. 

And that’s not the only thing that you will love about these jackets. 

They are made in fabrics like nylon that keep you warm in the cooler weather and are pretty easy to maintain, requiring no ironing. 

You can also get them in 6 different sizes, from a size Small to XXXL, to fit everybody. 

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