Best Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022

If there’s anybody who needs a good kitchen chimney, it’s us, Indians. Especially if you live in a compact apartment, a kitchen chimney is such a huge blessing. I cook a lot of Indian food, involving meat, spices and oil, and all of these smells land on my furniture and circulate inside the house. I checked out a lot of kitchen chimneys as I wanted to get an efficient one. So if you’re looking for one too, read on for the Best Kitchen Chimneys in India:

Kitchen Chimneys in India
Faber Hood Orient TC BK 90
Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF 
Elica NERO 60 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney 
Eurodomo Hood Classy Kitchen Chimney 
BLOWHOT 60 Cms Ariel Chimney 
Hindware Nadia 
Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Top Kitchen Chimneys in India 2022

Faber Hood Orient TC BK 90

Think of kitchen chimneys in India and Faber is one of those names that pops up immediately. Faber was also one of my first choices for kitchen chimneys and I checked out quite a few versions.

 The Hood Orient TC BK 90 is one of the premium kitchen chimneys, measuring 90cm, perfect for a 3 to 5 burner stove. 

This is a sleek chimney that adds to the beauty of a modern kitchen. 

The curved glass chimney can be wall-mounted and has the auto-clean feature. It has a powerful suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, strong enough for all those deep-fried dishes and rich masala based gravies that we cook very often.

 It has 3 speed levels that can be controlled using touch control. 

This is a chimney that is filterless, so it relies on the airflow to clean rather than through the use of filters. There are LED lights that can be used if your kitchen light is not sufficient. 

The only downside is the plastic pipe that is provided with the chimney. You could swap this with an aluminium pipe for better durability. 

Faber offers a 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor. There are cheaper as well as more expensive Faber kitchen chimneys. The Hood Orient is a mid-range chimney that does the job well for a 200 sq ft kitchen. 

Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF 

A good kitchen chimney must make cleaning up easy and this is one of the first things I looked for in my research. Inalsa kitchen chimneys are highly rated by customers. 

The Inalsa 60 cm Pyramid Chimney Classica 60BKBF is a fantastic low budget option for a 2-4 burner stove. I find that it works well if you have a small kitchen, say between 150 sq ft and 175 sq ft. It is quite powerful and has a suction capacity of 1050 m3/hr. 

This is enough for a family that does a moderate amount of frying and grilling in their kitchen. 

The Inalsa Classica kitchen chimney has a powder coated finish that gives it a premium look. It comes with 2 LED lights that are quite bright. 

You can operate the chimney using the push button that is present. It comes with a stainless steel baffle filter that can be removed and washed periodically. 

The stainless steel material has better durability, can be washed an unlimited number of times than regular aluminium filters used in many brands.

 The filter captures all the odours, bacteria, dust and grime and keeps your cooking and food healthy. 

Inalsa offers a 2 year warranty on the product and 7 years on the motor. 

Elica NERO 60 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney 

Elica kitchen chimneys are what you must definitely check out if you’re in the market for an efficient, stylish and advanced one. The Elica Nero is a 60 cm chimney that has a fantastic suction capacity os 1200 m3/hr. If you have a large family or if you cook a lot of food ion a 3-5 burner stove, this is the one for you. 

This filterless kitchen chimney keeps you cool and comfortable while you’re cooking, getting rid of all the smoke and grease. It has an advanced motion sensor technology. So you no longer have to push a button to get it going, simply wave your hand when you need it to start working. The speed of the fan can be adjusted by waving again. 

You also have a touch control panel that you can use to control the speed of the fan and to turn on or off the LED light. 

The kitchen chimney has an auto-clean feature, along with an oil collector. This attracts all the oil and after a period of time, needs to be emptied and washed. 

The Elica Nero is not technologically advanced, but also very classy in appearance. The body is sleek with curved glass, apt for your stylishly designed kitchen. 

The kitchen chimney has 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor. 

Eurodomo Hood Classy Kitchen Chimney 

You’ve spent a lot doing up the interiors of your kitchen, and you want the best kitchen chimney without burning a hole in your pocket.

Eurodomo has quite a few kitchen chimneys in its range and while they are priced higher because of the technology they use, you can always score a good deal or discount when you shop online. 

The Eurodomo Hood Classy is a 60cm kitchen chimney with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr, which is just right for a 3-5 burner stove, especially if you love those grilled veggies and meats with plenty of spices.

The chimney looks very good with curved glass on a metal body. The control panel features operation through touch, and you can control the speed of the fan as well as the LED lights. 

It has an auto-clean mechanism, sparing your time and energy. It is fitted with a strong and durable stainless steel baffle filter that can be washed and reused a million times.

The oil collector is meant to collect the grease. You can easily remove this and clean it before putting it back. 

BLOWHOT 60 Cms Ariel Chimney 

If the price of kitchen chimneys make your eyes pop out, don’t worry, I have a great pocket-friendly option for you. The BlowHot Ariel chimney balances price with functionality, plus looks neat enough to go with the rest of the interiors in your kitchen. 

This kitchen chimney has a suction power of 800 m3/hr, which is ideal for small kitchens in compact homes with a 2 burner stove or for those who cook moderately fried food.

 It comes with a baffle filter that captures dust, grease and odours and helps you cook comfortably. You can operate and control the chimney through push buttons. 

You can turn it on or off and to adjust the speed levels of the fan. You can also use the push buttons to operate the LED lights. The BlowHot kitchen chimney makes a very low noise, more like a hum. 

BlowHot gives you a 5 year long warranty on the motor. 

Hindware Nadia 

Hindware is one of the leading brands of kitchen chimneys in India, and the Nadia is one of my favourites.

This kitchen chimney, is without doubt, very efficient with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr. This is a great option for 3-5 burner stoves and in kitchens where a lot of heavy frying and grilling happens.

The chimney is made of metal, has a very neat finish, adding to the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

I like the appliances in my kitchen to be hassle free, and the Hindware Nadia checks this box. The kitchen chimney is filterless, which means I don’t have to constantly check and clean the filter. It also has the auto clean mechanism, saving me lots of time and energy. 

There is an oil collector, made of metal. This collects grease and oil from the cooking. All you have to do is, remove this regularly and give it a good wash before putting it back. It’s a lot easier than washing a filter. 

It has a motion sensor and touch control feature. Hindware gives a 5 year warranty on the motor. 

The Hindware Nadia does have one downside though. It is ductless and it recirculates the air, so there is a possibility that it may leave back some odours. 

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Sunflame is a brand of kitchen chimneys that many modern households in India use. The chimneys are priced moderately and you often get them for a good discount, making these value for money. 

The Sunflame 60cm chimney comes with curved glass which gives this a very stylish look. There are two LED lights that are quite bright and a push-button control panel for quick and easy operation. The rest of the chimney is made from a stainless steel material that is rust-free. The matte finish on it adds to its beauty. 

It is a small chimney meant for a small 2-4 burner stove. The suction capacity it has is 1150 m3/hr and can be operated on 3 different speed levels.

It is fitted with a strong stainless steel filter that captures all the unwanted dust, grease and odours from your cooking, keeping your kitchen smelling and looking clean. The stainless steel filter lasts forever and is very durable. The motor is also designed to last longer as it comes with a plastic housing and pure copper wiring. 

Sunflame gives the consumer a 1 year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor. 

Kitchen chimneys

Here are some of the best brands of kitchen chimneys that are available in India.

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