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11 Best Jewellery brands in India 2022 | Real, Imitation Jewellery

Looking for Gold or Diamond Earrings for a special occasion? Check out our list of the Best Jewellery brands in India!

Indians have a long history with jewellery. No matter what the occasion is (or even the lack of one), it’s a rare sight if you see an Indian woman (or man) stepping outside their home without a piece of jewellery on them. Regardless of the economic or social status, jewellery is a common passion, and of course, a shared emotion. 

Here are the reviews of the best jewellery brands in India to help add to your collection.  

Jewelry brands in IndiaMetals
SukkhiImitation Jewellery, Super Affordable Wedding Jewellery
Malabar Gold & DiamondsGold, Diamond, Silver, Platinum
TanishqGold, Diamonds, Silver, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald
Joy AlukkasGold, Diamonds, Silver, Platinum
Mia by TanishqRuby, Diamonds, Gold, Silver
Senco Gold and DiamondsGold, Silver, Platinum
Candere by Kalyan JewellersGold, Silver, Platinum
PC JewellerDiamonds, Gold, Silver
Tribe AmrapaliAntique gold, silver
Zaveri PearlsWhite silver, gold
Bhima JewellersGold, Silver, Diamonds

After having reviewed all the top Jewellery Brands in India based on various factors like design, materials, purity, Price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out. Jewellery from these 10 was put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Jewellery brand in India is Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Known for it’s gold, this brand is known for its purity and amazing designs. They have Jewellery lines that are specific to special occasions like weddings. Additionally, they also have a wide range of Diamond and silver collections. Most importantly, this brand has something for all budgets.

Top Jewellery brands in India 2022

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

famous jewellery brands in india

Every region in India has a distinct style of jewellery native to it. One of the best places to visit if you love gold jewellery is the southern state of Kerala. It’s one of the Best Jewellery brands in India!

 If you cannot go that far, pay a visit to  Malabar Gold & Diamonds for the best of God’s own country. From delicately carved designs on bracelets, necklaces and earrings to stone studded jewellery for special occasions, you are sure to find something. 

The best thing is that Malabar caters to all budgets. Malabar Gold & Diamonds has become very popular in the wedding industry for its “Mine” collection, a range of exclusive diamond jewellery that will have you mesmerised. If the bling is not something that you like, check out the more rustic temple collection which features loads of subtle gold jewellery with dull stones, perfect accessories for heavy Kancheepuram sarees. 

I recently bought a necklace from Malabar Gold & Diamond for my cousin’s wedding to match my outfit. I received so many compliments that it looked stunning and the design was also really pretty.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds also carries an impressive collection of silver jewellery as well as silverware, items that you can use in your prayer room or as home decor. 

Malabar has its presence across India and in many parts of the world, so check out their website for a store close to you.  


  • Quality: 9/10
  • Finish: 9/10
  • Real value for price: 9/10

Tanishq – A Brand from Titan

indian jewellery

When we hear the word Jewellery, we definitely think of Tanishq. Not only have they done a brilliant job with markerting and partnering with celebrities but their products are absolutely beautiful. Most importantly, the materials are extremely high in quality and purity. Interestingly enough, Tanishq is actually owned by Titan which in turn is owned by Tata group and the Tamil Nadu industrial Development Corporation.

So, when it comes to R & D and reliability, it doesn’t get much better. Although Tanishq is a relatively young brand, has over 250+ showrooms in India and abroad. You’d find their headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Tanishq is known for its Diamond Jewellery. But also has a massive range of gold designs. It is also one of the few Jewellery brands that offer special occasional designs in Platinum, Ruby and Emerald.

As mentioned earlier, the purity is top notch with their gold being one of the purest in the Country. Tanishq definitely has to be my favorite brand of jewellry in India. I’m impressed with thee purity of gold they provide. Although, it’s a little expensive but Tanishq jewelleries are really worth every penny you’ll be paying.

Unlike traditional jewellery Brands, Tanishq has quite an online presence. They offer a wide range of jewel designs. Of course, reliability is key and Tanishq is known for its exceptional customer service and safe/secure online transactions. In addition to charging the lowest rates starting at 8%, they even have GHS & SNS schemes to make life a little bit easier.


  • Quality: 10/10
  • Finish: 10/10
  • Real value for price: 9/10

Shubh Jewellers

best jewellery brands in india

Shubh Jewellers is one of the most famous jewellery brands in India especially in the southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and a few parts of Kerala. It’s branded under Rajest Exports which is the 7th largest company based on revenue. This jewellery company was established in 2013.

I’ve been wearing a pair of jhumkas from Shubh Jewellers and I’m totally in love with the brand. It’s extremely well-finished and looks super attractive. Shubh Jewellers is now planning to expand their stores throughout the world. 

Shubh Jewellers claim to have the world’s largest jewellery manufacturing unit in Bangalore. Karnataka alone has around 80 showrooms of Shubh Jewellers. They promise pure value of jewllery at a value for money price. 

You can find a variety of jewelleries in their store like jhumkas, necklaces, rings, bangles etc. Don’t forget to check out their store as it’s one of the top jewellery brands in India.


  • Quality: 8.5/10
  • Finish: 8.5/10
  • Real value for price: 9/10

Joy Alukkas

popular jewellery brands in india

Another jewellery brand in India that has its own fan following is Joy Alukkas. Also featuring jewellery from Kerala, Joy Alukkas prides itself on patterns and designs that are for everybody who walks into their store. If you are looking for minimalist necklaces with small pendants, matching ear studs and a thin bangle that you can wear to work, Joy Alukkas is the place.

 If heavy wedding jewellery is what you’re after, again, Joy Alukkas has a fantastic selection for you. It’s not just the wearable 22 karat gold and diamond jewellery that this brand is famous for. As with most jewellery brands in India,

 Joy Alukkas truly understands that gold and silver are used for much more, and hold a lot more meaning to us. Shop for home decor, puja items like silver bowls, flower baskets, incense holders, platters, plates, spoons and much more, all under one brand.

No matter what your budget is, Joy Alukkas is sure to have something for you. Which is why it’s one of the Best Jewellery brands in India!

Mia by Tanishq

top jewellery brands in india

Tanishq has always maintained a “premium” status in the Indian market, catering to the crowd which likes designer, one-of-a-kind jewellery. 

The gold jewellery by Tanishq is meant to be “worn” literally – they are so beautiful and intricately made that it would be a sin to lock these up in a safety deposit box. 

The jewellery by this brand is also more expensive than other brands as what you pay is for the exquisite designs. “Mia” is one of Tanishq’s recent line of jewellery targeting young pre teen and teen girls, and even women in their early 20s. 

The jewellery is made of 14 karat gold, is very lightweight and is inspired by popular Disney princess characters.

You can find dainty necklaces with coloured stone pendants, thin bangles and bracelets, delicate drop earrings and lovely finger rings.

Sure to appeal to girls, the jewellery is also very versatile, something that can be used to accessorise western outfits as well as Indian ethnic wear. 

Senco Gold and Diamonds

jewellery brands in india

One of the few jewellery brands that has a huge online market is Senco Gold and Diamonds. This West Bengal-based jewellery brand features the handcrafted lightweight designs of the Bengali Karigars. Almost a household name in the city of Kolkata, Senco was established in 1994 and is considered the gold standard for authenticity and reasonable prices.

 For Bengalis and many people in the western part of the country, Senco is the place to shop for weddings, and for good reason.

 The traditional Bengali red and white bangles come in various designs which appeal to both the younger as well as the older generation. 

The brand has evolved with the times and now has modern designs that women can wear to work with western wear or with Indian business formals. The party wear collection is also worth taking a look at. 

Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

top gold jewellery brands in india

Kalyan Jewellers was born in Kerala in the early 1990’s, in the town of Thrissur but is now spread across India with patrons from both the north as well as the southern parts of the country. Kalyan jewellers, as you can expect, features a wide range of classy and traditional Kerala designs, but has also managed to keep up with the times. 

The line called “Candere” by Kalyan Jewellers is one of the most shopped for jewellery by modern, young women. The line has small sized, dainty patterns made from 18 karat and 22 karat jewellery with cubic zirconia stones studded in them.

 The other feature that makes this line so popular is that they are priced very affordably, perfect for the first time professional or for someone who is buying jewellery from their saved up pocket money.

These patterns have a very westernised touch to them, ideal to be paired with casual wear like jeans and tops, or business formals, and even with kurtis or blouses and skirts.

For those who don’t like yellow gold, Candere has several options in rose gold and white gold as well. 

PC Jeweller

top 5 jewellery brands in india

A jewellery expert understands that you cannot make the most intricate and strong jewellery from pure 24 karat gold.

 PC Jeweller has found the right balance in bringing the customer amazingly delicate gold and diamond studded jewellery by setting them in 18 karat gold.

 The diamonds are certified and the jewellery is accompanied by a certificate as is now the norm in India. From super delicate diamond nose pins to a gorgeously designed diamond ring, PC Jeweller will have you hooked. 

While PC Jeweller does have a line of traditional jewellery, the contemporary collection is very popular and can be termed as best selling. 

The contemporary collection is great for daily and casual wear, a perfect add on for college wear and workwear. 

Tribe Amrapali

indian jewellery brands

In a country that’s so diverse in cultures, finding jewellery to suit your taste has never been a problem. It is one of the Best Jewellery brands in India!

 Amrapali Jewellers is something you must surely check out if you’re looking for traditional Jaipur jewellery.

 The brand showcases loads of head and hair ornaments in designs that are one of a kind. The bracelets, armlets and nose ring ornaments are in designs that are unmatchable. 

Tribe Amrapali features certain delicate pieces in coloured stones, that make stunning accessories for Indian wear and Indo-Western outfits. 

You can also find jewellery sets of matching necklaces and earrings that can highlight your lehengas and partywear sarees, without adding too much bulk. 

Zaveri Pearls

biggest jewellery brands in india

If pure gold and diamonds are not your thing, and you want the bling without emptying your entire year’s savings, Zaveri Pearls has got your back. Get ready for that big fat wedding in the family by matching your outfits with jewellery from Zaveri Pearls.

 The jewellery and super stunning designs make the wearer feel like a queen from the Mughal paintings. 

Alright, if you think that’s an exaggeration, even you must agree that most of these designs are fit for a princess. 

You can find traditional kundan jewellery sets with earrings and head ornaments that go beautifully with rich and embroidered lehengas.

 If sarees are your choice of wear, choose from the semi precious gemstone studded necklace sets. 

Choker sets are an excellent choice for when you want to accessorise your outfits without hiding the heavy designer work on them, and Zaveri Pearls has plenty that you can make your selection from.

 If the event requires subtle jewellery, you can pick from some of the delicate artificial diamond jewellery sets by the brand. 

Bhima Jewellers

jewellery brand in india

Stepping into a Bhima Jewellers store is a feast for your senses. The items on display will have your eyes popping and the tinkling of the jewellery is music to your ears. It also happens to be one of the Best Jewellery brands in India!

This close to a century old Kerala based jewellery brand has established itself as a favourite of many across South India, primarily for wedding jewellery.

 It’s quite a common sight to see families flocking here to shop for the newborns in the home, considering the gold and silver jewellery as good luck for new beginnings. 

Apart from simple gold coins in various denominations, Bhima is also reputed for lightweight accessories in pretty patterns. 

You can find lots of choices in bracelets, bangles, earrings, necklaces, chains and finger rings for daily wear, casual wear and party wear. 

These 22 karat gold jewellery come studded with precious and semi precious gemstones in different price ranges. 

Though the brand has its roots in Kerala, Bhima is so popular across South India as it features jewellery that appeals to all cultures and tastes. 

Best Jewellery Brands in India: FAQ

Which gold company is best in India?

You can find the best gold jewelleries in Kalyan Jewellers, PC Jewellers, as well as Malabar Gold. These are some of the top jewellery brands in India. 

Is Tanishq gold pure?

Tanishq measures it’s gold with Karatmeter in every store which accurately displays the purity of gold. Hence, it always promotes using pure gold.

Is Tanishq better than Reliance Jewels?

Both Tanishq and Relience Jewels are great jewellery brands in India. Quality-wise, Tanishq is a little better. However, Reliance Jewels are a lot more affordable than Tanishq. 

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